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  1. My weekly sequential indicator on a 9 sell, and the weekly Stoch RSI is fairly high, it's resetting and taking a little break.
    Chill out dudes, it's all good.

  2. The stock market will crash with btc and i don't think we will have bull market until we break 10.5 k I think this was it we will see more down side

  3. I got stopped out twice ,we are in dangerous zone ,btc can pump or dump ,I stay away from the market until a clear indication of direction (Most likely depends on TA).

  4. The whale dumped because exchanges shut down. Coinbase and Bitmex are going to punish Bitcoin believers as many times as we let them. They laugh at our willingness to be disappointed over and over again, even while you mix baby formula and pay tuition.

  5. In my opinion it pumped because Trump made his announcement that he was going to stop the riots with the military. I opened my charts when he was speaking and during and right after the markets all rose significantly. And now they correcting.

  6. Bitcoiin has been caught within the throes within immense volatility over the past day, rallying to highs of IO,OOOusd overnight before losing its momentum and declining down towards 9,4OOusd. The overnight rally from lows of 9,4OOusd to its recent highs left a trail of destruction in its wake, causing the crypto to see its largest daily buy-side liquidation of the year, with over IOO million dolllars being liquidated. The plunge from this level seen today added to this number, with another IOO million dolllars in positions being liquidated. From a technical perspective, it now appears that the benchmark cryptocurrrency could be well-positioned to see massive losses in the near-term, with Dr DeSean Gaulden noting that he is setting buy targets within the 7,OOOusd region, so i advice you multiply the little you have with a trading strategy or liquidize, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the Dr DeSean's strategy, reach him on telegram DeseanGaulden orWhatsApp+1(66O)595-1OOO–__

  7. not too worried about the dump, none of us should have been buying up in those zones anyway, if it goes back to 7700 or 8000 just see it as another buying opportunity, otherwise just save some fiat in the meantime in case it drops

  8. Although the bull markets following the previous two halvings were vertical in nature, the next bull market is likely to follow a gradual trajectory. This is because the derivatives market will keep the exuberance under analysis for some time. Nonetheless, every bull market ends with a parabolic move and the same can happen with Bitcoin as well. Therefore, investors could use the dips as an opportunity to build their long-term portfolio. We all Know the value Is affordable Compared To The Path Its Headed. You can realize from this break Just by Following Carolyn teachings And Copying her Trade Patterns. I acquired Over 10Btc In This Short-Time-Frame Amidst This Pandemic. If You Ever Need Coaching, Trading Classes, Or Crypto Related Knowledge Or Advice, You can reach her through email Baezcarolyng@gmail. com, or easily on telegram at (Tradewithcarolyn).

  9. Judging from the price line activities for the past few days, it's obvious there would be a surge in the Bitcoin price soon. Now would be a good time to buy Bitcoin, while the price is still down in anticipation of the price surge, investors are warming up on the market, with lots of new investors climbing into the market daily, it would do us all some good if we can all learn to trade for ourselves, the world is going digital and soon, local currencies would be seen as archaic, make use of this time and learn how much you can, because we have an array of expert traders here ready to assist and tutor newbies into good and confident traders without waiting on a Bitcoin surge to earn from it, I learnt so much from Allen Albert, I must say, he is a guide and a good trader as well. His signal services are not left out, he is one of the few who were there to groom me on my path to crypto currencies knowledge, and you too can get to know for yourself, and he can be reached for advice and guidance on mai l ( and tellygram *(Alberttrade)*.

  10. ugh. thank God I didn't fomo. still sitting in cash. sold all my BTC I'd bought at $1300 (in early '17) when things went bad this spring… I know I'm running out of dips to re-enter….

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