Bitcoin SV creator Craig Wright — the real Satoshi Nakamoto?

Bitcoin SV creator and one of the first BTC developers Craig Wright has become our guest today.

In the episode:
00:05 Meet self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto
00:12 BCH hard fork: Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin ABC
02:02 Crypto exchanges = gambling houses
03:15 ABC camp won?
03:55 Wright’s understanding of crypto market
04:58 The influence of the hard fork on crypto
05:12 The original vision of Satoshi
05:27 Bitcoin not anonymous, but private
07:14 The TRUTH revealed!
09:41 Crypto regulation
13:41 Bitcoin has NO value
15:37 Investors and speculators – difference
16:44 Is there a chance for BTC ETF?

Mr. Wright is a true mythbuster. In the interview he reveals the essence of btc bitcoin — “it was never meant to be anonymous, but private”. He compares cryptocurrency exchanges with gambling houses and says that there’s no investors in BTC, just gamblers. Isn’t “Satoshi” too categorical in his judgements? How do you think?

Write in the comments if you believe this was Craig Wright who created cryptocurrency.

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