Can BITCOIN Weather The Next Stock Market STORM!?


You know what is going on. Years of the two. Tyler here. Chico crypto. Not a white. We want night mode. We are the night man. How’s everybody doing. Good to see you guys on the Saturday. After BTC has gotten trashed. Yeah. Crush crush crush which we will talk about. We found a little level five K we rebounded up to 5 7 range and we’ve hold held on to the 5 4 5 K range. Add. Hope everyone’s doing all right. After the crash I’m sure some people are wrecked a lot of the if you’re watching another YouTube viewers you’re probably absolutely wrecked. I mean they promote leverage exchange trading a lot of them were saying we’re never gonna go down to these levels. You know we hit seven K the last seeming gap. It’s gonna rebound like crazy and yeah that didn’t happen. So we got a lot of people that got liquidated. It was just a free for all. I don’t know if I’ve talked too much about it. I’m going to talk about it on Monday regarding the bit next stuff but it was they basically pulled the circuit breakers on the bitcoin market because bitmex is high volume I mean literally it does. I don’t even want to know. I hate looking at it three point six billion dollars I mean I’m sure during that craziness it was probably like 10 to 20 billion dollars. So a lot of the leverage guys they got just liquidated. I mean even some of the top traders like Jacob Canfield I mean Angelo BTC I’m sure got liquidated. So not the best thing to see in my opinion. But you know. As the day came to a close Friday we had a reversal with the stock market. Big old pumping pumping Yeah wheel jumped over two thousand points at the top end of the day nearly two thousand points one thousand nine hundred eighty five and it came just right after Trump’s speech and he declared the virus a national emergency. Now I should declare that a long time ago when we’ve gotten the first cases I mean you saw what happened in China. It’s not like we’re any different. We are actually different. We have a lot more freedom. So it’s gonna be a lot harder to control something like this in China which I mean this goes back to is this the initiation of martial law you know was the set up. So we see what happens in CCP Italy they go on mass quarantines martial law you know. Is that going to happen here in the United States. Are they going to force people into their homes. That’s never happened before. You know not in the modern world in that sense like World War 2 I’m sure there is some lockdowns during World War 2 and stuff but not since in mass industrialization and the rise of consumerism in the United States. So let’s talk about what went on on Friday. So because we got to talk about the stock market do you understand what’s going to happen in the bitcoin markets. I thought there would be a breakaway earlier than this with bitcoin markets but the more research I do the more it’s just making me depressed but optimistic at the same time. So Trump he actually talked to some people tech. You know some of the big tech. CEOs exists out there and right here This article explains it says representatives from companies including Amazon Google IBM and Cisco and that at the White House on Wednesdays with with officials who asked the firms how to how they can help manage the crisis. The discussion ranged from how technology companies could use our data to help track the virus to rooting out misinformation spreading online. According to people familiar with the discussions and meeting read out. So basically how can we track people. I mean you’re not tracking a virus necessarily I mean the virus lives in people say you’re tracking people. So how can we track people and how can we track people’s mis information online. Probably a person like me I wouldn’t doubt it because I want to try to spread the most truth as possible. I’m one of the first crypto You Tubers to be like this is serious a corona virus. If you just did research into what was going on in China and how much they’re fighting to get the real information out you understand this is more serious than what people are putting on. Or leading on. I should say. I haven’t said hi to everybody yet so I guess I’ll say hi. How about a D.A. got trashed type bull market. Everything got trashed. Yeah I mean we’re gonna get taken down with bitcoin you guys there’s not gonna be some D5 breakout if bitcoin gets crushed it’s the liquidity monster in the cryptocurrency space. And this comes back to the stock market which we’ll get into in a little bit. 700 USD is only possible if the Dow collapses to like ten thousand. So. Hey you guys got my high. Hey what’s up everybody was waiting on that. Good to see you guys. Red for danger. Ritesh Soria Preston. Gabriel scooter shooter Steve McCoy. Bought some cosmos. I mean yeah there’s good pickups right now I mean it’s a blessing in disguise. I’m so sure some of you guys are like shut up Tyler the crypto markets are just another speculative asset that’s garbage but we’re going to get into what’s going on you guys. So. Bitcoin is the Phoenix that can rise from the ashes crypto defy. I mean I say Bitcoin but I mean everything. So you know Trump. He met with our technology guys. Do you know how can we track the virus and how can track people and how can we stop. Fake news or are you the truth. That’s what he meant. He didn’t meet with a bunch of health officials about testing Bob lye met with tech guys and then he brought on frickin in a bunch of frickin CEO’s from a bunch of frickin consumer product corporations inside the United States. Walgreens Target Wal-Mart. I mean there were some health guys I’m sure he just brought them on but look their list listed last. These should be listed first but I mean these are the guys going to make out the biggest in such a panic situation. I mean people are going to be buying crap from Wal-Mart like crazy but that’s only gonna be a short term thing. I mean if mass quarantines come you can’t go out of the House Walmart suffers. So I was just shocked when the Dow rebounded like it did because he claimed the National Emergency Board brought on a bunch of tech people. I mean talk with tech people brought on a bunch of. CEOs from consumer products and the biggest ones and was like. Hey this is what we need to know. This is what got us into this mess. You son of a bitch is not oh woe corrupt kids in the house. What’s up brother. Try to be out of debt. Try not to panic sell if you can afford to add to positions both stocks and BTC at levels you like and then go ahead generally wishing you all well and be safe. Can’t get the gains without the grasses. Stay strong. Wise words from wise man. Yeah I agree a hundred percent. So it depends on what you mean there is gonna be great buys on stuff all around but there’s gonna be bad buys on stuff all around too. So you gotta play it smart. You can’t just be picking up stuff all willy nilly because we were we had our markets messed up big guys and we’re gonna get into that. It’s extremely messed up. So I mean this just gets into it. This is published. Wal-Mart may cut store hours to combat growing the virus since as a Kentucky associate has tested positive. So Wal-Mart stores could eventually be getting closed down even though they said they’re going to be using their parking lots for testing and they need to make some money somehow. Wal-Mart. So hey let’s become the testing center. Let’s get money from the U.S. government. So I’m sure they’re working deals with all these guys it’s not like these corporations are going to eat the cost. No way. You guys. Corporations don’t do that. Unless there is an you know scratch my back you scratch yours. You know it’s a give and take situation. Corporations aren’t just going to spend money because Trump said hey we need you we need your parking lot. No. So this is the bill H.R. 6 2 0 1 that was passed and it’s a stimulus package. Basically Bob a blah blah blah Nancy Pelosi. I haven’t got into it deep yet. Whatever how many pages. Hundred and something but a bunch of language you know trying to confuse you hiding stuff. So I’m going to try to figure out what it exactly means because Trump signed off on it. You know it is what’s going to happen regarding the stimulus here in the States. But Trump he wants to save the stock market. That’s his number one goal right now it’s not you know the safety of Americans it’s the safety of his portfolio and that’s in big trouble. So. This. This is a system strike in the deal. So this was what happened. So we had one point five trillion dollars in repo operations stimulus. So over the past week massive massive amount they’re basically like this is as Feds backed into a corner now with low ammo and the world now runs on a bunch of worthless paper worthless as can be. So they are backed into a corner in a lot of people thought this was you know them just giving banks free money. Well grieve operations aren’t just that. But it is at the same time because we’ll get into that. So here’s a little video on what a repo operation is planned to the lender. The lenders also called. So this could be a bond to the lender. The lenders also called the seller and the repo or the one who’s doing the reverse repo. That’s for the borrower selling the collateral or the main lenders right in exchange for cash to the government. So my simple example the collateral has a value of one hundred dollars here and so are borrowers borrowing one hundred dollars against this collateral. And now here’s the key thing. Are borrowers promising to repurchase or buy that collateral back in the near future as soon as tomorrow. Probably. So if they’re selling now the spot price here they’re really locking in a forward price tomorrow. And so if we skip forward one day tomorrow then our borrower here repurchase the collateral by paying the locked in forward price and effectively paying an interest rate to the lender. So it’s a loan of cash a short term overnight loan with a key feature being that our lender here it’s secured by collateral. So if our borrower defaults overnight can’t come up with the funds then the lender at least has this collateral. They can go off and sell the collateral and recover their funds. So yes there is collateral backing on these repurchase operations. So the banks they are putting down the collateral they are the ones in the liquidity crunch. So what is this collateral. These banks are putting down. It’s junk. I’ll tell you that right now. So here is all the collateral used in the repurchase markets corporate bonds Treasuries U.S. Treasuries equity covered bonds mortgage backed securities junk bonds other asset backed securities a.k.a. junk bonds. Many market money market securities bank loans and go gold probably never went down. I mean rarely last resort type of thing I would guess. That we’re going to get into these types of bonds you guys. What is the bonds. We’re not going to get into all of them because there’s as you can see but we’re going to get into a couple important ones regarding the liquidity crisis liquidity crunch and number one is what banks hold a lot of. And it’s not only you know U.S. banks I mean a lot of them are but there are foreign banks involved with this and U.S. Treasuries are the number one liquidity. I mean a lot of liquidity in U.S. Treasury bonds. You guys I mean that’s the number one safe haven asset out there is in United States Treasury bond. You know I don’t know exactly all the years they come in. I don’t know if there’s year bonds probably but I don’t know if the United States Treasury issues those directly themselves but most common 10 year 20 year 30 year bonds so when these things are in trouble the ripple effects go through out all of the world because this is one of the safest assets out there. You know the future of the United States economy basically betting on it. So here are the foreign holders of U.S. Treasuries as of December 20 19 and billions of dollars. Japan number one. China. They’re betting big on U.S. knighted kingdom. I mean it only has like a third of what China has. Brazil Ireland Luxembourg Switzerland Cayman Islands Hong Kong Belgium. I mean I wonder if that’s one of the tax things. Because a lot of our bank guys can get tax tech tax havens in the Cayman Islands. I wonder if they’re required to purchase amount of securities for that. Probably. And it goes on and on all other down here so a lot of these foreign guys are involved in these repurchase operations. And last week we had a chat show. So it went from about one point six percent for the 30 year Treasury the safest one The longest one. And down we went getting down below point eight percent nearly point six percent before you know it shut everything down and we’re rebounding so that was scary. This has never happened before because that’s super safe. You know we’re supposed to have a good percentage one point six percent on that nothing down below 1 percent. No not on a 30 year bond. You’re I mean you’re taking a long risk right there 30 years guys. So this is good. That explains why this was unprecedented and it went for 10 year 20 year and 30 year all went below that 1 percent mark. And that’s reason it’s unprecedented is fairly straightforward 30 year Treasuries are among the purest expressions of long term outlook outlook for U.S. economic growth inflation and the path of interest rates available in financial markets. Those are subject to structural forces that don’t just change overnight. The Federal Reserve can deliver us from a surprise cut to interest rates which can lower short term Treasuries in a hurry but that traditionally has a more minor impact on the longest dated securities. The assumption is that lower rates would stimulate the economy leading to higher growth and inflation which would eventually cause the central bank to bring back rates up again. The long bond spans multiple economic cycles. The past two days of trading suggest that the line of thinking might no longer hold. Here’s a few scenarios that would explain why traders were piling into 30 year bonds with yields below 1 percent. So the Fed will be stuck and keeping its lending rate near zero percent or below it for the near future. There is virtually no risk that a central bank will raise interest rate again out of fear the US economy cannot withstand it. Neither central banks nor elected officials can stave off a recession that includes a period of deflation. Foreign bond buyers see their home country yields remaining negative indefinitely. And our panic buying a safe liquid assets offer as a positive yield. Speculators and momentum traders are writing the Treasury rally to its extreme. So basically their fear of the negative rates you guys. So let’s get something that can get us positive while we still can please don’t show your coins. Guys listen to cryptography. Yeah. Tyler don’t talk about censorship when you’re blocking people on your telegram group based on Hey Robbie guess what. Suck man balls stack. Yeah. My telegram group is like Telegram group you know it’s not Twitter. So please don’t make a comparison of apples to oranges. Yeah. You sound like an idiot. Oh yeah. Website plans are in full motion you guys. So I do have a few guys I’m talking with regarding designs. One guy I’m really liking he’s been moving really fast on the design shows he has high interest so I’m really pumped on Logo. He did recently too. So looking good on that again too I’m looking for some really good researchers for the website. I’m looking for some good journalists that can you know do some good investigations. Good research into these five protocols tutorials things like that. You’ve seen my content. You know something similar along the lines. How does the same format as what I do. So if you have any skills. Definitely send me an email. The Chico crypto at gmail dot com who both flagged the 7 k it depends I mean we’re gonna see what happens regarding Monday morning I’m sure over the weekend. They’ve been talking like mad. What they’re going to do to save these markets so I’m not saying we’re gonna have a big fat crash but I’m kind of saying it because things look shit to you right now so yeah. Here is the current treasury bond rates. Point 9 4 percent for the 10 year we’ve got above 1 percent for the 20 year and 30 year got to one point five 6 percent should be getting the most for 30 year because you’re taking a lot longest risk. So yeah. So we have a bunch of Treasuries basically the government buying back their own bonds they sold to them finding a new buyer whatever them re buying it back. It’s not I mean just craziness. But now we have corporate bonds so corporations issue a McDonald’s whatever Wal-Mart is these corporate bonds. So right here in 2011 corporate bonds rated BBB made up about a third of the market according to Capital Economics today. Such bonds account for nearly half of it. So BBB is basically just above junk bond level. It’s basically how you get into a corporate bond level. If you’re below that you’re in the high yield category. So lots of debt. Issued by energy companies oil fracking said that is graph description. An estimated 67 percent of net investment grade debt issued by energy companies is rated BBB compared to 50 percent overall according to Morgan Stanley and thirty four billion a BBB rated energy debt is already on negative credit watch for more. O negative credit watch from more than from one or more rating agencies plus so-called shadow banks or financial entities that face far less regulation than traditional lenders have snapped up large amounts of corporate liabilities. A decade of persistently low interest rates has pushed down yields on safer government bonds encouraging private equity firms hedge funds and even pension funds to buy riskier assets with higher returns so they have been moving into the junk bond category especially the less regulated shadow banks financial entities so junk bonds. Maybe these are crack heads are the crap bonds but no higher risk higher award during low interest rates. Regular Treasuries weren’t getting great as yields. Let’s move into junk which we’re getting great yields at time because that’s what a lot of people we’re trading. And you know what a junk bond is high yield bond whatever they call it. Try to make it sound better with high yield. It has an identity crisis and crisis. It wants to be a bond but it acts like a stock so it’s supposed to even be safer than a stop to it supposed to go. US Treasuries corporate bonds. Fuck and I can’t think straight. I smoked fat bowl right before this junk bonds stock market and then possibly crypto which we’ll get into. So there’s a fat identity crisis but what people are saying is get the hell out of junk bonds right now. I mean right here. March 12th. Junk bonds get out now because a lot of those junk bonds do come from the energy sector. Like I said. And if oil war keeps going and Putin looks to be pretty strong on his stance regarding this they’re not going to be able to survive you guys unless there’s a fat bailout. And as we saw when Trump started talking about bailing out those oil industries the markets crashed. That goes against a large percentage of his base. You guys a large percentage of his base are from the Tea Party that arose from the 2008 financial crisis. They arose because of the bailout of banks if he bails out frickin the oil industry is doing it again. So. That markets reacted to that. I was surprised because that’s what he was talking about because he he knows it’s a house of cards right now ready to collapse. So this is interesting. Wall Street fears flashbacks to 2008 with four selling and nine trillion dollars in the US corporate bond market. So a lot of that is the BBB and above. But if stuff goes bad the credit watch agencies are going to re-evaluate these BBB rating bonds corporate bonds and they could be moved into the junk bond high yield category and then a lot of the regulated funds not shadow banks will be forced to sell those because they can’t hold on to them due to regulations no. Well Lawrence thank you man. I appreciate what do you what do I think about the stimulus will do a long term. It’s not good. I mean that’s what I’m talking about. They’re stimulating by I mean the stimulus wasn’t basically them. It is them printing money. Where did they get that money to buy all this. They printed it and I mean they make it look great by you know it’s a repurchase. They’re putting down collateral but literally it’s them giving away free money to the banks. That’s what it is. Don’t let them try to hide it. It is so it is a bank bailout. So this is what’s interesting. We have you know this nice trillion and trillion dollar corporate bond market. It’s in trouble. You guys we have a one point five trillion dollar junk bond market and then we have a one point five billion dollar cryptocurrency market so I mean one hundred and fifty billion might die but one point five billion gotta fix that so you know this is basically just a small percentage of this junk bond market. You guys this bitcoin market but we have a bunch of traders from this side. I mean just bit necks alone. They came from finance one point zero. They came from trading these junk bonds. So I mean just look at co-founder and chief executive officer Arthur Hayes after graduating with a dream Gary in economics from Wharton School business. Arthur lived in Hong Kong as equity a derivatives trader. He was a market maker for Deutsche Bank and Citi Bank Exchange Traded Funds. He comes from this. He’s still trading it to you guys. So they got to cover their positions and this. There’s a lot more liquidity in this they have a lot larger positions in this. It’s a cascade. You guys I mean as they got to cover these positions over here. We’re going to see a fall in crypto too because they got to take money from here to cover these positions because they consider this stuff less risky than Bitcoin. That’s the thing is guys who came from finance one point zero and my personal opinion they don’t believe in Bitcoin long term. They’re not a cipher punk. They don’t believe in true economic freedom. They believe in making money up and down raping people for every dime they got because they did in other markets too so don’t listen to Arthur Hayes and his bull crap. He needs to be expunged from this because he’s leading to downward pressure on bitcoin‘s price due to this right here junk Bitcoin isn’t junk. You guys it’s unfortunate. We have finance one point zero pause dirty greedy paws in it and tricking everybody left and right to go leverage trade on it and contribute to the downward pressure. But it’s what the fact of the matter right now Jeff. Listen my little rant and microsoft paint. But that’s how I feel right now. Yo what’s up everybody. Truth. Yes Bob. Under the present. True. They don’t want SRP. You guys if they wanted SRP would a pump like mad in this they consider X RB just as junky as this they do. You might not. I do too. But can a theorem survive of course a theorem can survive. Chain link over a theory a mile. Well that’s kind of interesting but well that’s good crypto P. I like your name sneaky B. If you’ve ever watched that show on Amazon one of my favorites. I think I appreciate that five dollar cap. I’m going to put 5 on this Sacker now. I’ll put a 5 on it to Debo down the street. So it’s unfortunate we got dirty grubby greedy financial one point zero who don’t give a crap about the utility of Bitcoin. I don’t care if you know Bitcoin is implementing Stratham V2. They don’t care. They could care less. That’s why you’ve never heard Arthur Hayes talk about anything regarding the bitcoin protocol. He’s talked about leveraging it up twenty thousand BTC. Crypto. Barack M.. Barack. Coleman. What’s up brother. I appreciate the debt. Chico I love you I love you too. BTC will go down to thirty four hundred possible soon. I hold Kiva network for 30 percent at your theory and 40 percent ran manna at 10 percent. I do like the holdings dude. I hold all of those as well. It’s possible. I mean in my personal opinion yes I mean Corona virus isn’t stopping especially in the United States where just in the beginning waves of things like you’ve seen what happened in China. China’s numbers are fake anyways. They have a lot more cases and you see. But for a while there they were kind of reporting and you saw what happened the parabolic growth you know that’s going to happen here in the United States. I don’t think we’re any different. I mean China’s has more control you know they shut down quarantines faster they are spraying whole cities. You saw it with a disinfected that’s going to happen here in the states and when it does. And. So it’s hard for me to say. I mean I’m getting. Right now enough cash. So I can survive for a year two years. I as you guys know I cashed out a small percentage of my cryptocurrency portfolio and Bitcoin went above 10k. Because I would I did a livestream about this panic and I got made fun of in that livestream. I can’t wait to look back on this. Where I was at one. Right here cash out and 10K. Oh what is it. Yeah I got made fun of in this livestream month ago. Everyone’s like It’s not going to get that bad you’re stupid. Tyler OK. Yeah. Look what’s happening. Come on oh shoot tips. Did I buy a gun. Mm hmm. Well I appreciate the tip but my personal defense inventory has increased a little bit. Yes. I mean find a smart get one in this type of situation. By me and I. You see to lie I should have showed this earlier but you kind of see what happened with other assets gold got crashed to not as bad as the stock market and then look at Bitcoin 50 percent lost 15 percent. This is because people are covering their asses in bitcoin to save these junk bond positions by getting into gold was a smart idea. The nice guy. Got out more I wish. I mean I should have known this was going to happen. I should have known. I knew I knew what did next was doing. I was just. Hoping some optimism. But I mean it’s not like I’m giving up on Bitcoin like. I mean you’ve seen some YouTube who’s boasting I sold all I have not sold all my bitcoin I’ve sold some so I can survive. You know if things get bad for a year or two and I’ve you know made sure that. I’m safe. But hey I’ll know this boy hold strong. I mean I’ve been through worse and as I was went through Mt. Gox going down. Have I watched any Austin Steinbach videos on Hulu. Oh no I haven’t. I’m actually not a big viewer of YouTube myself. I’m more of a article researcher. A lot of people have different ways of learning. I’m. I like to read. And then I like to take what I read you know and give it to the people who are visual learners in a visual way. Yeah. ARTHUR It is nothing personal just just because we just needed the. I mean he needs to you have a lot of positions in finance 1.0. He’s trading that stuff. He came from it. And they got. Messed up on Monday oh yeah we will talk about maker Dow here in a second. Oh so but this just goes back in. Do you know what is going on. You know just since the financial crisis 2008. We have had pretty much 20 percent inflation on the US dollar since then you know since Bitcoin came out it went from zero dollars to now five thousand. So I’m so old and strong you guys I mean. Bitcoin may get down to three thousand dollars head may get down to 4000. I mean four hundred dollars. But it will when it rises from the ashes it’s going to explode this time. And it was built for this and we are in such a bigger liquidity crunch than the two thousand eight. It makes it looks like peanuts. So. We need a great depression. We need to fall with it to rise. Just like the phoenix. Thoughts on Hadera hash. Hash asked. No. No I hate I don’t like it. I think it’s a gag. Corporate you know corporate stuff. I don’t like it. I need sold some BTC this that DP. Has. That’s not going to be good because T.P. you know high demand for you right now low supply but when this stuff passes. Large supply low demand there’s gonna be a lot of house to know what I thought was would be funny to do right now is if you you know it’s stocked up on and get around and keep you had enough for you to wipe your body but for a month or two but then you had like a couple of months extra you know go to some houses right now that would be funny that would piss some people off. I’d just go keeping someone’s house. Not too much keeping and going on have you guys ever keeping the house I have. Yeah. All is well boom the ball as well with you two. Toilet paper or noon Monday as possible. So I mean this is one thing I’m kind of getting worried about especially for Monday and why we could see some Lotta turmoil come Monday is there’s rumors that New York may be getting quarantine the entire city and it’s just rumors at this point text messages going around saying league blah blah blah but there are now five hundred and twenty four cases in New York state alone. I don’t foresee it but I mean there’s been talk from Governor Cuomo yesterday regarding you know shutting down gatherings of five hundred and more people the Newark subways a gathering of 500 or more people so are they gonna shut down the subway. I mean as you guys know that’s the economic backbone of New York that goes down. I mean panic is going down to so a spread in New York would be absolutely terrible for the markets. Bitcoin do in the short term but do we need it to happen for bitcoin to kinda eventually take off. I think so. We don’t need this corona virus to basically just disappear. I mean it would be great for you know lies to disappear but for the sanity of economy is across the globe. We needed this to break it apart. I mean the map and the spread between the rich and the poor is getting absolutely crazy. And I did a video on it a while ago it’s overshoot and collapse. It’s when the rich take a large majority of the resources from the majority of the population which is usually the poor. It happens in just anything. I mean 80 20 rule and once you kind of go pass at it. And that’s what we’ve had we’re basically shot over where 20 percent of the population controls over 80 percent of the resources while 80 percent of the population just gets 20 percent of the resources doesn’t work. Never has never will. Oh man Binskin appreciate the tip man. Keep up the awesome job and rock in the crypto space. Smoke a bowl game. Canadian twenty seven ninety nine. Dude you’re awesome. I would love to smoke joint with all my followers. I would love it. I smoked a joint. I feel if I’m ever at a crypto conference you see me there. We’re in Cali. I’ll be blazing up the joint. But regarding you know me gettin slammed on Twitter. You guys should know I’m banned for life. From Twitter but follow me on Instagram. Started posting more on their game like five hundred dollars in the past few days. That’s cool. Thanks everybody for following me but my Twitter type content is going to be going on Instagram. Up trend so that all the links to follow me are in the description and the most controversial one with some people in this chat will like some people who will hate who likes it who hates it. Twitch so I have been posting on twitch and I’ve earned just from 4 twitches ten dollars and thirty three cents. You guys I’m 21 and this if you guys don’t know what Twitch as it’s basically Twitter Bill on bitcoin s v block chain in your opinion what has to happen in order to start buying crypto again. Good question. For me to start buying crypto again I mean I get paid in crypto so it’s kinda what’s gonna take for me for myself. You know what’s it gonna take for me to start cashing out all my payments into the USD. I mean in the short term I might start doing that if I even get a frickin payment knowing no one in the crypto industry is broke right now so I’m going to be eating Top Ramen for the next few months if it gets any worse. But I mean what’s it going to take for people to start buying crypto again. It’s gonna take for a lot of fools to get out. You know a lot of the crap heads do lose it. Yeah they they get away from Bitcoin in the crypto markets after they lose everything and they’re gone. And you know as true believers hold there’s only so many bitcoin that can be traded you know on the market as people hold on to their value their store of value. And these markets start bubbling again especially as negative rates come. You know if people have a liquidity money corporations hedge funds can just get money and you know U.S. treasuries aren’t frickin producing anything nothing’s producing anything of a return. They’re gonna go into other assets. Bitcoin real estate. Bob Barr I mean can Bitcoin ever get away from big macs. It might maybe never. Good question Andre. Or I think that was your name. Sorry man. Sorry if I got your name wrong. Armando Rodger drew Mino just gave me five bucks for nothing. I appreciate that. You got five on it. At the bitcoin SUV channel has some good words so regarding you know big being built on bitcoin SUV you’re like so some here are like you using twitch at you signaling support for bitcoin SUV. Well I’m going to use anything at works. I got banned from Twitter of course. I’m going to use anything where I can get my voice heard. Especially if it’s decentralized now Bitcoin SB is decentralized. And it works good for something like Twitter right now and there’s no arguing that. I mean I’ve used that. I mean transactions go through seamlessly. They work. But the reason you know it works well for Twitch. It’s not going to work well for moving large amounts of money right now. I mean yes it does have high transaction throughput. And the reason you know people are going to trust it with something like Twitch is because you know you only pay to twitch money button. You only pay like a couple cents for a tweet. You know people trust Bitcoin SD has power to you know be correct for that. They’re not playing large amounts of value through the bitcoin SCV block chain right now. It is you know number seven right now. Two point two billion volumes 2 billion so you know people will trust you know moving a million dollars five million get up to 10 million people start to get a little weary of sending it over that because up 51 percent attacks. You know it doesn’t cost much to 51 percent attack Bitcoin SCV and there are a lot of mining machines out there that can switch over like that. Anything on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash can switch over like that. So someone’s sending you know the hundred million dollar transaction they get attacked during that transaction. So it works well and maybe you know Bitcoin SUV becomes a block chain for Twitter possible but do I believe it’s Bitcoin. No. I mean the only time Bitcoin S.V. will become Bitcoin is when there is a hash rate in price flip that’s Mark if especially if you’re a soft 250 set 6 algorithm this is the market’s deciding which one is true. As of right now they have basically a ninety five percent opinion that. Bitcoin is real. Bitcoin 2.5 percent. Two point one percent. People are realizing that Bitcoin trashes Bitcoin trash. Roger veers is trash. But yeah let’s talk about this maker Dow aftermath. So some people got liquidated. One guy did a CTP for I don’t know why he would do this. Two hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars. Whew. And it was a high risk one with only like a collateral ization ratio of hundred and fifty percent Oh Roger. Trevor Mineo. That’s what he meant probably. I am on uptrend. Roger posted about this livestream actually. And it only got seven pluses. No that’s great. Guys I’m an ass. So yeah I had liquidated some son of a I mean it’s gonna suck for this guy has got to be thinking about you know it depends on if it was his whole life savings or if he’s a big a theorem Well I don’t know if he’s putting that much down he better be a big whale. Better not be his life savings but he put high risk it was only like hundred fifty percent liquidation ratio and I mean this shouldn’t have happened necessarily. I mean this guy should have got at least about like 20 percent of it back but there was a theorem network high amount of traffic going on. No you tried to use a regular transaction regular gas price wasn’t going through. I mean if he’s putting down this amount of money he should know if he needs to put more collateral down to save it put a 15 dollar Frick in a fairy and gas transaction put a fifty dollar one. So I mean a lot of the mistakes were not necessarily make it out fault. I mean some are definitely because their keeper system auction system wasn’t as robust as it should be. And a lot of that has to do with how major Dow has. I mean it’s a very valuable. Market. You guys keeper market making money off of these liquid eyes. PS It can be very valuable very profitable so there’s not too many keepers out there. Maker Dow is the documentation regarding creating a keeper. It’s difficult and it’s hard to find. You can find it and I think there’s a reason people are trying to keep it small because they want to make most money off of this. But I mean to make a more robust system that can withstand flash crashes like this you need a robust auction and keeper system so get it out there make it out. Stop being greedy. You could say whoever are the keepers tell them to make documentation and get it out there and put a stop to it. So I mean people are like whoa whoa make it out you getting now I’m no frickin way you guys I mean and it’s the system worked. How I mean the system didn’t break it worked how it was supposed to work exists just because there was enough keepers that’s what happened. I mean I see the future of a very empty fire and finance and die in maker now are going to be a massive part of that. It is the most robust stable going out there. I mean some people are like look at our S R and I do hold o r s r but they don’t have a product out like die buy silver this year. Do you check Samsung or something about Martin I’m gonna go vertical soon. I’ll look into that. UK nimbler Jesus Yeah. Nothing. Don’t show your own channel I mean this isn’t a place to come and be like Hey come check out my youtube channel. You know you act to do a livestream to do that. So chill out with that for foobar. I mean I never. I mean actually I do go into live streams. But I don’t go into other people’s lives streams to say hey come follow my channel I go into cause a ruckus talk crap to see man say screw you Charles Hoskinson. Just a quick little jab at Adam then I’m out. But yeah I don’t go shell. I hate when people do that. You know people follow you for your content not for going into other people’s chat groups. People don’t like that. I’ll tell you that right now. They won’t follow you because of it. Oh yeah. So Edward Snowden unfortunately I can’t tweet but I can read tweets on our cryptocurrency. So Edward Snowden tweeted this is the first time in a while I’ve felt like buying Bitcoin that’s dropped was too much panic and too little reason. Well if you watch mine. There was a lot of reason for it actually. But. Don’t buy Bitcoin because Edward Snowden told you to. Right now just in Sun block and people on Twitter right now so kind of glad I got off this cesspool that is Twitter. I mean I spent a lot of time on there putting out it was my troll box. So I went on Twitter to go troll and yeah I spent too much time trolling. So now I’m going to be able to focus on good content. So it’s a good thing. But regarding some stuff going on. So I mean with all the market crashes I mean I wish I could be doing a lot of research but people don’t want to see the research right now. I if I put out a good research video they would describe who the freak cares price is going down but there is good stuff going on and and transport layer security on hyper ledger best Sue as you know hyper ledger. And Sue consensus e a chain link unit bright as tech protocol. Big things going on with that. So still great projects ones I just named ones involved with the. I’ll see. Question about this he’ll ask though who’s been working on it. I’m trying to find who are the developers that have been working on it. I’m Pagan says from consensus has been on which is you know. John Wolpert involved with those guys to. Chat swallowed an unchecked that no pain no gain. In myself. Goran Keenum No I’m I. Well I do have moderators I don’t know why they’re not I. Maybe they’re Bitcoin SUV fans my moderators all get them Yeah I mean you can sell your stuff you know once or twice but you keep going like that. This gets annoying. So now let’s get into a little cheap oh crap though conspiracy. So yesterday Bill Gates announced he was stepping down from the board of Microsoft to focus on philanthropy. This is weird. So this has been going on since the outbreak of the corona virus started just CEO board director is stepping down. Bob Iger does the Nokia. U.P.S. sales for CFO is all within two months you guys. So it’s weird. It’s like what is all these rich people stepping down for they know something we don’t. Well let’s talk about that. So here’s another rich boy. Young rich boy Palmer lucky if you haven’t watched this video I highly recommend you watch it. It was one of my favorite videos to do. It’s about Trump’s roundtable and if they are a bitcoin friend or was a bitcoin foes. If anyone tries to tell you their friends bitcoin. Shut up. So Palmer lucky he is part of this elite group. He recently got into it. He’s working with Trump actually building. I won’t watch you guys in so much trouble. The thing is I you know what. I didn’t I wasn’t really like speculating big time or anything it’s just that I had money sitting in the exchange from back when they damn it. Damn you. I saw the frickin vertigo that’s x. I saw a tip so I had it. I was going to pause it and then I freaking clicked out of it forgetting where that video is to area. Okay. All right. Thanks for the tip. Man. I appreciate that. You should become a private investigator what’s your bottom for BTC. I mean I’m not going to try to call you guys. I have no frickin idea. I mean I if it’s cheap crap goes down regarding the market’s Monday traditional sell off U.S. Treasuries start getting wrecked we’re gonna see a fat ripple effect into bitcoin because we have people from finance 1.0 that’s greedy paws all over it. So it’s going to crash. I mean one K is possible to case possible three k’s possible. Again it depends on what the Dow Jones did. Jones does I mean if the Dow takes a steep 10 percent Cliff drop we’re going to see three k’s again if we see Dow go 20 percent we’re going to see two case we see Dow go to 30 percent we’re going to see freak in one case I’ll tell you that right now. So yeah this is pretty interesting when they were the biggest most legit exchange and I never got around to pulling pulling it out. Oh gee NASA I think. Other money sitting in other exchanges. My cold and it’s shit. Lowlands but thank you. Oh well that’s right. You just got to move on. Yeah I can’t dwell on it. And it. I think guys like 500 so yes he is an early adopter and was involved highly with multiple exchanges cold wallet storage and mining but that was in 2014. Is he still involved. Well from a tweet after the major crash in 2018 Oh no bitcoin has crashed to where it was at the start of December. That is only double what it was a month before and only 10x what it was a year ago. So obviously yes but today I and Euro what is going on with block chain. Well so Andrew Rule is his defense company it’s a futuristic defense company and he’s actually has government contracts with Trump and the US government to build a virtual border wall basically using century towers and drones pretty nuts as you can see lattice A.I. is most likely using a lattice type algorithm like the block lattice for transactions and input but then you just need to see the engineer Lucky has hired Andrew Musk full stack engineer Andrew Rule and as we can see who is a co-founder of block chain UCLA and only left around the time he joined Palmer. I wonder if he is related to Elon and you want to know what is bat shit crazy. Palmer just bought something outside of Chico California. Yes the same Chico as in Chico crypto. So yeah. This is where the reason I was bringing up these CEOs all stepping down is because of this crap. So Palmer Luckey outside of Chico where I live. He bought something and it’s freaking blows my my employer on my mind back then and now it’s even getting weirder. The abandoned Titan 1 missile silo as seen from this new york times article about him. He owns a second property in Chico California with the commission. Titan 1 silos. It was a silo that held 98 foot long missiles with plutonium based nuclear warheads. As a defense during the Cold War many Titan silos were built around the country but the Chico one was unique. Literally a massive underground complex and city which also included a fallout shelter which could house 6000 people. Here’s what the site looked like from an aerial view in 2014. Before polymers purchased. Here is what the insides look like before it’s purchased to. Well as of 2017 it is his. And as we can see it is located at. Looking at public records of last work done on that site a large 600 K job quite on one 15 of this year under Eris dome LLC then using corporation whiskey we can find that errors don’t LLC is of course under polymer Lucky’s friend Lord keep it. You know what it’s funny. All of these companies and LLC he owns our name from the 90’s Super Nintendo game Chrono Trigger and guess what there is. Don’t LLC of which is working on Titan 1 is a location and Chrono Trigger from the wiki so this gets weird too about what he named his fallout shelter he bought Erik and Chico the Titan one is what he named it after an Chrono Trigger pairing in the future it houses the remaining survivors of the horrible incident that destroyed Gardena in the year of nineteen ninety nine. A deal like a fallout shelter from a nuclear fallout. And here’s what it looks like from the game. Uncanny resemblance to Chico’s Titan one underground system that’s actually that picture is a sketch drawing of what the underground system in Titan one looks like. Underground system which also has a fall out. What is going on outside where I live is unknown. So yeah I have actually it went around that location recently. And yeah there’s work being done on it. They have a large military fence barbed wire around it. It’s kind of spooky you know is this the elite know Hing shit’s about to go down and think fallout shelters and all of them are retreating to him right now. I have no idea have all downward CMG Gap’s been filled. If you’ve answered this I apologize. Oh no problem. Inside fire. I appreciate the tip man. Yeah. Most CMB gaps have been I mean I think there’s one I like two thousand not high I don’t know. Somewhere around 3000 so I don’t think so. But I mean CMB gaps have nothing to do with anything. TmG has no pressure on the markets really. I mean see me volume probably during the hype was. Askew has to get one SKU. Hers is five hundred ninety five million on that day. I mean even on their highest volume day you know five hundred five ninety five million is not nearly as much volume today I mean Macs alone add two point two billion not providing nearly I mean during that intense trading. I’m sure. Whereas big macs on here they’ve got to have them. Yeah. Big Macs had eleven billion on that day. So the gaps don’t have as much influence as you know what nasty traders on Big Macs are doing. Is my livestream virus free free. No because I’m coming down with it. Started to feel the sniffles now getting I’ve been self isolating. Keep myself safe. Yeah that looks like what I got for the stream today guys. If any of you guys want to come PNW me I’m gonna be on on TPM spree here pretty soon so I got a bunch. TV. Brand browser to download it. If you haven’t earned some crypto Where did I learn to edit and setup my lighting and background. It looks awesome. I didn’t learn to add it. I hire hired and partnered with a editor named James and really good. He takes care of all the editing and studio. So I was shooting my videos when I lived in Miami with James because he was there as well but I moved back to California and he helped me set up the studio. So without him. It would probably look like garbage because I have done it myself and it looked like garbage. Oh you guys want easy to work again. Come on maybe I’ll make a new video of that soon. You got some people trying to put into their spam my stream. Well guys I appreciate everyone tuning in for the stream. Think I’m going to get going. It’s actually well not today. My mom’s birthday. But a couple days ago was my mom’s birthday and I’m going to be taking her out and stuff. So I gotta get going with that. Appreciate everyone tuning in bitcoin survival guide for 2020. It’s gonna be rough. I’ll tell you that. Rough waters ahead I think rough waters ahead for the entire global economy. We’re moving into a great my opinion Depression Part number two. I talked about that. And in the short term Bitcoin is gonna suffer in my opinion long term. This is what we were made for. I mean I’m sticking with plan B. You guys know me. I’m hardline but cashed out enough to survive an extended extended bear market depression. I appreciate you guys. I’ll tell my mom. Yes happy bird face you appreciate that. Isolate and I was. I’m not sick. You guys know I’m not taking her out like in public like the movie is or something. But. Yeah. You live long enough and see everything twice. Oh yeah. No I haven’t lost faith and chain link long term. God people you guys have weak hands I will tell you is silly. I mean it sucks you guys bought out like 4 dollar top I’m sure. But it’s called DCA. That’s why you don’t like just put in a large amount into the top of any project. I would never do that. It’s absolutely idiotic because things like this can happen you know after a large run like that you should be a little cautious. Dollar cost average you buy a project when it’s eye when it’s low. When I went in slow my mom is the same so I went Oh God damn it. Would you say hot or hot. Okay. You talked about my mama. Bouts of smack of food. I’m kidding. You can say the best yo mama jokes at me but I’m going to be gone before you guys start trashing my mama. All right. Peace out. I will see you guys on Monday.


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