Coinbase is Manipulating Bitcoin & Crypto Market – Ethereum Upgrade & $1,800 Value

Crypto exchange Coinbase appears to be manipulating Bitcoin and the Crypto market as they go down every time Bitcoin pumps 5%. Coinbase is valued at $8 billion and is known for having uptime issues, but there seems to be too much of a pattern and occurrence to be a tech issue, it seems like manipulation.
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– Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that the blockchain’s initial layer-two scaling deployment is nearly complete.
– Grayscale Ethereum trust (ticker $ETHE) is trading above $170 today.
That’s $170 per share of ETHE which represents 0.09402547 ETH per share. In other words, these ETHE buyers are valuing ETH at over $1800. Fire
– Cryptocurrency Firms Now Recognized as Money Service Businesses in Canada
– Avanti Financial Group, crypto advocate Caitlin Long’s latest initiative to bank digital asset companies, has closed a $5 million angel round.
– Fidelity-backed crypto security startup Fireblocks launches ‘Secure Asset Transfer Network’
– Brave passes 15 million monthly active users and 5 million daily active users, showing 2.25x MAU growth in the past year
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  1. The SEC are probably in on the fraud! How do you think they keep all the stocks going sky high as the economy sinks but alternative solutions are held down?

  2. I listen on speaker to you, I have the volume perfect for your voice, then at the end the music plays so loud, great if you can adjust that music

  3. More concerning now that a former chief executive is now Deputy Comptroller of the Currency at the Treasury department. Play looks long and it looks large. Who knows what they are up to.

  4. Everyone should contact the Better Business Bureau and Coinbase’s Attorney Generals Office

    Tony you should lead the charge on this. I’m not a influencer

  5. If we haven't had a bull run yet, blame the crypto exchanges, especially the ones that offer high leverage services. Insider trading is becoming so obvious. Sometimes when the market continues going up with so many investors taking very high leverage, the only option those exchanges have is trade against the investors so they don't get short-changed.
    Crypto exchanges are making so much gains off investors' money by way of insider trading. They monitor the order books closely and apply sell orders even before the system authenticates investors' sell orders.
    So, it's the investors vs crypto exchanges, the whales on black mask.

  6. Hi Tony, really good video and I always enjoy the interviews you do. I am from South Korea so I use Bithumb. But to be honest Brian Armstrong was having meetings with Jamie Dimon behind closed doors for years. All while at the same time on the surface one CEO is promoting cryptos and crypto exchanges, while the other is on the opposite side bashing BTC into oblivion. That just seems a little off to me personally.

    Also, regarding the bank which raised funds via the University of Wyoming, wasn't that also the university which IOHK (Cardano/charles Hoskinson) donated $500k to? Maybe more interesting things will come from that part of the US? 🙂

  7. They won't address this Tony we need to lodge our complaints to the S.E.C. All the Charts of the Cryptos on Coinbase pump and dump at the same time WTF. They definitely manipulate the market, they are a piece shit company that over charge for the cryptocurrency they sell.

  8. Great intro, i thought for a second i clicked the wrong channel.. I don't use coinbase anymore i use binance via vpn, when am in usa, i live outside of usa so binance is the best..

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