Corporate Control Ends NOW! Ok Boomer? So Buy BITCOIN!

US Corporate Control is coming to an END! The powers of old from finance 1.0 are reaching a breaking point due to corruption, cronyism & greed. Wealth in this system is now firmly concentrated with the rich & will only get worse. What is the only other option to secure wealth? Buy Bitcion. Ok Boomer!?

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Intro-Pole Dance w/ Double D’s
00:52 US GDP Plummets! Comparable to the Great Depression
02:04 We Saw this Coming. The Cycle Completes
02:59 Unemployment & Small Business Keeps Getting Trashed
03:23 Are These Businesses Coming Back? Permanent Closures Come in Hot!
04:08 More Unemployment to Come….
04:29 Half the Workforce Is Doing Ok…Due to Stonks
05:19 More Bailouts? Trickle Up?
05:57 The Fed Know the Rick Save their Wealth and Don’t Consume
06:40 The Sticky US Situation…
07:22 The Summer of Euphoria with Blackrock
08:21 Can You Trust Blackrock?
08:49 How will Bitcoin & Crypto Fare with the Collapse of Finance 1.0?
09:56 The Clash of the Old & New
10:16 Outro

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  1. So here's the thing about buying Bitcoin if the economy is going to crash. I understand what you're saying about the economy and all that, and the dollar's not going to be worth anything, buy Bitcoin however think about how you access that Bitcoin, over the interwebs. If the economy collapses there will be no electricity, there will be no network. No network, no Bitcoin. You could be a billionaire with Bitcoin but it won't mean Jack if you can't access it or use it to sell to anyone because no one has internet.

  2. But dont you think BTC is basically out of reach or you can say out of 99% of the peoples reach with that price and constant fluctuation. It was suppose to be peoples money but it became surely for the wealthy and the so called whales again. It has to go down to a price where everyone feels comfortable to buy not only rich and whales. Since these exchanges are all over the place to scam you to the teeth no new money coming in from people who desperatly need.

  3. I am a boomer. I have lived through some interesting times, and continue to do so. I enjoy you, and several other crypto channels every day. I Hodl “ blue chip crypto”. Hope that doesn’t throw off your channel demographics too much. Oh, and I am also a woman. . . and an African American (ADOS). I am humbly here to expand my knowledge about crypto. I have a great fondness for this community. It has been quite the week! Hodl on!

  4. It's not like these sacks of excrement actually earn it. It should be harder to get richer not easier. Man this world is screwed up. There is enough money to go around, but allowing these assholes to hog it is not right considering the mental disorder they have. Affluenza is a thing, a mental disorder.
    The Fourth Turning might actually be a thing considering this BS was predicted 30 years ago, we will see. Regardless, we are hooped. Hopefully we can go with Elon to another planet.

  5. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing non stop… while the poor stay poor by spending like the rich and yet no making any investment.

  6. Let's not forget, BTC and Crypto is not for the average person. It really isn't, and IS massively manipulated…vast majority of trading volume is fiction 90% +…BTC price is controlled by conglomerate of exchanges and crooked politicians and hedge funds. and, hey, My Dad's a Boomer, that doesn't make him less of a person???? Know how many people I meet who lost money on BTC? …pretty much everyone I meet who has tried it. IT's NOT for the average person and IS very very risky. This video title might be going too far mate. BTC is NOT going to save the world, mankind will remain crooked and BTC will always be manipulated.

  7. Chico man your videos are pretty good but come on bro. You've been calling for a huge crash for years now. Lol. Its almost a joke hearing you pump BTC on day, then trash it the next. I feel sorry for people who do what you say blindly. Btw Im a BTC hodler ,Tesla,amazon,and Shopify bull. Have fun guys. Don't listen to YouTuber pumpers, do your own research.

  8. The problem I see is that most blockchains are too easy to track. Need DeFi and heavy p2p encryption for anything to function viably outside the 'establishment'.

  9. Your analysis it not at all merit based … of course older people will have a higher worth they worked their entire life for it ….comparing them to millennial which barely touched the workforce market and call it a point is just disingenuous …

  10. Holders playing the long game sure does teach patience, its a far cry from instant gratification we have conditioned ourselves to focus our energies on, its tough , but by the time prices reach maturity, we'll be smarter, more informed disciplined investors and that will absolutely help us as a community and maybe with our collective wealth we can help shape a better future than those that have come before us, even though i still think the best way to make it in the crypto world is to be an efficient trader whose emotion can be kept on check or if you rather have a trading analyst analyze the market for you that's the best option for inexperience traders or newbies you can reach one of the best trading analyst on tele-gram(Georgewilliamstrade1).

  11. Hey dud thanks for your great advice, i invested with an expert broker and i was able to make great profit this past 2 months, since i started trading with Mr Harry Gonzalez amazing strategy and signals I have made huge profits from the market he is really a genius

  12. Gday Chico , just be aware that the ad posted by you tube before the start of your episode screened a scam ad featuring vitalik buterin , this scam ad going around really makes your great in-depth report appear suspicious, get on to it to remove this crap , I reported it , I hope you do too and take the time to reply , DK

  13. Bitcoin breaks above the $10,000 in spot market. Now is the time to profit massively from the market. I was blessed to come across @neno_bryan34 on instagram , to test the waters I deposited 0.5 BTC and after 7 days I got 2.5 BTC profit. His precision and trustworthiness can’t be compromised.

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