In this episode, we’re going to talk about one hundred thousand Bitcoin DECC up moved yesterday. Yes, you heard that right. That is not one hundred thousand dollars worth of bitcoin. That is one hundred thousand bitcoin currently approximately six hundred and sixty million U.S. dollar worth. That is absolutely fascinating. What’s possible on the bitcoin network. Then? Obviously we’re going to talk about the price of bitcoin on multiple timeframes and why it looks like that a breakout is imminent. Also yesterday, we have seen a slight decoupling from the S&P 500, which is definitely something we have been waiting for. We’re going to talk about Betamax because the cold walls of Big Macs lost approximately 25 percent of the bitcoin. And the reason is not 100 percent clear yet. And also, the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund, direct closer to forced asset sales. All that and more in this episode. And now let’s jump right into it. But before we’re going to start, I want to say thank you guys very much for the very positive feedback we have gotten yesterday on the April Fools video for all those people who are a little bit confused. Obviously, this was just an April Fool’s joke. We almost got 4000 likes. Absolutely phenomenal. I did not really expect that. I thought people would not like that all that much. But, um, yeah, absolutely amazing. So once again, if you guys enjoyed this kind of content, please make sure to leave like it is for free. It only takes you one second and it definitely helps to support this channel. And now let’s jump directly into the bitcoin price. So what people are talking about right now is something that definitely can set us very bullish. And that is Bitcoin is forming higher lows on lower timeframes, namely the one hour chart for our chart. But also the 12-hour chart, for example, what we can see is a constant series of higher lows. You can see here all these lows are forming higher and the previous low we have seen here. That was overnight here for me personally was also a higher low and followed by another pumped to the upside from the range of approximately six thousand two hundred all the way up to six thousand six hundred U.S. dollars. Of course, from a macro perspective, that is not all too much. But for traders who are using that volatility, well, four hundred dollars in bitcoin is definitely very attractive, especially if you compare that with traditional assets. So what we’re looking at right now is the potential ascending triangle. And I’m really only seeing a potential ascending triangle. That is the thing with patterns. OK. They’re very subjective. Of course, you can make the argument there are not enough touching points right now to make the argument for this ascending triangle. But we definitely have to start right here. Then here we have a higher low. Here we have a higher low, which is touching. And you could make the argument that this is almost touching in here as well. But the problem here is where do you place the baseline? Right. I mean, if we place the baseline on the week, then this last touching point in here would actually not really be a touching point. But anyway, what we can see right now without even considering this to be an ascending triangle is that the price of bitcoin is consolidating, the price is getting squeezed together. And what’s also very interesting and a typical sign for such a consolidation phase is the volume, which is still going down. We see a decline in volume. We see the price range getting closer and closer together. And that means a breakout is imminent. I know have been already talking about an imminent breakout lately. And we have seen a $400 ton. But that’s not the breakout that I mean, I actually mean that there is going to be a bigger breakout idea to the upward to the downside, but definitely more likely to the upside. What we see right now because it’s an ascending triangle or it leans more to an ascending triangle than to a descending triangle. We see to higher lows. We see a constant baseline on the top. So definitely a breakout to the upside. More likely than to the downside. But you always want to make sure that you are hedged into both directions because you know how it is. It is a bitcoin. There are big whales out there. We’re going to come to that at one hundred thousand bitcoin transaction. And if someone which has just let’s say, for example, one-tenth of that one hundred thousand bitcoins, just ten thousand bitcoin, he could crash the market completely. And then all the T does not really matter anymore. That is always something you have to keep in mind, especially in markets like Bitcoin, where we only have a market cap slightly above one hundred billion U.S. dollars. That is just not that much. OK. That sounds like a lot of money for us, but globally. Well, that is absolutely nothing. And we will see that in this video as well. Now, what we have seen yesterday was decoupling from the S&P 500. But pay attention, guys. Just being decoupled from the S&P 500 for a couple of hours does not mean that finally, we see that decoupling. We’re talking about that we’re waiting for. But we have clearly seen that the price of bitcoin pumped with absolutely no signal from the S&P 500 in here. OK. So Bitcoin pump independently. What we’ve seen lately is a. A very, very strong correlation between traditional markets, gold and also Bitcoin. All the assets we’re getting sold off at the same time people were fleeing into cash, then going back in again and so on. But what we have seen yesterday in this pump for Bitcoin, by the way, we earned one hour chart in here. There was no signal from traditional markets, no signal from the S&P 500 nor the futures. OK, so this could be the start of the decoupling and we will definitely have a closer look at that in the future as well. Now, let me compare bitcoin with gold, also with the S&P 500. If we’re talking about the start of the year to date performance, if we have a look at bitcoin, we are currently down. You guys know that from the first of January 2020, but not all too much. We’re only down approximately 7.5 percent. OK. Some people are going to say right now. Well, that is a lot. But we will see if that is really all that much if compared to other assets. So we’re approximately 7.5 percent in 2020. If we move over to the S&P 500 first of January and year to where we are right now, we are currently down more than 20 percent. And the thing is, with all the stimulus, with all the money printing, that wasn’t even enough because in this week or actually since yesterday, we’re clearly dumping again. So it looks like that maybe it is dead cat bounce is already over, but we will see very interesting days, that’s for sure. And most probably more stimulus package on the way than the best-performing assets from this three is definitely gold. Gold from the 1st of January in here all the way up approximately, let’s say 5 percent, a little bit less than 5 percent. So definitely gold, a very good performance. And that is also why physical gold right now is very, very hard to get. OK. And it looks like that there is also a decoupling paper. Gold versus physical gold, which is very, very interesting. But now let’s head over to some interesting news. Bitcoin held by bit Max, fell 25 percent after mass liquidations. So what we have seen is that bit max or that cold wallet from bit Max lost approximately 25 percent. So the decline in Bitcoin and a bit Max Coldwell has started approximately on the 12th of March. Obviously, that was when all the liquidations happened in here when the price of bitcoin dump massively. I mean, once again, we’re talking about in this range and here we’re talking about a done through the three thousand eight hundred dollar level of 50 percent in just one day. And I mean, obviously, well, a lot of people actually got liquidated, but that can not be the reason. It actually looks like that. The reason is that people are just withdrawing their bitcoin from bit max. But it does not look like people stopped trading. Not at all. Actually, actually see an increased interest again in trading. But there are many new platforms out there. And the platform that I’m currently using is still the FedEx platform. This is the one platform I recommend if you are interested in diversifying if you’re looking for a new leverage exchange if you are an experienced trader only. There is a video tutorial popping up on top of the screen right now. And what my sign of being down below, you can get a one hundred and twelve dollar bonus. So definitely make sure to check it out. And now let’s move on now before we’re going to come to the main topic of the day, the one hundred thousand BTC deck up moved. This headline makes me think the world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund direct closer to forced asset sales. Now get this. Norway faces its worst economic shock and half a century with petroleum revenues sharply down. The government has much less income to use on crises measures. That means it will need to withdraw historic sums from its wealth fund to make ends meet. Well, past withdrawals were easily covered by the fund‘s cash flow. That’s no longer the case. Companies it invests in are now suspending dividends en masse in response to the crisis. And obviously, this whole pandemics actuation is not just bad for the oil industry or just for Norway, but also for many other countries, for many other companies. And I’m gonna make a prediction in here soon. We will see many, many companies start to file for insolvency. And when that starts, the dominoes will fall faster and faster and we’re going to see a true collapse. That is just my personal opinion. That is my personal analysis. That is what I see is about to happen. But those signs, well, they’re definitely not looking good. We’re not really heading into a bright future. I know this sounds sad, but that is my personal analysis and that is how I’m getting prepared for this situation. All right. And the last topic of the day and also the main topic of the day, believe it or not, but one hundred and six thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven Bitcoin got moved. And for those people who don’t believe that here, based on blockchain dot com here in the transaction, you can also see that on the bitcoin rich list, this wallet is actually quite an interesting wallet. Let me move my camera in here a little bit. So what we can see is that. One hundred and six. Thousand eight hundred fifty-seven Bitcoin was added on the 25th of February to this wallet and they were all getting withdrawal again yesterday. This is approximately six hundred and sixty million US dollars. As we speak right now in just one transaction. Now get this. This is almost unbelievable. Once again, as six hundred and sixty million U.S. dollar transaction, which is one click only cost approximately. Twenty-six sentence, twenty-six cents for a six hundred and sixty million U.S. dollar transaction. If Bitcoin is not a good store of value, then I don’t know what is. Or have you ever tried to send around six hundred and sixty million worth of gold for the cost of twenty-six cents? I highly doubt that, but that is it all ready for today’s episode. Thank you all very much for watching. If you guys enjoyed it, please make sure to leave. Like two thousand likes would be very cool. Once again, if you are interested in the FedEx platform, there is my sign of bling down below for an up to $112 bonus video tutorials popping up by my side right now. Thank you guys very much. And hopefully, see all of you in the next one. By.


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