What’s up, guys, welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, guys, of course, we’re going to be talking about this big breakout, which Bitcoin had I said in yesterday’s video. If you did, in fact, watch that, that we should be having a nice breakout to the upside. Most likely that did, in fact, happen. And I also said we should be breaking this seventy-seven hundred dollar level in that area, which did also happen. We’re going to be talking about the bitcoin price and exactly where I think it’s going to be going next. In today’s video, we are also going to be talking about my theme ex trade and how unfortunately that got stopped out. I’m going to be bringing you full transparency on that. I’m going to show you my profit and exactly where I got stocked out on that trade. And we’re also going to take a look at a very, very interesting article about how the Bank of Japan signals interest in unlimited quantitative easing and what effect that could have on the bitcoin price where they’re finally going to be taking a look at the correlation between the Bitcoin hash rate and the price history. So a lot of interesting stuff coming up in today’s video, guys, without any further to sit back, relax and get ready for the video. All right, guys, welcome back to another video, I hope you guys are all doing well today. Thank you for joining me again for another video. I really would love to reach that one key like Target. So you guys know what to do. Also, if you do enjoy my content on my daily uploads, consider subscribing and taking that notification bill. So you get notified when I post my next video. As always, guys, if you did want to enter to in the trees, that sort storage device or the equivalent in bitcoin, simply drop a comment down below saying anything and you’ll be entered to win that. So without any further ado, guys, let’s get on with the video. It’s no real secret. Bitcoin price had a nice pop-up yesterday, which is extremely nice. Actually, I did say in my video yesterday that we should be having a pump up to the upside, which is very nice. Now, of course, I’m not always right when I say these things, but it was very much looking like we could potentially have a pop pop. We did, in fact, pumped the highs of around about seventy-seven sixty, which is really, really nice. And we couldn’t quite get above that point when we did pullback down to around about and the seventy-four hundred dollar level. So where do I think the price is actually going to be going next. Well if we go over to the daily chart and let’s have a look on that if my Internet would decide to load. So let’s take a look. I think honestly, we could be going up to this. Eighty-four eighty-five hundred dollar level. If and that’s a big if guys. If we can break this seventy-five seventy-six hundred dollar level and stay above it. If we take a look right now at that level and we can actually see we are having a little bit of a struggle to break this level. And that’s fair to be expected. We see it here. This was a solid level of support before we had this massive breakdown. And even back here, this was a solid level of resistance here. It was solid level support going even further back into twenty nineteen. We can see this was also a solid level of support there. So it’s no question that is going to be difficult to break this level here. Seventy-six to seventy-seven hundred dollar level. It will be fairly difficult for us to break. But guys if we can break it, it will actually be very, very interesting to see whether the price is going to go. So guys, pulling up onto the chart, we have the 200 days moving average in yellow here and we have the 50 days moving average here in blue. We can see that we’re actually extremely close to this 200-day moving average. We’re only 5 percent away from it. Now, if you’ve been a long term view of the channel, you will know that I really, really like the 200-day moving average. It’s a great signal for when we are actually in a bull market or when we are actually going to be stopped. The price is going to stop pumping. We can see when we are above the 200-day moving average and the price action is actually extremely bullish. So I really, really would love to break up of this 200-day moving average and close above it on the daily chart and weekly chart, if we can. That will be absolutely amazing. Not only that, guys, but we did actually see a nice bounce here from a 50-day moving average, which I was telling you to keep an eye on back here on April the 9th when we did, in fact, get rejected from it. The 50-day moving average is a huge, huge moving average indicator and it always shows signs of resistance and support. Here we saw a massive sign of resistance. And we did get rejected on the upper level of this symmetrical triangle. And we came down to the lower level. Then we balance the Bova in a bullish fashion, tested the upper level of that triangle, came back down, tested the bottom, coincided with the test of the 50 days moving average. And then what did we see? Well, we saw a nice price skyrocket, which is a very, very nice this 200 day moving average right here. If I could draw a better circle, that would be nice. Is going to be a really, really big factor for the bitcoin price. Yes. If we can break above it, we will be testing this eighty-five hundred dollar level. I wouldn’t be surprised if we would see some form of maybe a little pullback. Pretty much always guys, when we have these runs in price, is followed by some form of a pullback. I just hope that pullback can come after we’ve crossed the seventy-seven hundred dollar level and the pullback can, in fact, come back down to the seventy-seven hundred dollar level. So definitely keep that in mind when you are trading guys. For now, I am not in any trades. I looked at you on my theme X position, but before I do guys, if you did want to join Phoenix and Trade and you are a more experienced trader, they pretty much have the best deposit across the board right now with exchanges. If your deposit is only 0.2 bitcoin to your trading account using my link below, you will actually get a bonus of one hundred and twelve dollars. If you don’t use my link, you won’t get the full bonus of $112. So if you did want to support the channel and get an extra bonus, the link will be down there. And that’s a 0.2 deposit to your trading account. So my stop loss was actually placed we can see here on the screen. I was in a contract around fifteen thousand dollars point 1 8 3 8. Bitcoin was the actual profit that I closed or the realized profit sorry was 0.1 a bitcoin at Billy. This is around fourteen hundred to fifteen hundred dollars profit. Not exactly sure if you did see my Instagram story yesterday. I was up over. Two thousand dollars profit on this trade. However, I did in fact set a stop loss when I went to bed and guess what happened at the stop loss unfortunately triggered just it literally only just triggered I sent my Stop-Loss to around about here somewhere like here, fourteen, sixty, fourteen, 62, something like that. And unfortunately, the stop loss did trigger. Now my reasoning behind this Stop-Loss was simply because I didn’t want to pump up in price and then have a big correction back down here. So I wanted to try and lock in some profits, which is a very smart thing to do, and you should definitely be doing that. Well, fortunately, my stop was a trigger. So rather than that two thousand dollar profit, I got own only God I say only, but it’s still a great profit. 0.1 8 3 5 bitcoin profit, which is a very, very nice. Without a shadow of a doubt. So I will definitely update you if I do want to or if I’m gonna enter any more trades, I’ll look. Mainly the trade calls first. I didn’t post this on the trade calls simply because it was a very risky trade to take and I kind of took it on the spur of the moment thing. So that’s why I didn’t order the trade calls. However, I will be ordering my trade calls if I do enter any more positions and then I’ll let you know after on the channel about the profit on that. So that’s the theme X guys on my trade. It was a nice trade. A really nice profit. If you did want to join it says 0.2 bitcoin deposit and you get $112 for free. I just wanted to be as transparent as possible. I did in fact, get stopped on mine out of my trade, but the stop was a profitable stop. Let’s take a look at this article in today’s video. The Bank of Japan signals interest in unlimited quantitative easing. This is really, really interesting. And yeah, let’s cover it. In the US alone, 26 million workers have filed for unemployment over the past five weeks on a corporate level. Research firms are projecting trillions of dollars of losses in corporate revenues. This is what I don’t understand because you take a look at the stock market on, for example, Tesla is still above dollars. Uber, I believe, is still around twenty-seven to twenty-nine dollars. It’s absolutely crazy. One of these prices is going to be coming down. I’m waiting by the day to enter a position into the stock market, but the prices are just not coming down and it’s really frustrating. Anyway, it’s no surprise, then, that central banks and governments around the world have gone into overdrive in an attempt to save people, corporations and entire corporations and entire corporations. It goes on to say that the Bank of Japan be Centrals Bank Central Bank confirmed this trend today. The Bilgi is looking to enable an unlimited purchase of Japanese government bonds to try and boost the economy. It also is looking to expand its quantitative easing program to double down on corporate bonds uncommercial paper purchases. This is crazy, crazy news and exactly why we need bitcoin. I believe I covered. I mean, I’ve covered it. But actually over in China on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter Bitcoin, Halfling was actually like the number six trending, even though it’s pretty much banned there. So it just shows the power of the people and the power of bitcoin. That said that this simple headline confirms that confirms the current system is completely broken. Central banks are weapons of economic mass destruction. No sense, no limits, no exit strategy. Let me go down the globe below in the comments. If you agree with what the central banks are doing with quantitative easing or you think it’s only going to devalue the currency and hopefully inflate the price of bitcoin, which would be really good. By letting me know your thoughts down below, guys, you’ll be entered to win these treys at the storage device. Basically goes on to say the sentiment of crypto, the sentiment growing that crypto assets which are decentralized and relatively scarce in comparison to fiat money, stands to benefit from this trend of quantitative easing. A former Goldman Sachs as an executive and a former hedge fund manager, he says he sees a serious chance that we’ll see the failure in our very system of money or at least a collapse in the current financial architecture. I personally would enjoy this as bitcoin, no doubt would move if this happened. Crypto is the solution and bitcoin will dramatically affect the shift from a fiat system to the digital ecosystem. We already see countries testing digital currency and looking into that. If that starts to happen more often, I think bitcoin will, in fact, grow in price. He added that crypto asset has the potential to reach a hundred thousand dollars in the coming two years and that is definitely on par with the stock, the floor model that we all know and love and even went as far to throw out a 1 million dollar price bound, which is crazy and will be absolutely amazing. So that is that article. Moving on, finally, bitcoin hash rate versus price history. This is a very interesting chart. And we can show and it basically shows us that the hash rate in the light blue. Lags behind the bitcoin price, which is something we already knew anyway. This not really anything new. However, it also shows that the hash rate doesn’t really react to crazily to these bitcoin prices and the actual dips in the bitcoin price. We can see here a massive dip in the bitcoin price and a downtrend from twenty seventeen high and the hash rate is still slowly climbing. It’s a very, very lagging wouldn’t say indicator, but a piece of analysis. The hash rate so we can see it’s still climbing here. However, the market was absolutely tanking back then in twenty seventeen. Again, we had a massive increase. This was, I believe, July or June of last year when we saw that massive peak up to around 14. And it was still just steadily climbing. We can see here when we do have these massive increases from like $4 to up to I believe this is about a thousand dollars back in 2013. We did see a massive increase. However, it shows a kind of lagging correlation. I just thought was interesting to bring this up in today’s video. As I saw it browsing, read it and I thought it was a fairly interesting piece of information. So, guys, that is pretty much it for today’s video. I really hope we can, in fact, break above this 16 to 17 hundred dollar level, go up, test the 200-day break above it and test this eighty-five hundred dollar level. Yes, they might. That may not happen. And I have said in today’s video we could well see a rejection from this. Seventy-six seventy-seven hundred dollar level and a pullback to around about seventy-three seventy-four hundred dollars. That would be fairly expected. So that’s pretty much it for today’s video guys. As always, if you were interested in trading and you more or more experienced trader check out fee mix will be linked down below. Using my link only you will get a deposit bonus of one hundred and twelve dollars if you deposit 0.2 bitcoin or more. Thanks. I can take video guys, and as always, I’ll catch you in the next one.


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