Buterin no faith in crypto. IMF against bitcoins. Bitcoin prosecuted – NJ btc news

Buterin no faith in crypto IMF against bitcoins Bitcoin prosecuted – NJ btc news with

Bitcoin news from NakamotoJedi news channel – watch the Friday’s episode and get known what is going on in the crypto world!

Last time we told that Vitalik Buterin had some doubts concerning the future of ETH and the other cryptocoins (but doubts can be easily dispelled when the whole crypto community criticizes you!). Now Buterin says that he’ll do his best to improve Ethereum. Hey, Vitalik, chin up!

If you are a crypto entrepreneur from Mexico, why are you still here? Go and get the license, because the Mexican authorities are getting really rough on cryptocurrency regulation. And not only Mexico is so strict – the US FINRA calls the bluff of another broker, who has backed his new crypto coins with oil.

One more financial institution – International Monetary Fund – can’t bear seeing the Marshall Islands turning into blockchain paradise. Hope, this will not stand in the way of the island’s crypto enthusiasts.

And South Korea obliged people to use real-name accounts while going for banking services. Of course, for the sake of security. How do you think, is this strategy helpful?

The blockchain technology is erecting the whole cities like QUINTILIION Burgh. In this futuristic city there will be 9.000 houses, and this will be another paradise for those passionate about bitcoins and blockchain. Hurry up to buy a humble house in QUINTILIION Burgh and spend the rest of your life in a crypto dream!

The topic of crypto regulation is not over: Star Xu, the head of OKEx crypto exchange has been imprisoned. And the head of Bitmex has been accused of dumping Ether. To be a head of a crypto exchange is not that easy, you know.

There are so many ICOs, but not all of them are backed by real product, e.g. mayonnaise. And sportsmen nowadays are not just giving cryptocurrency away but launch their own crypto coins like FC Avai Futebol did. At the same time, Winklevoss brothers and Charles Cascarilla have released their stable currency Gemini and Paxos Standart, tied to US dollar. So many new crypto coins these days!

Probably, you know Bobby Lee – the guy who constantly gives bitcoin predictions. Today Luis will dwell upon the story of him. Don’t miss it!

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00:29 The episode’s preview
00:55 Market review: Buterin on the future of crypto

01:48 Crypto in Mexico: license needed

02:06 US FINRA accuses a broker

02:30 Crypto lobby group in the US

02:54 Merciless IMF and the Marshall Islands

03:23 Real-name accounts in South Korea

03:52 QUINTILIION Burgh – a city for the crypto passionate

04:51 OKEx Head prosecuted

05:08 CEO Bitmex accused of tampering of ETH price

05:23 Nalin Kotadiya extorting cryptocurrency

05:47 Miracle Whip: mayonnaise ICO

05:59 Brazilian FC launches ICO

06:15 New stable coins by Winklevoss brothers and Charles Cascarilla

06:47 Bobby Lee forecasts: the story about the expert
08:29 Morgan Stanley trades bitcoins

08:44 Dark Web marketplace raising funds for terrorism

09:11 Conclusion: quest soon

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