Bitcoin's Wave 5 Hits Our Upside Target… Now What?

Bitcoin’s wave 5 hits our upside target… now what? As bitcoin‘s recent rally continues to gather momentum, we have just reached a key level that we have been eyeing on bitcoin for several months. However, what happens once the wave 5 completes? Could we see a major correction or pullback in the bitcoin price? We discuss in this video the likely elliott wave counts. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani

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  1. wel….i clearly remember and used the 5 1/4 floppy in my Commodore C64… im not so old for the 8 and of course i used a lot the 3 1/2 in the Amiga first and my first personal computer later at high school!… what a time! 🙂

  2. As you say you haven't seen FOMO, IMO i haven't seen a panic sentiment in the market. When bitcoin dropped to 3k it was just a short period of time with a bearish sentiment, this covid retracement it was just a quick buy opportunity created by smart money. I think BTC is doing a WXY correction, and this price action is the X wave, if BTC drops below march low and consolidates, that would be "bearish for retail traders" and panic in the market.

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