Bitcoin’s Long-Term Cycle | And Why Coronavirus Will Spark A Global Recession


What’s going on everyone. My name is Nicholas Merten here a data dash and today’s March 15th of 20 20. Well folks I hope you are having a fantastic day wherever you are. And in today’s video we’ve got a ton of things to talk about in regards to crypto and traditional markets to start. I want to spend some time to make the case as to why I’m still bullish on crypto even after the past week of price action but that I am expanding my time horizons before we really start to see some of the major gains for the next cycle. And we’ve got a lot of other things to talk about as well in regards to that topic. But in a sense in traditional markets we’re going to be diving really deep into Corona. And I want to talk a lot more about my personal perspective on it why I believe that this is the catalyst for one of the most severe recessions we’re going to see in the 21st century. And along with that as well talking about the lack of response that we’ve had in the United States and the missed focus and where we’re putting our priorities and dealing with this crisis. So we’ve got a lot of things to discuss. But I want to let you know real quick that this video was sponsored by e toro. Now for those who may not know each Toro is a social trading platform it allows you to interact with other traders across the world and for U.S. traders they recently launched their cryptocurrency trading feature as well as their copy trader feature. We can copy a wide range of different people in the cryptocurrency space. So just myself by simply checking out their profile looking at the stats of the returns and then clicking on the blue copy trade button if you’re interested. So check out the link download the description if you’re interested to learn more. All right. So Diamond criminal markets guys not much dramatically has changed in last 24 hours they don’t want to do too much in-depth analysis on all coins. Most are in neutral territory right now between one to two percent to the upside or downside and the same goes here for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not seeing any crazy changes. Is down 1 percent over the last 24 hours. I want to go ahead here though and talk a little bit about our longer term time perspective here. Now I think that the recent sell off that I think we can generally assume again we’ll never have a foolproof story. Guys what happens because we never know who’s selling on the order book. What’s happening here. But I can tell you all right now I don’t have any other rational explicit explanation right now to explain the kind of record level of sell off we saw here on Coinbase on finance. A lot of other exchanges people have really taken into account this week’s volume that we’ve seen the sheer amount of volume we saw can only really be explained by the sell side pressure most likely to come from the plus token Ponzi scheme. Now for those you don’t know what this is. I highly recommend reading into it. It’s similar to bet connect in the sense of the kind of scummy projects that took over and took advantage of the cryptocurrency space and a lot of new kind of investors or people who had little to no experience and financial knowledge or technology. So again to research a little bit into the plus token Ponzi scheme the sheer amount of bitcoin theorem in iOS that they had that they eventually were looking to liquidate and sell and knowing that there were exchanges across the world that will let them trade it doesn’t shock me that this would be what led to this price selloff. Not to mention as well a lack of spot liquidity builds a ripe environment for the order book to be clear through very quickly and outside of that as well with corona virus going around we have no doubt here at the data at ASH Chan on I bet many of you in the community don’t have a doubt that this has caused a cash squeeze. Meaning people are going to sell their bitcoin or other miscellaneous assets that might be seen as speculative or emerging assets and turn for cash in this case to cover short term expenses and also cover themselves in the case that something bad might continue to happen in regards to coronavirus. So just keeping that in mind. Right. We understand this sell off to a degree has definitely changed the landscape for price analysis of crypto. And I think this is going to prove to us here that we might be jumping the gun a little bit here with our expectations of the having event coming up as well as our understanding of Bitcoin’s fundamentals and its fixed monetary supply and becoming a store of value and hedge here. Right. Many of you might know if you take a look at gold back in 2008 if you look at a lot of assets that were seen as hedges in many cases gold and other hedges sold off during the initial phase of the recession. And this tends to be that during these times when we have what’s known as a credit crunch or basically simply put demand for cash you’re going to see people sell off all assets across the board. And again I mentioned it’s one of the three components that I believe led to the sell off being so dramatic. All of these things coming in at once was not good for bitcoin. And I believe even during the having event that some people bringing up the challenge that you know we’re not going to see instant I would say a sense of instant gratification or instant rally and Bitcoin post having. I think that’s a very fair point to keep in mind. We’ve talked about that even in our previous model that it would take a matter of a couple of weeks to a couple of months to really start seeing it reflected price. It doesn’t cause an immediate shock overnight but at the same time as well we can’t really price to having a. And until you’re having it it happens. Right. So anyways the key point here I want to state here is keeping a relatively neutral view. I’m still confident on crypto currency markets going into 20 and 20 21. I haven’t been selling off my positions en masse guys. I’ve been holding in crypto over the last couple of weeks as we’ve been going down here just like when we were going up. I haven’t really adjusted my positions too much maybe reallocating in different positions across the board but I’m still mainly exposed to all coins and mainly exposed to crypto out of any other asset class in the world. So I hope that brings some confidence there and I’m still standing by my position I got my money where my mouth is. But the key thing I want to emphasize is that right now I think we’re building into a little bit of a longer term wedge here. Now I don’t believe we’re going to come all the way to the tip here in 20 21 down here at the same price range right now. But I do believe we could zig zag between the line of resistance and this line of support here that’s now been adjusted from some of the more previous significant lows on the standard chart here. Right. Again I know some of you might see this as tedious but I think that this is really the next kind of levels that we have to look for now because to be fair even though we understand what might led to the sell off with covered 19 just generally being a general fear right now that also this sell off being one of the starkest ones we’ve seen in crypto history. I think it’s going to change the dynamic here. It’s going to change the dynamic for miners. It’s going to change the dynamic for institutional investors and it’s going to change the dynamic for the general perception of markets across the board. Excuse me how people analyze the cryptocurrency markets across the board. So very key thing to keep in mind. But I would say not to fear too much because on a logarithmic chart there’s a very interesting correlation with the last sell off. Now bear in mind over a longer period of time we see two similarities in between both of the bottoms of the last two cycles this cycle that we’re in right now and the previous one. The first thing I noticed is that we had a generally rough 22 to 26 percent. Again a little bit different but relatively close. Difference from the first initial low to the second significant low before we entered into the next cycle. This is something that I think is very interesting to take in a mind. And I noticed as well that the time frame is nearly double over 15 months versus seven months. And this to me signifies that we’re going to be probably having longer cycles in this case where the having events in this case do become even more and more significant over time as we grow into a larger and larger market. But that it’s going to take a longer time for this to be reflected in price. So we’re talking about much larger markets that require much larger volume to get to the kind of exhaustion. Fifty one hundred K or one million dollar Bitcoin price figures. Some people have proposed I think that that’s a very important thing to take away. And interestingly enough this well. Notice how through both of these periods of time. Right. We had two events here where we made contact with a two hundred week both of which going below the wicks here but closing inevitably at the end of the month. And that looks exactly like what we’re doing right now a slight dip below the wicks back here in December of 2018 and here as well coming up and looking like we might close above fifty five hundred for the month here with a week’s breaking down below quite significantly like we did back here. Right. This to me seems relatively familiar with the past. Again I might be just trying to draw simple conclusions here guys you might agree or disagree. I’d like to hear in the comments down below but I really do think this is something that’s important to take into account the difference in the low to the secondary low here for the bottom of the cycle. Could this be the second higher low that we’ve been looking for in this case that we really haven’t gotten yet as we had a premature rally that was one of the most significant upward ticks and bitcoin history exiting out of the first significant low in the accumulation phase could be a very good thing to keep in mind. All in all though guys we’re still on par here for where we should be. Again on the cheaper end here. No doubt but definitely where we should be in the sense of the stock to flow we’re not breaking off too significantly you can see here the actual model variance is signifying we’re not that far away. We’ve been further away before. So anyways nothing to fear here in that case. And then also you guys another rule when other people are fearful we get greedy and the greed of fear and greed of Ft. Gree The greed to fear index. Is what we should be focusing on. See this is what happens guys when I’m talking for like 20 minutes straight I’m going to stumble I’m going to miss a point sometimes but I like to keep it this way I like to keep it organic and if you guys like it that way and then drop like and if you if you haven’t already definitely subscribe. And speaking of this actually I wanted to mention this because I don’t get forget it. I wanted to ask you guys if you want me to do some live streams this week. So if you would like to see some livestream this week I was thinking maybe like through Monday through Friday instead of doing standard daily updates we do some live streams and we take some questions from you guys in the chat. So we’d really like to do that especially seeing as everyone is definite getting more towards the position of quarantining or staying home or working remote to some degree. We’d love to do that keep everyone entertained and try to answer some questions as best as I can. I know I’m not a epidemiologists in this case I’m not a an absolute expert but I think I have a decent understand the kind of exponential potential in growth for Kobe 19 and talking about this issue at a very moderate fashion and I’ll also take some precautions to be prepared for. But anyways I digress. If you guys see a comment down there that recommends it and you want it to definitely leave it like on it so I can know you guys want to do some livestream this week. All right now going on here to talk about Kobe 19 I want to go ahead and just give an update on the scenario and really talk about a I wouldn’t say so much an updated perspective. But I don’t think I’ve made it very clear because again people get very hostile over this topic and I understand it completely I’m quite flustered right now with the lack of response in the United States and abroad across the world. I don’t think we took measures early enough. And look where we’re at right now we’re with a problem that we can’t seem to control to any degree and only a few countries for example a lot of those in Asia like South Korea Singapore and Japan have taken proper measures in this case and I’ve done it in a fair way through proper testing through proper quarantining and outside of that as well. We’ve seen in Italy as well after a severe outbreak in the sense of cases and deaths and hospitals being flooded they’ve finally taken on a multi week quarantine here which I think was the proper step to go about. But when the United States and in Europe and many regions across the world such as South America nations throughout Africa and also areas in Asia like Australia we have done little to nothing to combat this. And I have to say I’m not shocked by any degree but this is something that we need to take into account because at the end of the day here we’re not even getting proper testing in the United States and other countries and we’re about to get to the point where total cases in other locations are about to escalate past China. This is a breaking point here guys. I mean we already know that the numbers are well above this. Right. And we know that the Chinese numbers are probably fabricated to some degree. No doubt about it. This isn’t even just being a conspiracy there is this is just being rationally skeptical that the numbers are not going to be presented as highly because we’re not doing the proper amount of tests and we need to think 14 days out from the incubation period there are time people who don’t think they’re sick that are really sick right now. And this is again understanding how to look there was really good quote here understanding where the puck is going. This is a quote I heard that another YouTube video and stuff that I really liked the point that they brought up is the old famous quote from a financial investor that basically says we need to be able to look where the puck is going not where it is currently or where it’s been. Right. It’s basically looking out a couple of days a couple of weeks in a couple of months and how severe this is going to be if you don’t understand right now that this is not the flu and that this is something much more significant much more viral with a rate of morality rate that’s about four times as high as the common flu that we get on an annual basis. Then you need to readjust your thinking and really understand the significance of this guys. Plain and simple. Right now we’ve been drilling that here in the channel. I’ve definitely said that this is going to stunt global growth. It’s going to lead to some deaths across the board and most importantly it’s going to weigh down on hospitals and a lot of other factors that we rely on a day to day basis because there’s just going to be an overwhelming amount of people that need to be hospitalized especially elderly people. So I’m going to go ahead here and before we dive into this kind of analysis of what I believe it’s going to do for markets. I want to go ahead and share a few quick things with you guys that I think are important understand the simple things that you can do to help stop this spread because quite frankly governments are likely going to be too late in responding and taking on precautions of quarantining making people who are doing non-essential work on a day to day basis for you know a mass populace to stay home. They’re not going to keep you from work and stuff. So here’s the things I would say. If you can’t stay home if you can’t work remote. Right. The key things you should do throughout the day to day basis very simple things. I’m not proposing to be a genius insane is just wanted to make it very clear for those who may not know. Wash your hands whenever you can when you’re interacting with people. Do not shake hands. There are a lot of other simpler ways to interact. First off not interacting at all. Right. It sucks but this is a period of time we’re keeping to yourself and keeping social distancing from people is probably one of the best things you can do. But if you do have to interact you can always do the elbow which a lot of people are doing or a high five. All of those reduce the actual vitality of being able to spread the corona virus or any other virus or bacteria for that nature. So limiting contact is another big thing outside of already keeping your hands clean outside of this as well. Another significant thing to keep in mind is that you should not be going out when you don’t need to. There are a lot of people who are over exaggerating and trying to go and purchase things at the store and over consuming when in reality it can be good to just go simply part purchase the things that you need the essential items. Don’t panic buy and basically stay inside over the next few days when it’s not necessary. All right take it to go outside. Right. These are all simple things we can do to reduce our chances. The big issue is there’s a lot of people robbing this office flu. A lot of people going out to restaurants to bars acting as if it’s nothing. The worst thing that I see is that it’s older individuals in this case that I’ve seen that that’s what scares me the most right. I don’t care if someone my age really gets sick and they went out and ignored this. Sorry. I mean there’s people who are going out on on flights and trips and abusing this period of time and stuff when really they should be staying inside. But I do fear for older populace in the United States and in other countries. We’ve seen it in Italy in areas where there is a big retirement population. They’re more susceptible to this due to other other issues within their immune system that makes them immunocompromised. So please make sure to stay inside when it’s not necessary to go out. OK guys. These are just some key things I wanted to share I know we’ve got a channel on a presence here on YouTube so I wanted to make those things clear for those who may not see it. OK. We need to think about the exponential potential of this if it is not treated initially in this case. So again very big point to keep in mind. Now for those of you who are interested in the market perspective here we’ve got to talk about this here. There’s really kind of two ranges good and bad of scenarios that I see. I think we’re clearly in a recession here. If you don’t see from the Total Stock Market Vanguard ETF here that we’re entering into a recession in a matter of two months dropping down as much as we have then that’s fine. Again guys everyone can have different perspectives but quite frankly I don’t see how you can’t see this being the start of a recession. I mean we are seeing even if we were smart enough and did a coordinated for the next two weeks it would stunt global economic activity. Right. So this is going to definitely as much as we’re going to be providing liquidity and bailouts and all that kind of stuff. It’s not going to be able to sustain the kind of bubble that we’ve built here. This is enough of a needle to pop the bubble that’s been built up over the last twelve years and the longest economic expansion in history. Right. And we can see here in the volume that that’s being reflected very significantly already outpacing here in the VTR ETF for example above what we saw back here in December 2015 all the way back to some of the record highs here. That we haven’t seen since back here in December 2013. And all the way back here to 2008. OK. So we’re seeing significant volume. We’re not even done with the month here. So we need to keep that in mind as well. Just looking at this chart that kind of exponential growth here and sell side action. Right. So we’ve talked about these things here and these are the two ranges that I’m looking for. So a lot of people have asked Nick have I have you purchased any stocks are you looking to buy anything at this dip. And quite frankly no I’m not I’m not only betting much more on hedges that gold and silver as we see commodities at a much cheaper range compared to equities here even after the sell off. But along with that as well. In my case my time preference is much larger here. I’m looking in this case to see anywhere from a forty five to 55 percent correction. And interestingly enough these are very significant levels. This is the support range that was tested multiple times from 2014 all the way over to April of 2016 and along with that as well the further rancher the more bearish case scenario that might come over a longer term period a time up to potentially 40 months would be coming down here to the June 2007 highs or over here as well when we revisit it back to the highs in 2013. These are the levels I’m looking for here because they average around a ballpark range of a 50 percent correction which is historically significant. And notice I’m not doing any crazy complex today guys. You don’t need to make a complex if you’re a macro trader like myself you’re waiting for that opportunity range. We don’t start adding opportunities until we get down to this ballpark range. Right. At least that’s for me personally. You guys have to choose what you want to do but I’m not touching equities until then. For me personally I don’t feel the need to do it right now. I don’t see that much opportunity at these levels. So anyways again you guys might disagree. That’s just general and my perspective on it and I wanted to provide it to you in case you wanted to hear it right now. The next thing I want to talk about here in the sense of kind of broader case of the market. Take a look here 20 20s performance. This is back. Most recent numbers here March. I guess the close the market was on March 13th but. I’d say March total for March 13 because it doesn’t simply show the rebound we got the other day to be fair. But comparing this to 1929 in 1987. This to me has to be one of the most damning charts out there because this is basically taking in any year where we had basically twenty four point six percent draw downs since 1928 the first 100 sessions. Right. Look at this. I mean this is not only the most premature sell off right and in the sense of these two significant times in financial history. But we have already outpaced these. Bear in mind. Now again factor in the rebound Yes we did get a little bit of a rebound the other day after the Fed and the Treasury said unlimited liquidity. Now I want to go ahead and talk about that in a moment as we do have that up here and one of my tabs. Because it’s going to lead me to my point here about our Miss focus on treating this issue. But again just taking a look at the significance here the correlation of 1929. To where we are currently in 2020. Very very interesting chart. And again we might get a rebound here over a course of two or three months. But they also roll back over again just like they did in 1929. This is the interesting correlation we talk about. Now I want to go ahead and talk about why I think it’s absolutely reasonable to see equities go down 50 percent. And also why we could see an inflation adjusted third low from the two previous bear markets back after the craze where we set a significant low here for equities and then also here after 2008 a lot of people don’t look at stock charts or indices and they don’t look at them in inflation adjusted numbers right. This is very important to take a mind here because back here since 1964 all the way here to nineteen eighty four we had a 20 year cycle in this case from the peak. Right. Generally speaking from generally this an area down to here about a 20 year cycle where we actually set significant lows inflation adjusted chart might look decent when I push sideways. It doesn’t matter for your dollars being adjusted for inflation. We went from a range of eight thousand. Down here to 2000. And now we’re sitting here at thirty two thousand here. Could it be that we get a significant correction here adjusting for inflation where we get a standard forty five or fifty five percent correction across the board in equities but we also have to factor in for mass inflation of the dollar. In order to get us towards a third significant low that puts us even lower in the sense of real valuation of the stock market than we were back in 2008. Even though on printed numbers right. We’re setting a higher low. That’s the important thing to keep in mind here guys and take that into mind when we see Steve mutation from the Treasury stating that they’re working towards providing unlimited liquidity. Now you’re reading that right and there’s no other article here. Right. We don’t need an article to talk about this and what Steve manage and means by unlimited liquidity. This means that the Fed has realized something as well as Steve maneuvering and the Treasury like central banks across the world have exhausted their interest rate policy. The last thing that the United States wants to do is push interest rates not only to zero but down to negative because that’s going to mean that the world reserve asset U.S. treasuries from one month maturity all the way up to 30 years is going to be likely entering into negative territory. If that happens you can kiss the entire financial system goodbye in many ways. I think a lot of people would predict and be confident and predicting that this is going to be a disaster for the U.S.economy. So the last thing the Fed has really to do here is to start printing money and they’re going to be implementing QE like we’ve never seen it before. Helicopter money galore filling the punchbowl until it overflows and letting the can just get kicked down the road the parties to go on and they think in this case that it’s going to be OK that it’s going to push equity markets higher that we’re going to be able to supplement growth and this asset bubble that we’ve built over the last twelve years and really over the last few decades to be fair as central banks have become more and more part of the economy. But at the other day I have a feeling it’s not going to work. And even though they might be able to artificially push the stock market higher the sheer amount of dollar debasement is going to showcase through this chart that equities are not going up that people are not buying into equities as the dollar gets diminished to nearly nothing. It is going to push asset valuations on an inflation adjusted basis to new lows and we are going to see a further correction in equity markets once this realization comes in. And once we realize that quantitative easing isn’t the proper solution buying assets doesn’t help the underlying economy. It can help to a degree in the sense of increasing people’s net worth and therefore maybe their collateral or willingness to be able to get credit. But at the end of the day the average everyday Americans are not consuming the average everyday Americans are getting laid off. If we have higher unemployment numbers if we have higher jobless claims in the economy and we have less people being able to afford the basic essentials from where they already can’t afford many basic essentials. We’re going to have a worse off economy and printing money and giving it to Wall Street investors or giving it to banks in this case to go continue the same risky speculative gambling that have led us into this problem in the first place is not going to fix the problem. Again this is. These are the kind of comments here that I really want to emphasize when I say that we’re focusing on the wrong solutions for this problem. We’re focusing on financial solutions. I have no doubt that at this period of time stimulus could be beneficial especially if over the next two weeks we go through a mass quarantine in the United States if we decide to basically keep everyone home. That’s not essential work to provide for the basic necessities that we’re going to need for the next two weeks. I would say for example people working at power plants water or the water plant and treatment facilities people producing goods and services that we need to consume on the day to day basis like food you know all the things basic essentials cleaning supplies and then also maybe for example delivery in that case to be able to deliver these services across the US if we don’t do that right now. This is going to become a catastrophic issue that no amount of unlimited liquidity is going to fix. And more and more importantly if we inject unlimited liquidity in that kind of environment more than anything it’s going to debase the purchasing power of what little left people have to be able to buy the goods and services that they’re going to need in this time. And it’s going to cause a massive catastrophe if we have this ultimate pressure for unlimited liquidity and not unlimited standards of quarantining and dealing with this issue early on it’s something that just irritates me to no avail. This was for example I wanted to show something that the time had put out I usually don’t like a lot of mainstream media publications. But I will say the time actually pulled from a really interesting modeling laboratory here and that showcased actually get the official name here because I want to give them credit where it’s due to laboratory for modeling of biological and socio technical systems at Northeastern University. They provided over 100 different coronavirus scenarios that have been generated in order to help the CDC understand how significant of a reaction that we could get or spread we could get across the United States alone. This is just the US. Bear in mind if we go about controlling this in different degrees of surveillance and intervention. OK. You guys know I’m a libertarian at the end of the day you don’t believe in excessive government intervention. But I’ll tell you this when it comes to something like a pandemic this is where the libertarian view of limited government steps in because that limited government is necessary to deal during these massive crises. There needs to be some sense of authority here. There needs to be some sense of control as many people are not taking the necessary precautions for this. Many people are either ill informed on the issue or rubbing this off as the common flu and it’s not. And we can see here for different scenarios. If we control this properly sometime in April by the end of the month you’re stepping into May. We can have a limited number of cases in the United States where in common areas where there’s a large population like New York California Florida or somewhere up here for example and not only like Chicago. We could see that these numbers can be controlled to a degree and then hopefully sometime by the end of the year we could deal with this and it won’t be a major issue. We can avert a national crisis an international pandemic or we can not take care of this. We can think that throwing money at markets is going to fix the issue. And have people get more and more crazy more and more out of control at stores than they already are. More hospital beds filled more people dying more people getting sick more inefficiencies at the workplace as people rather than just working remote and staying home and being safe and healthy are now sick and bedridden. This is a likelihood that we’re going to see here if we don’t get intervention soon over the next week guys. All right I want to make it very clear because I think some people don’t think that I’ve held this view for a while. I have. The issue is as I was much more confident that we’d be responding quicker and the United States in a variety of EU countries and in South America and other parts of the world like our Asian counterparts in this case. But I haven’t seen it. And I’m real disappointed. I’m real disappointed in the lack of effort that we’ve taken across the board to build a strategic solution between public and private partnerships between our federal agencies and nonprofits to make sure that we can go about doing this in a strategic way to get proper testing out there to make sure. People are staying inside when it’s not necessary and working remote. If they can we should we should be using the leading and cutting edge technology as Silicon Valley companies should be take leap forwards in this case and using conferencing technology to work remote. We should be doing a public private partnership. This is something I came up with last night with Amazon where the government should subsidize additional drivers right now to make sure they go through the proper cleaning procedures to make sure they’re not going to spread anything make sure that they get tested properly so that we can do e-commerce deliveries across the United States. We have the infrastructure. Amazon exists. FedEx exists. We have all the resources to do this where people who are non-essential employees during this time of quarantine and the spreading of the virus could stay home. Right. It’s a bold plan. It’s it’s a very very again far out plan that I know will never get implemented but we could do it. We have all the resources to do it. And it’s just a matter of making sure we all get on the same page and get those basic facts across to people that this is something important to understand that it’s not like the common flu. This is a pandemic right before our eyes that we haven’t seen the likes of back since the early nineteen hundreds. So. Anyways I read that not enough guys. I hope you all enjoyed this video. If you did drop it like and if you guys agree or disagree with me feel free to leave a comment down below. Let me know your thoughts on this. I might be overthinking it but I also might be still again. You know disproportionately not seeing the full picture here and maybe not understanding that it’s even more significant. Right. Again I’m just trying to provide my perspective from the numbers here guys. I’m not really caught up in the emotional side but I do get a bit agitated when people I hate said I think when people rub things off that inevitably can lead to further issues. I think about it like this. It’s almost like saying you know for example you know Yeah a drunk driver is a problem but I’m going to go ahead and drink a few beers and get behind the wheel. Right. What’s the likelihood that I hit someone right. That’s the kind of mentality here. This is something that’s important and severe to address and it’s why I believe out of many select scenarios or excuse me very few select scenarios that this is a time and place where governments need to intervene and they need to be strategic. We need to deal with this sooner rather than later. So. Anyways I’ve got to heat it up a little bit about it guys. Hope you guys want to see some live streams of the next few days. I’m definitely down to do it again. Leave a comment down below if you’d like to see it. But until the next video guys wash your hands keep your distance. Don’t go outside when you don’t need to. And make sure to help your family members especially your elderly during this time period. And I’ll see you on the next video. Stay tuned.


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