Yoho what is going on viewers of the two. Here Chico crypto. Come on you guys like on the normal Saturday Bitcoin game corruption downward movements are startling. Wait for everybody get in the chat Hope everyone’s doing good today. Chaffetz Yeah that’s my cue. TYLER HERE YOU GO. Crypto. Come on you guys. Saturday. Big point. How’s your body doing. What up guys. Yeah we’re starting another downward movement. We beat near the 7 k mark but yeah got rejected pretty hard. So we’re gonna get into my feelings we’re gonna do a little bit of Tyler analysis not technical analysis because we don’t do that here on Chico crypto because I’m not a technical guy. I mean you got to sit around for years and years and I mean we’re getting the finance 1.0 crowd who have been performing this Kia for since the 90s. You guys I mean it’s gonna be hard to beat a lot of these traders. I’ll tell you that right now and a lot of them are getting their paws deep into crypto cryptocurrency that Max Arthur Hayes talked about it. But before we get into my technical analysis we’re going to try something interesting for the T.A. for today. Yeah I’m going to do it a little differently not Microsoft Paint but kinda. So you guys will get to see her in a sec. But if you haven’t follow me on Instagram I’ve been kicked off Twitter. If you guys don’t do that so follow me on Instagram links in the description for you guys check out. You can also follow me on uptrend. I’m on there posting on there and I’m also on the most controversial one to watch. Powered by Bitcoin as we a lot of people not going to like that but I’m going to use anything that works and I’ve actually made about 40 bucks off of Twitch so far so pretty girl in my opinion. God damn it. My chaps disconnected again. Pull out my phone I’m sorry guys. Go. Scott Peterson house went up everybody not see him buddy. So yeah follow me on those so I could do the normal you know why are trying to get me to join your community. See that’s why I want to use that. You’re trying to get me join your stupid community and and pop up that won’t let me get out of it and I click it. That’s why I’m not going to use your crap. But yeah I could do you know the normal trading view type stuff indicator. Bob Barr I don’t even know what they do half the time because it’s a bunch of crap. Yeah you gotta even log in to use it. But I’m going to do something different. So let’s begin that. I hope this works and I’m not just gonna look like a fool but let’s try it anyways so I got make this up a little bit. So I’m going to do VR you guys I’m going to do if you guys heard of the Get game Half-Life Alex I’m going to do this. So I started. If you guys can see it I’m not. Making a fool out of myself. All right. So I hope you guys can see the chart right here. Make sure everything’s going good before I start it. All right. K six k for k Duke. So we’re just gonna get this. You know my opinion you know we’re hanging on to that 6k level. I think we’re gonna go down because there’s a few things going on in finance one point zero. We need to understand for one I love boobs. And number two south side so we got to understand that you draw a line here and it hits resistance but then you draw a line off the bibs. It hits another resistance and then right here that’s where the miners stuff happens. You know a lot of miners unprofitable. We’ve got to keep it there. You know now this game is really done. You guys I would recommend getting VR headset shit ridiculous crazy. Work. Hell yeah. Get it set back up for the regular screen. I’m not going to do that whole time. Does that show that off a little. Okay we’re good. What app has that app is. It’s a game. You guys it’s half life. ALEX It’s frickin crazy good. I got to play a little bit for you but we got to scrap it. Maybe I’ll start a VR channel or something. Yeah I know it’s crazy good like you can do everything in the environment you can interact with. Grab. I mean the reloading gun fighting and it’s so good satisfying. I’ll tell you that. So yeah. Let’s get back into crypto currency. So yeah we’ll talk about my a few things I’m not going to draw on Half-Life Alex charcoal time. Good. Yeah that’s a future so I might be doing technical and our people might be doing technical analysis in the future in like a virtual classroom. A lot more interactivity in my opinion. That’s why I got the VR headset when I learned that Ballard was working on the index and they’re coming out with game maybe left for dead. Might be the next one in VR would be insane. That’s when I was like I need to purchase one the because. I have a feeling with this game engine. They built without I. Alex they are we’re going to see a lot more come out of VR because other game developers are gonna be able to use that game engine but let’s talk about Bitcoin. So we’re gonna go into bitcoin one day chart. I mean this is what we got to understand what’s going to happen. I mean right here you know this is sense you know late early morning Friday Intel you know late afternoon and we had a back down. I mean if you just look at the Dow Jones it’s like bitcoin is following it to a T right now. And if you guys watch my channel that plays video like four or five days ago I talked about how finance 1.0 has their dirty paws in cryptocurrency through leveraged trading exchanges like betting that’s Arthur Hazen and those guys they came from finance one point zero in my opinion you can make a lot more money with large positions and finance one point zero. So what these guys were doing you know is taking a lot of the profits and funneling them into large positions in the stock market risky positions too. Because I mean they’re already doing risky enough positions which they control Bitcoin. But you know if they can find a low enough money into certain certain stuff in stock market they can control that. Q. Oh all right guys. I just muted it that sorry guys I didn’t realize that. So I mean in my opinion we’re going to see if we see the stock market on Monday have a rough time which it’s looking like it I mean it gift bright at closing. We’re going to see bitcoin go back down unfortunately. But I mean for bitcoin to come out of this everything’s going to have to burn and it’s gonna be a total scorched earth cap. I mean I foresee it coming because the stimulus bill I mean it’s not written to save what’s wrong with this nation. It threatened to continue what’s wrong what has been wrong. So that’s my personal opinion. I do think we are going to see more downward movements from Bitcoin and then this goes back to the hash pass rate. I and I don’t think like 1 k to K levels like some people say I’m thinking you know four K levels and that just has to do with the hash rate. China is still profitable at four thousand three thousand five hundred not high. I mean at this hash rate they are pretty profitable still. Not extremely but yeah they are. While other regions significant regions like the United States and some parts of Europe Australia they all become for the most part unprofitable because of electricity costs unless they are using sustainable energy. By you know high initial costs with sustainable operation and I did a video on this where you know some of the bottom levels are for the Bitcoin price just based off of mining industry economies grow public at 10 percent to 3 percent. India is still at 1 percent and the rest of the world still at 4 percent. And I made these all those guesses on that just I kind of pulled them at my me bungle. Yeah. They’re based off just what I kind. I’ve been in the crypto industry for a while you know and seeing how the hash rates kind of moved in in different regions now is just based off of my own estimations me buttonhole they’re actually right. I was like Holy crap. Yeah I got it confirmed by some article I can remember this one I called China’s big spot on I was like Whoa that’s crazy but. Another reason I do think bitcoin is going to go down is because of the fact I mean and I talked about it a lot last week and I’m going to continue to talk about it because this stimulus bill is disgusting. It hurts me personally because it just goes against everything our nation is about or maybe everything our nation is for now was about I should say. So I mean basically most Americans if you made less than seventy five thousand dollars are going to be getting a twelve hundred dollar check. But I mean there is a lot of influences in the space some big ones like Anthony promptly on oh who was saying this is good for bitcoin and I do agree. You know inflation is good for bitcoin but. Twelve hundred dollar check while corporations get the bulk of it is not good for bitcoin. These corporations amass small my new minority of these institutions are in bitcoin. They are all in finance one point zero. They all view Bitcoin as a less valuable more speculative asset than a stock. So they’re not going to invest in it. But a bulk of the money into finance 1.0 stock market and people are getting the twelve hundred dollars. You know not the institutions they are going to be suffering so they’re not going to put it. It’s basically none of that money is going to be getting put into bitcoin in the medium term long term. Yes. Yes. But it’s just like who is it. This is bad. Just bad all around for crypto it’s bad all around for. I mean if it was more equal and you know Americans got a bigger chunk of this it would be great for crypto because they would have money to put in to the bitcoin markets. They don’t have it you guys. I mean it’s only a check for twelve hundred bucks they’re going to spend that on what they need and I know some people aren’t going to lose their jobs but we’re going to have to see the full fallout of this and some of you I’m and as much as I’m not trying to be an asshole this is just maybe Anonymous. Like I always am asked a lot of you are gonna lose your jobs in this chat. Are you going to spend that on Bitcoin or are you going to spend that on frickin rent for the few months rent you guys just sire. Barney thank you rather I appreciate the debt I’m going to buy. I like the mojito. That’s a good one. So it’s kind of an win lose not only not even a lose lose it’s a lose lose in the short term maybe a win lose in the long term for bitcoin but here’s funny was you know Steve Newton Yeah March 17th over a week and a half ago he said we’re looking at Nugent’s duty birches saying we’re looking to send checks to Americans immediately immediately. Yeah. He said within two weeks Americans need to get cash now and the president wants cash. Now we’re looking to send it in two weeks. Newton said on Tuesday so what. That was a week ago and now guess what he said. Three weeks yet treasury secretaries government agents had one day. Wednesday the checks will be sent out within three weeks. Seaweed dough weaves. Keep it up I’m gonna brother. Thanks for the tip and plutonium podcast. Check out his podcast if he has one. Tip brother so they add three weeks two weeks. One week. Yeah when are they come in. Who knows. They asked even in Newton. He is seriously powerful now. He is a controller of basically four trillion dollars. And yeah you hear him and his friends are gonna make out like crazy and crazy. They’re gonna be rich. And if you see Stephen Newton that guy is. I can’t even believe he’s part of our. Executive branch. The guy is such a hustler. Besler. This is the picture you need to see. I came with his wife and dollar bills. Look at. You need to miss what’s on the red carpet. Oh yeah. These guys are players. They are not your average executive. This is elite status. No yeah. There he is with Brent Newton. But let’s get into some crypto news besides the stimulus bill what’s going to happen to bitcoin in my main opinion finance one point zero is going to have some hurt. Federal Reserve Treasury Department. They pulled out all stops and they pulled out everything for corporations. And I think even the markets realize that it’s not it’s not the problem. So markets are going to react badly to. A ban a Band-Aid and not a fix because 2008 was another Band-Aid. We need a fix. Asked that stampede asked covered 19 peak is estimated in July or August. How low do you think BTC will be then three k 1 k. Well it really depends. You guys I mean if we do have a full on Spanish flu type epidemic you know and it grows to that type of level you know the virus starts mutating getting even more deadly. Killing more people. Yeah I mean we’re gonna see some crap go down. I’ll tell you that. That’s why they kind of did this stimulus bill there’s a liquidity problem and if you know the general public withdraws their money out of the banks we’re going to have a bank run like the Great Depression. Stock market is going to go it’s gonna be in another Great Depression. Exactly what happened you guys. Banks will collapse and you’ve seen kind of the new rules they put in to for that liquidity program. Taxpayers are on the hook from the FDIC. I talked about that yes or no. I talked about that on Monday. You guys. Yeah I’m talking about what the banks are doing. Private banks on Monday so it’s. Yeah I mean if we see something like that. Bitcoin is going to go down with it. But as you know the fire burns out and people rise from the ashes. I mean who’s gonna want to go back into that system. Not too many people. I think that’s. I don’t want that to happen. But at the same time I do because that’s the only way Bitcoin really truly breaks away is we need a full on collapse of finance one point zero China crapped on everyone not not really. I mean the half rate is doing pretty fine it’s over a hundred million now. I mean we’re going to see this. Like I said I made a video on this. It’s gonna be similar to what happened in your chart. Right here I said we might see a 40 to 50 per cent reduction in the half rate and it got about to that level and we might go back down. Like yeah. So now I’m sure some of you have got into this even though I told you not to. There is good reason not to do so by Nance listed this F T X token it was a leveraged trading token. Basically you just invest in the dog and it does all the leverage ball only for you. Well now finance is delisting all of them. Every single leverage trading token. So yeah they’ve been crashing Bob Barr whatever so it’s caused a lot of user confusion because that was a huge product on finance it got people talking like crazy people were investing like crazy well by Nancy’s saying. Their users didn’t understand them so that’s why they’re de-listing. The main reason for doing this thing is that too many users do not understand them and then basically the creator of FCX said by Nancy listing out these didn’t want to manage user education support FCX listing out the USD pairs to compensate. You can either send out keys to FTSE quality or all that turn into B USD on finance. So basically he’s saying finance didn’t want to educate their users so that’s why they listed. Well here was 17 days ago finance listed their own tokens in the BMV bull and BMV their FCX tokens. So what is going on. This doesn’t make sense to me you know. No this isn’t about our users didn’t understand it. It’s about money isn’t it. Yes CSC it’s about money. MARTIN Glenn I appreciate that tip and I like the comment. I might stop using toilet tissue and start using dollars soon. Tissue will be worth more. That would be a crazy world. But this was to me on my guy right 17 days ago they listed their own tokens in the being in the UN FCX. Now this isn’t something about money. So if you don’t know by Nance back in December of 10 I mean just a few months ago four months ago invested an undisclosed sum in the crypto derivatives platform FP yet I actually talked about this and I was like this seems shady out the gate because FCX looks like garbage. Hi man. How many years you see yourself holding maker. I see a maker as a long term hold Georgia’s long term. I appreciate the tip but yeah long long term. Especially with the burn mechanism so they invest an undisclosed amount of good amount. And yet CEO is Sam Pinkman freed of. And this was posted just last month. 30 days ago. Finance back FCX exchange 6 billion dollar value waste in an equity Coke sale. So yeah it’s hoping they gain a billion dollar valuation FCX is it sounds like they’re Sam Bateman free it is getting a little greedy but who else is super greedy sleazy finance. Oh yeah he is. You guys know. So there is some shady stuff going on earlier in the month. He acts was getting pumped and dumped like crazy. People were like what is going on is this finance is a scam and free. Who is doing this. Well I don’t think it’s this guy because he’s not smart enough in my opinion. So if you go into that the execs Jane and the right paper it’s garbage it doesn’t even explain how it works at all. It’s a white paper. Yeah see here the white paper I’m like Okay let’s get a nice detailed white paper. Yeah it’s like five pages so I was like nine now. I saw it and I looked into this back when you have X got lunch and that’s why I was like No way am I going to invest in this baloney but this is interesting. So this happened the same day as this come out. So this came out March 2nd. Someone tried to pump and dump at X token on finance FCX Exchange CEO invested in a rival trading platform. So you know that kind of irked seizes being whole. And then I don’t know who to trust here. I don’t think Sam bank being freed is that bright. I mean his white paper is garbage. Maybe the code is great. I don’t know since he 20 token in my opinion it’s centralized. I just haven’t looked into it. But he did post this theory about the bit next stuff. So this was interesting. This was posted on March 12th finance last listed a token on March 11th. So they were friends right here FCX and by Nance we’re still friends. I mean they listed being b ball and B and B Bear. This was March 12th his tweet. Insane theory of the day. There was no beat next hardware issue and he goes in to say that basically beatniks pulled the circuit breakers or BTC was going to zero. Did he get punished for doing this because of the cartel. I mean that Max is big time big time into the cartel you guys. I mean gathered cartel that Max is right in their next finance lobby. Okay axe a lot of the American chains exchanges have retreated because they’ll be going to jail probably baloney ex Coinbase never got involved. Good thing. Bit fanatics crack in. I mean cracking even hot guy tech person in that chain policies to cover their tracks. They’re so spooked. I did a video on that. You should watch that one. That’s probably one of my best videos. Yeah. So did you get repercussions for basically going against that other cartel. I don’t know. Interesting to see buy yeah crap on leverage tokens they work. I wouldn’t recommend getting it in it and then you just hating on leverage. Trading is more. Now despite the Koran the virus was by bit. CEO is bullish on bitcoin. I’m sure you are. Whatever his name. Do something. Bindu. Yep. Yeah. He’s bullish on bitcoin. I’m sure you are because the more people who long and then get wrecked the more money you make and the more money you’re YouTube disgusting poxy make. That’s why. Cool dude. So now I’m gonna treat you guys with a little treat. But first I’m gonna answer some questions regarding the live chat. I think my internet is connected again. Chico what is my issue with card. Dunno. Yeah. You should just know it’s car delay now so it has been promising a product for a long time and they keep doing the same thing and it’s disgusting. That’s why Yeah it’s car delay no. Charles Hoskinson even said that car delay no name in a livestream. I’m very happy about that. I got even the founder to call his own project Catalano. I wouldn’t be bullish on guard honor. You guys I would not be you don’t see other projects pulling out you know corona virus DeLay is already. I mean Charles. Thank you. Thank you. And now they can delay. I mean they’re going to delay anyways. It’s GA delay. No you guys they work. They don’t have it going. So yeah. Right when he launched you all we’re delaying right away. He said it you know if you’re a distributed team and your gamer works remotely garbage so this is some good stuff I have for you guys. I think you will like that publishes the game. Who cares about card on now. We don’t want to talk about that garbage project. Let’s focus on some cool stuff. So with the World Health Organization WHO. WHO DID IT. They are launching a block chain platform to fight coated 19 just announced. And it’s in cooperation with some very interesting enterprises and people. It’s called me Parsa and it’s built on top of hyper ledger fabric which we’ll get into in a bit. First let’s get and do some other stuff. So Bill Gates the gates man the antichrist. He stepped down from the board of Microsoft. I’ll mar their game during all this corona virus madness which was kind of weird in my opinion. I below give me a big old tip thanks I allow people to flop floppy into b c c can confirm from friends and family. Inflation is around the corner. So is the price of BTC goes down. It will be bought up and distribution will be better. BTC will be safer than money and banks in. I agree. Under present. That’s why buying BTC but short term in my opinion we’re gonna go down. I mean we just have finances grubby greedy hands to deep in. I appreciate the tip though. So this is interesting when Bill Gates stepped down I didn’t understand why. At first I knew he was involved with some stuff but you get some interesting reasons I guess some insight into why he gave read it and made just a few days ago on nine days ago actually. And this was very interesting question and answer so I put my hand on a stove. Ask Bill thank you for taking the time to do this today. I live in Seattle. Like you and it feels like our testing has not increased our number of confirmed cases starting to lag behind other states. What do you think gets effective social distancing or lack of testing. Says that testing in the US is not organized yet. In the next few weeks I hope the government fixes this by having the website you can go to find out about home testing and chaos. There are things are a bit confused on this right now in Seattle the UAW is providing salvage dozens of tests per day but no one is connected to a national tracking system. Whenever there is a positive test it should be seen seem to understand where the disease is and whether we need to strengthen that social distance distant thing. South Korea did a great job on this including digital contact tracing Booyah digital contact tracing digital. Those are big words and he actually goes into digital a lot into this stream. But whereas the one I want to find God damn it. Yeah. So this person asked a remote controlled user what changes are we going to have to make. How businesses operate to maintain our economy while providing social distancing. He says the question of which businesses to keep is going is tricky. Certain foods supply and health systems we still need water electricity and the Internet supply chains for good old critical things need to be maintained. Countries are still figuring out what to keep running. Eventually we will have some digital certificates this show who has recovered or who has been tested or when we have a vaccine who has received it. Boo yah Grandpa. Yeah. So he is basically telling us what they’re planning. It’s a digital tracking system and a digital I.D. system. So here at Davos this year Bill and Melinda Gates they pledged 10 billion dollars and a call for a decade of vaccines 2020 the year of vaccines. So that was interesting. And there was someone they joint presented with Bill Melinda Gates made their announcement at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting Davos where they are joined by Julian Lobb LaVette CEO of GAVI Alliance GAVI is 80 20 20. So if you ever heard of this this is a basically an alliance to create a digital I.D. system across the globe. So we’ll be interoperable between countries regions districts everywhere and GAVI is one of the alliance partners as well as the Rockefeller Foundation Accenture Microsoft IDEO org and GAVI is the vaccine alliance. That’s your job. Yes. So it’s interesting that Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation isn’t directly on the Web site. I’m sure they’re trying to hide that they’re directly involved with this but they are. And what’s interesting about I.T. 2020 is hyper ledger is one of their general partners as well. What is that block chain based platform being built on hyper ledger. So here is the digital I.D.. This Makinson I think it was put out a McKinsey Global Institute put out this good a little info graphic about what they’re trying to do but here’s what we need to hear understand. No. Our understanding of good digital ideas was informed by extensive consultations with many experts in the field including the World Bank night omni desire network the bill and melinda gates foundation open society foundations idea 2020 and the Rockefeller Foundation. So this is what’s going on you guys are building basically the base layer for this. I mean this is literally coming and it’s coming in front of our eyes. World Health Organization teams up with IBM Oracle en bloc Jane based corona virus data hub and fusion dub me Parsa is launching as a covert information highway so if we go into you idea 2020 there are some other partners that won’t go away. So yeah it’s built on hyper ledger fabric. This is the me process. And then you see who are involved with it. Sara IBM Microsoft Oracle the CDC Chinese CDC European cities the government of Canada Hong Kong John Hopkins national health commission the People’s Republic of China. The Weather Channel World Health Organization some of the people behind it but it’s funny a lot of the same partners are working on this. And so about this Sarah who is actually behind it as well. They’re actually a pretty backed by digital asset. As you can see they’re partners. And what’s funny about I.T. 20 20. If you go to idea 2020 about their leadership Guess who’s on the board of directors wife’s masters of digital asset it’s like Oh is that good for some of the projects I like like Eunice Bright who’s involved with digital asset. Oh man things are gonna get weird chain link involved with this. Oh so let’s finish it all up. So what are they trying to do. I’m sure it’s I mean like what are you talking about either. Well I did 20 20 and their partners announced in September of 20 19 that they were launching a program to write their digital ideas with vaccines. So in my opinion what’s coming is we’re gonna have a system. They’re gonna get these ideas into us by the grown a virus in my opinion. If you want to be able to travel go anywhere you’re gonna have to be verified as not having the disease or being tested whatever and that’s something where they’re going to do it. And so the people who don’t really get the vaccine are going to be ostracized by society. You know they’re going to be like You’re an unsafe bomb. GROSS You know how normal non vaccines are look that kinda. So I don’t know if it’s coming around the corner in a year. I mean I know that it’s coming though writing’s on the wall and I hope I don’t get kicked off of YouTube presents and then this you know part of you know some of these partners who they’re working with just posted this. Is it time for a true global currency yikes. Brains so it’s gonna be a big struggle. I mean in that way they’ll get you know the general population to want the vaccine is you know celebrities as you can see a lot of the celebrities are getting hit with grown a virus. I mean you know a friend a friend of yours that has been hit with a crowd of virus but you know 20 celebrities that got it they’re going to be getting vaccines. I mean like it’s awesome. Everyone get it please. So what coins are involved. YouTube writes a digital asset partner Jane links involved with a lot of those guys and that’s kinda it’s hard for me to like but not it’s like tearing me apart. It’s kind of my heart when I’m with you because yeah it’s like I hate it but then the value from that being involved with something like guys tremendous for those coins. So it’s tearing up my heart when you this laptop sucks my nuts I need a new laptop. Yeah some crazy stuff. My friend‘s going on but it’s I mean like I said some of the goings I’m involved with. It makes me think Holy crap what could be coming for those I mean block chain is the future. I mean they’re building future tracking systems I mean and if you understand what Microsoft’s been doing with digital ideas before this. Yeah. Bounced off that 1000 level nicely. Silver gold or b do you see nice porn up there. Yeah I did porn VR acts. Oh I can’t do that on my stream or I would do it again. So much trouble. Yeah. No. If you guys wanna try something cool pornhub VR is pretty dang cool. Yeah I heard about the British PM. What’s the name Boris. Oh you bar your bar was cool. They would just read it. You are. It’s even cooler now. Executive order 6 1 0 2. What is that. I’ll have to look in that view. Yeah yeah. Veracity looks pretty decent. Going after the attention or awards video content involves gaming content a little different than basic attention token. I’m using basic attention road tokens right now I’ve earned 40 cents for browsing no chain links. Price won’t drop the less than the dollar are among those around most. I mean only if bitcoin gets down to like 2k. I mean I don’t see that happening either in this downturn what cryptos are you buy in. I mean the same ones that I’m been buying a very M.D.. If you watch my top portfolio video that gives you a pretty good idea chain link you write a few theorem Xerox protocol kind of network synthetics Al Gore hands up there are no waves I’ve been purchasing I think waves is going to have a big boom soon because of Russia and block chain. What do I think of Keith. Why do you guys like peaky Ari. That guy is the old 2017 scammer and now he’s back for some reason. What the heck. Come on guys do it. What do I think the garbage driving guy has no idea what he’s talking about. He didn’t back then he doesn’t now heard anything about the bite. Every I mean you guys. Eric Jones a partnership with chain link is not a partnership. You guys everyone’s going to use a partnership with everyone’s going to partner with chain link. So when you see a partnership with chain link it’s nothing. I mean so many projects have partnered with chain link because they’re going to have to use or decentralized oracles by now is crap. It’s a finance crap going I’ll tell you that. Carver’s crap all finance ideas are crap FCX token. They invested in our crap. These guys are crap guys. This guy right here is a bad person for the space. I mean more people are starting to realize it. When I was saying it a year ago people called me stupid. Now people are starting to smarten up and learn that yeah this guy‘s comeback. He’s a hustler Butler nasty person and so is he. I mean most people don’t even know he’s just a puppet. He has a girl telling him what to do. This is buying answers. Main person. She is pulling the strings. It’s easy and her I think have a secret little relationship do. There had been rumors about that. So you know who wears pants in relationships. That girl as easy as a cop. Definitely. She is swinging em around like a little rag doll. Guarantee it. I still hold. Did you buy it. Yep but unfortunately the downward trend has moved it out of my tops. Is he on porn Ron. No I’m not. I have heard jazz nudes but I don’t. Can’t confirm that Tyler why do you keep running those scams because I just not mine stupid. How do you think I’m running your eye guy. I’m going to call you out. You’re stupid. I’ll tell you that if you think I’m running an E theorem giveaway or you send me a theorem I give it back. You’re fucking stupid. Sorry. Darwinism. So if you send money to him. Sorry got your stupid asshole. That’s just me being honest. God I hate when people do that. I get emails all the time. They send me to death. Fucking what they do. Shut up. Come on man don’t be stupid. I’m just honest it’s all fixed code it is a lie. Cashless society. We’ll see. We actually have first cases here and around my small area of California. So we’ll see if it sadly I’m waiting to see if it gets. I mean if it’s gonna spread and start killing people I know then that that’s when you know it’s not fake. The shit just goes away and you got celebrities getting it. Yeah really. Anyone you know really gets it. You know I would be a little weary All right guys. Oh actually I have a call it a conversation at 12:00 p.m. I’m almost late for that. So I gotta get going. I appreciate everyone who can tune into the livestream today all fifteen hundred woop woop way better than my last livestream last week only I like six seven hundred and it didn’t notify my people as I go on. No it’s YouTube gonna shadow banned me. Yeah. So this makes me happy to see you. Oh crypto crackhead. I appreciate the tip while I’m leaving man. Yeah we’ll see how real this virus gets you guys but I hope everyone stays safe. Keep an eye on the crypto markets because things are gonna be getting interesting. I think Monday is where maybe even Sunday because I think a lot of these financial one point zero traders they know what’s going to happen before the markets open in traditional markets. So keep an eye out for what happened Sunday in the bitcoin markets. That’s why my personal words for you. Other than that you guys I appreciate you for training and then dropping me comments drop me tips. And Monday I got a great video on the banks to tune in that see you guys next time.


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