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This chart from Argentina shows that to see explosive move a 50 X two, 100 X in 18 months. Today, for the Bitcoin price with twenty fifteen, we will be talking about Bitcoin. This video is addressed to all Bitcoin holders because crazy things are about to happen to be caught. This is the weekly chart for Bitcoin. And today we will talk about whether we can go back above this trend and what’s the laughing. And take a complete lift off here for the big complex within the next few months. However, guys, we will also talk about whether we were just bounced from here and have some more bloody times to come before we can finally lift off that vintage. Jeff Fifteen has to share some very specific insights on the charts for Bitcoin when it comes to that. And then the second part of the video, we would talk about fundamentally bullish things for Bitcoin because taking a look into the Argentinian economy right now, the expected inflation is going higher and higher. And you can see that a local bitcoin, not only the volume of the GTM pesos traded in Bitcoin on the weekly here on local bitcoins is growing exponentially in parabolic, but also inflation adjusted. He has some kind of inflation adjusted on U.S. dollar. You can see that people are flying into Bitcoin like crazy here right now in Argentina. And this gives us a very nice window here into the future. What’s very likely to happen also in the United States, in Europe and so on. All of that and more in today’s episode. So make sure you take a seat, make sure you smash up the like button right now to at least three thousand likes. And that being said, we want to come to the most important question of today, vintage A15 with your slightly green jacket today. How are you doing today, Moman again? I’m doing good. You know what? This feels like the good old days for me. Back in the day when bitcoin was around five hundred to three hundred dollars and it was bouncing in that range and you know, it was a slow and methodically moving up and it was very painful, very, very painful. And I feel your pain right now. All all the big corners out there. But trust me, this will pass. And how are you doing today? I’m doing very well. I’m just once again, very happy to have you on the show, DaVinci, because you are one of the people who were here in 2011, 2012, 2013. You have lived through all these times multiple times already. And that’s why you are so good in anticipating the market, especially here on the longer timeframe. So I’m really keen to pull up the charts and see what you have to say about the big con price right now going into the halfling and also specifically you’re looking to the 2020 and what’s about to come for Bitcoin and man. I’m very curious also about the Argentina news, because this is a very, very great window into the future here. Crazy things are happening right now in Argentina. Yes, it is. It is here. First, let’s pull up the chart and take a look what’s happening right now. We’re turning a little bit red on the weekly, but that’s OK. It’s all right. We can test the 30 Naameh. If we if we bounce once we bounce up 30 Naameh would be nice if we head up to this this this trend line up here. I had it on here before, but then I took it off. Now I’m putting it back on. So I feel that this is the trend line that we’re going to bounce off of. Maybe whites had up to this trade location, went up into that trade location on a weekly basis and then come back in and about. If we bounce back, we come back in about down here and stay above this trend line. This Dasch trend line, that would be awesome. So now but the market will do whatever it wants to do. But that that would be perfect. I mean, it could come back, you know, what we could do have a V bottom, unfortunately. And the markets don’t like loops. The markets don’t like the bottoms. So I really think that. Right. We might have to come back and test a new one. We actually kind of freaky, but let’s let’s not hope that they can bounce off the little red line and come back and test this this line here. It would go higher. And that’s normally what happens with a. And in the markets, unfortunately. But, you know, you know what was could stop this V v bottom turning into a W. I know the Federal Reserve. Exactly. That could bring this to the world. So, yeah, that never, never trusted me bottom. But you know what? I don’t fight. The Fed is also saying that’s also said a lot. Now, if we go down to the 4:00 hour, unfortunately, it’s not too scary, but you might be a little bit nervous. Because we do have what a divergence in the the on balance volume and on the RSI here. Do we have the. We do also have a divergence on, of course, the Mac. So not very again. Not looking so for the four hour flight. Looks like it’s really heavy here. Struggling to get keep. Go up. Keep going up. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a pullback to thirty eight point two, which happens to be 7400. Which reminds me of another number here, which is seven thousand four hundred and fifty nine. And that is the. And May. So don’t be surprised if we come back there and visit that level. An amazing piece of confluence here on the four, all of the thirty eight point two and the 13 yanmei on the weekly perfectly aligning at seven thousand four hundred. Exactly. So we might do a little bit more just to test this. This this last top, maybe come, you know, was wiped out all the stock losses here because a lot of people stop loss here, here, here, here, here, here and here. So that’s what they see here at the seventy four. Seventy four. Eighty to seventy four. Thirty seven. Seventy three. Ninety two. Knock, knock. I’d be surprised if they knock all those those stop losses. You know, that’s the bankers too. All right. That’s one of the things they taught me and trading school is that the bankers and they always go, OK. So we’re going higher and now we’re going for the stocks. Exactly. Exactly. Just as you said before, the market is designed to take the most amount of money from the most amount of people. Most of the time people are in with too high leverage and then they stop. Losses are just the liquidation prices are just too steep to too close the price right now. So I really can see that coming. Yes, exactly. So that’s the most likely scenario. So but this is a great time to be a bit quiet. I think that even though it’s going to take a while before we actually see well, I mean, when I say take a while. Right. That’s that’s in Bitcoin terms, honestly, because 18 month is like long term. Exactly. That’s that’s the scary thing about the cryptocurrency. That crypto perverse is that for for for investors in the crypto universe, 18 months is like, oh, my God. No, that’s. That’s forever. And like, when not talking short term, you have to use the five minute kind of sticks, right? Exactly. So normally our market cycles are like seven to 14 years for for something to get really explosive. Right. And then in the normal market. And I’m talking about explosive like a hundred X. I’m talking like maybe you get my if you’re feeling lucky, a ten bagger 10 X thinks. Bitcoin is going to do anywhere from 50 to 100 X in the next 18 months. So that’s that’s that’s your view. Going to be slow because of your watching it every day. It seems like it’s gonna take forever. But no, it’s going to come very, very fast and hard. So just dollar cost average and take your time and you will we will get there. Now, that’s what people are doing. Obviously in Argentina for you pull up these these news, which are amazing. I want you to consolidate everything for everyone watching. So first of all, we talked about the fall time frame. Retracement to 7400 is pretty much like you right now. It would align with the thirty eight point two on the people, not your retracement. And also on the weekly, it would align perfectly with a 30 A on the weekly. However, zooming out this small retracement, it’s not too hot to be our guys. It is like three or four percent. Guys don’t freak out because of that. Because zooming out. Also going into the half and going into 2020, things are looking very bullish. And we might go above this massive, massive trend. And you can see right here and once we go above and we hold about, very nice times are about to come for Bitcoin and also to consolidate, to set 15 to 100 x bitcoin in the next Cycos. So within the next 18 months, that would put Bitcoin into a price range between one hundred thousand and seven hundred fifty thousand U.S. dollars, guys. So don’t freak out about these retracement if it’s to seven thousand four hundred, even if it’s creating a W and going down to the 5000. Yes, or whatever. Guys, if you are zooming out, I think two things are quite bullish for Bitcoin, especially here in the. Long run and no dive into you. Let’s go into my favorite piece of news for today and your favorite piece of news for today. Argentina. And what’s about to happen also to the western world here, to the United States and Europe? Well, as you know, people are right to a flight to safety. And here in Argentina, writers, they’re slowly going into hyperinflation again. And flight to Bitcoin in Argentina due to debt crisis is a sign of what’s to come. Because, I mean, have you heard what Argentina did? They came up with a 100 year bond and sold it in the market. And when I heard that that was like two years ago, when I heard that, I was like, who in their right mind would buy a bond for 100 years and one percent in Argentina? Pesos. Well, but they sold it. It’s it’s just incredible if you look at the inflation rate. I mean, you are losing all your money. If you put in a thousand dollars into a 100 year bond and you will have to wait 100 years to two percent interest on your money, you lose basically more than ninety nine point nine percent of your purchasing power. Most likely if you buy this specific bond. So this is completely ludicrous. I mean, gee, I didn’t even know about that. Yeah, exactly. It was in Berlin. Unbelievable to look that up yourself here. This is not the people are buying Bitcoin, actually buying it. And you could tell because it even thought it’s gone up. The sale price amount in pesos have gone up a thousand percent since January 18th. It’s actually ten dollars gone up one hundred and thirty nine percent. So people are buying it in order to protect themselves. And they’re using the Bitcoin to protect themselves from hyperinflation. And we can expect that in the United States. And that’s what I expect. Whereas especially if the United States gives out those checks to everyone with a pulse to one or two, top 10 or so, everyone with a pulse. If that happens. Look out. Bitcoin is going to Moom. Exactly. Exactly. Because everyone gets some liquidity on their own. Of course they have to buy groceries. Of course they have to buy food. But they also are very scared because of the expected inflation, which is in Argentina already skyrocketing and which is about to skyrocket. Also in the United States, also in Europe, once all of this crisis and all of this fear settles down, this inflation will go crazy, most probably in these countries as well. And then people might be might want to buy gold, but they might also want to buy a Bitcoin, because in all these countries with its ayran, whether it’s Venezuela, whether it’s Argentina, we have always seen when the inflation and the expected inflation keeps growing. The first thing that people are about to buy is Bitcoin because we have a hot kept bitcoin, 21 million maximum supply versus potentially infinite supply of fiat currency. So it’s actually very, very easy for people like us to count one and one together for people in the outside world. Right now it is not. But it will be eventually. So thanks for bringing that piece of news to us, DaVinci. It was crazy to see that because Argentina, Venezuela, all these countries provide us a very, very nice window into the future. And what’s about to happen to me? Yes, exactly. It’s kind of scary. Can’t believe that we’re here where where we’re gonna print money. And these people, the Federal Reserve. People in the government like don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s mind boggling. But that’s what’s gonna happen, which is, you know, what I always see as the storm coming and what we can do. We can’t stop the storm, but we can do is prepare for it. And preparing for it is by buying gold, silver and, of course, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Thank you very much for this ending words of Inchy. Everyone watching right now. Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now. Do you think that the Bitcoin price can fight until the year 2022, a price between one hundred thousand and seven hundred thousand dollars per Bitcoin? Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now and not having to the stage is yours. What about those wallets? Are there any updates you would love to share? Yes. Well, as you know, I have Pandora as well as my software designed to help me trade crypto currencies, to allow me to take money off the exchanges and make sure that I keep them on my wallet and continue to trade. And if you are interested in that, you can head over to w w w dot as wild card. You can purchase low. As one month’s subscription, where you’ll be part of our trading group and you’ll be a permanent member up until the end of this month, you’ll be a permanent member of our trading group. But after that, you will have to renew your subscription if you purchased after April 30 for 30 years. So on May 1st, you’re out of luck and you may have to renew your subscription. However, also, if you purchase a two year subscription, we’ll talk about whatever cryptocurrency that you want to talk about on my channel. However, got to have at least ten thousand dollars worth of log daily volume, not some coin as a dollar, a dollar at a volume. That’s just ridiculous. And also, quick disclaimer, I’ve insured be brutally honest, so if you should, suggesting something which is horrible. Well, the the analysis would be horrible as well. So make sure you do you take care about that. But it is a great offer. You said until the end of the month, this is like two day small guys. So if you are interested. Now is the time. Now within the next 750 NEPI so this offer will not be valid anymore. So go to the linked on below Penrhos Wallet dot com and make sure you take it off. One advantage of that if you want. So thank you so much Ivan. Thank you so much for dropping all that knowledge bombs to us. Thanks everyone for liking the video. Our last video about the hash ribbon’s got 3000 likes. Thank you so much. And everyone smash up the like button to 3000 likes once again. Yeah. Join the comments section on M.O.B.. We’ll try to answer many of these comments. And that being said, haven’t you? Do you have anything to share before we wrap up today’s episode? Yes. Always play from a position of strength. And don’t get wrecked. Do not get wrecked. Guys, thank you so much for watching. And really that the next one of them tripped the already two more. And it’s always guys, as always. Bye bye.


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  1. The 100 yr bond I believe was in dollars not in pesos. Iam from argentina so iam used to this crazy policies. Also btc here is the only way for the regular guy to buy usd because you buy btc and can trade it for usd

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  3. always play from a. position of strength, buy at 50C, ah too late. Now buy DCA and hope for the best in the short term you will probably lose in the long term you may win or lose. I still don't get it, laughing at the exchanges and whales ripping cash out of people's pockets but hitting stops on leverage. – but promoting and taking a commission off leveraged exchanges I'm confused? why is BTC going to moon I didn't get that bit , just because Arg and Ven have dramatic corrupt inflation? Then finally its going to seem slow but in 18 months BTC will be at 700k , its taken 4 months to stay at 6K – ponzi sigh. XRP pumped

  4. Chris always thankful for your time and the analysis that you and Davinci always do.. but… my friend in every of you videos is something that you forget.. right now doesnt matter ANY technical analysis or metrics you could use.. just because of the global financial situation.. you and davinci have already more that 2 months speaking about the triangle limits of support and resistances.. more than 2 months waiting and waiting that it will brake.. well… the thing is that most of people in this world dont have an idea and are not interested in crypto or bitcoin.. and with all the fear out there the last thing they will do is to take crypto.. and when i say people i mean the common and normal people, workers, employees, older people, students, etc.. there are even many many old millionaires who dont even know anything about bitcoin and are not interested.. so just for this bitcoin and cryptos will not act as anybody expect…

    also the thing that many whales are putting money in USDT means that they are waiting to move to bitcoin or other cryptos.. actually it could mean all contrary.. it could mean that they are just not interested to take risk with the volatility of bitcoin and they just want to have their money in a "safer" place as the stable coins.. i could actually believe more that whales will move their money to Defi than to bitcoin.. also… as you said, the whales are professional traders.. if they would want to put their money in bitcoin they would did it on march 13th when the price dropped.. what is the point to wait until now when is at double of the price.. just with this move they could doubled their profits.. there is just no sense that whales are depositing in USDT and waiting to change to bitcoin..

    last thing that you dont consider and maybe is the most important… whales are powerful people.. who controls the markets.. they manipulate everything.. and as you may know in this financial situation will be a RESET.. most probably Fiat will be dead.. the point is that there will be digital currencies.. so my point is that 100% sure bitcoin or the cryptos we know will not be the chosen currency.. why? for a simple fact.. because governments and whales dont like the autonomy of people.. they always must have control and there will be always control… if you think that governments will agree to let people be happy with their bitcoins.. you are very lost my friend..

    conclusion.. for sure bitcoin will be dead.. and maybe whales are actually waiting for the halving to more people deposit their money hoping that they will become rich.. and then to whales just fuck everything..

  5. hahaha was funny Chris said.. even if price goes to 5000 or lower.. dont worry.. everything looks like bullish scenario hahaha!… Chris with a quick number.. a person who has now invested 10,000 USD in Bitcoin at price 7700.. if price goes down to 5000… he will end with 6450 USD!!!!!! but dont worry… it will skyrocket.. right?

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    It would change my life. Stay together in these trying times. God bless.

  8. Where do you guy come out with these figures??? No one is flying into BTC or any other mkt for that matter. We have 3-4 yrs of hard times ahead of us so come down to earth and be realistic

  9. Here in argentina they have been printing money with out serial numbers, so the monopoly money has more worth than our fiat currency sadly. We are not allowed to buy more than 200 usd, so a good way to save our funds is going to bitcoin

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