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In this video, Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, who is currently in prison since seven years back, he thinks that the Bitcoin price is going to go all the way down to one thousand dollars. And here you can see the technical analysis that he has been writing by hand from prison. And I’m going to show exactly what he thinks here and why he believes, based on the Elliott wave theory, that the bitcoin price is going to go all the way down to one point two thousand dollars. And also, Credit Suisse says that the U.S. economy will shrink 33.5% the next quarter, the biggest drop in history. So I want to talk about the financial markets. What’s happening in the real estate market. I want to take a look at how this plays into the bitcoin having, which is coming up in 30 days. And I also want to take a quick look at the bitcoin price in the shorter term to take a look at where Bitcoin is going in the immediate future. And guys, a massive move is coming within the next two days. I’m going to show exactly what is going to happen. And if you think that that sounds interesting, then I think that you should definitely be. Hello, guys. Welcome to the Moon. My name is Carlin. I’m here to bring you this figure. Crazy video. Let’s start off with Bitcoin here on the daily timeframe. And as you can see, it does seem like Bitcoin is forming this classical bearish flag where a bear flag and as I’ve shown you before, if we were to make a targeted move here, we just do it like that. We pull this down like this. And basically, if we were to break this key support here, then we should be looking for a move down towards 3.3 thousand. However, very important, we need to see a big spike in the volume at the point of the breakout. If we don’t see it, then we should not expect any bigger movements to the downside. And as I’ve shown you also before, if we are able to break the 7.7 K level here, this level has previously been very significant resistance. And I think that if Biffle could break through this level, then we can start looking for more bullish targets. But so far, we’re below that resistance level. And another level that I’m, of course, watching still is this line. And this line is a very, very obviously significant as we’ve seen 1, 2, 3, 4 touches up there. And we’ve got our fifth touch right there. And we can clearly see how Bitcoin has been basically struggling to breakthrough. And we actually saw one bear flag get formed there. We got rejected and got another leg to the downside. We’re seeing it bear flag here. If we get rejected here, then as you can see here, we definitely have the bear scenario quite obviously laid in front of us. But I think we also should be aware of the fact that if we could break through this level here, I mean, that should happen very soon. If that’s even possible. But we should also keep in mind that the bullish scenario where Bitcoin breaks through this level and also breaks through, of course, the several whatever level, this would mean that Bitcoin is getting back the bulls momentum. And I think the bulls are back in control. If that happens and as you see, we are seeing a convergence of support appear resistance here. And Bitcoin is going to have to choose either to break the resistance or break the support within, let’s say, two days, within two maximum three days. We are going to see a huge, decisive move here that will be exciting and very, very tradable, of course. And if you are an experienced trader and if you’re looking to trade bitcoin, you can use these three exchanges. Personally, I prefer BYB it because of the liquidity and the outstanding customer service they have. If you use my link in the PIN comment, you will get a bonus after signing up and depositing 0.5 bitcoin. And look, guys, just a quick update. Now it’s only 30 days to the next bitcoin having this is based on the average BLOK generation time of 10 minutes. If you take into consideration that the current block time is actually below nine minutes, then you can see that having could take place a little bit sooner, maybe even in twenty-six days. But no matter how you calculate the estimated time of arrival of having it is coming up very, very soon. And this is one of the very, very key properties of Bitcoin and events that’s going to for sure, but some buying pressure on Bitcoin, especially in these times where we see the Federal Reserve and other central banks print money out of nothing, increasing the inflation and increasing the supply of dollars and other fiat causes. We are living in historic times and I think Bitcoin is definitely going to play a major role in the next few months and years. And next up, here comes a very, very bearish prediction from Ross Ulbricht. He says Bitcoin is likely to plunge to 1000 dollars if you don’t know who Ross Ulbricht is. He is the founder of Silk Road and he’s currently in prison for starting this Web site where people were free to buy and sell goods and services wherever they wanted and whatever they wanted. And now he’s in prison for that. But this is not stopping him from doing some updates about his price analysis. And he’s been in prison for seven years back. So he hasn’t really been a part of the Bitcoin community other than from small updates ever known then. But this is the most recent updates. And according to his new price analysis that relies on Elliott wave theory, the price of the leading cryptocurrency could plunge to as low as one point two thousand dollars. And this is something that many people believe actually based on this Elliott wave count. And I’m going to quickly go through why this is something that people are taking seriously. So let’s go over to Ross’s medium article here. He says that a strong signal for lower prices. And basically, if you go down to his little image here, he is showing us this Elliott wave count. And in Elliott waves, first, you want to count five waves and then an ABC correction. So this is the thing that he laid out here. One, two, three. Five waves. And then the A, B, C correction. And essentially you can see here that he says that we have not bottomed out yet. And because going even lower than the bottom that we got way back here. So basically A, B, C and. Yeah. Like he says he’s B believes that will go down to one point two thousand dollars potentially here and he is not alone. I’ve met many people that say that this is something that they believe based on Elliott waves and some people that have traded Elliott waves very basis successfully. They are very confident that this is going to take place. Personally, I think that it’s possible. But personally, I wouldn’t really take this count too seriously, because the thing about Elliott Waves is that there are always equally as many different ways to count. Elliott waves as there are different Elliott waves. Analysts are very, very hard to find the objective way to count these waves in guys. I would love to know if anyone of you or using Elliott waves, please comment down below if you are taking Elliott waves seriously if you’re using it for trading. And if you’re using it even on the longer timeframe, I will. No, no. And I would love to know your thoughts about this specific way to counter the Elliott waves on Bitcoin. And also, I would love to know if you think that Bitcoin could go down to approximately $1000, please vote in this poll. Yes or no? Can be it can go all the way down to these levels. And next up, guys, I just want to quickly say thank you so much. I got almost 3000 likes on my video yesterday. Thank you so much for liking this video. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure to do so. I am trying to reach one hundred thousand subscribers before having. And like I said, the having is coming up in 30 days. Can this number go to a hundred thousand? Let’s see. Thank you very much for watching my videos, guys. And next up, let’s talk about the financial markets. Credit Suisse says that the US economy will shrink thirty-three point five percent next quarter. And listen to this. They say it’s going to be the biggest drop in history. And so it’s not the biggest drop in the past decade or decades, but in history. And this is something I’ve been talking about for the past few years, that what we’re going to see in the next few years is going to be something that we have never seen before. And now finally, we see more and more people realize that we are seeing something that simply hasn’t happened before. And here we have some news from the real estate market because so far we’ve seen real estate hold up quite well. Wild stocks have been plunging, but we’re seeing here that missed rent payments cascade across the real estate industry. So we’re seeing more and more people fail to pay rents. And also more and more people are failing to pay mortgages and pay the interest on all of this debt. And this crisis on the surface has only gone on for a few weeks. And of course, below the surface, this crisis has been going on for months, maybe even years and decades, depending on exactly how you measure it. But on the surface, we’ve seen a very dramatic crisis for a few weeks. But what happens when we see another month, two months, three months of people not being able to pay rents, pay their mortgages, pay all of the other debts that they hold? And when some guy cannot pay the other guy, that the other guy cannot pay the next guy. And then you have this domino effect. And the big risk is that we see a massive tsunami of defaults happening. I really wished that this was not going to happen, but it is inevitable. And I’ve been talking about this for a couple of years now on my channel that this financial crisis that is going to happen is inevitable. You cannot just push the can down the road by lowering interest rates, printing money out of nothing that solves nothing. It only magnifies the problem and pushes the problem further into the future. That’s the only thing that they’ve really been doing for the past decades. And look at us now. We’re sitting here with a bigger problem, even much bigger problem than back in 2008. And we can blame the bank. The banking system, because it is the banking system and in collusion with the governments that have created this problem. And just like I’ve told you before, the governments can not help you. Do not rely on pensions or any other type of cash handout. Governments, in the long run, cannot help you from this financial disaster. You have to take your responsibility for your life and your financials make go out there and use your mind to to to create opportunity, make money, save money, buy assets that are not inflatable, hide your wealth and don’t put too much money in the bank. Not more than you can afford to lose because you never know when the bank is going to completely default. We’ve seen it before. We are going to see it again. And especially now as the world economy is completely unpredictable and we’re seeing things that. As I said, has never happened before. So take your own responsibility and just realize that the only one that can help you and your family is you guys. This is it for this video. Please me thumbs up. If you enjoyed the video and if you haven’t seen my bit makes a video that I made a few weeks ago, click right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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