Bull Market Confirmed! 4 Year Cycle Still Relevant. Expert Bob Loukas Says: PREPARE TO GO HIGHER!


Welcome back, everybody, to altcoin Daily. My name is Aaron trading expert and four-year cycle originator Bob Lucas’ just today released an updated four-year cycle video is almost an hour-long video. I watched the whole thing, but I’ve pulled three clips for you. I think I think these clips are the most interesting and over, let’s say maybe this the last seven minutes over the next seven minutes. You can see the timestamps below. We’re going to go over what I feel is the most interesting. But before I play you, what I feel is the most interesting clips, three clips. The only way this is going to work is if everybody after you finish this video, of course, everybody needs to head on over to Bob’s video. The link is in the description. And at the very least, give him a like and give him a comment. That’s going to help his video and the algorithm. And in your comment, say, hey, altcoin daily sent me. But that’s the minimum you need to do is to like and comment to support Bob Lucas’, the maximum you can do if you’re feeling good. And this is gonna help Bob and this is going to help yourself is to actually watch his whole video. You know, if you don’t watch this whole video, I feel like you’re missing out on some crazy value and crazy perspective. And I’m just gonna give you a taste of what he said. Finally, another good thing you can do if you want to support Bob Lucas is to actually share this video. I retweeted it. I’m going to share it with you now. Bob does all this for free. And the only thing he ever asks in his videos is if you’ve got value like and shared them anyway. So that being said, a lot of people have been wondering, what do we make of this sell-off that we saw in March, this Colvard liquidity crisis sell-off? Why do we make of this? Because this created a lot of fear and a lot of uncertainty in the market. Now, I saw it as a buying opportunity myself. And according to Bob Lucas, that was the right mindset. But I don’t want to put words in his mouth. This is what Bob thinks of the recent sell-off. This is the longest clip I’m going to play you. But basically what Bob says is that this is healthy and this is actually bullish consolidation. And we did come down to thirty-eight hundred. So I think this is our big, big retest here. And it’s the capitulation event that we didn’t necessarily see in this new four-year cycle. So obviously we had the bear market capitulation, which ended that bear market, but we didn’t see any type of massive shakeout or retest throughout this past 15, 16 months since the four-year cycle began. And I believe this is it. Sentiment right here became and it got to an absolute extreme this capitulation event was real. I flushed out so much of the retail, flushed out so many of the leveraged players, and it really reset sentiment all the way back to bear market levels and beyond. If you look at that, there really hasn’t been any real mention of the halving. I mean, the halving narrative was huge last year toward the end of last year. I mean, it’s three weeks away. And nobody I mean, I’m not gonna say no. But of course, people are. But you would have thought by now it would have been halving, halving, halving, halving it. It’s not really the case. But also, Bitcoin is not getting mentioned in general and across the financial media space. And you see CEOs are pretty much dead and gone. Nobody’s launching anything. Even the scammers seem to be gone. Nobody’s replying to you. Those automated bots with Twitter on Twitter, like looking for funds. That’s all kind of gone. And I think it’s just reflective of the flush out that we’ve seen here. Maybe that was much needed in this market to allow this market to now begin to re-inflate here and to move higher. So I think everything is now set up really well. One you have we have had this sort of second bear market within a four-year cycle. So a cyclical bear market within a secular bull market. We’ve had the flush out miners have been sort of somewhat flushed out as well. Sentiment on the retail side has been flushed out. There you have the perfect position in the four-year cycle, showed you the video where you have kind of a one year period of building a base. I believe one year’s out of 13, 14 months out. Now we’re kind of at that point. And you also have a macro backdrop that is perfectly suited for Bitcoin to begin to show. It’s true. It’s true value right here. And to attract a bid. So I think everything is still set up. I’m still as bullish, as confident as I was starting this out. And I think for those, again, who have been patient and have shown discipline, they’re actually being rewarded right now. Think about where crude oil is. Think about where stocks are in general, even now down 20 percent. They were down 30. 5 percent, the down 20 percent. Bitcoin is up 130 percent. But even a conservative portfolio allocation like I’ve been showing you here is up over 60 percent during that time period. So it’s still outperforming overall and it’s still doing really well. But I guess people don’t see it that way. Based on where sentiment is today, and that’s because they’ve been going about this the wrong way. Again, buying the highs and selling the lows, just like I showed last time in previous videos, where retail gets excited, where prices are doing well when everybody is supposedly making money and you’re not. That’s when everybody jumps in fuel. Few people get out at the top. And this was, again, I think I repeat here. So this entire structure here has really been Max Payne, as far as I’m concerned, what I mean by Max Payne. It’s been difficult for bulls and even bears alike to profit be successful in this. I love it. I think Bob provides such a seasoned perspective on everything. And obviously the next question we all need him to answer is, well, what happens after this? Does Bitcoin keep climbing higher into the having or just, you know, generally what’s the grind to twenty thousand dollars is gonna look like? The sentiment is bearish right now, but seasoned trader Bob Lucas says this is what’s going to happen next. Okay. Now, short term, again, I don’t want to focus on the short term, but I think we probably get at least some type of shakeout come down here. And then I think we begin to see capital flow right back into Bitcoin. And I think there’s been a lot of accumulation more recently, but I think you’ll start to see that accelerate. And if you look at the April video from last year, again, I don’t talk about new highs above $20000 until 2021, and I don’t see that changing right here. I think that’s still the right look for this four-year cycle again. Be aware anything can happen, right? That’s the whole point. In the short, intermediate time frame, anything can happen. But I believe we begin to sort of build up a base right here. We’d probably don’t get above this 10000 level until possibly the summer. So this year and then we can kind of come up here and begin to maybe look at testing by February, March, April again. Don’t know exactly where. Let’s just call the argument’s sake in March. And it’s not and probably take a little while before we can get above that thousand psychological levels that mirror the peak of 17. We may even at that point have another shakeout, a significant shakeout, maybe a 20, 30, 30 percent shakeout. Bitcoin shows 30 percent shakeout, often and frequently uptrend. So possibly a shakeout. And as I showed in the last video or that video from last year, it’s really the last six to nine months only in a cycle where the massive gains come in. And that’s when the retail crowd finally wakes up and says, oh, my God, this thing is going to go. It’s made all-time highs. And this is where it gets mass media attention and it makes those new all-time highs. And from that point is where you start to see the acceleration in the cycle like it. The final clip I’m going to play you is perhaps everybody’s favourite part of a Bob Lucas video where he talks about the journey to the top of the four-year cycle. And yes, he says the four-year cycle is still intact. It’s very possible the top could still happen at the end of 2021. It’s also possible it could be a super right translated cycle, in which case the top might be in 2022 anyways. This is the final clip. I’m going to play you and then we will conclude blushes for argument’s sake, let’s say we go up to a top here around the December 2021 timeframe. Still not looking then to break all-time highs and make the run to the peak until nine months before the expected peak. So if you look at 36 bars, which is nine months. Thirty-six weekly bars from a projected peak here in November of twenty twenty-one gets you to April of twenty twenty-one. So another year before we break out of all-time highs again this is just extremely arbitrary. It’s a guide, nothing else. The point is that the cycles projecting higher and much higher prices and that’s the opportunity we try to take advantage of. But again, just because we need to at least had some type of framework of expectation looking at this April timeframe where we kind of breakout. This is where. Begins to accelerate, you get the mania phase and then, of course, we’re peaks in terms of price is anybody’s guess. But let’s just say we get up to this too, on a thousand dollar level. That’s kind of the projection. I’m still looking at the projection I have really not wavered from and this is how I would see it playing again. Does it console they for a six month months be below 8000, 10000? That’s also possible. Again, as we saw, the path right here over the last year varied from where I thought that could happen again over the next year. So, you know, we may see it a trail on the bottom. But still, by the April timeframe, make the all-time high. We may even get a push above the All-Time High this year. But then come significantly back in another mini cyclical bear market over for a six month period and then again by April of 2021. Be at this a twenty thousand dollar range. I guess you get the point here that we’re looking at more of a trajectory over time to a point up in here. But I do believe this four-year cycle will still be right translated, meaning that the peak over the four year period is occurring will be on the midpoint. The midpoint of the cycle here would be around about November, December of twenty. That’s the midpoint. I believe the peak occurs in this sort of the third year of the cycle, but it could also move into this fourth year of the cycle. It’s possible again that we have an extremely right translated cycle and that we come and we peak high into this twenty twenty-two time frame and then come lower sharply into a bear market, low into twenty, twenty-two and late. All right. This is where I’m going to stop playing Bob, this video. As you can see, there is so much more than Bob Lucas gets into. As I said, this is an hour-long video that Bob made and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t go in the description right now, head on over to his channel. Watch this whole thing yourself. And you need to make sure regardless if you do that or not, head on over his channel and like and comment to support him. And if you’re feeling good, maybe share his video. It’s funny how, you know, when the market goes down, the sentiment drops to, you know, everybody. When the market goes down, everybody always talks about, well, this isn’t going to go back up for a long time. This is never going to go back up. And it’s funny when the market starts to go up, how euphoric people get. You know, it’s never going to go back down. We’re never going to see a certain price level again. And as Bob Lucas pointed out, the real winners in this thing are not the people. You know, it’s so hard to make money on trading. It’s the real winners in this thing are people who get in at a reasonable position. People who hold and then holders, if you’re feeling froggy. People who buy the dips, of course, never invest more than you can afford to lose. But that’s it for today’s video, everybody. This was I just wanted to share Bob’s video. And if you’re not subscribed to his channel, definitely make sure you do that. And that’s it, guys. I will see you tomorrow. It’s gonna be a great year.


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