BITCOIN PUMP THEN BIG DUMP TO $3,5k?!! | $4,000,000,000,000 PRINTED BY THE FED!!!


In this video in scene news the Federal Reserve and the Treasury is working on starting to print four trillion dollars. Now that is a huge amount of money to be printed and injected into the system. And we are already seeing financial stimulus much much bigger than back in 2008 and that’s not all. The Federal Reserve has also literally just said that it has an infinite amount of cash that they can print and inject into the system. Now, this is true of course but it is crazy to hear these words coming from the Fed itself. And that is not all the Congress is now also discussing to maybe let the FED purchase longer-term corporate debt which means that they will print money out of nothing and just give to corporations. This creates a huge moral hazard. I want to talk about that. The Dow futures are plunging despite all of the talks of financial stimulus. And Trump has also been talking about potentially halting stock trading only one of his articles would be enough to make a one hour video. And we have all of this news happening at the same time I believe that all of this is rocket fuel for bitcoin. So the fundamentals of Bitcoin are currently pointing towards the price going up. However, there is one technical pattern here a bear flag that could push back on down to these levels. I want to show exactly where this target is. And if you think that that sounds interesting then I think that you should definitely see Hello and welcome to the moon. My name is Carl and I’m going to bring you this cryptic crazy video. And this is the big comprise on The Daily timeframe. And what we have already established is that this upward trending yellow Support Line that was broken is a very very important line. This is the line that when we broke it we did see this massive capitulation. And if you follow me on Twitter you might remember this tweet where I tweeted that bitcoin is breaking this level this key multi-year trend line that has been valid since 2015. And basically what I said was many holders will capitulate here and you can see that this was the beginning stages when bitcoin actually started to break this and just as I said in this tweet. This is a very very bad sign. And now we can see the full consequence of this capitulation now to be fair. There was nothing in my mind that predicted this. I did not expect this kind of capitulation this year dramatic panic selling that happened here was completely unparalleled and completely unexpected. I think that stock markets plunging coronavirus fears there was so much that played into this being so dramatic. But I think it is very obvious that when Brooke this key technical level Bitcoin started to have this huge dramatic capitulation sell-off. And this also means that in the future when we can finally recover the previous support will now become new resistance. Right. So this should be expected to be massive resistance because it was huge support previously. Now in the shorter timeframe if we were to get recovery I do want to point out the fact that the 20 daily moving average is probably going to be very very important. Let me just show you some examples of when this has been extremely important privacy. This is the Purple Line the 20 days and you can see that when we are in an uptrend we come and tests. This will go up and we keep above it. And here we see when we come down below it we know entered into a bear trend because retested it got rejected right there came down retested got rejected and fell down. And we also now retested it very closely here. But I think that we should expect a retest very soon in an actual retest and if you get rejected then I think that further downwards momentum is very very likely to come through. And there is one pattern that might be emerging right now which could be bearish and it is this potential Bear Flag. And if we were to do this you might see what I mean. We have this consolidation phase after this huge capitulation candle and this is something that we see every now and then after big capitulation or a massive move to the upside. We usually see this flag formation and the way we measure the target is something like this. We just put the pole down like that and at the point of the breakout let’s say we’ll break out here for example then the target should be something like three thousand six hundred dollars approximately. So this is something we should keep in mind. And remember also that we do have that futures gapped on a three thousand five hundred seventy which could be nice confluence with this bear flag target. I am not saying that this is going to break down. However, if this support is broken which is we do seem to form the support here. If we break the support and volume come in when we break it then I think we should expect another leg towards the downside. That is something that just technically makes a lot of sense here. However, I think it is quite possible that we might come up for one more test of the 20 days before something that was to take place. And I have also pointed out this green resistance before because it is very significant. It is the six thousand one hundred dollar level up to approximately six point three thousand. It is very very significant since actually many years back you can see here back in the bear market of 2010 18 Bitcoin bounced off of this level. Many many times this has created huge significance from this level and this is probably why Bitcoin is having trouble breaking through it right now. And if you are an experienced trader and if you wanted to trade the bitcoin price you can do so over on these three bitcoin trading platforms. And in my opinion, these are the three best ones right now and these links or affiliate links whenever you use these links you will be given a bonus from the exchange. And also I receive a commission for referring people. So that’s a disclaimer but I still honestly believe the Bible is the best exchange currently. Phoenix is a very good competitor to buy bids on females you can actually even trade the gold price without depositing any kind of Fiat. So basically if you are looking for alternatives the bit makes these are by far the best ones on the market right now. And next up the coronavirus is really starting to get out of hand. The total confirmed cases currently are at three hundred forty-one thousand people but of course, confirmed means just that these are the confirmed cases. This could be 10 times higher or even 20 times higher. No one can know and currently, they say that there is 80 1000 in China as almost 60000 in Italy. This has escalated quickly in the past few days and the US has 35000. And then you can check all of the other ones right here. And I do think that we can clearly see that the amount of cases is completely starting to take off and they currently say that the total amount of deaths is almost 15000 currently. And of them actually five point five thousand is in Italy and the crazy part is that they have 60000 confirmed cases and five and five thousand deaths. This means that it’s almost 10 percent death rates in Italy. However, I also want to point out that I think that most deaths are reported. However, not all cases are reported. So while this number might probably be much higher this number is probably quite accurate. So. So if anything I think that the death rate is probably lower than what these numbers would suggest. And next up Bitcoin gold are the best assets for hedging in 2020 according to a crypto expert and the crypto expert is Willie Roux very very famous for his own gene analysis and his tweets. And at the end of last week trader Willy Wu posted a series of tweets in which he stated that in order to prove its safe-haven status bitcoin has to decouple from traditional markets and what he said over on Twitter was the following. Seeking decoupling here is where we are in the timeline compared to the 2008 banking crisis. And essentially what he pointed out here is that back here. This is the financial crisis of 2008 and this is now and back then you could see the stock market up here. It’s the S&P 500 and down here you can see the gold price and in the initial stages of the crisis, the gold price actually started to go down. And you can see how the decoupling happened much later at a later stage in the crisis. And this is the reason why I have been saying that I believe that gold and Bitcoin are both probably going to go down in the initial stages of the crisis and this is exactly what has happened so far up here. You can see the S&P 500 starting to plunge and we’ve seen gold and Bitcoin also come down. I think that of course we did see a more dramatic sell-off in both of these than I expected but we also saw a much more dramatic sell-off in the S&P than I expected and that anyone expected because I think the coronavirus completely took everyone by surprise and made this beginning stages of the financial crisis even more dramatic than they would have been without the virus. All of this that is happening now was inevitable regardless. But the virus is just making it even worse. So basically Willy Wu is implying here that we are going to soon see gold decouple again. So it’s going to go up in relation to S&P and also bitcoin is going to start to tick up the couple and go up and become a hedge basically. So why is bitcoin gold going down in relation to the stock market? Well, when stock markets plunge like this then we are we’re talking about billions of dollars evaporating and people become indebted people are in huge loss so to cover these losses in the stock market they have to sell everything else they have even the things that are in profits because they literally have no choice. So they have to sell gold and they have to sell bitcoin. And this is nothing surprising in the initial stages of the financial crisis. And next up the Federal Reserve will print four trillion dollars to help businesses. But let me make something very clear once again I’ve said it a thousand times but you cannot print a value out of anything. That is not possible. You can print paper and you can assign value to it but the only thing you’re doing really is you stealing value from all of the other papers in circulation. And in this case dollars. So if you print dollars you’re just moving value around you stealing value from other dollars already in circulation. This means that inflation is theft nothing else. And I think that this is very very bullish for bitcoin that we see central banks react in this way so this is the news financing programs for businesses hit by the coronavirus could amount to four trillion dollars according to Manu chin. So Steve. So this is Steven Manute Shin. He is the treasury secretary and what he specifically said was quote we can lever up to four trillion dollars to help everything from small business to big business get through the next 90 to 120 days as we win this war. And yes this is bullish for bitcoin because Bitcoin cannot be printed. And the fact that they are talking about printing trillions of dollars is, of course, something that we have already seen back in the financial crisis but now we’re seeing it in a much bigger scale and this will point more towards bitcoin because bitcoin is a much better form of money because there is no central authority that can take these disastrous decisions. And let’s take a look at this clip because this is a clip from another guy from the Federal Reserve saying literally that the Fed has an infinite amount of cash that they can print and inject into the system. That’s specifically literally what he said. But that is not all in this clip. He also talks about starting to give all these forgivable loans and what is a forgivable loan. I mean it sounds like a loan which is later just forgiven and they don’t have to pay it back. But in that case, it’s not a loan, in that case, it’s a bailout. It’s a handout. It’s a donation. So forgivable loan is just another way to hide the truth. Just like quantitative easing. Why don’t you just say print money well it’s to hide the truth. Quantitative easing sounds much more complicated it sounds like some financial thing you do but it’s literally printing money and forgivable loans is just handing out bailouts and handing out free cash. And his name is Neel Kashkari. He is the Minneapolis Fed President. And this is what he said recently. Quote, Some people have suggested that we should be providing more support directly to the corporate bond market. And I am sympathetic with those views. What does this mean? This means that the Fed will be starting to buy corporate debt directly from the open markets. And he also said quote There is a range of things the Federal Reserve could do. Kashkari said. He said also quote We’re far from out of ammunition and this is true because the Fed could start doing all kinds of weird stuff they can. Like he said here to start buying corporate bonds and this is actually huge moral hazard because this means that the Fed can now decide which corporations will be bailed out which debt will be bought and when they buy this debt. It’s just like handing out free cash to these to these corporations and something else that the Fed will probably start doing in the future start buying stocks directly from the open market. And that is also a massive moral hazard. Once again the Fed will have to choose which corporations and what stocks to buy. And just to name an obvious moral hazard. What if Jerome Powell sits on a lot of Apple stocks and he decides to print five trillion dollars and buy Apple stocks then you see the hazard. You see the problem right now. That is just the obvious problem. But also what corporations will be bought is that the bigger ones is that the small ones. Who are they going to help? And is it even going to help anything at all? So I think it should be obvious to anyone right now that the central banks have no way of controlling this. This has completely got out of hand and it’s not something new. This has been going on for decades and this is just the consequence of the decades of manipulating the markets and the central bankers are either stupid they cannot see what they’re doing or they know exactly what they’re doing. And this was their agenda all along. You decide. I don’t know. I just know that it’s either one of these two because if I and my friends and people on YouTube can see the flaws of their agendas then they should also know these people are intelligent. They are not stupid. They may be corrupt but they are not stupid. And here is an article talking about how Congress may allow the Fed to purchase longer-term corporate debt. So Congress is likely to pass legislation on Monday clearing the way for more emergency action from the Fed following already unprecedented steps from the central bank to keep credit markets liquid. Though details were unclear lawmakers and from administration officials on Sunday signalled the package would give the Fed approval to expand its purchases of corporate bonds under its existing authority. The central bank has already created a program to purchase short term company IOUs known as commercial paper buying longer-term dated corporate juries would require congressional consent. So this is being discussed in the higher levels. And if this is something that we’re going to start seeing then I think that this is just going to be further rocket fuel for bitcoin because this once again proves to us the problems with having a central authority having the power to print money out of nothing and just injecting it into the system and deciding what to buy with this freshly printed money. And we’ve seen the Dow futures plunge. And when the markets open it is now expected to see yet another huge black Monday. And also fed official warns that unemployment could hit as high as 30 percent. That would be an insane number. And I really believe that we will see these numbers may be even higher. This will be worse than the Great Depression because everything is fundamentally much much worse than the hole they were in the beginning stages of the Great Depression. And look at this Trump eyes halting stock trading. So there have been discussions about halting the stock markets for a couple of days or maybe even longer. If this were to happen then that would be a huge argument for bitcoin because Bitcoin cannot be halted. You cannot put a stop to the bitcoin launch and it will always be there. It will always be traded whether it is LTC or on binders or wherever Beatle will always be traded. And of course, you can go or you can shut down binders you can shut down Coinbase but Bitcoin will never be shut down because it’s impossible to shut down. And so far I haven’t seen any proof that this is actually going to take place. But take a look at the news. Pay attention if they say that the stock markets are going to close in the US then that would be huge news and I will probably make an emergency updates video about that. And guys feel free to scroll down below this video and leave a light. Let’s see if this video can reach 2000 lives. And like I said if you are an experienced trader and you want to try out these platforms go ahead and click the links down below. Thank you very much for watching this video. Please leave comments down below are you bullish or bearish for bitcoin right now. Do you believe that this bear flight could play out? But thank you for watching and if you haven’t seen this video they think right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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