Bitcoin Re-accumulation Phase?

Recently, Bitcoin has started moving sideways in a region that it historically does not spend much time in. We saw similar moves during the last market cycle of BTC. Could this be a new accumulation phase? Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below!

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  1. The cycle is intact. I've been a proponent of a lengthening cycle since early 2018, however, I believe that any linear interpolation of the positive rate of change of cycle length is a poor metric. This is, IMO, primarily because the time between 2013 ATH and 2017 ATH was longer than it would have been without the FUD that was spread by banks and other funds (which were secretly buying into BTC while trashing it publicly), as well as the bleeding of BTC into scamcoins. The cycle is getting longer, but not as fast as I previously thought. There are many fib time zones and other correlations that show we are really only increasing by about 6 months per cycle. Thanks for the great videos Ben.

  2. So… one year side ways… but I need my buy orders to get filled between 2500-5000. Please bitcoin go down! It will go down when stock market goes doen.

  3. You can trade that channel just sell at the top and buy back in at the bottom. Do it right and you'll make a nice supplemental income off your 1 BTC. But such a strategy is best at top of market – lots more frenetic price action = lots more opportunity.

  4. no we want to fill out this area for a good while. . stop it moon boys. if it goes up it will get rejected so hard it will make you shat your little moon boots

  5. Lower lows is a great way to keep this bear market going.
    Hopefully low enough end of the year we can help out the CME's missed 3.8k and fill it to rebuild that trust with them. They set gap price targets for us , we fill them all.

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