Hey, everybody, many here with altcoin bise. Happy Monday, hope your week is off to a great start. We’re discussing some of the possibilities that we’ll be seeing pretty soon next month. Actually, in a post bitcoin to having world, some analysts are suggesting that the digital asset could be set to bloom in conjunction with that variable, as well as the fact that hopefully by then or at least later on in the summer, we’ll be living eventually in a post covered 19 eras. We’ll take a look at that from a couple of different perspectives. We’ll also take a look at. Did You Bite? Which has some updates? It’s up 2.9 percent on the day. And then finally for today, we’ll end with this sponsored piece looking at the 8 X exchange here on altcoins Point Buzz with this review by any. Let’s first-ever take a look at the markets today. Quant market cap, dot com. We sit at 200, 2.6 billion dollars. Right now, things are down a little bit, but they’ve been running up for the better part of a week. Now Bitcoin’s still above 7 K. However, down 2.8 percent in these last 24 hours. Projects down to 3 4 5 percent. Overall, Bitcoin sits currently at seven thousand twenty-five dollars and 89 cents. So importantly, still above that 7 K floor, that baseline that exists right now as support and the dominance right now at sixty-three point five percent. OK. From the other day at altcoin base, I owe the value of something useful is only realized once it’s scarce. This is pretty much universal. It goes for all things and colleges. Human psychology. But that does seem to be a universal principle. Enter the bitcoin having it is coming next month. In May of 2020. It’s right around the corner. Say no to brba E 27. Dongseo is looking at why bitcoin is set to boom potentially in a post covered nineteen eras. With a global recession looming, the purchasing power of traditional currencies is bound to be impacted. Enter bitcoin, of course, and the many advantages associated with it to a certain extent it did not really perform as a safe haven asset that we all would have wanted to see. But again, long term horizon, it’s all about the long term horizon. Of course, the comparison has been made in the past. Bitcoin is akin to digital gold. But let’s fast forward to this year specifically. Yes, there were some pretty nasty market movements to the downside. In fact, 40 percent drops last month. In particular, we’re talking about March 12th, 13th. So that was a very nasty time. However, Bitcoin has rebounded significantly and at the time of this writing, it has increased by approximately 70 percent from its lowest point this month. Not bad. The argument is thus made that although the volatility is terrifying, the recovery aspects of it are actually also appealing, because for those that are traditionally in the stock markets, they’ve lost quite a bit as well, but they haven’t rebounded to the same extent. So with the global recession looming, purchasing power of traditional currencies is bound to be impacted. And for those who understand the benefits of cryptocurrency, I predict there will be a surge of interest in owning Bitcoin. It will be mainly down to cryptocurrencies ability to alleviate a portion of pending pressure on traditional markets as we enter a global economic downturn. So in other words, it can act as a financial hedge, as a diversification asset that, hey, just in case in case other stuff goes poorly, you’ll have this in your portfolio. I think it’s more than that. However, I think people are seeing that there’s a growing mistrust or perhaps frustration with central bank monetary fiscal policy. And people are seeing more and more that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But let’s talk about Bitcoin for the sake of illustration. It’s a technology that is not affected by the decisions made by politicians, whether you agree with them or not. Bitcoin is dictated solely. It’s circulating supply, for example, is dictated solely by the algorithm that defines it. And so for a lot of people that are against this endless, infinite quantitative easing. People like myself, for example, I think they’re opening up to the idea of Bitcoin again in this post covered 19 contexts. Let’s take a look at this analysis here on crypto potato dot com bitcoin bottom is in as those who needed to sell it did on the 12th of March, though, Wolf, of all streets here tweeting on the 18th of April, Bitcoin has retraced the majority of the dramatic crash on March 12th, over 80 percent. There are a number of theories for why the price dropped so hard. The most logical and the one supported by those in the know is that bitcoin dropped because it is a liquid asset. In other words, it’s easy to sell. And we’ve talked about this before, no matter what space you’re in, there was a liquidity pinch and a lot of people needed money in a hurry. It wasn’t necessarily a refusal or a rejection of bitcoin, but in a way, it spoke to Bitcoin’s ability to generate cash quickly as a high liquidity asset. Well, now there’s another variable to consider. The Bitcoin having is coming up three weeks from now, which might have also helped cause the current bitcoin rally with a 50 percent reduction in bitcoin block subsidy rewards. There could be a positive trend as people seek to accumulate bitcoin anticipating price positive for other price movements. It’s all supply and demand. All right, guys, it’s all about finding that equilibrium point on the curve and scarcity breeds value it as a universal as much as it can be a universal economic law. And it could well be that that interest in Bitcoin leading up to the having is led by the institutional investors. So The Wall Street Journal recently covered the fact that Renaissance is Medallion Fund was up 24 percent in 2020 through April 14th in comparison with the S&P 500 index that has fallen eleven point four percent through April 14th. And Medallion uses mathematical models and its conviction that Bitcoin futures could be a profitable area to apply them indicates positive institutional sentiment around the liquidity of Bitcoin. Many other examples exist as well. Check out the full list here. That was just one on crypto potato dot, however. Let’s switch gears now and let’s look at did buy for just a second, which is up 2.7 percent in these last 24 hours here. Crypto mug investors podcast hashtagged. Did you bite Joe Zaya Spackman DCB Exchange listings, mining and staking privacy plans? If you love DGP, then you don’t want to miss this one. Watch and listen here. You have options on both YouTube and on Apple iTunes where they talk about the team, the project, their ambitions, the roadmap that lies ahead and all that has to do with the technology behind. Did you buy and hear the change? Angel team change. Angel Dot Io’s Cryptocurrency of the day has to be D.G. by coin. It has made its way back into the top 50 on Quinn market cap and the tech is amazing. Plus it is so fast. Come and get some dcb at change. Angel dot I o we’d love. Did you bite? As you can see here. There certainly. Yeah. Behind the team. Luna crushed social listening for crypto current ult rank leaders on Luna crush dot com hashtag alte rank equals increasing social activity plus price performance versus bitcoin plus rising trading volume if a bunch of them here tommo chain currently at number one. Did you buy at number two followed by Tasos Ethereum and Chain Link? We’ve been covering Luna Crush lately more recently, but as you can see, those are the top-up rank leaders again in these past 24 hours. And finally today we are looking at this sponsored piece on altcoin BI’s done IO navigating market volatility with AAA ex article by any digital asset exchange as partner platform of L.S. e.g. offers to the trade-off high liquidity digital assets over the counter spot and futures market. So as we all know, the crypto market is highly volatile. We’ve been talking about that just today. A December 2019 report published by S. F. 0x shows that compared to cryptocurrencies, the price of traditional investment mediums like Gold and S&P 500 have been more stable. And it’s certainly no secret that they’ve been more stable. And he writes here about the March Black Swan event, talking about the 12th, 13th of March. Bitcoin’s price just over that time alone went from seven thousand nine hundred dollars to four thousand eight hundred dollars in one day. So volatility to some certainly may be intimidating and maybe it’s not exactly a quality that you’re looking for. To a new investor. The volatility might bring with it a sense of fear and uncertainty. But however, for advanced traders, this brings with it a plethora of opportunities. And an X is an exchange that provides the right platform, safety features and tools for both beginner and advanced users. First and foremost, X is a digital asset exchange developed in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange groups L.S. e.g. Technologies. It’s the first cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange to be powered by LCG Technologies Millennium Exchange matching engine and the first exchange to join the London Stock Exchange Group’s partner platform. A их focuses on trading high liquidity digital assets as well as over the counter spot and futures markets and more about all that is available here. You can read about their spot trading features. Again, the whole emphasis here is that this is serving a wide range of clients, both those new to the investment space, beginners and veterans alike. And if you’re so inclined, you can check out the spot trading feature again, that would be perhaps more slanted toward the beginners if you’re a little bit more advanced. You can also look into the futures trading information on that is here. Leverage trading also existent. By the way, if you’d like to try these things and you are more of a beginner, you are unfamiliar with them. Of course, there are tutorials and examples that are available for you to learn more and more as you go along. Default fund, vanilla contract, over-the-counter OPEC and some of the advantages of that partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group are as follows. AA X is very much leveraging the Millennium Exchange matching engine technology and this is incidentally the first deployment of the technology in the cloud and this allows for configurations to trade any type of product in any market. And additionally, it combines reliability with scalability thanks to its rule-based. Distributed. And fault-tolerant technology design. Here’s the roadmap for 2020 in Q2. An X plans to launch native token a b. Their wealth management part 1 borrowing is going to come into effect. Tokenized commodities will include gold in Q3. Wealth management part 2 lending staking bitcoin dimensions. Contracts will come into play in Q2 as well. Multi-asset as collateral for trading options. And in Q4 we’re going to see margin calling options and social trading and a trading bot checkout and his article in full. We’re very excited about the X exchange. You can learn more about the exchange itself. You can also learn about the baby token and its launched for all of this. You can sign up here with the altcoin Buzz. The exclusive link will include this in the description below. But again, check out our article. Check out the link for more information about an X. That about wraps it up for today. Everybody, to be sure, you’re following us on all the regular social media channels and keep checking back into altcoin BI’s dot I o for all the latest. Hey, go ahead. Like subscribe, share and did the belt receive notifications if you’ve enjoyed today’s video? Best of luck. If you choose to invest on this Monday, everybody, but have a great one. A terrific start to your weekend. As always, we do hope you can soon be our next video ticker.


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