Bitcoin: The bearish scenario

A lot of people have asked, “What would be the bearish scenario for Bitcoin?” In this video we talk about where BTC may be headed if $10k price gets ultimately rejected at $10k. We look at past market cycles and discuss various moving averages.

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  1. It doesn't seem like it will, but I would love to see another big drop to the 200 week MA or something similar. It's healthy for markets. The more you beat down the bulls and make them disbelieve rallies, the further the price will rise.

  2. If the masses agree & anticipate the peak occurring in 2023, it is likely whales will create a peak prior in order to avoid sale pressure. Looking at charts without incorporating social behavior is ineffective.

  3. We need a two year bear market now with a slow down trend. We can give time for institutions that weren't interested to get a safe entry. Showing them a 3k BTC end of year and seeing if they like that would be a great start. We could also rebuild trust with the CME and help them out with those 3.5k-3.8K unfilled gaps. The SEC will also like us.

  4. Hy Benjamin! The bitcoin algoritm is chancing? Why are You saying that the highest peak of this Bull market whill be in 2023? În this cycle shood be the bear market in 2023…why do You think that?

  5. i see a bull trend starting to build up steam. .also alot of people are expecting a big pull back and that ihs pattern to form .more than likely we will just keep cruising along and filling out the current range from 9.5k to 10.5. looks good

  6. "We'll never see 9k again, buy now !!!" Lmao 7k-8k is right around the corner and these fomo investors will sell everything at a loss. Bearish for the next months, 10k gets rejected so fast and 9800 isnt sustainable.

  7. Hodling is easier when you just store your bitcoin into a hardware wallet and store that hardware wallet into a safe which you don't even know what the password is to that.

  8. Let's imagine, that satoshi by mistake sends me his wallet, I will sell all the bitcoin at once and cause BTC to capitulate. Then I will rebuy at the bottom, but being a fiendish whale, I will sell the BTCs I bought at the bottom every time the price tries to rally, discouraging bulls and making everybody pessimistic for a very long time until the average joe sells his bitcoin to pay his rent, then I will buy slowly what I have sold and accumulate to the max. This how BTC has been behaving since the CME came online. So yes another drop will happen because BTC not behaving like it was pre-CME.

  9. About 4 weeks ago Tone Vays predicted that the price would flirt with 10k then pull back to 7k and then begin a steady climb back to 10k and then break it for the last time on the way to 6 figures.

  10. My crypto allocation is at 30 % right now and even that seems a lot for me. I'm close to 100 % sure that both stock market and crypto are going to get absolutely destroyed from here.

  11. Great video once again. After halving you can feel the bullish sentiment growing every single day, and this video just makes a lot of sense, going against the herd mentality… Very brave of you, to post this video's and answer the comment of the Bull viewers here.
    I do really believe BTC will go again at least to the $7.2k levels: that's when I am going to buy and accumulate more sats (since 2017).
    Keep strong everyone and let the weak hands drop out.

  12. Holding ya nerves will be the biggest issue currently, halving, red dot, s2f, grayscale going nuts, xmas 20 or 21 or 22, whales, bart moves, fed, virus global financial meltdown…

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