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Hello folk. What is going on? Viewers of the tube, if you’re just getting introduced to the channel? Well, let me say sup. My name is Tyler and you just entered the Krypto Channel. That will always enjoy mom’s cooking no matter what. How is? Looks so it looks like you’re enjoying yourself. Oh, yeah. Alex, think your injury. OK. You know how we keep it down. It’s time for Chico Crypto. Well, things are looking pretty sweet, special and ripe for the markets all around pulling out what we talked about the most, bitcoin and its price since Sunday. A bullish all-around week pushing back through six K past six point two K, then six point six K. And as of yesterday morning, we smashed through seven K. But BTC isn’t the only asset pushing up. Stocks have been doing great to the stock rally began on the 24th of March, pushing up from the 18k point lows and rallied up to the 22K points. But as we can see, it has been a big test of that level for the entire week. And by April Fool’s Day, it fell back under, although as of yesterday, a big push up began. So what was leading this end of the week? Push for all assets? Do you really want to know? Well, let’s just look at this chart. The asset that pumped the most yesterday, rocket gearing up by nearly 25 percent in a single candle going from under twenty-two dollars to over twenty-six. That asset is a commodity and it’s called crude oil. Remember, as I said, this comes down to one thing and one thing only as most conflicts have in the modern years. It’s a supply and demand for the thing they call black gold. So if you haven’t watched two of the videos we have recently produced regarding this oil price war, I highly recommend you check them out as it gives a solid prelude into what is going on. Both of those videos are in the description. If you want to check them out. So America, it’s backed into a frickin corner regarding their ultimate supreme power of the petrodollar. If you don’t know what this is, a quick summary. All transactions in oil done across the globe must be denominated in the US dollar. Basically, the U.S. dollar is a middle man for oil purchases from OPEC nations. Foreign currency of a nation is converted into U.S. dollar greenbacks. Then the nations can import oil. What do you think that has done since the industrialization of nations went to global overdrive? It created a massive demand for U.S. dollars. And you know what system we were on before this? The Bretton Woods system where a nation’s currency wasn’t pegged to any type of physical asset anymore. It was pegged to U.S. dollars. The agreed-upon reserve currency and U.S. dollars were pegged to gold. So after the post-war turmoil, World War 2, it created a massive demand for U.S. dollars and put most of the gold in u.s.’s hands as the economies across the globe expanded. By 1950, over 80 percent of the world’s gold was sitting in U.S. vaults as nations demanded the USD. But eventually, those countries wanted their gold back and the U.S. printed when they shouldn’t have and didn’t have the reserves to fulfil a gold run. So Nixon broke the gold standard in 1971 with the Nixon shock. And within two years. By 1973, Nixon, the Saudis struck deals for the creation of the petrodollar. So how do you understand why oil is so damn important? So let’s fast forward to today. Our president now is the Trump stuff. And like I mentioned, his administration is backed into a corner regarding this oil price war. But he had some things to say which obviously got the markets feeling good enough for a twenty-five percent pump. Let’s listen in. So I think that Saudi Arabia, Russia, they’re negotiating. They’re talking. And I think they’ll come up with something. I’m going to meet with the oil companies on Friday. I’m going to meet with independent oil producers also on Friday or Saturday, maybe Sunday. But we’re having a lot of meetings. And I think I know what to do to solve it. Yes. So he said the Saudis and Russia are talking and negotiating as they are the two biggest players besides the U.S. in this. And regarding the US, we don’t seem to be in these negotiations with the Saudis and Russia as Trump has plans to speak with U.S. oil-producing companies today and over the weekend, not the Saudis and Russia. So to me, it sounds like we have two players right now. Two very important ones. Russia and Saudi Arabia. And if they are able to come to an agreement which satisfies the U.S., Trump is going to do something. Let’s finish what he said. If they’re unable to solve it, then I think I know what to do. So I think that Russia and Saudi Arabia, at some point you’re going to make a deal in the not too distant future because it’s very bad for Russia. It’s very bad for Saudi Arabia. And it’s very bad. I mean, it’s bad for both. So I think they’re going to make a deal. You know, the free market is a wonderful thing. It’s amazing how it can work. But I think they’re going to make a deal. Yeah. Down to these two agreeing to cut their production and thus the prices go back up. Is that going to happen? While Trump said he thinks so as they must. It’s so bad for them. Not the US in our industries. Dude, it’s all about the US and the fracking company debt-ridden house of Cards of what’s the U.S. bet big time on when George W.. Junior signed the Energy Policy Act of 2005. We went long on oil and it was a bad decision then. But once Trump got elected, we decided to once again go long on the frack. And this time we did it with max leverage and debt. So what is going to happen? Will the US come out on top? Or is this the beginning of the collapse of the petrodollar? Well, Russia‘s energy minister, Alexander Novak, said yesterday this when asked about resuming talks with the Saudis. This is one of our options and we do not rule this out. Well, this is Option Novak, as even Trump knows it. It comes down to an agreement for you guys to both cut production. Are the talks happening while Trump tweeted this, just spoke to my friend, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, who spoke with President Putin of Russia? And I expect and hope that they will be cutting back approximately 10 million barrels and may be substantially more, which, if it happens, will be great for the oil and gas industry. However, Russia responded with Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov, saying to reporters yesterday that talks have not begun and are not planned. He continued. So far, no one has started talking about any specific or even abstract deals in exchange for OPEC. Plus, no one is happy with this situation. So from Trump, that was B.S. from the BSA. So yeah, be asked. Yes, sir. Good for you. I hope you feel good about yourself. God damn it. Gosh, darn you. Trump those markets fell for it. But I will tell you right now, this is not going to go well because of the global situation where nothing is frickin moving. Supply of oil is shooting through the roof while demand is plummeting. So the future is murky. And Russia has previously mentioned their future plans. Alexander Novak, who said they would be open to talks with the Saudis, previously said this to the Russian oil industry, has a high-quality resource base and a sufficient margin of financial strength to remain competitive at any forecast price level as well as maintain its market share. This is not false. They have some of the world’s lowest production costs, a flexible tax system and a free-floating ruble. Russian companies can keep pumping even in an extremely bearish price scenario. And they have and they can keep it lower and still be profitable. Production costs of some of the top producers in Russia under twelve dollars a barrel of crude. So they can hit 15 dollars and they think they can hit it for a good while still expanding and even taking more market share from you while the Saudis can do oil the cheapest. So not from them. It has to be from the US, right? You are correct. And we are already starting to see the domino fall of shale producers in the US. A major player in North Dakota’s oil industry has filed for bankruptcy. Witting petroleum. And just look at the stock price since January, collapsing quicker than a shit going from over eight dollars and 70 cents to 31 cents as of yesterday. A loss of ninety-six percent. That is why I predict things could get ugly and ugly real quick. Witting couldn’t sustain their operations for a couple of months at these low prices. It’s impossible for the others who are gasping for breath before this to continue for that much longer. That is why energy analysis John Driskell of J. TDE Energy Services said this about the collapse of the wedding. I don’t want to be a doomsayer, but I think winning is just simply the first domino that’s going to fall. Yes, the domino of debt-ridden leveraged shale companies. U.S. shale patch bears some of the highest production costs in the world, requiring a break, even price of between 50 and fifty-five dollars per barrel. So do you see the similarities between this commodity, crude oil and the commodity Bitcoin? They both are produced. They both have a price market based on supply and demand. But BTC production remains the same for about four years. No matter what the price, while the production of oil and other commodities, their production is a function of the price and the demand for bitcoin is only going to increase while that production gets cut in half every four years. And we are once again coming right up on that. The demand for oil, it’s only going to decrease while the supplies won’t ever stop by bitcoin and shore oil. Thus the USD. You know how we end it. Oh, hell yes. Cheers. I’ll see you next time.


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