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Boom, Shaka, what is going on, everybody? Randall here from Krypto love today’s episode. I am going to be talking about a Bitcoin trader, not me, who says now is the time you absolutely must buy Bitcoin. So if you want to find out exactly why stay tuned for today’s episode. All right, guys, what is up? Welcome to today’s video. Today’s View, we’re going to talk about why. Now you must absolutely buy Bitcoin, not financial advice. Now, you guys probably clicked on this video because you saw a picture of DaVinci. 15. And that, my friends, is called Click Bait because it wasn’t him. But we are talking about a bitcoin trader, as a matter of fact, a very successful Bitcoin trader. As a matter of fact, one of my favourite Bitcoin traders on trading view who’s talking about this is the Best Buy signal that Bitcoin will ever get. So he’s been right many, many times before. And he actually says something that I said on the Livestream on Sunday, which makes it all the more, much more true. That now is a very good time to bid by Bitcoin now. On Sunday, I was talking about how right now where we are. Seems to me to feel exactly similar to what we are at the end of 2018. Back when everybody thought, well, bitcoin is kind of at the bottom. It can’t go much lower than this. It’s to go up sometime. Why isn’t it going up yet? And that’s exactly where we are right now. We’re more like, yeah. Bitcoin price pretty dangs low. Can’t go much lower. As a matter of fact, having is coming up. It’s going to be twice as expensive to make bitcoin coming up. So the price is gonna go up. A win’s going to go up. Well, the trading shot actually answers that. He says right now we are in this spot here. So this is the previous one. Twenty eighteen. This an area. This is the one right now. This orange area we’re in between the weekly fifty moving average, the fifty weekly moving average and the two hundred weekly moving average. So we’re right between them. And this happened again before backing at the end of twenty, eighteen years, you know, like bitcoin it has to go up a when’s it going to go up. Well, it turns out that based on that he feels that the price will go up. And furthermore, if we zoom down so you can see this, he takes a look at the logarithmic Magdy. Now, I love Mac D. He takes a look at a logarithmic Magdy. And he says after the peak, there was one crossover to cross-overs, three crossovers and then boom, the price went up. Now again, we had one. Barasch crossed the second fake bullish cross, third bearish cross, and then when this one crosses is going to be price going up. So just so you can see this here after the top. Back in December of 2013, we had a bearish cross. We had a fake bullish cross. We had a bearish cross. And then the next bullish cross was when the price actually took off. If you would have look here. You were born in about thirty-six hundred and then could have sold up almost five times the price. So he’s saying after this peak here we had a bearish cross, a fake bullish cross. I have to go up a little bit more so you can see the bow, my head, a fake bullish cross, a bearish cross. And then the next bullish cross is going to be one where the price breaks upward, which would make sense because it’s going to happen sometime around the half thing. So, again, trading shot, the great analysis here. He’s saying this is an amazing accumulation zone because it’s unlikely the price is going down. More than likely the price is going to go up. This is the Best Buy signal you will get. Now, that’s not the only thing. But we also want to remember, we want to be contrarian investors. We don’t want to buy with the masses because the masses always buy wrong. The mass is all bought in at $20000. We wouldn’t be the people buying when there’s blood in the streets. And right now, if you take a look at the Bitcoin Fear and greed index, there is blood in the streets. If we take a look for the for right now, for yesterday, for last week and for last month, all these extreme fear people are paralyzed in fear. They don’t know what’s going to happen with the market. People are panic selling their bitcoin, their cryptocurrencies because they want to have cash and they don’t know that they can borrow against their assets instead of selling them. And they’re selling and people are scared. But guess what? The halfling is coming to a Shelbie RFQ because after the half in bitcoin is going to cost roughly fifteen thousand dollars in electricity costs to mine one bitcoin. So that’s it for today’s episode. That’s what I want to share with you again. Gotcha. With the clickbait hat. And lastly, guys, don’t be one of those suckers who selling in crypto right now. Crypto is one of the newest asks is, is the newest asset class OK? And an asset means it puts money in your pocket as opposed to taking money out of your pocket. Now, a lot of people are facing tough financial times. So instead of selling your crypto borrow against your crypto, that’s actually what rich people do. They borrow against your assets. And the best thing when you borrow against your assets, it’s tax-free. You don’t have to pay taxes on. If you sell your bitcoin, you have to pay taxes on it, but you borrow against it. You don’t pay taxes on it even better. And guess what? When the market flopped by half and everybody, everybody had liquidated on Big Macs and. BYB it and everybody who had their stuff in next to get liquidated. Nobody had their accounts liquidated on Celsius because they actually care about people. They’re very transparent. They care about people who use a platform. So because of that, I recommend Celsius. This is not sponsored but is something that I use I think is a great product. And yes, I also borrow against society because that’s what rich people do. Don’t sell your assets, borrow against them. So I’ll put de-linked down an assertion. If you use that link, you get $10 and I get $10. It’s like easy peasy. All right. Thanks for watching because you guys are having a good one. Lovett puts.


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