Bloomberg Just Released The Bitcoin Bulls! New April 2020 Report Says Bitcoin Is Digital Gold!


Welcome back everybody to Altcoin daily. My name is Erin if you hold bitcoin you ought to be feeling pretty good Bloomberg has just published a ten-page report titled bitcoin maturation leap, yeah bitcoin is maturing And Bloomberg. Recognizes this, in fact, Bloomberg’s gotta be pretty bullish to put out a report like this to all of their constituents because make no mistake about this report is the bullish case for bitcoin telegraph covered this they said Bloomberg bitcoin is setting up for two thousand seventeen like Voltron. In a recent Bloomberg reports they concluded that bitcoin may be priming for a massive Bull Run just look at this is that report And Immediately you can recognize how details all of this stuff is. This goes out to all of Bloomberg’s constituents so the obvious question is what exactly. Does this. Report talk about and by the way guys if you have I know corner friend to see the thing is this is exactly what I would send to a friend for anybody who’s asked me about bitcoin but they needed that kind of social proof or Expert truth let’s support the channel let’s get this video out there to as many people as possible like the video and let’s answer that question well what exactly what precisely does this report go over we talk about how a bitcoin was born in a financial crisis like what we have today they talk about how bitcoin has matured and they talk about how bitcoins maturation is actually accelerating talk about how the stock market shakeout actually accelerates bitcoins gold like transition and that’s actually something. That was very apparent. In this report told Bloomberg compared bitcoin. And made multiple arguments as to why bitcoin is becoming digital gold so, for instance, Cointelegraph pulled out some of the good quotes this year will confirm bitcoins transition from a risk on a speculative asset to the crypto markets version. Of gold. The report reiterates that 2020 will be the year when bitcoin becomes digital. Gold. This year marks a key test for bitcoins transition towards a quasi currency like gold and we expect it to pass that’s bold that’s good now they go on to talk about other things they say increasing futures open interest declining volatility and relative outperformance despite the stock market shakeout indicates that bitcoin is maturing from a speculative crypto-asset towards a digital version of gold the report says that we can expect bitcoin volatility to continue to decrease this is significant since the all-time low volatility happened in October of twenty fifteen and that marked the beginning of the bull market. The talk about bull markets a lot in this article actually now they’re going to say bitcoin is undervalued at this point relative to. On-chain. Metrics and then they conclude with central banks around the world part of trillions of dollars into the economy 2020 maybe the year when bitcoin becomes the new digital gold for the digital. Economy.

So Bloomberg recognizing that the economy is trending towards digital and we’re getting farther away from the legacy financial system and we’re trending towards being more digital and bitcoin is a natural fit seat one of the reasons why I wanted to make sure that you saw this and again notice how detailed this report is this is a great one of the reasons I wanted to make sure you saw this is because you probably get sick of me of actualizing it quite so much I know you probably get sick of me always trying to reason why bitcoin has a bullish future well when notable organizations like Bloomberg come out and basically say something very similar their conclusions for bitcoins long term potential are basically the same conclusions that I’ve made and plenty of other people have made. You know this kind of you know if you can hear it from multiple people it helps. Open your mind a little bit. I think it who knows maybe Bloomberg watches old coin daily it’s possible but I guess my point is. It’s easy to lose faith sometimes when you’ve heard kind of the same stuff before and it’s not just you, it’s also smart money who sometimes loses faith, for instance, check this out Peter Brant famous world-renowned traitor sometimes he’s been bullish on bitcoin sometimes he’s been bearish lately he’s been a little bearish so I like to tweet out he said to turn to Mister thank you for the time on the phone it was good to be reminded of bitcoins underlying value proposition. And I like to this and I actually thought the same thing this person did Turkey to summarize those underlying value propositions of bitcoin that you discussed with Peter it’s nice to have insights on such a conversation and he obliged he said I mainly talked about how bitcoin has great utility in the current macro environment it’s always liquid even if you own it you maintain optionality there’s no downtime it’s almost completely independent from existing financial structures and ability to trump capital controls because it’s peer to peer and also it’s scarce which is really one of the main reasons I think that coin‘s price is going to go up in the future but Peter branch needed to be reminded what bitcoin allows you to opt-out. Of. And there’s no better video than this.To. Awaken you to the problem that what are we trying to opt out of its stuff like this. Late one night. Is this fifty-five.In my counsellor. Crash. Josh. Cash-cash clash gets the region. Crash. It increased. Rage rules.

And since the London dress. For company money. It’s just north. I still. Cash. Get the region. And I think monster. This is great now before we get to the final story of the day involving the CFTC approving a physically-settled bitcoin contract step in the right direction for sure before we get to that I do want to remind you that Thursday evening we do have this event. Going on. Online it is a hundred percent for charity as in we do have I guess you’d call it an affiliate link in the description but that’s only because these guys wanted to track anybody from altcoin daily actually did play we receive absolutely no kickback from this event all goes to the charity and all goes to the final table. Tried to get them to compromise and will not do it but the reason we wanted to do this is that one. I liked the tournament last time we like playing online poker into because it does go to charity and take a look at this right here and right here we are on the featured players last so some of these names you recognize the coin are pretty sure he won last time Charlie Lee when DO Bobby Lee tone face somebody told me he’s not actually playing in this one but maybe he is Jessica Walker it’s really the who’s who and who’s that and finally they added us to the featured players so that’s pretty cool so if you wanted to participate in this chariot turn. Dot. Charity tournament we do have a special link in the description we receive you know okay back based on that. Our final story of the day the C. F. T. approves Bitnami able to offer futures contracts settled. In real. Bitcoin this is what we want to see physically settled bitcoin futures so the approval which was granted Monday brings a new player to the still-small world of bitcoin futures in the U. S. to date only CME CBOE backed terrorist acts and ledger acts offer bitcoin futures and options contracts not all of those are physically settled though the CBOE ended its contract in early two thousand nineteen Eris axe sees a little volume on its futures, unlike CME **** no male appears to be focusing strictly on physically settled contracts meaning customers receive. The Actual bitcoin when the contract expires rather than the fiat equivalent so these type of futures are very good for bitcoin adoption and big points price to go up since people will actually be holding real bitcoin and will just be some sort of like paper bitcoin or what have you the downside of this because you know we try to give you. You know. The bullish outlook and then the real outlook the downside of this is But no meal Not A huge. The company so This really isn’t going to be doing a lot but it’s a step in the right direction it’s trending towards the right direction. Thanks, I’ll just throw this one in here bitcoin ATMs pumped over seven thousand five hundred Worldwide Number of bitcoin ATMs around the world increased by over seventy percent since last year so last year bitcoin ATMs increased we report on this For two years ago and then last year again these Bitcoin ATMs increased and if you read the article it’s going to break down the geolocation of each ATM in Give you some more data but that is it for me today my friends my name is Erin. Altcoin daily follows us on Twitter if you want to be a part.

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