Bitcoin’s Price Will DOUBLE In The Next 6 Months Or Else BITCOIN BULL Mike Novogratz Sells!


Hey, welcome back, everybody, to altcoin Daily, where you subscribe for our daily videos on everything going on in the cryptocurrency space. Ted Day today Bitcoin’s price is 6 Sep. It’s closer to $7000 today. If Bitcoin’s price doesn’t double in the next six months and to me that means a price point of about twelve to fourteen thousand dollars per bitcoin. If Bitcoin’s price doesn’t reach 12 to fourteen thousand dollars in the next six months, Mike Novogratz, who is the poster boy for former Wall Street success, turned crypto. He’s a huge bitcoin bull. If Bitcoin’s price doesn’t double in six months, Mike Novogratz says that he’s going to capitulate. But he thinks it will double. That’s how sure he is on Bitcoin. Actually, at least that’s what he told CNBC anchors who went on their latest broadcast. So he started off saying this I have seen investors I never saw before hedging on investors, high net worth investors getting into Bitcoin for the first time. So like I said this in a tweet. This is the year for Bitcoin and it doesn’t go all out by the end of the year. The online this time, experts say it doesn’t go up. Now, you know, I’m not sure what it will, but we’re seeing real flows in the big one. You know, it’s a hard asset. And we are literally it’s not just the US that’s going to monetize that. You know, money doesn’t grow on trees in the US right now. It’s like we crossed the Rubicon where we think everyone feels like money grows on trees. So I think it’s still the wrong thing. It’s just going to the base, the value of Fiat. So some might give us a number. And if we don’t, just so we can gauge your level of expectation, where should it reach in six months? And if it doesn’t, as you said, you’ll kind of give up on Bitcoin. I think it’s a really interesting swing that we should have doubled within six months. We really should have. This is the time. And maybe it’s with within the end of the year, no retesting the old highs. It’s a thousand. Whew. Well, retesting the old highs up to twenty thousand dollars. I like it. Mike Novogratz is bullish. Well, wait for a second, Mike. I’ve heard that everybody wants dollars. U.S. dollars is what everybody wants. Why would anybody want bitcoin? How do you respond to this again? Mike, the problem. The problem with their theory. Sorry to cut you off. But everyone wants dollars now. I mean, there’s a scramble for dollars. And we’ve seen the dollar rise in us in a period of stress. And I think it shows that you know, when push comes to shove, we may be monetizing and money doesn’t grow on trees, but dollars are still in our values. That’s always the first reaction, right? The first reaction gets to safety. And all of a sudden, though, people are going to say, wait a minute, what are they doing to the dollar? So that’s you know, will we come up with the next fiscal package, which will come up, I’m sure, within the next four months, another two or three trillion dollars. The first one wasn’t enough. You’re going to see more and more people migrate until you see it as we speak, getting calls from, you know, real big investors who had never thought about it before and say, tell me about this big. Tell me about this. And so, you know, I added to my position today, and I’ve only got these, you know, large position. And so that’s the one big bet I have. And then on the other side, to be more agile. OK. So, yes, it’s true. People usually want dollars in times of great volatility, in times of great uncertainty. Like right now, a lot of hedge funds actually scale-out of risk assets like Bitcoin when traditional markets are volatile. But thinking long term, which is what Mike Novogratz is saying, thinking long term, it’s bitcoin that people want because bitcoin is harder money. And this is a decent price point to get it at, according to Mike. I mean, he says he bought more. I’m sure everybody remembers this video from 2018 when this video was made. Bitcoin was trading around six to seven thousand dollars two years ago. And back then tôn bass was bearish and Mike Novogratz bullish. Let’s just play a little bit. Bitcoin please go to a moon. Stop going sideways now. Don and I say we go down to one game. But is that a novel? Let’s say we have. Doleman is a very important Bill Clinton. Does it go? I like it. The difference is here we are almost two years later and Bitcoin did drop lower and then Bitcoin did shoot higher. But here we are almost two years later and Bitcoin is still trading around a very similar price point from two years ago. The difference is that right now, both Mike Novogratz and Tony Vegas are both bullish. And when it’s read, people are way over pessimistic on Bitcoin. And this has been a very good indicator in, you know, identifying whether a bitcoin is overbought or whether bitcoin is oversold. I am still a bull. I remain a bull. I know a lot of people are expecting lower lows. I am one of the few people that is not that I am not expecting lower lows. And hopefully when this thing breaks south and goes up, yes, this will probably flip. And I will then be bearish. Bitcoin once again. But I will only be bearish back to the area of the breakout. And the area of the breakout is going to be 68 50. Interesting to think about. So are you buying? Are you selling? What’s your plan? Let’s all like the video. Support the channel. And now let’s all look in the comments right now. Let’s all look in the comments to see what people are saying about this. In other news for the last couple minutes, the video we’re going over other pertinent stories of the day, starting with this one maker, Dow Foundation, plots its own demise. And this is coming from coindesk, which is in bed with Theorem. So pretty salacious. Make her. Dow founder Rune Christensen told coindesk late last year that makes her Dow Foundation had two years left before its planned obsolescence. It sounds like it may take a bit longer, but recent moves suggest that the organization really is serious about shutting down. First, it turned control of the supply of undistributed governance tokens maker over to maker, holder at large over to make her holders. Then on Thursday, Christensen detailed a three plank plan that would get community governance to the point where maker Dow users won’t even notice when the foundation shuts its doors. That said, the institutional knowledge won’t evaporate. Christensen assured listeners the foundation team will not leave the community. The team will change and be in a different form. And you can read the rest yourself. I mean, that’s the thing with these. Cryptocurrency projects, unlike in regular tech that isn’t tied to money. You know, you can go fast and loose and stuff breaks all the time. You know, that’s another reason why Bitcoin is so valuable because they go nice and slow. So stuff like this won’t happen because those people who were super bullish on the maker and that was, you know, we were never evangelizing it. It’s just very unfortunate anyways. Wells Fargo adviser named in a crypto fraud case. So we don’t even need to go through many of the details. Three cryptocurrency traders allegedly scammed over 100 investors through a Ponzi scheme that generated 35 million. Interestingly, the trio worked with the reputable banks and institutional firms, including Wells Fargo Advisors and the New York Stock Exchange. The story is they promised investors. Ponzi scheme schemes style. They promised investors a certain amount of returns. If those investors gave them their money or not able to deliver. But Wells Fargo, a little bit guilty in the matter. In other news. Check this out, guys. We have gone viral on our bitcoin. The video from just the other day. Check it out if you haven’t. Everybody else on this subreddit has. And from what I see, they’re liking it. And finally, if you head on over to our Twitter at the link is in the description, I outed my personal account. This is me right here. I just said, let’s go. On my personal account. And then I retweeted this with the altcoin daily i/o account. Follow me. If you want to follow a personal account, it’s not going to be about bitcoin 100 percent of the time if we click on it. You know, I’m also, you know, a filmmaker in Los Angeles, so it’ll be about movie stuff and just fun things like everybody’s personal account is. But sometimes I don’t want to like make stuff too outrageous on the old coin daily account because I’m aware that people want to talk crypto when we do this. In other news, guys, another sign of the bottom. People are very, very salty. So I tweeted this out over 24 hours ago. Who’s ready for the pop just show in this triangle? Tons of people liked it. A lot of people retweeted it. A lot of people comment underneath it. And some of the comments were very, very salty. Check this out. I like this guy as a great YouTube channel. He actually minds Bitcoin, Mr Krystof But he seemed kind of salty at this point. I think the hashtag should be a hashtag. Take care of yourself. Not long bitcoin, 10 million Americans are unemployed. Millions, millions of more people around the world are unemployed. I would hope leverage trading bitcoin would be the last thing on everybody’s mind. Relax. Mr Krystof is just a meme. And yes, that is it for me today, my friends. My name is Aaron at altcoin Daily. Let me know if you’re bullish or bearish, I guess. Mike, it’s a sign of how long this volatility has been going on, that you’ve had time to grow that excellent moustache as well, I guess.


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