What’s up, guys? And welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, guys, we’re going to be talking about one bullish thing happening right now with Bitcoin. That actually last time this happened, Bitcoin went up over 170 percent. Yes, you heard me correctly. A hundred and seventy percent. So we’re gonna be talking about that in today’s video. We’re also going to be doing some Bitcoin price analysis as well. Not only that, though, guys, but we’re also going to be taking a look at some data showing you should be buying Bitcoin right now. And in the past, when you’ve done it when these indicators flashed, you will have been a very, very profitable. We’re also going to be taking a look at the Federal Reserve chairman just made the ultimate case for Bitcoin. We’re going to be going over that in today’s video. And finally, guys, towards the end of the video, usually I do every Monday. However, I didn’t upload yesterday, so I’ll do the giveaway today at the end of the video. We’re going to be giving away this largest storage device. So definitely stay tuned to the end to see if you have one. So without any further, you guys sit back, relax, and let’s get ready for the video. All right, guys, welcome back to another video. Thank you for joining me again. I do really appreciate that. As you know, if we haven’t already, please try and reach that goal of 1000 lights on this video smashup, the likes. That will be absolutely amazing. And if you are watching my videos and you’re not subscribed, what are you doing? Just simply hit that subscribe button and take the notification bell so you get notified when I post my next video. And as always, guys, drop your comments down below. If you want to be entered to in the legit nano X device in the next giveaway, which is going to be next week. So comment literally anything down below and you can be entered into that giveaway. So without further ado, guys, let’s get into the video and let’s get on with some Bitcoin price analysis. All right, guys. So without any further ado, let’s get into today’s video. First of all, I do want to address the elephant in the room. And I do want to talk about this golden cross, which is potentially going to happen in the next few days. The Golden Cross is basically when the 50-day moving average crosses above the 200-day moving average. And if we actually go back before the little mini ballroom we had back in the summer of last year, we can see the cross happened exactly here. And then we had peaks of all the way up here. And if we actually take the price and we can see roughly we had about 174 over 170 percent gain in the space of about two to three months, which is absolutely amazing. So if we were to see that 170 percent gain again. Well, you can only imagine what price the Bitcoin will price Bitcoin would actually be. And that will be really, really amazing. We did, in fact, have a bearish cross back here, and that is when we saw the price decline heavily due to many, many different factors. However, now it’s looking more bullish. We’re having this bullish golden cross and actually we could, in fact, have a nice price, targets upwards of 14 K quite easily in the coming months. So that is a really, really interesting thing that is going on. If I just remove now the Golden Cross and let’s jump into the four-hour chart and let’s have a look what’s going on over there. So now taking a look at a four-hour chart, guys, we can quite clearly see the Bitcoin is having a lot of trouble crossing this range here. And that range, no surprise, is actually the 10K range. And we have crossed this very, very recently in the past. We have crossed it a few times. However, we’re just finding it very difficult to cross that tangi mark. A game topping out at about nine thousand nine hundred sixty-nine thousand hundred and eighty, depending on which chart you’re looking at. Every time we go and touch this 10K range, we are getting rejected and we are, in fact, getting sent back down to this nine-point five or even nine point two K range. So here we’ve got some back down to the nine points to two K range here. We currently got sent back down to the nine-point five K range, which is a level of support we did. We can’t we can, however, see a nice little bounce from this nine-point five K range. Whether this is going to be sustained and we all going to test this 10K level again, that will be very, very interesting to see. However, we did have quite a large drop. We can see in the last four-hour candle, I believe it is around about three to four percent. Yeah, about three percent. We had a fairly large drop, which is fairly normal for Bitcoin on a four-hour candle. We can see many of them in the past. I really do hope Bitcoin can, in fact, test this. If I can use the chart correctly, Jack, I really do hope we can test this 10K level again. And as we all know, guys, the more times we test the tank level, the more times we test any level, the more likely it is to break. So, yes, we have tested this nine-point two K level and we’ve tested this nine-point five K level quite a lot. So really, the next move for Bitcoin could be very, very crucial if we do, in fact, see a move up here to 10K. Well, then we could, in fact, be breaking 10K. Now, what happens if we break 10K? Well, I have covered this in the previous video. But if we do, in fact, go ahead and break 10k, most likely our next target would be about ten point five K y, ten-point five K. Well, if in fact, we go back to the daily chart where we started today’s video, we can see that this ten-point five K level, and I’ve mentioned this before, has become apparent many, many times back in February of this year, back here in October of last year. Again, we have many more weeks or even months here, September. Yet many weeks here in September of 2019, we’re at this 10K level, just the tank, the ten-point five K level, sorry, is a very tricky level for Bitcoin to, in fact, pass. And that’s pretty much where Bitcoin went from, being very bullish too, in fact, being very bearish, that ten-point five K level. So if we can get up from this current level, we’re out now. And in fact, test this ten-point five K level up here. That will be very, very bullish. We can break it and close above it. And that would in fact if we did go ahead and test this 10K or even ten point five K level. No doubt the Golden Cross will happen. It will probably happen in the next few days regardless. However, that will just make things even more bullish for the upside. So, guys, if you were in fact interested in trading these levels or trading at all with any leverage, personally, I recommend theme X is pretty much my number one go-to exchange when it comes to the leverage trading and. Did want to use you, Max. Use my link, Downbelow specifically, and you’ll get a hundred and twelve dollar bonus with only zero point two Bitcoin deposit to your trading account. So they offer many, many great features, including SoBe accounts, so you can trade along on one account trade show on the other. And yeah, there’s a lot of customer customization going on right there. And if you guys do want to learn more about leverage trading down below the theme X link, you will actually see a link to a free one. Our training right here. You can go ahead and click it. It will take you to this page and you’ll also get a free reward. Five simple steps to become a profitable leverage trader e-book for attending that training as well. So the free training and the link for Phoenix is linked down below. So, guys, let’s move on with this part of the video now. So class note actually posted something on their Twitter very, very recently. And I think whenever they post something is very important to cover it as the information they have is absolutely amazing. So we can see here the Bitcoin pool multiple has dropped back in the Green Zone, which is currently right here. And this is a result of the reduced Meiners revenue due to the halving. Historically, this zone has been marked as excellent, has excellent periods for investors to accumulate BDC for outsized returns. So we can see back here in January of 2019. We actually flagged in the green pool multiple zones again. And actually, after this, this was pretty much the bottom around about three K three point six came after that. We did see massive explosive growth up to that. I believe it was about 14 K, which we saw. And we’ll go over to the daily chart. We can have a look at exactly where and how and what they are talking about. So we can see here back in January, which was down here. This zone actually flushed in the green, which we’re seeing right here. And after that zone actually flushed. We can see just flushing down here. We can see the amazing explosive growth up to that 13, 14 K levels, which we know and love back from last summer. And right now, the same thing is happening again, guys. And the pool multiple is actually in the Green Zone again, which historically has been a good time to buy Bitcoin, according to this data. Of course, this is Bitcoin. The volatility is very high and things can happen, especially during these economic times that aren’t usually meant to happen or may not have happened in the past. However, just keep that in mind when you’re investing. This is a great signal, though, and it’s a really, really great piece of information. And go and check up glass note on Twitter. If you do want to find out more about it. So now, guys, moving on to the Federal Reserve chairman just made the ultimate case for Bitcoin. Going to play a quick 30-second video I found on Twitter, and then I’ll jump into the article as the Fed has done all it can do. Well, there’s a lot more we can do. We’re not out of ammunition by a long shot. Now, there’s really no limit to what we can do with these lending programs that we have. So right there, you can see that they’re actually saying there is no limit in what they can do with these lending programs they have. What I really want to know from you guys right now, though, is I want you to leave a comment down below. If you think the Fed Reserve is just going to keep printing dollars until the currency just becomes an absolute joke. Let me know down below and that will actually enter you into that ledger storage device. So going back to the article, this is really, really interesting. It covers, again, what was said in the video at the Federal Reserve chairman. Chairman claims the Fed is not out of ammunition. During a recent interview with 60 Minutes, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell explained that the central bank has essentially been flooding the markets with money in order to thwart a full-blown recession and basically to avoid a full-blown recession. He also stated that a central bank digitally printed money as needed, adding they are not out of ammunition by a long shot. And a reality check. They are never going to be out of ammunition. And the one thing that I can absolutely guarantee is that the Federal Fed Reserve will be doing everything we come to support the people we serve. And that means providing some relief and stability now. It means supporting the recovery when it comes. So basically, they’re just saying they’re going to just continue printing money. And Jay Powell is going to do all the legwork for Bitcoin is a non-sovereign handicap supplying global, immutable, decentralized digital store of value. It’s an insurance policy and it’s an insurance policy against this. Even outspoken Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff noted that Paul’s comments show the fiat currency is essentially worthless. Here, he says, Powell just said that there is no limit to what the Fed can do. Since all the Fed can actually do is print money, Paul believes that there is no limit to how much money the Fed can print. This is only true if the Fed is willing to keep printing money until the money is worthless. And that is a crazy statement as the Fed Reserve continues increasing its involvement with the markets. It is highly likely that this will further cut catalyze Bitcoin’s growth and adoption, which is absolutely crazy. So leave your comments down below, guys. I will enter you to win this guy. What do you think about this? Do you think the Fed is going to continue printing money during these times? And what effect will that have on the dollar? Will we see just crazy inflation coming? And what effect will it have? Let me know down below in the comments. So, guys, that’s pretty much it for the video. And without any further ado, though, let’s jump into the giveaway. If you haven’t already left a comment down below. Leave a comment down below. You can comment anything and to be entered to in that ledger, no x storage device. So we’ve got three hundred and thirty-seven comments from the random video chosen from last week. Let’s see who the winner is going to be. As always, if you are already e-mailing me as the winner and the winner is I’d rush and he just come on. It’s a love heart. So congratulations, dude. And you are actually the winner. I do. In fact, check the winners and check if they’re legitimate. Check their YouTube channels. Ask for verification, because every single win I have, I have like four or five people, different email addresses, different accounts claiming to be the winner. So if you are making a new account just to win the fifty dollars or whatever it is, just stop doing it. Do let the person who’s won actually claim their prize. It’s a really stupid move to be doing. So that’s pretty much it for the end of the video, guys. As I said before, I really do want Bitcoin to in fact cross this 10K level and go on to cross this ten-point five K level. If we are to remain bullish, that’ll be really, really nice. As always, guys, if you did want to do some trading based on this or based on your own opinions, of course, my link for a theme X will be Link Downbelow. Of course, it’s only for more experienced traders, but if you deposit zero point two Bitcoin, you actually get one hundred and twelve dollar bonus for free. And if you wanted to learn more about leverage trading, just watch. When you’re watching the video, just scroll down and you’ll see the free one-hour leverage trading lesson. You can go ahead. It will take you to this page, simply click register and you’ll actually go ahead and get a free one hour worth of training. So thanks. Watching today’s video, guys, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


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