Today in crypto. Can Bitcoin realistically one hundred X in the coming years hit a whopping one million dollars a Bitcoin hack? Can Bitcoin even 50 X to hit the market cap of gold? Well, I think yes to both of these questions. While these numbers might seem a little crazy. This video will lay out why I am a long term investor in Bitcoin and why I believe that we have not even begun to see Bitcoin really starting to flex its muscles. The crypto lark. This is resubscribe for all of the hottest and all of the latest happening out here in the wild, wild land of crypto. A big thank you to block Fei for sponsoring today’s episode. So big news for Block Fae, especially for residents of Ohio and Rhode Island. Block Fei has just received their licenses to be able to operate in both of those states. So if you live in either state, you can now enjoy Block Fi’s services. Block Fine is my favorite place to lend out my krypto block. Fire does not require any token to access its services. 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One from macro investor rule pal and the second from Bitcoin. Oji Chamitoff probably did the first stocks of flow analysis of Bitcoin back in 2012 13 where I looked at it versus the supply of gold and just with a pretty crude analysis figured out that at the time with gold at twelve hundred. Bitcoin was probably worth a million bucks. And I’ve always thought of Bitcoin as a very binary investment, whether it goes from eighty to eight thousand to six thousand to three thousand to thirteen thousand, it just it doesn’t matter. This is either zero or it’s millions. So Bitcoin going to one million dollars. Bitcoin to zero. Or Tamilians Bitcoin 10 trillion dollar market cap, big claims all. But is it actually realistic to see this happen? Yes, long term, I definitely believe that we could hit one million dollars a coin. And I know that it seems crazy looking at it from here. I mean, we’re having a hard time just crack over ten thousand dollars right now. How on earth are we going to even break a hundred thousand dollars, let alone one million dollars lakh? Man, you need to lay off that Hopi and bong. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. But hear me out. Hear me out. We are in an incredibly lucky time right now to be able to buy an asset like Bitcoin in the early stages of its price discovery. And yes, we are still early. It’s like being able to buy gold back in the 70s or something. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to accumulate wealth as the best performing asset of the last decade and what’s probably going to be the best performing asset of this decade as well. So let’s dig into the core of the thesis here. Can Bitcoin achieve a similar market cap to gold? Well, it’s hard to get an exact figure on the total amount of gold out there with the assumed market cap of gold is currently around nine trillion dollars. The market cap of bitcoin is around 180 billion dollars. So if you were to see Bitcoin get the same market cap as gold, then that would actually mean a 50 X increase in the price of Bitcoin, meaning that one Bitcoin would be around half a million dollars each. Now, these are approximate numbers, but you get the idea. Now, you might say Bupp up, but lurk gold‘s been around for thousands of years, man. It’s gonna take a long time for Bitcoin to get to those kind of prices. Well, OK. Personally. I believe that Bitcoin is in many respects actually better than gold. It shares many of gold‘s awesome properties, like being hard money and being relatively scarce. But it actually improves on gold by being super easily divisible, easily transportable. Being able to be sent around the world in a matter of minutes and verifiably rare. Right now, Bitcoin’s annual inflation rate is one point eight percent. Gold is one point five percent. The next, having bitcoin will go down to zero point nine percent. The having after that and 20 28 zero point four five percent. And by 2032, when the block were drops below one Bitcoin per block, the rate will be zero point two to five percent. We know for certain how much bitcoin there is and how much bitcoin there will ever be gold. We just keep dragging it out of the ground. No one knows exactly how much gold exists on Earth. And when we start space mining. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Bad news. Bears for gold potentially, anyway. That’s gold. As gold. Nine trillion dollars. It is a good goal for bitcoin for this decade. But really, if Bitcoin is not going to go to one million dollars, then what meaning does life even have? I mean, really. Come on. So that would be a market cap of around 18 to 20 trillion dollars, depending on course on when it happens. How much of the remaining Bitcoin has been mined by that time, et cetera, et cetera? Let’s just say 20 trillion dollars. Nice round number for the market cap here for a future bitcoin. Well, that is more than two times the market cap of gold, which has been the cornerstone of global wealth preservation for thousands of years. Gold, which is invested in by everyone from retail investors to central banks to hedge funds and on and on down the line. That’s a big task. Man, that is a big, big task, and to be clear, I’m talking about what we perceive a dollar to be worth today, not a future dollar, where it requires a garbage bag full of dollars to go off and buy a loaf of bread. No, no. I’m talking about today’s valuations of how we understand the dollar at the moment. Also, for some further perspective for you, the total global money supply is currently around 100 trillion dollars. About 10 percent of that is physical notes and coins, meaning that 90 percent of the total currency supply is already digital. However, what we have right now, these digital representations, they’re representations of fiat, meaning that they are still tied to the same broken system of monetary insanity that is having its terrible effects all around the world right now. What Bitcoin brings is a digital alternative to gold, and it’s bringing real competition to the marketplace of money. Also, for reference, the stock markets are currently valued around 90 trillion dollars globally. So a one million dollar Bitcoin is making a serious play for a large piece of the monetary market share by combining the currency supply, the stock markets in the gold market there. So it’s not actually that crazy. But how does Bitcoin actually get to these kind of numbers? Well, there are a few key players that will drive the demand for Bitcoin. And, of course, it will be the rising demand coupled with the falling emission and the hardcoded scarcity that will actually send the price of Bitcoin soaring upwards. First, of course, we have the hedge funds. Paul Tudor Jones, the investing legend of Wall Street, has just sent the buy signal to all of his hedge fund buddies, which will essentially unleash a Sunni army of hedge fund money into the crypto space. There are literally thousands of hedge funds which together control more than four trillion dollars in assets. If these funds move even just two or three percent of their money into Bitcoin, we’re talking about an incredible amount of money coming in to buy up the markets. Seeing Bitcoin get the nod of approval from a legendary investor like Paul Tudor Jones. That should not be ignored. It’s incredibly important. And of course, we cannot and should not discount the retail investor. There is a substantial amount of capital in the hands of the average investor out there, and it has never been easier for people like you. And for me to get our hands on Bitcoin and never has it seemed so scarce. Both Fidelity and Coinbase have more customers individually than can ever own one Bitcoin. Fidelity has 30 million clients Coinbase. Probably around 32 million clients are registered at the moment, meaning that neither one of these platforms would ever be able to provide their customers each with one bitcoin. And that’s just two companies, only two companies. And there’s Cash App and Gemini and finance and on and on and on and on as like so many ways to Biehl to get Bitcoin right now. All these on ramps have been built. We just need people to start driving on those roads and they will when the price starts going crazy. 21 million. It’s starting to seem like a very, very scarce in limited number of bitcoin. When you consider how many people now have super easy and super quick access to you to come in and buy Bitcoin, but the harsh truth is that we do not need all of the retail investors to hop on board with Bitcoin. And actually, we really don’t even need mass adoption for Bitcoin to hit the same prices. And that would be nice. And to be honest, I think that retail will get on board in a very serious way with Bitcoin and that we will get quite widespread adoption of Bitcoin. But here’s some food for thought for you just to drive this point home. Only around one percent of portfolios hold gold. And yet gold has a nine trillion dollar market cap. Think about that. Even moderate adoption by retail investors is likely to send the price of bitcoin sky high. And we think that Bitcoin at five hundred thousand or one million dollars will just be too expensive. No regular investor is going to buy Bitcoin at those prices. You’re right. You’re right. In the same way that not many gold investors buy a bar of gold these days because a gold bar is worth around six hundred and fifty thousand dollars. But guess what? A lot of investors, they buy gold by the gram or by the ounce. They just get smaller denominations of the asset. They don’t completely avoid exposure to the asset. But perhaps the most important aspect of the retail investor is actually the hodler of last resort. Understand that there is a psychological connection flowing through the Bitcoin community. It’s the bitcoins go into zero words go into millions kind of people that really, really matter for Bitcoin, these hodler as of last resort. These are the people who buy Bitcoin and then that Bitcoin is effectively gone forever from the open market. They stack it, they hoard it, and then they proceed to chill. Obviously, every single day we get new hodler as of last resort, caught entering the markets. These people are not looking to cash out for Fiat Bitcoin. It is their exit plan. Now, this forms an incredibly powerful base layer for Bitcoin. And it’s important that this base layer is not created by the hedge funds and all these other players. No, no, no. It’s created by real people who believe in Bitcoin. Now, these factors alone, they are enough to push Bitcoin to the kind of insane highs that I am discussing here. The kind of numbers five, ten thousand, one million. Just this is enough. But these are not the only factors. Far from in fact, the next few factors I’m going to mention are still just the tip of the frickin iceberg. We also have the wild cards like central banks, central banks. They love gold. And Bitcoin basically has the same characteristics as gold, but is in many ways better for the reasons we discussed. Of course, many more besides that. But it’s the gold of the digital age. In the same way that Paul Tudor Jones has just started a race by hedge funds to get exposure to Bitcoin. When we get the first official announcement that a central bank is buying Bitcoin, it will create country level flomo from other players. I’m not talking about that. They got some Bitcoin from a hacker they called or they might be doing something in slam time, a public announcement. I personally think that it’ll be a country like Switzerland, which will be the first one to actually come out and say, yes, we have added Bitcoin as strategic reserves at our central bank. Maybe it’s going to be a Bitcoin friendly country like Japan or maybe an economic outcast like Russia, which has been on a multi year gold buying spree. Come on, Putin, man. Just market by 10 billion dollars. You can do, buddy. You can do it anyway. One thing is for sure is that no matter who is first, central banks will buy Bitcoin. And when that happens, it will put pressure on the rest of the world to play catch up. There will be a big fun moment when that happens. Then, of course, we have the commercial banks. Recent announcement by JP Morgan to give Coinbase and Jemini bank accounts. It was actually a big step towards what is likely to be the inevitable reality that banks. They will also buy and they will hold and they will sell Bitcoin to their customers at some point in the future. It will be a market that they cannot ignore, particularly their investment divisions, but also they might even access offer access to their retail customers in the coming years. So it’s inevitable, not question of if, but when. We already see challenger banks like Germany’s bit Wollar or Italy’s Conejo, they are already allowing customers to buy Bitcoin directly in app and even potentially earn interest on that Bitcoin. And then we have things like cash app that are making it easier and easier and easier for people to do all of their banking and crypto stuff in one place. The big commercial banks, they’re already behind the curve. They need to play catch up at this point. Then we have the world’s high net worth individuals and course, their connected family office is now. These high net worth individuals. They command around 50. Trillion dollars worth of assets. Crazy. Look, when you start seeing the big picture and you start realizing that actually hitting the market cap of gold or even twice that, it’s really not even that crazy. Then, of course, we have the macro economic picture, which is driving the hedge funds, which is starting to spark the interest in the high net worth individuals, which is getting retail investors interested in alternative assets. And look, I’m not going to go into great depth about the macro picture here. I cover this this conversation on the channel at length, but we all know the story. Fiat currencies, they’re all in big trouble. Central banks are printing absurd amounts of money. The economy, it’s it’s just rigged. Basically, all corporations now been declared too big to fail. The governments are buying up non investment grade junk bonds. It’s it’s it’s crazy, man. It’s crazy. And, of course, the increasing prevalence of negative interest rates, that’s really bad news for the global economy and of course, for basically everyone who’s trying to save money. So is Bitcoin going to 100 X in the current cycle? Probably not. Based on current conditions, I would say no 100 x move is coming this cycle, but it could definitely do it by the end of the decade. Could we get that 50 X a bit sooner? Maybe the bitcoin stock to flow shows us that prices of one hundred thousand dollars are highly likely during this cycle. A peak could see us up around three or 400000, which does get us close to gold. It might be a short lived moment considering how volatile the Bitcoin markets are, but the next cycle in the stock to flow model 2024 and beyond. That’s when we start toying with the idea of a one million dollar bitcoin. These numbers are inevitable to me. One thing is for certain. I’m stacking sets and I am chilling. But anyway, those are just my two Suto. She’s I would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you believe that Bitcoin can actually do a 50 X and overtake the market cap of gold? Can Bitcoin ever hit one million dollars? And if so, is it going to happen this decade? I’d love to know your thoughts on this or anything else. I mentioned here in the video down Downbelow in the comments section daily. Frickin reminder, you’re awesome. So thank you so, so much for tuning in to watch today’s video. Seriously. Keep doing yeoman your class act. All of you. Long live the block, Jane. Then peace s next time.


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