Bitcoin’s Big Lie: Never Trust Another BTC Prediction (Is XRP Finished?)


His excitement in crypto dead that’s the question that many people are starting to ask right now is we stand on the edge of the bitcoin happening seems bitcoins at a standstill we’ve been between sixty-five hundred and seventy-four hundred dollars for weeks now with nothing to indicate a big move one way or the other even fans of XRP restoring to vanish are we staring at the end of crypto as we know it or is it about to come roaring back let’s get it.

Hello and welcome to bitcoin crypto your one stop shop for all things related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency I make videos on this channel almost every single day if you like what you hear or see the please make sure to hit that subscribe button include the bell to turn on notifications if you like to view the conversation even further then please make sure to go join one of my telegram groups or both the **** what for regular crypto chat or **** why traders discuss trading strategies all the guys at the end of this video I’m gonna be giving away a hundred dollars in crypto it’s not going that I recently picked as one of our rising stars so you’re definitely gonna want to stick around for your chance to win some free crypto all right guys today we’re going to be taking a look at what the short term future of crypto is gonna look like and I’ll be honest with you I’m pretty nervous right now about the next few weeks and what they’re going to look like we’re gonna be taking a look at the key level the big we need to get to in order to be back on track for the moon like we’ve all been expecting a bitcoin fails to reach is marked by the date of that happening we may be in big trouble and after that we’re gonna look at this tape of one of the biggest communities in the crypto space the XRP army in article published recently showed the staggering number of people in the XRP army simply vanished without a trace you have to see it to believe it so let’s start with bitcoin is decision time boys no question about it the next three weeks we’re going to be absolutely crucial for BTC do I believe the big one is going to all time highs the next year yes I mean it’s absolutely going to happen no and the fact is with all of the moon in Lambeau hype videos ever done on you too who are all contingent upon.

And bitcoin moving as we get closer to the happening the good news is that bitcoin mining has recovered since the crash in early March in one point the estimated date for the happening have been pushed back to may fifteenth but it’s now return to may twelfth this means we are a mere three weeks away from the crucial date when the BTC block rewards are cut from twelve point five V. DC to six point two five BTC per block affected we cutting production half the guys it’s time to face facts here if we do not get any sort of price increase before the happening then we may have to consider the fact that maybe the next cycle for big coin it’s going to look different it looks different then this will destroy the confidence in the happening cycles themselves in honestly it could throw off any price prediction model for where we think bitcoin can go so that’s the bad news the good news though is that the number of A. queen needs to hit in order to stay on track is only eight thousand dollars there’s been a level that is seems impossible to hit for the last six weeks we cleared it pretty easily earlier this year so we know it’s possible put there just don’t seem to be a lot of balls around in there is a possibility this cycle it’s just been thrown off totally by the pandemic which would of course deal a blow to bit coin as a store of value in that argument so how do I get the number eight thousand well I made a video on this several months ago I factored in the average percent increase in the three months leading up to the happening in its history the price of bitcoin the date of the happening in a few other factors in percentages two one what the number the big one should be at the long and short of it is it a big point is right at a thousand dollars the day of the happening then it’s right on track to hit eighty K. around next may that number was looking pretty conservative back when we were at eleven Kay were almost eleven K. earlier this year but it’s looking much more like reality now could not possibly too brash of an estimate I.

At this point the scary thing though is that if bitcoin can’t budge right now then when can it be billionaire investor Michael Novogratz said this is big woods big moment he says that the recent stimulus package in the United States it’s basically a flashing neon sign record even people who don’t know anything about economics are really struggling with the idea that our government can just print whatever amount of money it needs whatever needs it like what’s the point of taxes then if we can just print more money but here’s the hard truth if you quit doesn’t start moving soon we’re all going to have to totally real value wait the message we have been believing over the last year in anticipation of the happening but the point is not the only cryptocurrency who has seen much better days XRP is known for being one of the biggest and most fervent communities in the whole space but is that changing recently on the website the crypt in article was published showing an incredibly high amount of the XRP army members who simply left a jaw dropping sixty three percent of ripple‘s telegram community members have disengaged with the community completely as of today XRP is still down in unbelievable ninety five percent since its all time high if you didn’t watch my video from Monday about how to trade and not leave money on the table you know drop that lead to above three because this is exhibit on why you have to know how to trade you have to know when to sell the top unless of course you’re perfectly happy with your life as it is you don’t really have dreams of making it big financially it’s all just fun for you because when you Hoddle you’ll always lose your maximum value I’m sure many of these people who’ve left the X. R. P. army had a hard time still making their losses since January of two thousand and eighteen losing that much money it’s hard but you don’t have to go through that if you simply learn signals the cash out or to move over to.

A stablecoin along with XRP many telegram communities have been decimated like when it’s been hit even harder than X. R. P. Singh sixty eight percent of its community vantage the new drug therapy has not been greatly in fact for Q. one of twenty twenty XRP was the very worst performing asset in the top twenty five all crypto currencies yikes many people are also starting to really understand the impact that the company behind XRP ripple has on the market when it has to sell its points in order to stay profitable and maintain a positive cash flow in the past many XRP enthusiasts and even suggested working the point well that idea basically started as a meme on Twitter the fact is people in the community were very serious about doing it and I think this goes to show the level of discontent exists in the community you can only be told so many times that the government is about to adopt XRP with a huge partnership is coming for it sounds eerily similar to the tale of the boy who cried wolf the thing about selling hope PM for a project is it eventually people don’t wanna hear it anymore they simply want results in right now rebel fans in the XRP army not reaping benefits from their investments and that’s hard on people along with this news ripple has also been in the news lately for its recent lawsuit against YouTube alleging that the video platform has been negligent in protecting people from live streams giveaways camps that have use ripple‘s rating among other companies I suspect this may actually hurt crypto videos is you too may tie their filters we may see content creators continue to get hurt in the space the best thing you can do though is the reports came giveaways when ever you see them now recently in one of my all quick videos we took a look at Knowles I have now partnered with those big one lucky winner to receive five hundred those tokens which is about one hundred dollars all you have to do is comment down below and leave your.

An old address if you haven’t downloaded the Noles wallet then you can do that by visiting the address Knowles dot deployed out wide here you can download the wall or create a Knowles address no-nos recently partnered with Portland State University in Oregon to create courses that are integrating blockchain with business the no show they should is working side by side with the university to educate students on the business elements of blockchain development pretty cool they designed to hands-on courses completed by twenty one students it’s good to see altcoins I like in the news for positive reasons what now it’s your turn do you think that we are in we’re a prolong bear market winner we’ve got a blast off any day now drop your comments down below and let me see him I hope you enjoy this video if you did then please make sure to smash the like button and had to try to become a member of the bits going to have to build so you never miss a new video thank you so much for watching I’m blessed day the voice.


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