What’s orgasmed? Welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, we’re going to be taking a look at Bitcoin breaking above that seventy-two hundred dollar level. I was talking about in yesterday’s video and then almost immediately breaking back down below to about seventy-one fifty. We’re going to be talking about that and where the bitcoin price could be going in the next few days. We’re also going to be having a look at the theory and price as well. And how I said if we break this $175 level, we will see a massive pump to the upside. And in fact, we did, which is really nice. And we got about an eight to nine, maybe 10 percent profit depending on why you entered. So that was a great call in yesterday’s video. Not only that, guys, but we’re also taking a look at Teather printing another hundred and twenty million dollars, minting it. And how that is very big for Bitcoin. We’re also going to be taking a look at a DFI app that was hacked for over three hundred thousand dollars and an absolutely crazy dump in the total value locked in default, a USD. We’re going to be taking a look at that in today’s video. So all that good stuff coming up in today’s video. Sit back, relax and get ready for the video. Hi, guys, welcome back for another video. Thank you very much for joining me again. If we haven’t already, guys, let’s try and smash all those likes and hit that one key like a goal. If we can in today’s video. Also, if you do enjoy my content, you find it valuable. Make sure to subscribe until that notification bell. So get notified of my next upload, which is usually daily. As always, guys. Don’t forget to drop your comments down below for the treasure storage device. The giveaway will be happening tomorrow. So drop your comments down in today’s video so you don’t miss out on winning this Tresa storage device or the equivalent in bitcoin survives. Without any further ado, let’s jump into the markets. So basically in yesterday’s video, I was saying that we really need to break above the seventy-two hundred dollar level for me to remain bullish in bitcoin and we need to close above it nicely. However, we did break above it. We did close multiple times on the four-hour chart. But nothing really significant on the daily chart. Unfortunately, we can see we broke above it, which is nice. We had a nice little pump of about three to four percent and then, unfortunately, we topped out at about seven thousand three hundred dollars. And we immediately came back down testing the seventy-two hundred dollar level on this candlestick and then dropping that back down below all the way down to about seven thousand one hundred dollars. Now, we’re currently sitting in between the $7000 and 70 to 100 level. One thing I really think would be very, very interesting in the short term. Yes, we did, in fact, go ahead and make a high a high on the short term. However, back from April the 7th, we are actually making a lower high, which is a very, very interesting. If this is Bitcoin’s most recent high and we don’t know if I go ahead and test up here, that could be quite bearish for Bitcoin. Short term, long term, a medium-term. I’m still very bullish for Bitcoin with a halving coming up in around 24. Twenty-three days, something like that. And there are so many good things happening with Bitcoin right now. I don’t think it’s a good time to be bearish with Bitcoin. Yes, of course, you can be bearish and have a balanced opinion, but I personally am leaning more towards the bullish side on bitcoin. So I really would like bitcoin to break upwards of here test above this 72 hundred dollar level. Again, I really hope we don’t come down to this seven thousand dollar level again. Otherwise, all this time here and this little pump will be pretty much wasted. And fortunately, however, it will show stronger support if we do bounce from this level and go up and test this seventy-two hundred dollar level a game. So that could be a potential output if we do go onto the daily chart and have a look at some potential prices that we could reach. Well, we can see here that we’ve currently been trading between this sixty-nine or seven thousand dollars level and the seventy-four hundred dollar level for quite a while now, bouncing in it, coming out, bouncing back in it, hitting resistance, coming down. It’s pretty tiresome, I know. However, the upper limits are really, really interesting for bitcoin and I did want to share them with you. So first of all, we have this level here and about seventy-eight hundred dollars to about eighty-one hundred dollars. If bitcoin can get in this level, it will actually be really, really nice. We saw this multiple times over here. We saw it tested over here. We saw it come down from the dump and we found a little bit of support here. So if we could, in fact, go up to this level, that would be really, really nice. Not only will we be breaking this recent high here, but we would also be getting us off out of this this this HILER. We just simply cannot break seventy-four hundred dollars. So it be really, really nice around here. There is so much support. If we can get into this channel, hopefully we can stay there and then come up to this 90, $300 level, which is a top before we had that dump. The immediate top and then they’re the final target would be at about ten thousand four hundred dollars. I think if we can break 10k before the halving, it’ll be really bullish for bitcoin. I do want to note your predictions below. Let me know down below in the comments. What price do you think bitcoin will be a few days before the halving? Maybe. And by giving me the answer, you’ll be entered to win that Tresa storage device. So it’s a win-win? Yeah, that’s pretty much it for bitcoin guys. I really do hope going back over to the 4-hour chart. I really do hope we kind of break this 70 to 100 dollar level here in the yellow. And in fact, go ahead and break this seventy-four hundred dollar level up here. If we do come back down to that 7 K level, guys, don’t worry too much. Hopefully, we should, in fact, be supported and bounce back up so much of that 72 hundred dollar level. However, Bitcoin right now it’s in a kind of volatile stage. So I really would love to see us get out of this and make a new high. That would be absolutely excellent. Talking about a theorem now in yesterday’s video, guys, I said if we do break this seventy-two hundred dollar level here, prepare for a big push to the upside. And that exactly happened. We broke. We tested it multiple times. We came down to about 160, 8, 169, 170. And then we came up and we broke this level. And then we. Pumped to the moon pretty much. And that was like a 10 percent trade in the space of about a day. So that was a really nice call on my behalf. It doesn’t always go that way. Sometimes we can test this and get heavily rejected, continue down to levels like this. However, that did not happen in this case. And we did see a nice prompt to the upside. Looking at theory, I’m now. Hopefully, we can remain up here if we go over to the daily chart and have a little look. Hopefully, we can remain up in these levels $180. We do have this looming resistance up here just below $200. We did top out at about $190, which is pretty much exactly this level from this week where we found support here back on March 9th of this year. So it’s looking fairly good for theory. A theory is having nice and bullish trends, which is good. I really do hope a theorem can criss-cross $200 in the recent future and I’ll be really nice. So, guys, I have actually extended the bitcoin blueprint. The sale had been a few people asking can jump to jump on board with that discount. And there is actually a huge update coming on April the 25th. So have extended the discount of $100 up till April 25th. If you did want to jump on board, this is the last chance, guys who do not miss it. After this discount, the price will be increasing, of course, as there is much more content being added. So if you did want to jump in, the link will be down below. I recommend not missing out as they probably won’t be another sale for a long time. And if there is the sale price then will be way higher than it is now. So I recommend jumping on board as well as a seven-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t find it, if you don’t find it useful or the course is not for you, but very, very few refund requests. So I’m 99 percent sure a will, in fact, be for you. So let’s take a look at this. Hundred and twenty million in Teather was just minted, and that’s big for bitcoin. Basically, they’ve been responding to an increased in level of demand over the past few weeks. And with a Twitter account whale alert tracking a series of transactions indicating USD is in high demand. Just today on April 18th, this is actually yesterday as a filling this it was reported that another 120 million dollars worth of the stable coin was minted. Yeah. They’re minting so much. I wish I could mean. Some US market cap hit 7 billion. Bitcoin stands to benefit according to data from crypto Anelli analytics tracker skewed dot com. I cannot pronounce that the amount of USD in circulation recently passed 7 billion or approximately 3.4 percent of the entire crypto market capitalization per coin market cap. This comes after a series of 120 million prints like the one mentioned above. So we can see the go-ahead and head and see here the USD T which is absolutely, absolutely going crazy compared to the big BTC which is here. So that’s really, really interesting. Teather Again, minting more. There’s not really anything new that they continue to mint like the Fed continue to print, although they are saying it’s because of increased demand for USD. Charles Edwards, a digital asset manager, remarked in January that major changes in tethers have led bitcoin. Price has led to the bitcoin price over the past 1.5 years. Prior to the nearly 50 percent crash in November of 2018 that saw Bitcoin plunge from six thousand dollars down to around three thousand dollars. The amount of USD circulating fell by hundreds of millions. Also, prior to the majority of twenty nineteen crypto rally was the printing of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of USD. So yes, USD printing can potentially propel the bitcoin price higher, which is kind of good, but it’s kind of not. On the other hand, it’s a whole debate now existing 3 billion worth of stable coins sitting on exchanges. There’s a good chance crypto could boom especially bitcoin as USD t.’s largest market is bitcoin. Moving on to the final article of the day, a DEFI OP was just hacked for over three hundred thousand in theory on bitcoin. And if we go over to default, we can see the absolute dump over the past 90 days, which is actually quite scary and it’s kind of crazy. Let me know your comments down below about defined that will also enter you to win this guy. I personally, I don’t know. It’s a kind of a bit of a toss-up. I do think it is innovative and there are some good features coming from it and there are some good things around it. However, there are definitely several drawbacks, including this one, which we’re going to cover now. So three hundred thousand was hacked in a theorem on Bitcoin. And there’s no doubt that de-centralized or DFI has been central to their theory ecosystem over the past year. Unfortunately, the use of the second-largest blockchain by underlining cryptos market cap doesn’t come with his own set of flaws. That doesn’t come without its own set of flaws. Reports indicate that on April the 18th, a leading protocol was just hacked for a large sum of ether and tokenized bitcoin. Three hundred thousand in a theorem on bitcoin swiped an attack. An attacker managed to drain a unique SWOP based pool a market and gained more than three hundred thousand dollars worth of ether on theory and based token version of bitcoin. I’m BTC in the process, I’m BTC token poll on union uni swap. Has been attacked and drained. Simple attack vector on Yuni swap allowed them to steal more than 300k k, which is absolutely crazy about these simple exploits happening, and the exploit involves an attacker creating a fake exchange pool that resembles the original exchange. So you can see why this hack would be pretty profitable for them. From there, the attacker can manipulate unique swop to make them the price of an asset very cheap in the original pool, allowing them to make away with coins at a price much lower than the actual market value, which is crazy. In this case, the stock the coin was stolen were tokenized bitcoin. I’m BTC. This is actually crazy and this is probably what drove this massive dumping DFI. Definitely. Let me know your thoughts and comments below. This video fallout. So that’s pretty much the end of today’s video, guys. If you were interested in that bitcoin blueprint, I have extended the sale for six days only. So don’t miss out this time. If you didn’t already jump on board and you were interested in making trading more seriously. The last few videos are being released on April 25th and that will be a huge update to the platform and I can’t wait to share it with you. So as I said, guys, I really hope we can bounce back above the 7.2 K level and reach at point 7.4 K level in the short term. Thanks for watching today’s video, guys. I’ll catch you in the next one.


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