In this video, historic news, House Democrats introduced a plan to pay America’s $2000 a month until the economy recovers from Coheed, 19. And this news is breaking just as we’re seeing many Americans reporting that they are getting their stimulus check of one point two thousand dollars. It seems that the United States is starting to go full-on Venezuela, full-on Zimbabwe. I want to talk about that. And I also want to show you this price chart of Bitcoin showing us that Bitcoin is currently in a fantastic by opportunity historically. I want to show exactly what’s going to happen in the next few years here. And if you think that that’s interesting and then I think that you should definitely be. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is called and I would bring you this cryptocurrency video and look at this, the bitcoin price is currently pumping. Bitcoin needs to get back above basically seven thousand if Bitcoin gets back above 7000. They were getting a higher high in the short term here. So this is something that I will be watching in the immediate future here as Bitcoin is currently testing towards the upside here. And if I bring up the lines that I’ve been talking about for the past few days, we can see here that Bitcoin briefly did in fact break down below this bear flag. As you can see, Bitcoin came below this white upwards turning support and bought adults down here at approximately six thousand four hundred and fifty. Now, we didn’t see any significant volume to follow this breakout. You can see down here that this volume is not very significant compared to the previous volume. So this did not confirm a breakout, but of course, it did look quite bearish here. As we start to move down lower and now we saw a pump back up. Now we can see this resistance box here, this green resistance box between 7000 down to six thousand eight hundred and six, approximately as long as Bitcoin is below the 7000 levels. I think it’s still possible that the bearish scenario might play out in the short term. However, if Bitcoin is now able to break through this seven thousand dollar level on volume, then it is possible that we might see yet another leg up here in this potential bear flag before we see any other big move take place in bitcoin. And when we zoom out to the for the hourly chart, we can see here that the volatility is still low. Bitcoin is basically going slightly upwards in this channel and the volume is still declining. Of course, the volume relatively is very low, but it is, of course, still a high volume compared to the lower points of volume we had back here. But relatively, we are getting a declining volume. And usually, this means that we are going to see soon a big move as soon as this pattern resolves. Guys, look at this. As I was editing this video, we can see how Bitcoin did break above seven thousand dollars and is currently at approximately seven thousand sixty dollars. The next major point for Bitcoin to break will be this previous high here at seven thousand one hundred ninety-three. But this is a more bullish turn of events in the short term. And now it sure seems like this upward trend in support has been holding up. And this must have been just a fake-out. And we’re back into this upwards trending channel. And guys, look at this in the spin comments, you will find a link to buy it. They now have a new bonus of up to one point five thousand dollar bonus for new and already registered users. This is only for experienced traders. And when we zoom out here on the one-hour time frame, if I just pull out this line that I’ve been talking about for a long time now, we can see that Bitcoin is basically testing this very, very important resistance line. We can see one, two, three, four, five times be contestants here. We tested it. They’re there. And Bitcoin is currently actually breaking through this very, very important level. Obviously, we need to see a decisive break with it, maybe even before our really close, maybe even a daily close to just confirm that. But currency Bitcoin is really trying to break through here. The bulls are trying to get back the control over the bitcoin price. Next up, the major news story for today. House Democrats introduced a plan to pay Americans two thousand dollars a month until the economy recovers from the current Calvet 19 virus outbreak. But isn’t that crazy? I mean, we’re seeing the US talking about going full-on Zimbabwe here. And it’s only a matter of time before we see the whole global government start talking about all of these kinds of stimulus packages. And the US is the one that is really aggressive now. Most of you probably remember that the US already has been handing out one point two thousand dollars to Americans. And now we are seeing Americans reporting that they are getting these stimulus checks. So if you go over to read it, you can see here that this person said. Got my stimulus check today. Time to get more bitcoin. And another guy says here, just called my stimulus check, a.k.a. one point two thousand dollars worth of bitcoin, though some people over on Twitter had some fun and speculated maybe this pump now is happening because of the fact that people are getting these stimulus checks and buying Bitcoin. Now, obviously, I don’t think that this is correlated directly, but indirectly. I think that this eventually will have an effect on the bitcoin price. Because when we see governments print money out of nothing, then, of course, the confidence in the currency will be lost and eventually people will be looking for alternatives and Bitcoin cannot be printed. So let’s take a look at this article and see what this is all about. So the emergency money for the People Act would give two thousand dollars a month to Americans over the age of 16 who make less than one hundred and thirty thousand dollars a year. The payments would continue for at least six months and would last until unemployment falls to pre coronavirus levels. A one-time one puts $2000 check isn’t going to cut it. Kind of said Americans needs sustained cash infusions for the duration of this crisis in order to come out on the other side alive, healthy and ready to get back to work. And is this going to solve the problem? No, of course not. Like I said so many times, nothing can ever be solved by printing money. This is not a solution. It’s just a temporary measure. And the interesting part is that whenever the governments and the central banks do something and they call it’s temporary, it always ends up being permanent. And this is probably not an exception. I believe that if they start printing money out of thin air and just handing it out to everybody, then we will see this invention just continue on and on and on. Just like from 2008. Remember, all of the financial stimuli back then was supposed to be temporary. Now, all these years later, there was nothing being done to come back to pre-2008 levels. And basically the temporary measure became permanent. And they are now starting to print off of these already high levels. And also, of course, the gold standard is the perfect example. Also, when they abolished the gold standard, that was also said to be a temporary thing. Basically, the dollar was supposed to go back to the gold standard in the future. Now, in hindsight, we can see that that never happened. And obviously this temporary measure was a permanent measure. And guys, the big risk when you print so much currency out of thin air like this is that you get hyperinflation. And even though the economy right now is slowing down if you print during this economic downturn. Eventually, when you get sort of a breather in the economy, all of this currency doesn’t just disappear. All of this currency will come out and flood into all of this, the goods and services out there. And this will put a high pressure, of course, on the prices. And we will see price inflation and hyperinflation are very rare, but they have happened several times before in history. We’ve seen the Wymore Republic back in the 20s and we’ve also seen Venezuela and Zimbabwe. And if you go even further back in history, you will see many more examples of what happens when governments start printing curse out of nothing. However, if you do receive free money from the government, you might as well spend it on something that will hold its value because saving this stimulus check will do nothing good. Eventually, this will be worth nothing. Eventually, they will be printing quadrillions of dollars and this two thousand dollar check you get every month is going to be basically worthless. Just like in Venezuela, Zimbabwe. This is what happens when they print Kurson like this. What I personally would do if I got two thousand dollars worth a month from my government, I would probably just buy assets that would hold its value like gold, silver, bitcoin, and maybe something that will create cash flow, something that will maintain its value and may even give dividends. That is something that would be very, very valuable. But everyone who has long term savings accounts now and has a long term thinking into saving fiat will be the biggest losers in the coming years. And I also want to show this chart. Guys, look at this, the bitcoin rainbow price chart. We can see that whenever Bitcoin is in this blue band here, Bitcoin is at a fantastic buying opportunity. And we can see that this had happened back here in this blue area. This having also happened down here in this blue area and this having that is coming up in only 26 days will also take place in this blue area. And as you can see here, based on the two previous halvings, if you bought at these two having the, you would have phenomenal returns in the next couple of years. And I believe that the exact same thing will play out in the next couple of years. And in a couple of years when we see the big comprise saw up towards a hundred thousand two hundred thousand up to maybe four hundred thousand dollars, Bitcoin will once again get into these red areas and we’ve seen bitcoin come up to these red areas before. And of course, that is the perfect time to take profits. So let’s just also sometimes take a look at this long term and we can see that it is currently very oversold historically and personally. I think that this. Is a very, very good time to buy Bitcoin. And if you are getting free money from the government, why not take that opportunity to actually accumulate some hard money? Bitcoin this is it for this video. I truly hope that you enjoy it. And if you want to leave, it sums up Double-O. That would be appreciated. Let’s see if we can get this video to 3000 likes. That would be amazing. Thank you very much for watching. Click this video if you haven’t seen it before and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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