Bitcoin – Why I don't try to trade crypto




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  1. yeah man In 2017 I 'diversified' into other cryptos which would have doubled my bitcoin if i had known what I was doing and sold….very expensive mistake but its something all noobs have to do….initiation if u like

  2. Here's my theory⤵️


  3. One thing I have been doing is short buy and sell with my own BTC. Using a $200 average difference, I buy in and then sell the same amount in dollars back out. My money stays the same in my cash account but I slowly build up the BTC amount. I have gained about 0.335 BTC for free by doing this.

  4. I'm with you brother. When I first started crypto last summer, I was in and out of BTC, but it wasn't the best option for me. Now I just HODL BTC, ETH, and Tezos. The other thing is, I'm basically early retired like you and crypto is icing on the cake and I don't have the need, time, or patience to trade crypto. I'm tempted at times to trade but enough info states that HODLing can really pay off.

  5. I don't trade btc just because it would be far down in the list of activities that I would enjoy doing. Being indoors spending long hours in front of a laptop screen has nothing to do with my understanding of what "enjoying life" is about. I am not an indoors man and I am a bit tired as well with screens and technology in general. If I wanted to make money, I would do it in such a way that I enjoy the process as well; in my personal case I am an outdoors man and i enjoy activities such as taking pictures/videos of mother nature, spending time in the beach reading a book or writting poems, hiking, fasting, swimming in the sea, meditating… etc.

  6. When you were talking about your theories about how to make a marriage work I only had one thought in my mind and it was "The Judge" and then you said it! There is no getting around the 3rd party (government) in your marriage agreement. John of "MGTOW is freedom" explained this aspect of the "deal" very well in his classic videos. As for trading crypto… you know my thoughts on that… no chart predicted (or could have predicted) what happened on March 12th. One interesting thing about that date is that ever since it happened a few so-called genius trader types have gone silent.

  7. the IRS, the cancer of the US, damn the man you thought that was a good idea, shit, can't even enjoy having one job, no you have to have 3 cuz that $2,100 someone earn a month, its cut to only $900. I might as well sell drugs as a side hustle, what? risking my life, well in the old west, people got killed for less.

  8. I understand your ethical and moral decision but it's a bit shortsighted. Your belief could also extend to stocks, bonds, commodities etc. In order to ensure a profit you must think about YOU. If any noobs are out there trading, they should have a financial advisor, to help avoid being burned. As for any trade even if it's just done twice, a buy & sell, there will be a winner and loser regardless. You need to consider the high expenses for cancer treatment and your retirement. You are an ethical man in a unethical world. You have my respect. That said, I will trade however I can receive the greatest profit because the current National debt will erode the buying power of the current dollar. Peace and stay safe.

  9. If Bitcoin hits a new ATH of 350-500.000,-. U.S. $ around Christmas 2021, It might be o.k. to sell (some), in order to buy back in with a 80 % pull back in price from that new ATH, about 12-13 months later….Even though THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, just my 2 cents…..And stay away from Alt Coins incl. ETH. Bitcoin's new ATH might be the end of Phase 4 of the 7 phases of it`s new "Hyperwave". The near end of Phase 4 is recognized by a steep incline up to 22 % gain in one day (for 1 time) or so:

  10. Don't sponsor women and degeneracy. Avoid taxes where you can and live on a small ecological footprint, as self-sufficient as you can. Off-topic, kind of have mixed feelings about the beer virus. I don't like the control part of it when it becomes to personal freedom. But what I really like is the complete collapse of the over the top hedonistic party-festival materialistic culture and lifestyle which has a strong correlation with degeneracy.

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  12. I always found spending less to be more satisfying than trying to make more.
    A big part of it is to feed the beast less.
    It's almost like a fun game, to have the lowest utility bills in the neighborhood, etc.
    And it naturally helps with ghosting. Wear cheap clothes, drive a cheap car, etc.

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