Bitcoin This Week: Expedia Cancels BTC Payments, US Homeland Security Hauls Millions In BTC And More

Bitcoin This Week: Expedia Cancels Crypto Payments, US Homeland Security Hauls Millions In Bitcoins And More

Polish Banks Denying Services to Crypto Industry

The Polish Bitcoin Association has demanded that the National Financial Regulatory Authority investigate fifteen banks it accuses of denying banking services to over fifty entities operating in the crypto-sphere. The Association, which called the actions of the banks “disgraceful”, also alleged that the accounts of 25 entities have been closed.

Jury is Out On Chinese Blockchain Ruling

A Chinese court has ruled that files stored on the Blockchain can be used as evidence in a manner similar to legally attested documents. The ruling, which was delivered by the Internet Court in the Hangzhou province, is thought to be the first time that the immutability of blockchain has been tested before a judge.

Homeland Security Agents Infiltrate The Darkweb

The US Department of Justice revealed that its agents had infiltrated criminal gangs by posing as crypto traders on the Darkweb. In an operation that lasted over a year, Homeland Security Agents posed as a money launderer willing to trade US Dollars for virtual currencies. The sting, which also involved US Immigration, Postal, Drug Enforcement and Secret Service officials, has led to 90 open criminal cases around the country.

Expedia Cancels Crypto Payments

Holiday makers were left feeling jet lagged this week with the confirmation that online travel booking platform Expedia has unceremoniously dropped Bitcoin as a payment method. The move was confirmed this week, although Expedia has actually been denying Bitcoin payments since the 8th of June.

BitCoin Fails to Steady After A June To Forget

There were fewer shocks on the markets this week, which will give some relief to traders who have seen the currency lose over $1500 since the start of June. Monday opened at $6171, after huge weekend losses. Those hoping for a quick recovery were disappointed with highs of just above $6000 mid-week and lows below the critical support level. However, better news followed at the weekend with a $500 increase on Saturday and it was in the green again on Sunday, seeing out the week trading for just under $6400.

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