BITCOINs Parabolic Cycle! When!? How!? Peak Price!?


Hello Folk. What is going on with the viewers out the tube? I would like to kindly introduce myself as Tyler, the host of the only crypto channel that loves when a pig is a liquor, just like Jim Lahey. For good. Got to get in touch. Katie P p. Hey, are you messed up, girl? Never seen a damn pig. Henderson, a nurse. This one here is turned to belly up a year. Whoa. Oh, the battle with murder. Oh, oh. Let me do it. You know, our pig in a blanket. It’s time for Chico Krypto. Well, my friends, now that it has officially passed the Bitcoin having and the reward slashing, we can finally move on to what comes next. The end of the four-year cycle, which in the past has always meant more than parabolic run. Pulling out this beautiful BTC, having rallies chart, we can see pre having always had a rally in the four-year cycle. Although with each having, the rally has decreased in magnitude from the cycle’s low, with this year’s only being one hundred and sixty-eight percent only. But as we can see in the lighter shade yellow, it’s a post having rallies that are significant. This is when Bitcoin goes parabolic after November 2012 having to Bitcoin’s peak during the post-rally. BTC grew by another nine thousand two hundred twelve percent from the low. It took just over a year for this to happen in December of 2013. I remember the day, as we can see after July 2016. Having Bitcoin’s peak during the post-rally. BTC grew by another two thousand nine hundred and ten percent from the low, although with this rally it took one point five years for this to happen to the end of 2017. But once again, the parabolic peak was in December. So is it going to happen again this time? Are we going to rally? Rally? Well, my sister’s name isn’t Sally, but I’m hoping for a rally and we will look at just some basic data to see what type of rally this could be. Basic meaning just based on averages, not based like a link. So if BTC grew by a total of nine thousand six hundred eighty percent from its low in the first cycle and then grew by a total of three thousand one hundred fifty-one percent in the second cycle, you just add those up, which is twelve thousand eight hundred thirty-one, and then divide by two. And with rounding up, we get an average growth from the low of six thousand four hundred and sixteen percent. How about average time? Well, from the day of the having in 2012, November 28 to the peak of the parabolic run, December 4th, 2013, three hundred seventy-one days went by from the day of the having in 2016. July 9th to the peak of the parabolic run. Five hundred and twenty-five days went by. You just add those up, which is a hundred and ninety-six and divide by two. And we get an average time since a having to pick up four hundred forty-eight days. So you want some of that foma with just averages. We would hit the next peak. Four hundred and forty-seven days later, one day has passed since having so it would be August 2nd. Two thousand twenty-one. What would Bitcoin’s price be? Well, we grew an average of six thousand four hundred sixteen percent since the all-time low, which was around three thousand two hundred thirty dollars. That would put the peak price above two hundred and seven grand on that day, August 2nd, two thousand twenty-one. Now I can tell you that is going to happen. It’s a bitcoin supercycle. And then for the rest of this video, show you how to leverage trade, tempt you with a free 90 buck referral link and then go laugh. Why don’t even make a trade myself and hope for volatility? Either way, up or down because of more of that win or lose for my subs. The more I would make. But I’m not a total piece of dog Pupi. And if you are new to this world and you are watching YouTube shares doing that, they are going to hurt you and hurt you very soon. I’m going to be a tad more realistic. I do believe what is going on in the world, hyperinflation across economies, QE and money printing goes. Can you characterize everything that the Fed has done this past week as essentially flooding the system with money? Yes, exactly. And there’s no end to your ability to do that. There is no end to our ability to do that. We have to realize that this is the beginning of the end of the rope for the good old USD and fiat currencies as a whole. There will only ever be twenty-one million BTC in our Fed is saying they will print unlimited amounts of USD. Just think about that for a second. I’ll write you back. Now let’s get real and think about what could happen to the bitcoin price next cycle while pulling back out the cycles percentages chart. It’s obvious with having pre and post the percentage increase from the low gets smaller and smaller pre having 2012 it was plus-four hundred sixty-eight percent pre having twenty sixteen it was plus two hundred forty-one present and finally pre having 2020. It was plus one hundred and sixty-eight percent and then post having from the low it was plus nine thousand two hundred and twelve percent in 2012 and plus two thousand nine hundred ten percent in twenty sixteen. But we are missing the post having data from 2020 obviously while using the pre having increased data and the average differences between them, we can get away better idea. Difference between Pless 468 and plus two. Forty-one is to twenty-seven, a decrease of about forty-nine percent and the difference between plus two, forty-one and plus one. Sixty-eight is seventy-three. A decrease of about 30 percent. So based on average decrease percentages. Forty-nine plus thirty and then divide by two that pre having percentage increase with each cycle on average. Decreases by about 40 percent. And then post having we only have one data point difference between plus nine thousand two hundred and twelve and plus two thousand nine hundred and ten is six thousand three hundred and two, a decrease of about sixty-eight percent. One thing to notice is the magnitude between pre having first Everetts and post having first difference, much larger magnitude. Sixty-eight percent versus forty-nine percent actually. Thirty-nine percent more magnitude. So what are we gonna do? We will take the average decrease pre having that 40 percent and apply it to post. Having data post having a second cycle increase is plus two thousand nine hundred ten percent of 40 percent slash of that would be one thousand one hundred and seventy-four percent. So adding what has already happened this cycle, pre having plus one hundred and sixty-eight percent and adding our estimated plus one thousand one hundred and seventy four percent post having we get a total from this cycle of plus one thousand three hundred forty two percent from this cycle’s low of about three thousand two hundred thirty dollars. That would put the next all-time high at forty three thousand. Four hundred and thirty six dollars. That, in my opinion, is a more realist view of things. But what about a bullish, pessimistic view of the next cycle? So remember the plus one thousand one hundred and seventy four percent we calculated and we found that there was a much steeper post having drop than pre having thirty nine percent steeper. Thus we need to slash off another thirty nine percent off of that one thousand one hundred and seventy four percent. That would put us at about plus seven hundred and sixteen percent to the next all-time high post having. So adding what has already happened this cycle pre having plus one hundred and sixty eight percent adding our estimated plus seven hundred sixteen percent post having. We get a total from this cycle of plus eight hundred and eighty four percent from the low of about three thousand two hundred thirty dollars. That would put the next all-time high at twenty eight thousand five hundred and fifty three dollars. So we have three all-time high prices right now. A super bullish based on just averages of two hundred and seven thousand dollars. A realist based on average differences of about forty three thousand dollars, and a pessimist bullish based on adding a steeper magnitude post of about twenty nine thousand dollars. I know. I know. Everyone wants that two hundred and seven K number. But we can’t just be foma bulls with the blindfolds on. Right, Johnny? But data is data and maybe we should make one more prediction. I like to call this one. The Chieko one. It takes averages of the super realist and pessimist 207 K plus forty three K plus twenty nine K add it up and then divided by three and you get ninety three thousand dollars. I don’t know why I don’t know what. But something has told me that one hundred gay or near that mark is this next cycle’s target number. Multiple videos. I have been calling for that Mark and I did a similar analysis back last year when I was clean-shaven and in Miami and came up with a date of the next all-time high that I really like. Let’s watch now that gate to reach that twenty K all-time high again would be December 5th, two thousand twenty one. That gate to reach a new all-time high after a parabolic run would be on December 7th, 2020 to December once again, although we are over two years out from reaching the next parabolic. Hi December twenty twenty two. Well you got to go back to the time data to reach the high post having it has been increasing one year after twenty twelve one point five years after twenty sixteen. So based on this, all I got to say is it just might be a couple of good holidays for crypto holders coming up. Twenty, twenty one. Twenty, twenty-two. Merry Christmas you filthy animals. Cheers. I’ll see you next time.


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