BITCOIN WEEKLY CLOSE! Institutional BTC Volume UP 2100% BEFORE HALVING! Short or Long? Bitcoin Trade


Over the course of the past week, big coin has been all over the place. There’s no denying that. We’re also only 39 days away from Bitcoin halving. We’re also entering into a new week where last week Bitcoins institutional volume was over 2000 percent larger than the prior week. So in today’s video, I end to establish is bitcoin going to be bullish or bearish heading into mid-April? So if you are interested in that, then please do make sure you have Salado eyeball, make sure you are subscribed to, let cracky on your mind and EBIT Ryan gossip. Eyes on me when I’m on a follow-up. In a way, I’d be stalling to start by looking at Bitcoin’s price here on Jue Dag’s where I was going to open along. However, I didn’t open along because I’m filming a video, of course. So what would I do here in this particular situation? Bitcoin hand a dead cat just now. However, this downtrend does look set to continue. So let me explain a little bit more. Currently, this is where bitcoin is sat. This here, this gigantic pendant for Zuma was on a 30-minute char-. You see exactly where it’s been formed. This has been formed by the long term trend and it looks like we maybe just breaking to the downside. Now, I suggested this is a possibility. In yesterday’s video that we may actually be forming a head and shoulders pattern and breaking to the downside before Bitcoin halving getting that one last final doom pin before ultimately rising upwards like a phoenix. And wouldn’t be just fantastic, although would be nice if we’d too after doom beforehand. So this is what we actually leading up to anyway. Over the course of the next 24 hours, Bitcoin is going to make some major, major moves, some massive volatility in this from big money to be made here, just playing these simple 5 percent moves, using a 5 per cent move. If you caught it from top to bottom, the whole 5 percent using 10x leverage as 50 percent. Proffy, right there on your initial statement. That’s a lot of money in some cases. So this is why I think he’s really, really important to get this exactly right. So what is going on for Bitcoin in the bottom? One going to do now is I want to keep today’s video a fairly short want to run through every single time frame. Then I’m going to give you an overall prediction of where I expect Bitcoin to go. So first of all, let’s start off with some smaller timeframes for the five minute Chai’s obvious that we have bottomed out here and it does look like we are having some kind of relief rally. This ultimately will not affect you because, by the time post this video, it will no longer be relevant. However, the 50-minute chat will and is looking fairly, fairly bullish actually, because and let me say this. This looks like the 50 miniature has bottomed and it doesn’t look like this unleashed steam left in that to goys, not ultimately going to break down massively. I don’t expect to see the RSI heavily oversold at the moment because there is no fundamental reason as to why. As the markets have an open. Ultimately, this whole situation will be affected by how the market is played tomorrow. So basically if gold opens down and expects Bitcoin’s price to fall as well, but more dramatically. So moving over to the half an hour, cha Lovenox having a look at this, we are looking ultimately quite bearish. You got a strong bearish divergence there. It’s not looking fantastic. Moving over to the hourly chart, similar story depending on where you take your points from. We do actually have a long term bullish divergence on the hourly chart that we are just test testing now and looking at the Mike D. However, he’s not looking quite as positive. We are looking fairly negative on the monk day with that large histogram candle looking downwards there. So moving off for our child, look what we’ve got here. What a strong bullish divergence on the RSI. We’ve got a medium bullish divergence because he’s actually bearish at the end of this whole bulk bullish divergence on the market. And these to come is indicating that we are still bearish. Moving over to the daily chart. This is, of course, bullish with this bullish divergence on the RSI, bullish divergence on the market that is still horrifically oversold. So that’s something that’s Dubarry mind that ultimately the larger time frames do predicate what happens in the Bitcoin markets in larger timeframes are suggesting currently that bitcoin is bullish over bearish, meaning that in the short term we will probably be expecting a doom. So let’s apply this to the chart that we have drawn. And Paul ready and I will link this chart for you in the description below. If we go to the Ali Shah Ali chart tends to be quite a good shout for this one. So what we have here is we’ve coughed, bounced off this slightly is plotted line. I mean, you can assume that this literally did touch this and then bounce off it. Nothing is perfect when it comes to my charts because I am not a perfectionist. I’m a realist anywhere. Moving along from that big coin is looking like it is going to continue trading within this pennant formation here. I am expecting probably another retest of this line. A break to the downside of $6700 will result in a retest of the $6600 level. But ultimately, let’s be realistic here. It does seem quite likely the break of the $6700 level would result in a fall all the way to $6200. Now, on the flip side of that. Bitcoin continues to recover here like it is looking like he is quite possible that he will do. Then a break to the upside would again yield these levels around $7200. Ultimately, we’ve got the strength to get to $7200. Then he will break through it. I’m just being realistic here and he’ll probably rise a bond from that around to around a thousand dollars now, whereas Bitcoin’s price gonna go. Ultimately, it does depend on the break of these two levels. I don’t know if bitcoin is going to break through those levels. That’s completely up to the whales that manipulate this market. No, although we talk about bitcoin as free digital currency, this does open the door to institutions to manipulate, you know, institutions manipulated in a very predictable fashion. Hence, you do end up with these massive bark handles, but these bark candles are formed on bricks of response support levels and resistance levels because ultimately these bark candles are caused by bowls that the institutions are using to trade. Now, let me give you an example of what is going on here. So what we have here is the CMA group volumes throughout the past few months. Now, the actual volume foreseeably group exchange over the course of the past month increased by two thousand one hundred percent. If you don’t think that task quite clearly manipulation because nobody you traded on CMA Group’s exchange since he started and then suddenly last month when Bitcoin’s price starts moving, suddenly their volume is up to two thousand one hundred percent. I mean, if I am the SCC and I’m looking into securities fraud and all the good stuff, I’ll be taking a good look at this exchange purely because of how just violently the amount of volume has risen on the exchange, which does point to the fact that I mean when we look at the actual CMC volume and the way that has been posted on this chart here, I’ve shown you in the past when you zoom out, these candles get bigger. If you remember when we hit these massive volume candles and is like, this is crazy, what is going on? As you can see, the volume on CMC exchanges has been getting dwarfed every single week. You can see that the majority actually buy candles now. This is interesting to see. There is much more buying pressure on samey group exchange, which is an institutional trader exchange. Then there is sell pressure currently indicating the institutions are whoever is trading this. Because when I say institutions, I just mean companies, to be honest. I just mean family offices. And so those people, those larger traders in the markets are going long. There is quite clear to me at the moment. So what do I think, like my personal opinion of what’s going to happen here? I think the Bitcoin actually is probably going to go down to around six thousand five hundred dollars. I do think we’ll break to the downside of this. I also think we’ll have a swift turnaround and I think we’ll then shoot from around six thousand five hundred, possibly as low as 6200 all the way back up to $7200, of which we will then break through the top of that. No, we’ll see how true this becomes, because, I mean, odds are it probably doesn’t happen like that. But in the past, we’ve seen bitcoin. Basically, the way that he’s been trading is he’s gone the wrong side of the bullpen and then he’s gone the right side of it. After a couple of days after a correction has occurred. What I’m expecting to happen next weeks, of course, I’m expecting oil price to continue the dump. Now, if you don’t know what’s been going on with oil price, of course, it dumped down to $20 and then it pumped all the way back up to $30. Now oil will dump tomorrow. The reason why this pump has occurred is that China is China. This candle right here. They stocked up on their oil supply. Now, since China stocks up on their oil supply, that probably means that the Americans want to continue to push the price of oil downward, seen as all they can afford to push the price of oil downwards in order to be basically take power away from China. These things are so politically smart, but basically America’s changing the rhetoric now to Iran is an evil country and we need to invade them because they have oil. Surprise, surprise. There wasn’t Iraq. What was so terrible? Let’s not do that again. Oh, by the way, those guys have got oil and they’re brown also, although a little bit lighter than Iraqis. I will invite those. Yeah, that sounds good. Morons or term morons? It’s a racist pig at the top of society. That in my opinion, above anybody else should be first on death row. Anyway, that aside from that aside, the corruption and the manipulation of traditional governments aside, I do believe that the price of oil will fall tomorrow, quite simply because oil has no value at the moment because nobody is using it. And ultimately value investing is what made me a lot of money in the past. The value of investing will always make you a lot of money. And if you invest, whether his value. And if you sell, whether there is no value, then you will make money. That is ultimately the truth of the crux of the situation. Wow. Wow. I wish I had a place that long now, don’t I just. Anyway, this is the kind of volatility that we were expecting going into the new week, and this is the kind of volatility we’re going to experience throughout the whole of next week, I expect, as the markets continue to be absolutely all over the place. So it’s quite clear at this point in time that Bitcoin got its bounce off the underside of this pain. Information here indicating that we still have some strong bullish momentum indicating that. Again, I do think a break to the downside here is quite likely. However, I don’t know, nor does it is important. The important thing to remember here is a break above this line means Bitcoin goes up and a big below this line means bitcoin goes down. The chart can be found on the trading view. And I really do hope you have enjoyed today’s video. If you have Seipel Icon to make sure that you aren’t trading on Meyer fumblings links for those are in the description. If you deposit 0.2 BTC on either link, I think you get about $90 for free. You can literally trade bonds and is free money. You can just withdraw after that. So happy days. Hello. Yep. I appreciate you watching my content. And tomorrow he’s gonna be the best video. In this video is over now. You’ll find something else to watch. Just watch this video. I know we had a lot of fun. But you can’t say on this hands-free forever.


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