$2.3 TRILLION BAILOUT!! BUY BITCOIN!!! Hyperinflation – Programmer explains


Welcome guys. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning Krypton and here on Although I Will Not Take we are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we do this show each and every day at 8 a.m. Central B and finally, as I come to like an atomic clock each and every day. Today we will be discussing the corporate Marxism of the current financial system. We do have the Fed yesterday committing 2.3 freshly printed dollars, freshly printed fiat to buy debt, corporate debt and also to buy junk bonds. Can you imagine? They’re not even checking now? They’re not even checking. I know that Ford was downgraded. Their bonds were downgraded just a few weeks ago. And obviously the Fed had to react. So now they also said they weren’t even going to buy downgraded bonds. It’s okay with that. But you will learn all about that in this episode because look what we’re witnessing right now. This has never happened. The Fed is all in. The Fed is merging with the Treasury. You know, normally you have the Fed being here, the government being here. They’re separate. They’re completely separate. And they should be separate because the politicians will always want to mess with money. They always want to create new money because they can fund all kinds of projects and get more votes. So the whole idea, of course, is that Fed should be independent from the government, but that is not truly what’s happening right now. They are merging and they will tell you exactly how it’s happening and how is going on in this episode. And also, it’s important to discuss the fact that you are being robbed. You and I are being robbed. That is the only way to put it, because you understand that you maybe get like $1000, you get some deferred tax payments. I see you already as superjet as super chattel raising guys. That’s amazing. I evangelist’s. Adam, thank you so much. Amazing. Still waiting for the leader. Not not really sure what you mean, but thank you so much for the nation. And let me know if it works on mobile. If you do the mobile on desktop. I was going to be number one. Number two, we’re going to discuss oil. You know that now we have an agreement that this cartel will cut production opaque. And Russia. They will cut the production. And obviously, this all affects Bitcoin identity. This all affects Bitcoin. We have the hovering right around the corner, right around the corner. And we’re going to discuss that as well. So, guys, all welcome. How are you doing? I see the chart rolling. We are, of course, light streaming only and exclusively on. I want to dot com slash live. Welcome, everyone. I cbf you. I see the huddle. I see crypto mico. Crypto Vader danièle race vest. Armstrong done. That guy’s amazing. Let me know what you arching him from right now at this very moment in time where you are watching this from another another another supercut from evangelist Ivan someone’s someone sullies group to hear about the evangelist movement. I’m here to keep your seat warm. Nice, nice. My nice little solace group. That was our helicopter money yesterday. So today we have evangel is being helicopter money. Guess you’d like the Fed sometimes. Who is going to be the Fed? Today’s the question with helicopter money in the chat. And look, look, today we’re drinking black coffee. No milk, no sugar. No sugar involved. And looking at the markets, you will see something very significant today. I can assure you of that. But before we go into that, this was hilarious. Strub saying, I flatten the death curve, but look, he put it in the wrong way. Somebody made this joke. Mr. President, you’re holding sideways because the US that, you know, is at an all time high. And by design, it is like that. By design is going to be like that. So don’t even expect this to change. This is growing exponentially. And if you know how the current fractional reserve banking works, how the current system works, how governments have outsourced money creation to the central bank, to the private banks, but also now the Fed is coming in printing like crazy. The whole economy is based on that. And the only way forward is have more debt. And we’re going to have a whole episode on this topic. Why? This is going to continue. And there is no way to get that down to make it stop. There is no way. So is just by definition how this economy works. This will just keep growing. The debt will keep growing. It will not go down. It’s impossible. It’s absolutely impossible. And Young said that this exponential move will become more and more dramatic. It is truly exponential. I mean, you look at this, this is basically how bitcoin grew in price during the past 10 years, completely exponential. Nine million percent we saw in Bitcoin price growth. Well, you see the same kind of development in national debt in the in the United States. And this is by design, guys, in order to make the economy work, we need more debt and there’s only going to continue. So don’t even expect it. Some people are like, hey, I didn’t expect this to grow. Why is this so big? Don’t even expect against have your expectations straight. This thing will just continue to grow. And they don’t get the surprise that it’s just by design like it it’s always gonna be like that, but it’s not sustainable. That is the thing. It’s not sustainable until we see some kind of reset in the system. Now, we are at 24 trillion right now and we have another super chart from Michael Valérie. Good morning from Amsterdam with T. Good morning to Amsterdam. Thank you so much. So we are at 24 trillion in national debt in the U.S. This is just going to continue. We’re going to be at the third to truly and very soon. And then at 60 and then at the hundred. And then the two hundred you see exponential. So expect it just expected. So looking at the markets, well, the following situation in Bitcoin and in the crypto space. Let me actually just put you in the top market cap like so worth bitcoin at minus 5 percent almost. So quite a brutal downfall, to be honest with you. We did not really establish ourselves firmly above seven cape. We have them at minus 5 percent. We have X-ART, P.F. minus 3 percent. So we have a lot of fear. And just like we discussed in the chad before we went live, which you’re going to see now, is people of bipolarity changing. Their bipolarity is changing very quickly in crypto. Now everyone’s going to say we’re going to go to Touquet. Now everyone’s going to say, we’re going to go to 3K. Just remember it. And this is kind of the thing you got to realize. We are bipolar. We’re bipolar. Hearings always gonna be like that. Nicole, what do you think about the Atlantis report on YouTube? I haven’t checked it. I will check it. Atlantis report. And thank you so much for the superjet and fireworks. You always make Friday a bit better with fireworks, guys. So we see a downfall in the top-10, especially a C minus 10 percent. I mean, obviously with B ASV, we have the Halling coming up soon. And you know how the halving went from Bitcoin cash? Not very well. I mean, it was very boring. Nothing really happened in terms in terms of price. It just collapsed and miners obviously stopped mining. So we did see a difficulty decrease. And now it’s just less security on the Bitcoin cash network. So BSEE is going to have the same basically today. I think it should be like in a few days, like if, you know, exact date, but it’s very, very soon. Looking at the big winners, we have waves, Dash Haddara, not a lot of winners today, only waves basically. And losers are in there was synthetic SK1. But look, the reason why many people are asking we have seen PSV, we’ve seen before encash. We’ve seen light. So why is Bitcoin having different? Why are people more excited about Bitcoin is humming? Well, because Bitcoin is more of a global phenomenon. It’s more of a global phenomenon. You see Bitcoin being used, for example, in third world countries. We’ve talked about how the Latin American economy in terms of local bitcoin is being all around Venu. Salah is being centred all around the you sell the Gore-Bush that episode if you don’t know what I’m talking about. We see the same thing in Africa. We see that in Asia, people using a lot of Kryptos well, in order to avoid restrictions in banking. And they are obviously using bitcoin. They’re using deathers because. Untether another one from Niccol. I love you. I love you, man, too. I love you, man. So this is more of a global thing. So when something like Holly happens, we do see. The supply and demand play out in the real economy way more, way more with big cash and BSP. Bitcoin cash NBA savvy. And by the way, when I say big cash, I don’t mean to mock it. Just like saying cash more. So we look at big cash NBC. It’s mostly internally to their to their tribe. That’s where most of the trading happens. The same with Lt.-Col. Like gold is a bit, by the way, more global as well. Bitcoin, cash and BSE. But what is the conclusion? The conclusion is that when the supply new newly produced supply in bitcoin cash or BSEE drops by 50 percent, you don’t really see a lot of demand. The demand is basically doesn’t even Karokhail. It’s less supply. We’re not going to trade us as much. I mean, are people going to say that? No, they’re not going to say that because it’s only used within their community for changing. A bit of speculation is still being used that somebody really needs somewhere in the world. So that’s the biggest difference between the hoardings of or Lt.-Col and Bitcoin cash. BWV and Bitcoin, because bitcoin, you do have more of a global effect. There is an inherent demand for biscuit and that is why that is why stop the flow model only works with bitcoin because stock to flow model describes the relationship between new supply and the demand and how it’s gonna affect everything. So please keep it in mind. Another one from Solit group Duyen waiting for a new stealth bomber. munya. I’ll buy bitcoin under 6.6 gate. This is the time to DCA when we have a bit of a pullback. Absolutely. Absolutely. Now, yes. Remember that we do have our webinar completely free webinar on April the twenty ninth where we’re going to discuss how to stack massive, absolutely massive amounts of SATs in this bull market. That is coming up. And it’s completely free. You gotta check it out if you’re not in that category and if you haven’t been in this webinar before, completely free of nothing to lose. So just click the link below and sign up right now. And we do have our collaboration with BioBlitz and Femke. So if are trading, you want to trade with leverage. Go to a link below. You see best kripp deals. Click there. As always, Pemex man. Why are they loading so slowly? Always. Here they are on Fenwick’s. You basically can do bitcoin a theorem you SRP link dess light on and gold. You can also have gold here and buy, but it’s only bitcoin sitroom. ios6. But the good thing with by bit. I personally prefer byb it a bit more because they have more liquid asset. I mean the way more people are using it, it’s a way more mature platform, so to speak. So go and check out them in the description, but be very careful. Be extremely careful. More fireworks, guys. More more fireworks in the chat. You are on fire today. Thank you for keeping us up to date. Thank you, Harold. I appreciate you. I appreciate you a lot. Now, you know that it’s Friday and they told you that I would explain to you why. It’s amazing to have a Friday, but why you should not be overly excited about Friday aswell, because people who are overly excited about Friday, I sometimes feel that they don’t like what they’re doing during the week. So this is kind of the piece of knowledge I want to give to you today. Before we get into the corporate Marxism is that this case is Friday. But if you hate if you hate Mondays, you hate weekdays. You have to switch careers. Yes, you have to reconsider. So that is why, by the way, you should go and join the webinar, if you like, fried this too much. This is for you. Now, of course, if you have something you like, you work with something you like. You just want to spend more time with your family during the weekend. And that’s why you’re excited for Fridays. Completely fine. But if you feel that man, finally, I don’t have to go to work, then you really have to reconsider what you’re doing in life. And then, of course, Krypto full time is very important. And you gotta to learn how to stack sets. So go to the webinar first and foremost. Smart money is buying, guys, as you can see. We do have accumulation in terms of whales. Number of whales with and with an account with over 1000 1000. Bitcoin is increasing right now. This is looking a glass node on chain fundamentals and we’re seeing this accumulation in these accounts. They are going up. You know that we cans are selling. Retail is selling while wealth are accumulating because we know that the hubbing is just right around the corner. Now, accumulation always happens before the hoving, as we’ve seen in the past as well. Whales are accumulating. Weekends are not really accumulating because they don’t know what will happen. They’re a bit scared. They’re a bit uncertain what’s going to happen. Everyone is uncertain. But at least you’re gonna have some kind of vision for the future. Some kind of your internal belief, which you things are going to happen to Bitcoin long term. And obviously, if you are a whale, you do have that understanding and you accumulate during this time. So look at what the smart money is doing. And obviously, when we saw bitcoin completely wild. That is when Wells also started to selling off their stock and started to sell off here mostly, mostly before we reached like the crazy peak because you know that it’s impossible to time of the peak for you. It’s impossible to know exactly where the peak is. So smart manual’s taking profits. Those times as well. And now since basically 2009, in January, we’ve seen trend in accumulation. So keep it in mind. Look, we are living in very, very strange times. We’re living in very strange times because now is when you see America really showing how it works and when people say that America is the sign of capitalism failing. What they don’t understand is that it’s not capitalism, to be honest. It’s not capitalism in good times. We are religious capitalists. But if something goes wrong, we don’t mind socialism. But the socialism is not for you and me. It’s not for the middle class. It’s not for people who actually who actually need it. That is key to understand. It is for corporations. It is when the Fed is producing new money. It is when the Fed is going completely All-In like they’re doing right now with their operations. And this is something you can not ignore. Guys, there’s something we cannot ignore because you’re being you’re being robbed. Hey, man. Sebastian, thank you so much. Testing Super Shuttle Mobile. I hope it works. I hope it worked fine. So what do you make out of this? The following. The following. They will try to make people happy nonetheless. They will try to make it so that you and I don’t revolt. So we’re seeing right now, for example, Trump coming out and considering canceling student debt, because obviously everyone is looking at what’s going on with the corporate side. And obviously, you don’t want to see only corporations getting all of this free money. So let’s play this clip and then we’ll continue the discussion. Let me know if the sound works. Let me know if the sound works. Today, the Department of Education is also announcing the availability of more than 6 billion dollars in emergency grant funding to assist college students impacted by the cancellation of classes and the suspension of housing. A lot of people had a lot of things suspended. Housing is one of them. Previously, we waive student loan payments for six months. So student loan payments have been waived for six months and we’ll discuss it after that may go further. Look, they are together talk about maybe we’re gonna cancel your student, that may be maybe, maybe, maybe. Personally, I think that in this new times we’re living in. It could happen, but that would actually surprise me. It would surprise me if student debt got canceled. It would be in many cases a good thing from many perspective. A good thing, because, hey, if we’re still doing the socialism thing, if we’re already started, why not help? Also, young people look is better to help them as well. There are many arguments for that. They they they can start working from. From a position in which they have no debt. They can just start their lives without being slaves from day one. That is why you could make that argument in another country. Argument could be that what if somebody just paid off their debt and now they’re cancelling everyone’s student debt? You are basically rewarding the people who did not pay it back. And now if you just paid it back, you mentioned how you would feel if you just paid everything back and now suddenly it’s all canceled and you didn’t have to pay it. If you just waited a few more weeks. So obviously, it’s not an easy question, but I think the most important effect of this is to calm down everyone, to calm down everyone who is seeing the printer go wild right now and seeing the Fed go wild. It’s to say, hey, guys. You will also get a bit of that freshly printed fiat. Maybe. Maybe we’ll consider it for now. You just we just defer your payments, but maybe, maybe, maybe we’ll consider it because that would be a big thing. I mean, this would be a big thing for the average job. No question about that. I would be surprised if it actually happens. Let’s see. It’s not impossible. But the way the system works is not is not for students. I mean, it’s not for the for the middle class. And it’s not for anyone who has some kind of personal debt. I really, really doubt it will happen. But we’ll see. Nico, I’m father of three new babies to pay to pay for our failure. How how do you mean? I’m not really sure what you mean, but if you mean that they’re going to take care of you, then it may be a good strategy. We’re going back to the old days, by the way. Many people might be thinking in those old ways that, hey, we’re going to have kids to actually take care of us if you, of course, have financial difficulties. Now, what’s important to note is the numbers here. Now, we’ve mentioned that even the average Joe gets a bit of hope from the administration. They get a bit of hope. So they are calm. They don’t really do something crazy. They don’t protest too much. Maybe counselors tell them that. Now we’re seeing what’s happening with the Fed, the 2.3 trillion dollar now being printed to buy junk bonds. You’ll see Lynly. But saying. Exactly. Exactly. You’re like the mining or guys today. Amazing. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you. So they are expanding their program with 2.3 freshly freshly printed theat in programs aimed at helping businesses and state local governments. So that’s what’s gonna happen. That announcement sparked a jump in stocks, a drop in the dollar because it’s getting devalued by the moment, guys. If you’re sitting in the dollar, reconsider. I mean, I would ask you to consider not financial advice, but I’m reconsidering that because too many people now become super bullish on the dollar. They think that this flight to safety will continue because the dollar has been performing quite well during the past months. We’ve seen a sell off in all kinds of assets. Where are they going? I mean, where is the value going to the dollar? But at the end of the day, everyone has already sold everything. That’s what’s going to happen. And then you sit there with your dollars. What do you do? Guess what do do you? As soon as possible want to buy a real asset that produces monthly cash flow. The last thing you want to do is sit and dollars long term. Yes, there are a lot of deflationary deflationary movements right now, such as a lot of debt being denominated in U.S. dollars and everyone needs dollars to pay back their debt or pay for their margin calls or to close their other obligations that are also denominated in dollars. But at the end of the day, you will be sitting there with dollars and what will you do? You will get very worried. You will get an easy because they are just printing another one from solid crypto. They are smart. They give the normal people this bits creating more and even this. Now the middle class is fighting each other for food and helicopter money. Divide and conquer. Soon. Soon, soon. The art of war must through this. I’ve read it, and you’re completely correct. That’s what’s going on right now. You’re completely correct. So keep this in mind now. The most important thing that’s going on right now is the fight that they’re going to buy junk bonds. They’re going to buy junk bonds. This has never happened before at this scale. So it would appear this Fed is aware that the economy is in dire straits, particularly with the small companies, and they are likely to take highly unusual steps, some unprecedented steps to see if they can loosen up that sector. So that’s what’s happening. They are all in. The Fed is really doing everything they can. They are gonna commit to this. The have already committed. And look, as part of the announcement, the Fed expanded its corporate lending programs to take it into a new area, including. CFS of companies that are rated below investment grade, basically junk junk bonds. Guys, why are they doing that? This is a very important thing to understand. Why is it so that the Fed Golson buys these bonds? Well, mainly to keep up the prices of the bonds, of course, because if you have the bond prices falling, corporate debt prices falling. It means that if you are a corporation and you are struggling and you want to release a new bond, because that is how you get finance, you release a bond that is debts that other people buy and they give you money for that bond and then you pay them interest and then you pay back that debt with time. But you understand that if the demand for the bonds on the market is zero, nobody’s buying bonds. Everyone is scared. That is what’s happening right now. Everyone’s scared. Nobody’s buying bonds. It means that for you to even be able to even be able to finance yourself to taking new money into your corporation through issuing bonds, it means that you have to increase the interest rate because there is no demand for any bonds. So the only way to maybe have someone buy your bond is to have a high interest rate. So that is the thing. The Fed comes in and says, hey, we will buy your bond. Don’t worry. We will buy your bond so that the corporations can take in more debt. They are able to sell their bonds, because when the Fed is doing this, it means that other banks and other investment banks and other institutions are also feeling a bit more comfortable to buy this debt from corporations to to to give corporations money, take their bonds, because they know that in the worst case, they can sell it to the Fed. They know it’s a market for this for these bonds, even junk bonds. Now there is a market because the Fed will buy them at the end of the day. So that is important. That is the most important thing to understand, because when you read this that the Fed is now buying corporate debt, corporate bonds. You don’t understand what’s going on. But if you know, that is because they want to keep up the market for bonds going so that these corporations can issue bonds and they know that somebody is going to buy them, they don’t have to have to crazy interest rate. That is what’s happening. And that is what they’re trying to do now to tell the bond market, hey, be active, be. Be calm down. Be confident in this bond market, because I doubt they were going to buy everything. Otherwise, if they didn’t do that, the the bonds would go down and nobody would buy them. And you s-corporation, you can not take in more debt. You can’t have crazy interest rates. And even when you do, people might not want to buy them. Now we have a donation from Zero Joy. Ivan, thanks for your content. Crazy economy. Will this super shot have the option to pay encrypted regards from Switzerland? Yes, crypto is coming. We’re going to start with ethe because it’s fast transaction and everyone has EIF and then maybe we’ll add the lightning because look, we’re not going to have bitcoin and wait for a six six confirmations. Maybe we’ll have we can have a 0 confirmation payment or something, but we can start with EEF because it’s so easy man. It’s so easy like this is gonna be a bit more difficult but if is very easy. So you can also understand that when we see this, we become addicted because now the whole market is functioning around the fact that the Fed will buy anything, they will buy anything. And that is how the market is structured. Mukul, please check the Atlantis report. Maybe you can find on why YouTube didn’t ban them. I will check them out. You guys recommended. I will check them out. Thank you so much, Nico, for donation. So what’s important here is that we’ve become addicted now that you see the whole bond market relying on the Fed. They’re basically telling Hape we’re confident because the Fed this year imagine now the Fed pulling out. How the confidence will disappear. So the Fed cannot pull out. I mean, they are in this. They are all in. They have committed. Once the Fed enters a market like the bond market, like they’ve done right now, buying even junk bonds they have committed. There is no way for them to go back, because if they go back, the whole confidence in that market collapses even more to even lower levels compared to when the Fed entered. And when corporate debt market collapses, no corporation will be able to get funding from bonds because nobody will buy them. Nobody will actually give them money. So you see that we are this addicts. The whole economy is addicted. That is why also is connected to this situation with exponential debt. You need just to have more debt once you have a bit of debt, like the only way forward is more. And we’re gonna have a whole episode where I explain how it works, exactly why you should not even expect it to go down or sideways. It will never do, guys. The national debt, it will just continue going up in an exponential rate now is not sustainable. This is like we will see how much it continues, but I don’t know how much. Maybe two hundred trillion, maybe to 500 trillion. We’re gonna be there soon because it’s exponential. Our brains can not comprehend exponential developments a lot because you see, just a few years ago, we were somewhere here on this chart and then we completely exploded. Now to hear it, look, it’s just gonna be exponential. So we are addicted and it’s just going to continue like this. What’s important as well is that we need to be looking at the dates. So you see, for example. We have this 2.3 trillion loan bailout program that the Fed announced recently. Yesterday they really started with this. They really started looking on this in March and you know that on March 24th for it was downgraded because obviously nobody is buying cars in the crisis. Nobody is really investing in that. So the bonds, the corporate debt of Ford was downgraded for this, obviously very important for the U.S. economy. No question about that. For employment. So now the Fed basically had to readjust their strategy and say, hey, we’re even gonna go and buy the debt or off of companies that are below investment grade such as Ford. So it’s important. It’s important. And that is exactly what’s going wrong. And look, they got that mess with the rules a lot. That is what they have done. This is what Jerome Powell said. They had the Fed in it recently when he announced this whole situation with two point three trillion. These programs that we are using under the law. We do this, as I mentioned in my remarks, with the consent of treasury secretary and the fiscal of backing from the Congress through the Treasury. So here is where we start talking about the fact that they are emerging. The Fed and the Treasury are merging. They are bending the rules. They’re bending the reality of how this whole system was set out to be the relationship and the polarity of the Fed. And the government is now breaking down and they are merging their view. Thank you so much. By bit leverage 106 for life. Thank you so much. V a few a an H. I really appreciate you. So this is very big because now the the Treasury is in tandem. They’re working in tandem with the Fed. And if you read the quote further, you see that we’re doing it to provide credit to households, businesses, state and local governments. We are directed by Congress. We are using the fiscal backdrop to absorb annual losses we have. So we have monetary and fiscal policy now in full in full speed, in full effect. And you know that monetary policy is already exhausted because how much lower can you do interest rates? You can still do a lot with fiscal, but that requires political will and political support. Our ability is limited by law. By the law. Look, you said that it’s limited. It’s limited, but they are moving forward. We have to find unusual and exigent circumstances. And the treasury secretary has to agree. And we’re using this fiscal backdrop. So, look, they are limited by the law, but they will still find ways through working with the government, through working with the administration. Any thoughts on how this will affect deferred development? Says said that we’ll get less discussed if I then say I will bring it up, but then deferred development. But good question. We will, of course, talk about this at them. And it has a lot to do because the only way forward for the Fed is either to print more money. They will do that. They could even lower interest rates a bit more. They could still do some some monetary policy. Obviously, when you have negative interest rates, you also have to decide the banks will have to decide either to implement it in savings accounts. So, for example, in Europe, in the E.U., if you have a corporate account in the bank and you have euros, you have euros, you will lose money every month, you will lose minus 0.4 percent or zero point zero. For something like that, you’re going to lose. OK. I think it 0.4 percent. But these days of interest rate, your money in the bank, they take they take a bit. I’ve experienced this. I’ve had money, corporate money with our corporation. We had it in a bank account. We had euros each and every month. We were paying negative interest rate. Now it’s not like that. If you have a personal account and this is not an all in all banks, some banks don’t don’t have this because the banks decide it’s not an all banks. But if this continues, you understand that the Fed, the only thing they will be able to do is to decrease interest rates and then literally force people to spend their money. You have your money in the bank. It disappears. You literally have to go and run and buy something as soon as possible, especially with digital fiat. So here’s where it becomes scary, because digital fiat will be pushed down your throat. It will be like that. You will be forced to accept it. Why is it so? Because they can have monetary instant policy like never before. Right now it’s up to the banks. The banks decide, OK. We should have negative interest rates in the accounts or not. So as I told you, our bank had negative interest rates for corporate accounts, for private accounts. They did not. Some other banks don’t even have that for corporate accounts. Now, the Fed obviously wants more economic activity. They want digital cash so they can enforce this negative interest rates. By themselves, without going through the private banks and checking with them by themselves, everyone will have a minus. For example, 1 percent in in the interest rate. Whatever money you have in your wallet, it will evaporate. You’re forced to spend it as soon as possible. Now here’s where Defi comes in. For example, when you look at old stable coins like Teather, you did see. You look at you as D.S. you look at all of the essentially stable coins. You know that they have dollars in their bank account. That’s how they work. They bag their stable coins with dollars. Imagine their bank account in the near future having negative interest rate, which might happen. Look at how it might happen that they will have negative interest rates in their bank account, just like we had in our corporate bank accounting in Sweden. So it means that they need to produce somehow. Teather now needs to produce positive cash flow in order to even be able to keep their reserve of dollars because they’re losing each and every month, each and every day they’re losing a bit. So this means that if you look at Defi coming back to a question about DFI, when you look at DI, for example, DI is also pegged to the dollar. That is also pegged to the dollar. But it’s not being backed by a bank account that disappears evaporates. It’s backed by an algorithm. So here’s where DI will really outperform all other stable funds because all other stable course is basically a gamble. They need to risk the money to get positive cash flow to be able to even have reserves as they are without losing. All right. But with DI, you don’t have that. Is it just supply and demand of for eith and diet loans alone mechanics? CGP collateralised debt position. So here is where you truly will see defi shining if negative interest rates become big. And this is something that many people don’t talk about, but it’s one of the most important aspects of die of maker. They will be the only stable coin that is actually that is actually stable to the dollar. And they don’t have to gamble with your funds to to try to get cash because they don’t even have your funds. I mean, just an algorithm. Nobody has your funds, just an algorithm that keeps it that one dollar with supply and demand. Look, leaving this topic, how do you summarize it? Man, it’s a lot. It’s a lot. A lot, a lot. How do you summarize this topic? Number one, if you have Fiat. Don’t be too comfortable, guys. Don’t be too comfortable. Yes. Asset prices have been falling. But but but then over there, you know that it’s just a printer at the end of the day. So think about the fact that it’s it’s inflated like crazy. What happens when this money actually enters the economy? What will happen to consumer prices if these trillions enter the economy? They’re still stuck only in the financial assets. But what will happen if this money suddenly enters the real economy? What will happen to consumer prices? Think about that. Think about that. There’s always a deflation before hyperinflation. All hyperinflation is are followed are preceded by deflation. That’s very important. Think about the fact that when you hear somebody saying the students will be cancelled, haven’t mind that. Of course, this would be amazing if they got cancelled. But don’t be too optimistic because it mostly is just to calm people down and look at everything that is going on in the financial sector. Don’t expect the the debt to fall. It will never fall. It will increase exponentially. It is by design is how it’s supposed to be is by design. It’s not sustainable long term. And the bottom line, we have corporate Marxism. We have corporations getting free money. We don’t have capitalism in the US right now. We have Marxism, corporate Marxism. So whenever people say that capitalism has failed, you have to explain to them this is not at all a free market where a centrally planned where central planning. Right now we’re allocating resources based on how a few guys think they should be allocated. We’re creating all of this money out of thin air, basically redistributing wealth according to decisions made by by a few six year olds or 70 year olds like, look, they cannot compete with a. You cannot compare it with the power of computers and power of analyzing big data. Like you can not have a few dudes doing all of these decisions. This will get me really mad. Gates I’m sorry, but I think you got to have more of an algorithmic approach to money. People have screwed out, stripped out of screwed up this several times through history. No Fiat survives. No Fiat is here for more than a few decades. The only one that has survived for a very long time is basically the British pound. And so you’ve got to realize they will always screw up. And now we basically have essentially planned economy where if you guys decide exactly where the money will go, who will receive it, who will not receive it. This is what the the guys with the mustache and the beard do, you know, like DeMoro. Engle’s what they’ve been dreaming about. But but this perverted idea that you give it to the corporations. I mean, at least they thought that they would give it to workers or something, you know, would give it to the workers. But now we have corporate marches. I mean, imagine Marx hearing this anyway. You get my point. You get my point. This is this is terrible. A few. Thanks for explaining the basics of finances. Even the most in this chart do understand. Thanks. Thanks to even though most of the do understand. Yeah, I think you guys understand a little it that. That’s amazing. Solid. Thank you so much again. I started development of tdap with star developer from my time. Nice. We were building my bank, Midland Bank, a place where people can store their fiat seemless in. Amazing. Please let me know your thoughts on this. I will check. I will check. Soll. Thanks so much for the Nazy. Thank you so much for the nation. Or I guess moving on. We have some news from Kryptos. Com You know that we are working with crypto dot com. And if you go to Ivan on tech dot com slash deals, I will tell you. Com slash deals, you will find a link to crypto dot com. And if you sign up using this link right here on Amazon, the concierge deals, you get dollars and I get fifty dollars. So we’re both profits from that. But what’s important is that now they’re integrated with Ledger. So if you buy your ledgers with crypto com app, you get 10 percent cash back. So that’s big. And also they are adding all kinds of brands also with 10 percent, the cash cashback. They have Costco, Whole Foods, Kroger, Woolworths carry 4. I look like American brands. I don’t even know what this is, but I guess it’s big. Let me know if this thing is big. Fair price. Shane Qiong E Mart Metro. Yeah. We don’t have this in Sweden. I know Costco and Full Wholefoods here I’ve been when I’m in the US, I’ve been here. Here I haven’t been a door dash. I’ve used that Instacart use that these guys haven’t used. But it seems that these guys are big quarter for it. No it’s not. The US is Frej. Got it. Got it. Got it. Yeah. Yeah. I was in France a long time ago, but I’ve been in Monaco a few times since then. But it’s kinda France. Kinda not. I didn’t see Corey for there. How do you say it? I am probably butchering the name, but anyway. And finally, some important news from Polonia Pro Polonia to know. These guys are now being controlled by Justin. And now they are jumping on the IEO train a bit late. I mean, a bit late, according to me, because I’m are not a big thing right now, but there you go. They have a lounge bass right now launching and. Yeah, let’s see what kind of things they do. But I mean, honestly, for Io’s to really be interesting in one way or another. You need to have a new bull market. I mean, right now, nobody is gonna care about Io’s, but they are working to increase the utility of Tron ya x because the only way you can be able to participate is through this TR X coin. So there you go, guys. Let’s see. Let’s see. For me, it’s always interesting to see like what the exchanges are doing and what kind of plans they have. And Justin san. He’s buying everything. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t work out like the like this timeat fiasco because it is a fiasco. Can I say anything against that? Look, we have basically a split in the community community completely taking the matter into their own hands, into their own hands and and disregarding and disregarding them. This takeover. But let’s see how Polonia X performs. If they can. If they can manage to do something out of this, but the jury is in the next bull market, I don’t think it will be a big thing right now in in this current times, because people are not really, really interested in ideals right now. Will change, will probably change. We’re going to see whether it’s going to be IYO a system or something else. But there will always be appetite for Alz. I mean, always in a bull market. Always, always, always. Trump can still pump in the hype. It’s too cheap. How do you mean it’s cheap, though? Please don’t say you look at the price per coin because too many people do that. And I always have to explain it. So when you look at price per coin, it is one cent. But guys, please, why are you looking at price per coin? Because I guess that’s what you’re looking at. When you say it’s chip, it has a market cap of eight hundred forty two million like a close to Cardinal Baseball. Kodama has Monaro look at market cap. This is this is the price of an eight hundred million. This doesn’t matter of price per coin does not matter. But it’s an example of why you need to have a big supply base. You need to have a big supply in your Quinn. And I know my friends and I would joke that if Satoshi created bitcoin and he gave it instead of twenty one million cap, he gave it a cap of one point 2.1 billion. So instead of twenty one million you have just for simplicity’s sake, let’s say you did twenty one billion. Thank you so much Steve. Can I pay supercharged with crypto buyer SPDC. Look, we’re going to start with ethe man. Well you can add all of the old coins later. We’re going to start with EIF or Teq, so we’re gonna do ethe first. But thank you for the nation state. So look, if Satoshi did 20 1 billion and not twenty one million coins, it would mean that the price of bitcoin currently would be just six point nine dollars. Because you know that twenty one billion is a thousand times twenty one million. So the price would be a thousand times less. It would be 6.9 and we would have the same market cap. So if that would be the case, people would not find bitcoin expensive and we would maybe not have all of the old guys because people would think that bitcoin is cheap as well. Just six dollar coin. Can you elaborate on BEHKISH hubbing and why it is dropping BTC champ thing for the nation? Well, let’s let me elaborate. The thing is, when we’re looking at the harvest, the only reason why we’re seeing Bitcoin jump up in price with an order of magnitude so that, you know, before the previous hubbing we had the price in terms of a hundreds, like few hundreds. Now we’re talking thousands. After next halving, we’re gonna talk about tens of thousands. We’ve already been at 20K. But what I’m talking about is more that we’re going to be a 50, 60, 70 probably. I don’t know. I don’t know. But no financial advice, as always. No financial advice. But this is how I see it, that the price will develop and it will jump in. Orders of magnitude. Why is it happening? Well, because we are having the new freshly produced coins each and every four, four years, which is which is a similar a similar development. But in the other direction. I mean, your having you basically, you know, when you take times to all the time, you have this exponential development when you’re halving. You have exponential but inverted. So you have you have this exponential city that is just decreasing, decreasing and decreasing. So what I want to say by that, I want to say that if you have an economy such as Bitcoin that is global, it’s global, guys. There is demand in all kinds of countries, whether it is for the fact that people want to be sure that their funds are not confiscated. If you live in a dictatorship, for example, and you are wealthy, you might want to have a bit of bitcoin because, look, you might not have rule of law. And if the guy in charge does not like you, he might take your property. So will you go into Bitcoin cash in that case or really go to Bitcoin? You’ll go to Bitcoin. The same is when you have people struggling with hyperinflation. They go into bitcoin. So there is an inherent demand outside of justice, speculation for bitcoin. So when so when we see a cut in the newly produ produced the bitcoin, the demand is basically the same like its is global. It’s used for all kinds of things. So demand is the same or even increasing because the awareness grows for bitcoin. So there of course you see the newly freshly produced bitcoin supply dropping by too. And then it makes sense that the price would would go up by order of magnitude. Now in bitcoin cash litecoin be ASV, other coins. You don’t have that. You don’t have the global global demand. So did the newly produced supply drops. Nobody even cares. I mean, they’re just trading them on exchanges like they were before. And that’s it. So you understand that. The biggest difference. That is why stocks to flow model is not working with any other coin than Bitcoin that has a halving. And this is very important. This very, very important to understand. So I hope you got it. I hope you got it. The holding. Does it matter if this if the demand is not the same or bigger after the halving for this newly produced coins and in Bitcoin? Usually we’ve seen that that the demand is interstate’s staying the same because then the price will go up. If newly produced supply goes down by 50 percent or if the demand is is going up, then of course this will also go up. Now we have a Lynly saying did you ever look at msorry screener actual volume? So I look at me. Sorry, sometimes. Sometimes. But. You mean that we have a lot of washe raising or what? Because we do have a lot of wussed training. That’s that’s for sure. Yeah. So this one I’ve seen. Yes. Yes, yes. And it’s a big topic like what is the volume of Beskind. What is the. Even the price of bitcoin is a big topic as well. But what exactly do you want me to to see here is just the fact that the market cap is one thing. Liquid market. That is another thing. Yes. Another one I like, by the way, is coin. Market book coin. Market book dot Ceecee, I think. This one is also important, kind of in the same in the same category where you see the true metrics. Let’s see if the site will work. So, yeah, it works because here there’s the rising by support. So this is how much we have in terms of liquidity in the market and how much it will take to drop the price by 5 percent, I think. So let me read this info and buy orders at 10 percent distance from the highest bid price. This is how much you would basically have to dump to drop the price by 10 percent in bitcoin. Pretty much so by support is very important. And you see how quickly it drops in. If it’s just 67 million in this table, can paxos twenty one. But the stable coins. So doesn’t this doesn’t really apply to stable coins SRP because there you have this arbitrage is going to be quickly utilized. If the price of, for example, you as DC drops below a dollar. People gonna buy it instantly. You will see this new demand coming out of nowhere because at the end of day, they are regulated. So there is a good chance that they have their dollars because they are regulated. And so if the price of you as this is below a dollar and you know that they have the backing for one dollar, it’s like free money. It’s not like that with other coins to just table coins that this work works with SRP, just 19, EOS just 18. So yeah, you see that it’s sometimes disc coins. They have very, very thin buy support. If you just scroll down to top 50, even in the top 50, you’ll see below a million. And after top hundred the bi support is literally zero. You can dump and bam with just a little 50k 70k. Yeah. And you know, as soon as you start dumping that by support will probably change. People will pull out their orders because you see the price going down like this, even if you have a buy order setting within the 10 percent of the of the current price. You might remove it. And so and so it might be even faster fall. Ivan. Have you heard read it is going to make a blockchain points system. Interesting. Interesting. I haven’t heard that. Is it going to be on public blockchain or linking the link in the chat? Read the blockchain points. I haven’t actually heard it, but is it going to be like their own private blockchain experiment or not tipping system? Interesting. Is Reddit devising a new tipping system? Interesting. Interesting. Let’s check. I hope it’s on. If help is on it or something, it could be doing there. Okay. All right. Previous, maybe some stellar. All right. It was first run on the trader. Interesting screen recording posted. So what is the what is the thing here? Oh, you have coins, yeah, yeah, yeah. You have coins. Nice rigid coins. I wonder what blushing they’re going to do it on because look, they don’t want to maybe do it on eBay because in the wallet and like pay for transactions, nobody is going to do that. If they’re not encrypt, it’s going to be difficult to convince people. But maybe if they do on iOS then the the users don’t do. I will see. Yes. We’ll see. Yes. It depends on what kind of role they take because the best thing would would would do it on EEF, but it’s not the best from user experience. So if Reddit really takes the role of the educator because it’s very, very expensive and difficult to educate people about new technology and show them here’s your wallet, here’s your private key. You might lose your private key, by the way. And if you lose it, we cannot help you. It’s gonna be very expensive. Their support will explode with tickets. Whereas my Reddit points or I’m trying to use metho mascara on my Nokia ten fifty five from the 80s. Why is my metal mask and my redit points are not working like they’re going to apple. Oh kind of. That’s when you’re introducing new technology. So the question is will they want to deal with it or not or not? Because I think they probably will not want to deal with it. So they will just have, for example, that they hold to everyone’s coins. And if you want to withdraw your coins to our wallet, you can do that. And then it’s up to you to learn everything. But you don’t have to withdraw or or they can just use you or something. So, yeah, I lost my private key and my two or before a I knew it was important. Yeah, private key. We’ve all lost some private game. They changed the transparency laws to have meeting outside of public view. The Fed, the politicians. Nicole, again, amazing, amazing show. Ivan, you are truly you truly understand how to combine the facts of blockchain, old finance and presented in style. Thank you. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for the nation. I love this fireworks. They are just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I hope they’re not lagging your phones. Guys, if you have phones that are lagging, let me know. But the amazing fireworks, man. Maybe we will have like a setting so that you can turn off the fireworks if your phone is too slow or it’s not working for some reason. First step. It’s lagging, says Meleia. Maybe we’ll have a button like no fireworks. First time ever, thank you and your team for all the great content. Been following since the early books. Mine. Old books. Mining. That was. That was good times. Fireworks crashing my work visa. I mean, look, I mean, either can make the fireworks smaller, but then it will kind of ruin the effect for me at least. I want have big fireworks. So maybe you yourself can like change how much fireworks you want. Because I want big fireworks, man. And when you do a super chat, I want my whole screen to have fireworks. Ivan, where can they vote? What is the next object should be or what? What, what? Oh, man. My my web, too, at the same time. Oh, now my even my screen is lagging. It’s like a wall. Yeah. Make it look. Yeah. That was amazing. At the same time. It was amazing. Let’s see. This was a good question about wasn’t it subject. I think if you did the first course, you should already have a service sent out to you. But I know that you guys want flashlight. So we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna do flash loans. Do use your sample domain building your apps. If not, why? So for now, we’re focusing on. I wanted the com slash live and we’re not building the unstoppable domain yet because we need to build this. Like this is the priority. We need to build the superjet theory on this working already, but we want to continue building it and then we will move on. Do not touch the fireworks, says V, a few. Exactly. Exactly. Man, I hope it’s good that you like them as goosh like you. I don’t see the algo trading course in your academy. I’m not registered yet. Can you give some info about it? You should see it. Why are you not seeing it? You should, of course, see it. It’s. It’s in. Let’s see. Oh, maybe Wood didn’t added to the tracks. We maybe didn’t add it to the tracks, man. Fireworks exploding. Another one doing it for fireworks, John. Nice, nice, nice. I’m addicted to this fireworks, by the way. So let’s see where we are. Maybe we didn’t add this man. Maybe I’m blushing for business. Yeah. I remember it. We forgot to add it in the tracks here. But look, it’s in the academy for sure. It’s in the academy doing it for Johns. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. So let me actually show it to if I am logged in. If I’m not logged, then let’s see it. Let me just quickly show it to Boom-Boom. Oh, my. I just had my Adam on. But anyway, it in the academy. What we teach you is, number one, how to create bots on it, chasing bots. We do it. No one in tracing you, you know, chasing you. They have their scripting that they have. Pine Pines script Superjet is superb. Super. Amazing. So with this shell to do your trading was in trading view and how to do like your own indicators. That’s number one. Number two, with two shots, you create your own bots that run on your server in JavaScript from scratch. You don’t need to know anything. And then we also connect with exchanges and we execute orders and exchanges programmatically. But I will need to put it on the on the first page. So if you don’t know anything about how to build your own bots in the trading, then join because we will teach you everything from scratch. We will be back. Back. We will back our freedom starting with Bitcoin. Yes, indeed. And yes, if you haven’t yet signed up, go and sign up for a four hour webinar. Completely free, completely amazing, amazing webinar. We have even people getting employed after this webinar. By the way, I will show you a story if you join them and lets completely free how to stack massive amounts of SATs in this bull market. And we’re going to give you important, important tools to do that without any risks. Because, look, it’s not about like investing in some kind of shade, the old and the hopital 100x. So go and sign up right now in the link below on YouTube or here on Slash life. What about what do you think about implementing signing with hive or anything blockchain related? Maybe man made mint in the bezel. How big it is. And ideally, ideally for now we are not that interested. For now, at least for now, at is because we have other priorities we need to make like crypto superjet work and all of that. But maybe then we’ll do it. It’s like it’s also things that Doug that. Man, if you’re watching from DuckDuckGo, I’m sorry, we still haven’t had time to fix. But I know there’s this guy using Dat Dat Go browser on mobile and apparently we have some bugs there. I didn’t even know they have a browser. So we need to we need to check it. Check it. Keep up the good work. Happy finally moved out of YouTube. Yes, yes. Yes, yes. John. Thanks so much. Emojis. Well, immodest work, but you have to put it in yourself. So let me see. helderman man on Windows Fentiman. No. Where’s oh, here’s emoji. So if I put the heart light like you just have to do it yourself IMO. Just work is just that. Oh, I have my Tesla account here. Look, it will just work. But yeah, maybe we should we should add that when you do like this and you do a module like this, that it will also be automatically converted into an emoji. But they work you if you just put in them. Well, guess what is this, huh? I see you guys posting this. Is it the face or what? Many, many of your this I have no clue what it is. It’s like we’re going down in price. Is that like the price indicator? Because we are going down right now. I’m using Doug. Doug, go on. Mobile seems good, but fibers can be overwhelming. Yemen, especially when many fireworks. That’s that’s where they work. I think you should start fireworks. That’s true. That’s true. Maybe we should. Otherwise, it’s gonna be overwhelming quickly. That’s actually true. I think we’ll do it. We’ll do it. Fireworks, because, man, I love fireworks. It’s amazing. I sense since that we had the idea to create our own super chat. I always had this idea of fireworks that we need to do something amazing. Is a Darth Vader face, I think. No overlapping fireworks. Yeah. That is gone. If like five people at the same time, the fireworks are going to be too big for some machines. I’m just here for fireworks to spam. It’s an Eskimo, Jim. You’re not old enough to know what I’ve. Ha. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I see them. I see that it’s a Moja, but yes, maybe I’m not too old enough. Let’s do supercharged fireworks stress test. You could if you could. It’s like you can also do it locally, by the way, if you know a bit of development. You can open up your console and you can do it locally. When Selim’s to clean it up. But where’s the console here? Oh, it’s called the confetti. Confetti superjet confetti like you see, you can execute this function locally. See, I can just I can just spam my machine to death like this if I just do all of this functions. Oh, man. Mama, I hope my. I just need to refresh. Yeah. So you can spam that function in the console if you want. But we. Yeah. You see. Yeah. Well we will. We will make the code. Oh but what it’s called we will obfuscated. We have too many people looking on the code to obfuscate. Ivan I love to be part of this community. I’m sixty two year old. Nice man. Nice man. Boomer and the one percent convinced you’re doing the right thing. Thanks, man. I appreciate you. I appreciate you a lot. Global citizen. I appreciate you a lot. Thanks so much. Hacker watch out. Exactly. You. We’ll get it. Like I had Amadeu saying, we need to do cleaner CSF yesterday. Man, dont look up the code. But it’s good that you guys look because it gets better is get better where you guys can find things that we can do better. I’m jealous of my hair. Well, look at it. It’s an age thing soon. I’m gonna be without hair aswell. Fireworks. Did those possible. No, no, it’s not possible. It’s not possible. No, it’s not. You can only do it locally, like for yourself. You can do this fireworks. But if you want other people to get fireworks, it’s nice. That isn’t going to work. Mushin side. Mushin back. Back. Dee Dee. Density. Top respect. OK. Zoom securites. I didn’t want to say anything. I dont want to solve crypto like a global citizen. Good on you. All we can. All we can do is try to make a difference. Exactly. Exactly. Okay, guys. Yes. It’s 59 minutes, Snaith. You’re correct. You’re correct. Let’s end before an hour. Let’s end it because I don’t want the time on YouTube. Seem too long because people click less. So, guys, thank you so much for being here yet again. I really appreciated it. I really, really appreciate it. Hanging out with you. It was amazing, amazing, amazing times. So thank you alot. And I’ll see you all tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. because tomorrow is weekends. So 11:00 a.m. I see you there. Please let people know we see our final super, super Chaske group. The old days slipping. Exactly. Exactly. So we see you tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.. Have a good day. Have a good day. Another one from Johns. From Johns Guy’s Web. We have 25 seconds before it’s an hour, so we’ve got to get it here. Have a good day. I really appreciate you. Enjoy your Friday. Don’t enjoy it too much. Remember why I told you should never enjoy fried this too much because then something is wrong. Then you have to join the webinar and the change your life. And I’ll see you all tomorrow. Have a good day. And good bye, guys. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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