Bitcoin to hit $20k this year; gold, silver to hedge currency collapse – Celsius Network CEO

Bitcoin prices are set to test new all-time highs this year due to structural changes in the cryptocurrency, as well as an overall supportive macroeconomic environment, says Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network.

Mashinsky also discusses gold’s role in a potential “domino effect” of currency collapses around the world, the current state of global affairs, and the consequences of continuous monetary stimulus.
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  1. Gaia is clearing out those markets that to do not serve humanity. The US is the most dysfunctional society and financial model in the world. Invest in tomorrow and invest in the common good!

  2. They would have to do a mass deprogram campaign to get businesses back to normal in the big cities. They don't allow real experts to tell you what they've found to be fact on corona. So we'll just have to wait till the government experts to say when. Just keep doing as they tell you.And remember China lies & we don't

  3. Bitcoiin is recovering and showing positive signs above the 9,7OOusd level against the US Dollars. Bitcoiin price is likely to accelerate higher above IO,OOOusd as long as it is above the IOO hourly SMA, On the downside, the first key support is near the triangle trend line at 9,7OOusd. If bitcoin price fails to break higher, it could correct lower below 9,7OOusd. The next major support is seen near the 9,6OOusd level and the IOO hourly simple moving average. The 5O% Fib retracement level of the recent wave from the 9,4OOusd low to 9,8OOusd high is also near 9,6OOusd. Any further losses may perhaps negate the current bullish view and the price could dive towards the 9,4OO support zone, so we might expect a Big drop soon, the picture is not clear yet so for now you can only make profit by trading, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with Gaulden's strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telegram DeseanGaulden orWhatsApp+1(66O)595-1OOO–__

  4. 27k and 40m out of work. The fed pushed funny money while all of us work 40hrs for 40 yrs we are all debt slaves to the elite families. Do you not see this? The debt is fake fake fake the US Treasury can print and issue $$ debt free!! Constitution allows this. All the credit offered us is fake $$ so nothing of value loaned so all are fraudulent thus all need cxld out. RESET NESARA GESARA

  5. Bitcoin explain to me what backs it? We use crypto now you buy with E currency all the time unless u spend cash right? All is Electronic and like fiat $$ all is backed by an illusion of faith

  6. Bitcoin is like Fiat currency minus the paper.If People can can trust paper money then they are dumb enough to trust code.Toilet paper is a better investment than Blockchain.

  7. for Alex Mashinsky looks that, what the FED does wrong, but the FED is doing everything right, Alex Mashinsky makes the thinging error to believe that the has the same purpose as he has, but the FED pay its roll in a bigger game and the goal is not a better survival for all of us. What there goal is or might be can only extrapolated out of there medium-term results and the doing with the pimise that the central banker and so on are pretty smart but have an other purpose than a mental healthy and sound human being.

  8. Watch out for the Ponzi scheme they going to pull the rug from under your feet and it's going to be worth it less than half of what you bought it for

  9. Don't join the legions of tools using price speculation click bait tactics. It's super irritating. Just keep bringing quality interviews.

  10. LOL…"We need to retrain these 40 million people"…haha. Right. And the mom and pops are not rioting on the streets. This guy is full of it. No wonder he thinks a con game like bitcoin is great.

  11. "..We are a 70% service economy.." begs the questions: Where is the equity?; Where is the collateral supporting the spine of America's financial structure?

  12. I don't know enough about Bitcoin but everything else he said makes perfect sense… Thank you for one of the more informative interviews I've seen lately.

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