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And what’s up, everybody, welcome and to The Mango Grove. My name is Krisher and this is today’s Bitcoin chainlink and it barium analysis video. So it appears while I was trying to get in some gains with a quick whole workout, Bitcoin and some other old coins have also been getting some gains. So if you want to know anything about this, stay tuned. And welcome back, everybody. So I figure we could start off with the mango dashboard, because this will give you a good visual on what exactly is happening in the market right now. The crypto market, primarily Bitcoin, did turn long five days ago. Right. We will be going over Bitcoin first, but that’s the first chart we’re going to start off with because it did break something interesting this morning. Also a theory, USDOT, which is also signaling a long and however, this one did come in 21 days ago. Right. And this reversal trend signal did come in 21 days ago. Since then, for those of you who did catch it, you’re up 20 percent. So good job on that. And, of course, of course, we will be going or relink USD for all our link fan boys and fan girls. Now, this is something guys you don’t see too often, right? Link is short while everything else is long, usually link. Is that the leading indicator? But I figured this is that one outlier you don’t see too often. But no link is short to link is short. Now this signal did come in a day ago. Now this is something I want to go over because I feel like there some key support levels that people ought to watch out for. OK, so we will be going over Link because this is odd like Link USDOT. Short while everything else is long. It’s not something you see often. And what else? I also wanted to kind of go over trends that switched about a day ago. OK, so now the market is looking rather bullish. OK. In the interim. So let’s go ahead and filter out some coins that just flip long. So let’s go and look at long only trends. Markets, I believe. Let’s just look at. Let’s just stick to the U.S. D.T. parings, OK? USDOT parings and margin. Yeah. Let’s actually go and filter by margin only calls. Now these are all your USDOT pairings that have flipped long and can be traded on margin. Cool. And now I want to filter by reverse state. So what just, you know, received that long signal. So SRP, actually SRP was DTG turn long yesterday. April 28. And since then, up eight point seven three percent. Wow. This one move really, really fast. And what else? So one percent, three and nine percent here. E t seeds. I was just looking at it there in Classic and men. This had a beautiful, beautiful setup. OK. Now something that forced me to go and look at it. Thiering Classic was actually Tommy G from the manga’s seed. This guy actually caught a sweet, sweet edge edge on that each muga cloud. Right. That 12 hour each mccleod, he did use it. I’m not sure if he caught this on the mango dashboard, but I know he was using the mango vine indicator. Just to show you a quick snippet. Guys, Tommy G has been killing it. OK. He’s been freaking killing it in the mango seed program. And just to give you guys a bit of background information. Tommy G is actually in the front lines of this entire code 19 business. So he’s been doing that and then he’s been coming back and actively trading. Right. I mean, it’s it can be easy. It’s not that easy. But, man, this guy, he works so hard. He works so damn hard and he many deserves this. But like I said, he did catch a sweet trade on a theory classic. And, you know, it’s known as the mango vine indicator. Right. So he hasn’t been actively using that. So this was a really, really sweet edge to edge on the cloud. I’m not sure if it’s completed its edge to edge, but I know that it’s got a little more umph. When I did do my analysis this morning. So this is a theorem classic. And yet, guys, he made nine point seven K in profits before bed, man. He’s on a roll and a testament to how well he’s been doing. Look at this. Made my salary in a month. LOL yeah. Lalonde told me lol. Indeed, you don’t hear that too often. But that was that. I mean he deserves it. Good job Tommy. We are very, very happy for you. And yet keep keep it going man. You’ve been doing a splendid, splendid job. OK. So that is that props to Tommy. And now let’s get back onto the charts because Bitcoin is moving. So now for those of you to catch our video from yesterday, it was a dual video with me and Shawn. Some of you know that I did flip long. OK. My system did give me a long signal. So I took that. And I have been building a small, long position. And what do you know? We are seeing that continuation to the upside. My long signal went off as soon as Bitcoin closed over this major weekly level here at seven thousand five hundred and thirty two. By the way, for those of you who are not aware of the lines on my chart, all the white lines that I have here are my monthly levels. OK. And the gray lines are my weekly levels. Now. That’s what I was looking for, really. In order to to really solidify my my long position to the upside in conjunction with my system that I have. OK, now that is my edge that I will not disclose in this video. But this was what I was looking for. And that was a strong close, even though we were up against major monthly resistance. I said, no, nothing doing. I’m just gonna take it over here. Okay. Mike System has gone off as well. So I will take it because. I know from my back testing that in the long run. OK, in the long run, if I just follow the system, I will come out on top. And this is why, guys, it is so important to have a system that we you keep your biases at bay. That way, you don’t let your emotions get in the way of your trading, because more often than not, people do impose your biases on the chart. And that’s not what we care for. Right. We’re here to will follow price action. We just want to make sure we are on the right side of the market. OK. So and that’s why your system kicks in to tell you that, hey, this is what Price wants to do here. OK. My job is only to take that signal to follow what Price is telling me, OK, what my system is telling me. So my system actually went off here. It gave me a long signal. So I said, OK, you know what? I’m going to start building a small, long position. So what I built it on was on the daily, if you just pattern over to the daily timeframe, I was looking at how price was reacting off of these levels. Now, these are major levels. Just look at how price has reacted off of it. Even on the daily timeframe. Remember, these are all monthly and weekly levels. Right. But they do have importance even on those lower timeframes. You will notice this if you just plotted on your chart. Now, this was at seven thousand five hundred fifty. And I was noticing how price was kind of resilient there. And as soon as we took that out. OK. Now, this was this was the close. That weekly close. I’m like, OK, damn, OK. I need to start I need to start building you long. Physician. My system went off as well. And now on twenty seventh April, as soon as we closed a daily candle over this horizontal right here at seven thousand seven hundred forty and we got supported the next day, I started adding more to my long position. This was yesterday, guys. So we closed really, really well on that last daily close, OK? We got supported right off that seven thousand seven hundred and forty region, by the way, guys. If this is not testament to how well price reacts off of the horizontals, I don’t know what is. OK. Just look at this. This is so neat. We break beautiful retest, OK? We closed above clear signal and then continuation to the upside. And this is what I usually talk about when I’m looking for those retests break. Retests continuation. Right. Very, very easy trade to manage. Extremely easy trade to manage because of this did did break to the downside. Chances are it was going to get a retest of this resistance. And then further continuation to the downside. OK. However, what do you know, we got supported there, closed over. Good trade to manage pump to the upside. But now question is, where does this go? Now we’ll cover a bullish and a bearish case. However, note that as price action stands right now. Okay. The bulls have the edge. OK. Especially with how candles have been closing over some major, major levels. I do believe the bulls have the edge. But here’s the first bullish case. So if you pan over to your one hour, I don’t usually traded the one hours. I don’t trade. I’ve stopped trading the lower timeframes for some time because of the amount of, you know, wick action that we have on here. It is very, very easy to get worked out of your trades if you are someone playing those lower timeframes. Right. So because of that, I decided to stay out. I did not want to spend too much time managing the trade. So this was asymmetrical triangle that has been playing out since since the twenty seventh of April. OK, so this has been at play for some time and this was the measured move. OK. And I do believe we just met the measured moves. And I mean give or take. Right. So I do believe that Bitcoin did manage to meet that measured move. So this was the highest wake up here, was sitting at around seven thousand nine hundred seventy eight. So from the forecasted measured move to the high of that week, that’s about zero point to five percent. Good enough for me. OK, so but I was noticing that I noticed that we did breakout. So this did meet its measured move. However, guys, this was one small pattern that was at place since the twenty seventh. However, there’s a bigger one. OK. That is at play that has been at play since Bitcoin made its move all the way down to three K. Okay. Now I know you’re probably thinking about it already. It was that nice, beautiful rising wedge. Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and when to turn on my lines too. Well put on that rising wedge. Right. So that’s that. And there we go. So I have that on my chart right now. Let’s pan on out to the daily time frame. Now, this was the rising wedge that everyone was looking at, including myself. Okay. Of course, I’m pattern queen, so I have to stop these these patterns. However, I always tell you guys something, which is this only becomes a bearish pattern after the break off the pattern to the downside. Before that, guys, this is not a bearish pattern. And this is a good sort of example of where bullish price structure actually leads to continuation. So what we saw over here with this rising wedge was higher lows and higher. Ties. Right. And what do you know, price was resilient, add this add this line of resistance here. Just gonna go ahead and zoom in. Price was resilient. We closed over beautiful retest on that last daily close and then continuation to the upside. So that was a bullish, bullish close that we had last night. So I was looking at that. And I do believe that this could if this does break to the upside, we could see this pattern meet the measured moves to the upside. OK. However, where does this pattern take us? If this does break to the upside. So let’s go ahead and we’ll check that out. Something right here. Plaudit and see. We break today. OK. See, this daily candle actually closes over that trend line. OK. And guys, notice how even there is a top trend line. So there’s a bottom trend line. However, there is also a top trend line. OK, breaking this to the upside is basically Bitcoin breaking a trend to the upside. OK. And I’m looking at that right now. And so if you look at the measured move from the break to the upside, all the way to the measured move, it comes up to this monthly resistance right here sitting at around nine thousand five hundred. OK, now, I do believe this has confluence with some weekly levels. So if you pan on over to your weekly. OK, put on your each Google cloud. By the way, for those of you who are not aware of the each chemical cloud settings we use here at Mango. It is the double settings. That’s twenty 60 one 20, 30. You can view it here on the right hand side corner of my screen on that under data window. OK. Twenty, sixty one. Twenty thirty. So if you notice the measured move is actually in line with the bottom of each cloud. So I’m thinking that if we men should take out some major points of resistance like this weekly level right here at around eight thousand five hundred. If we if we start closing candles above that, we could very well see price come up to test the bottom of that cloud. However, right now, guys, that is a far shot me will have to see how price reacts off of its most sort of immediate points of resistance. And at least on those high timeframes right now, we not only have this weekly resistance right here at around eight thousand five hundred. We also have the weekly Keishin. OK. But what I will be anticipating actually is since we have already taking out the twenty one, Yemi. And if we manage to close the next weekly candle over seven thousand seven hundred and fifty, I am looking for a good Seaspan trade to be met on that weekly timeframe. Right. So from the Tankan all the way up to the key, June, which is also sitting at eight point eight K. OK. That’s the least I will be expecting from Bitcoin if we manage to have a beautiful, beautiful weekly close on that next close. So I’m looking for it close over seven thousand seven hundred and twenty five. Now, this is a more bullish case. Could Bitcoin have further continuation from here? Maybe. OK, maybe. I do not know. We will have to wait on additional price action to really come up with a better forecast for this. But right now, these are the more immediate high time-frame levels that we have in front of us. And why did I bring this up, guys, is because from that hourly symmetrical triangle that we had right here, right now, the measured move does point Bitcoin all the way up to seven thousand nine hundred eighty one, which we have already met. However, what I’m saying is that if if price does end up closing around this region, we also OK. We will also be breaking this rising wedge to the upside. OK. That will be a clear close over the rising wedge. And that’s what I am looking for. There is confluence there. That is one pattern leading into the break off, another pattern. So watch out for that. These are the key levels that I have. The first one being eight thousand four hundred first one on the weekly second one eight point eight K. And third one also the measured move to the upside. Bottom of the weekly cloud, nine point five K. Okay, so that is that for bitcoin. That those bitcoin on the more bullish case. So if you’re looking for a more bearish case for Bitcoin, just pattern over to the monthly. Now, this is important because we do close a monthly candle in a day. OK, so we are on now. This is April twenty ninth. We do close a monthly candle in one day. So cool. Now, what everyone has been looking for is whether or not Bitcoin closes below the monthly twenty one EMEA alarm. Allow me to switch off all my horizontals. That way you have a better kind of visual, but no people were actually looking for bitcoin to hold that monthly 21 EMV as resistance sitting at around seven thousand three hundred and seventy, give or take. But what do you know whereabouts about seven percent off right now. That’s right. So price is currently at seven thousand nine forty six to get back down to the monthly. Twenty one, Yemi. Bitcoin needs to come down. We need a drawdown of seven point two eight percent in a matter of a day. Could Bitcoin do that? Sure, maybe. I mean, this is Bitcoin if it can do something like this in a matter of hours. I don’t see why it can’t lose seven percent on the Kindle in 24 hours. Right. So but that’s something that I would watch out for, for this monthly to turn ugly and for the bears to really, really get an edge. Okay. Over the. Bulls in the shorter timeframe. I will be looking for the monthly candle to close underneath that 21, Yemi. OK. If we do close underneath that 21 EMH, this will suddenly turn into an extremely bearish candle. OK. And at that point, at which point I will be looking for further continuation to the downside. OK. That’s what I have on the monthly. That’s the only thing I’ll be looking for, to change my outlook from bullish to bearish. But now for the interim, I am leaning bullish. OK. I am. As I’ve said, I am building a small, long position here. So this is what I have for you for Bitcoin. Let’s go ahead and pan over to Derian, because from my last video with with you guys where I did cover a theory, am I told you that I was looking for a price for the weekly to close over one ninety? For us to see further continuation to the upside. So did we close over one ninety? So this was also in line with that TEMKIN, right? There was a lot at one ninety, which I was telling you about. It had confluence on some major levels, hoops on from the daily going all the way up to that to that weekly timeframe. So as you can see, that one I knew region was the weekly right. This we also had some confluence on the 40, I believe, pan on over to the Forté. And yet that was the key June as well as the 10K. And if I just switch off my lines, you’ll see it right here, right. 10 conclusion’s sitting right there three day. Also, I believe we had some significance there. Yep. That is the three day key, June. Just look at that right to day. Was there anything there? I’m just gonna pop my. To date, was there anything there? And put that on and yep, that was the two day occasion as well. So you get the picture right now, I’m sure. But no, that wasn’t what I was looking for. I said, OK, guys, if the weekly closes, their chances are we’re coming all the way up to this weekly region right here at around two forty nine. However, we will have a stutter stop at around two hundred and eleven. So this is the next major resistance overhead on Theron’s chart. Two hundred and eleven. If it closes a candle over this region, I will be looking for continuation all the way up to 250. OK. That is gonna be the next major point of resistance. And this is what I was telling you guys about in my last video. Every time it theorem, Ashley takes out a major level. Right. Chances are we get a retest, which we did. And then further continuation. Just look at that. Look at how neat that is. I’m going to switch off my diagonals here just so you have a better view. Where is that? There we go. OK. So this is it right here. And notice that we broke people retest continuation to the upside. And I am looking for further continuation all the way up to two hundred and eleven dollars for a theory. Now, this is not a small range, guys. Well, it looks small. It is not a small range. OK, from here, all the way up to this point is twelve percent. If we break this to the upside, the next major weekly level. OK. Besides the queen, of course, let’s just say we’re only playing support and resistance is this is about thirty one percent to the upside. These are big profitable ranges to be had. OK, so. And guys, one thing I’ve noticed in theory, employees very well off of horizontals. Like it’s like a dream. It trades like a dream on horizontals. It is insane. Just look at this. Right. So you break retest. Down to the next range. Break, retest up to the next range. Like it’s insane. It just plays out so well. There’s anything that I would play a theorem on. It’s just support and resistance. So you can do. Like, you can make so much money just doing that. But but that’s what I’m looking for. A theorem is looking extremely bullish right now. I don’t have anything much to say on the chart for next point of resistance. Only a 211, however. However, if we break that, I will be expecting further continuation all the way up to 250. That’s gonna be a massive trade to be had. And more often than not, it works out. And I will be taking a trade on that. If we close over. That’s gonna be a 17 percent to the upside. Okay. Remember, close over. I usually wait on the retest and then further continuation to the upside. Just look at it right here. Close over. Continuation. Right. We came your net support and then continuation. Back up to the top of the range. And this is what I mean. Beautiful, beautiful trades to be had on a theory. Just simply based on support and resistance. But not. That’s what I’m looking for on air. Let’s move on to link and see what link is up to link QST. Now, remember, from our dashboards that I pulled up earlier, Link is actually in a short signal, although I think that this could flip long. OK, we could start making a bullish turn. Given that certain signals are matched. Now, the first one I will be looking for, OK, is going to be link USD taking out or rather taking back the daily 10 simple moving average. All right. Now, what is making me question this is the mere fact that everything else is, you know, is looking good. A lot of other charts are looking good, including while Bitcoin. So and Link is never usually a laggard. More. More often than not, it is actually a leading indicator. Right. So I’ll be very, very careful here. So what I’m noticing is that price is resilient on that on that daily. Ten simple moving average. OK. And as you can see, we are currently price is currently hovering over the daily 10, simple, simple moving average. However, on that last close, we did get rejected on it. So if we manage to take it back on. Well, tomorrow is close. I am looking for further continuation to the upside. OK. Now, the first point of resistance is going to be at three dollars and eighty cents. If we close over it, that is if and only if we close over it. I will be looking for a more bullish move to the upside. Next meeting, the next point of resistance at four dollars and four cents, at which point this bearish pattern. OK. This rising wedge that I have been looking at will be negated. OK. So if we close over the first zone is three dollars and eighty cents, this pattern gets negated. All right. So one but the first signal for us actually moving up is if Bitcoin manages to take back that daily 10 simple moving average. If we do not take back the daily 10, simple moving average and we do get rejected on that for the second time, I will be looking for continuation to the downside. Meeting this next point of resistance at three dollars and forty two cents, which is also in line with the Daily. Henkin, as well as the Daily 21 E.M.S.. Okay, so there’s a lot of confluence there and I do believe that will still be a good trait to be had considering I mean, it is the Daily 21 EMH. It’s just gonna be such an easy trait to manage, not only because it’s the Daily 21 E.M.S., but because there’s a lot of confusion saing levels there. Twenty one and a 10 can as well as major horizontal. Easy, easy trade to manage. And that’s why you notice this Whicker price came down here and how it got eaten back up like like crazy. Right. That was a bullish, bullish Kanellos a bullish buy back. So that’s something I’ll be watching out for and notice another nothing that I’ll be noticing is that this rising wedge, you could potentially even turn in to a bullish pattern. The bullish pattern being a potential ascending triangle. And we know how much Lincoln loves ascending triangles, right? Just triangles in general, actually, because notice how he broke out of this beautiful symmetrical one which went medic’s measured move. Right. Got rejected there. And we’ve been hovering in that range since. So if this manages to play out, I’ll be looking for this ascending triangle to come to play. OK. But right now, the markets are too looking too bullish for Linc to be a laggard. So watch out on how price closes relative to that daily 10 simple moving average, because I do believe that that will set the tone for chainlink. If we get rejected, the next point of support is only sitting here at around three dollars and forty two cents. And mind you, that is a very, very strong region of support. OK, if we break this to the downside. The next major zone is only a two dollars and ninety six cents. That will be a they’ll be quite a significant sort of drop to the downside from, you know, the Daily 21. All the way to this next point of support is a 13 percent to the downside. However, I feel that we have more of an edge to, you know, the closed door closing candles over the daily 10 simple moving average. And that’s what I will be looking at for the next daily close on link. Where do we close relative to the 10 estimate? Because like I said, that will set the tone on the lower timeframe, say, for our what are we doing on the four hour? It’s looking bullish. I mean, look at that. We’re about to get a bullish 10 estimate over the 21 EMH cross. The cloud is green. And that was one more thing I noted on the Daily. Going back to date to the daily. The Daily, each cloud actually turned green. So it’s I think it’ll be too premature to call this bearish for now. OK, so I don’t want to get ahead of myself there. I’m actually going to get rid of these diagonals just to take out any sort of bias. OK. Allow me to just do that. I’m just gonna have my horizontals and the issue of the cloud and notice how we this week here did not take out this low here so that the structure is still bullish. OK. The overall structure of Lync USD on the daily timeframe is still bullish. Despite this candle here, despite despite several other factors, especially the fact that it’s not moving with the rest. Okay, this is not bearish yet for Lync USD to turn bearish on a more structural standpoint. We are looking for price to now take out this week low here, sitting at three dollars and forty six cents. Unless, until and unless it does that. This picture is still in neutral zone. Okay. If we close with the tennis summate, that’s can be a good picture for link if we close over it. That the three dollars and eighty cents level on the daily time frame, that’s going to be even better for the bulls. OK. The next line of resistance is only going to be here at around four dollars and four cents, give or take. And yeah, that’s what I’ll be looking for on Lync USD. I mean, that’s my. And I feel like that is actually going to dictate what link BDC does as well. OK, so watch out for this link if there’s any link pairing that you ought to be looking at. If you are someone who is aggressively playing Lync, I suggest looking at Lync USD because this will paint the picture for you. OK. And yeah. Guys, that’s all I have for you for bitcoin. Barium and chainlink right now. I mean, bitcoin and ethereal are looking good. I feel like the probability is leaning more bullish than bearish link. I believe if it does take out the tennis me, which appears that it wants to take out for the next for the next daily close, I think this could. The picture on link could also turn bullish very, very fast. OK. And yet, guys, this is all I have for you for today with this trait safely trait stress free trade, the mango. We treat the easy way, guys. Chow.


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