Today for the big compromise. This is crazy, guys. Look at this. Elon Musk just tweeted out that the Tesla price is too high. In his opinion, and from this crazy discussion about the big contrast between Elon Musk and the Bitcoin handle emerge, we will tell you exactly what happened there. What it must tell opinion is and what our own interpretation is about that. And also, guys here about the big comprise, just something crazy happens to you on the daily canvas between the, in our opinion, the two most important moving averages. And the last time this happened here, guys, the big corn price skyrocketed 140 percent here back in 2000 and 19. We will tell you exactly what it means for the big cut price right now and what we are expecting here for the price of big corn in the immediate short term. Guys, make sure you take your seat. Make sure you smash up the like button right now to at least three thousand likes. In the last video, we always had 3000 likes or scrawled on press the like button right now. Thank you very much. And that being said, we’re comfortable present. And welcome back to I’m in Crypto. My name is Chris. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight into the content. All right, guys, so first things first. We are here in the fall. All kinds of Bitcoin price. And we want to talk about the price of Bitcoin. Before we go into the crazy thread, you on Twitter be treated on Musk and the Bitcoin handbook. And as you may remember, Big Congest skyrocketed up here to nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars above the nine thousand dollar level we mentioned in our many, many of our last videos here. And then we had this crazy retracement. So the question right now is, is this a reason to freak out? Are we going to go all the way down here to find the previous price levels again? Or is that just a healthy retracement? And the Bitcoin price is due for higher upspeak here in the immediate short term. We want to talk about that. And first of all, I wanted to put some emphasis on the magnitude of this dump here, which was just like 12 percent within a matter of like twelve hours. This is actually crazy. But if you take into consideration what happened beforehand, after we broke out and we confirmed to breakout out of the back and run reverse the pattern, we mentioned actually back then in this video where guys, then this dam seems to be just very, very healthy and it seems like a necessity for Bitcoin right now. So in our opinion, we are still extremely bullish for the big countries, even if we go down to the eight thousand dollar levels. Because, guys, if you pull out that people not sure retracement level here only on the micro timeframe here from the swing high to the swing low, then you can see that we are right now hugging the M thirty-eight point two retracement level. And the most important thing is, guys after we dumped down. Look at this. We actually had a strong bounce your back. Exactly. But pretty much exactly due to the sixty one point eight level. And this is the key level we are watching right now because if the big come price goes up once again, we do not want to see a double top. We want, with the next attempt, the big countries to break out of the nine thousand sixty US dollar level, which is in fact also the CMG gap and the previous one, which we know close. We want the big companies to go above Holte above and then search for higher price levels up to the ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollar price level we mentioned actually asked the target of the bump and run reverse the pattern since it is the height of the bump and run reversal pattern here, ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars is the target we are looking out for after we are breaking the nine thousand sixty level the next. Well, guys. But if we are going to be rejected on the bearish flip side, this would be a sign for us that this golden pocket right now is too strong and that we need to higher retracement here for Bitcoin. And this retracement could in this bearish scenario, we mentioned the bullish scenario before, which is a little bit more likely in our opinion. This bearish scenario could bring us all the way down, actually not that far down to the price level of 8100 U.S. dollars, seven thousand nine hundred fifty U.S. dollars back here into the golden pocket. And I actually think a retest of this price level wouldn’t be all too bearish, especially here. If we are bouncing from there and going up because guys have this golden pocket level, he is in perfect alignment to what we consider the most important price level guys, because right now something happened to you on the daily canvas. Let me go over to the daily canvas and let me pull out the 100 and the 200-day moving average, the yellow moving average being the one hundred days moving average, the blue one being the 200-day moving average. And right now something happened. Look at this. We have the golden cross here and then everyone just waiting for the next step cross to a cure. But if we are zooming in, you guys let me do that here right now for you. You can see that this massive pump here prevented the death cross from happening. And as you know, with golden and death, death crosses between the two hundred and fifty-day moving average day. All too significant, right? Well, guys, the death and the golden crosses between the 100 and the 200-day moving average, they usually do not fail as to be a very bearish and bullish indicator here, whether we are talking about the bullet and death cross and the bullish quotes so far. We have to death bullish cross here. The Golden Cross and the death cross was prevented from happening. And this happened, guys, actually, one time before here in 2000 and 16, you can see that we had this golden cross here emerging and the big compress had a very nice pump to the upside. We went down. But then look at this. We had this crazy pump here actually preventing the next death cross from happening. This took us all the way up to 20000 U.S. dollars. And the most important thing to monitor right now is here the last golden cross, which happened actually approximately here at the price level of five thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars. It took us all the way up to a 2.5 x one hundred forty percent to fourteen thousand U.S. dollars. And guess what? Just out of funding before we go into the treatment of it on Musk and the Bitcoin handle. If this were to happen again, of course, there is no certainty. But if this were to happen again after we had this golden cross here, approximately at a price target of seven thousand five hundred eight, 8000 U.S. dollars here in these areas. This would take us pretty much exactly to the all-time highs of 2017 to 20000 U.S. dollars. Of course, this takes some time. Of course, this is not about the next week, the next month. But after the harping, this is, of course, the next price target to look out for here in the mid-run. But now, guys, let’s go to the breaking news, because everyone who is on Twitter probably saw here, Elon Musk tweeting out that the Tesla stock price is too high. And guys, guess what? We didn’t only get this crazy conversation here between Elon Musk and the Bitcoin handle emerging after what we will come to that. Also, the Tesla stock went down 12%. You can see how much of an impact he has on the stock price of his own company. And this tweet went absolutely viral. Let me actually give him a light and some laugh. And let me give some like see also on the Bitcoin handler’s answer. And what’s happened to you afterwards is this guy. So he set the Tesla stock price is too high. And look at this. The Bitcoin Hendo tweeted out, the bitcoin price is too low, in my opinion, Elan Musk like that. And then he was answering how much for some enemy Bitcoin. You know, that Elon Musk is is a geek. He is a geek like most of the Bitcoin guys like I am. And that’s why he’s tweeting this crazy stuff. You’re with the enemy of Bitcoin, which already shows which already goes to show that you don’t. Musk has a strong connection. You also to Bitcoin into Bitcoin price. Then many, many people out there are actually already speculating that Elon Musk is holding much more than this small amounts of Bitcoin he was already disclosing. But that’s a fact that he is holding Bitcoin. So he was asking how much for some anime bitcoin and then the Bitcoin. And this is the most important or the most interesting thing. They came out and said the same cost as it was that Bitcoin one BTC equals one BTC. This one he has taken from this old Bitcoin forum. And Elan Musk was even answering to this year just seven hours ago. And afterwards, the Bitcoin white paper was posted to him. And the impression I have here, especially with Oenone, must so actively be engaging here with these Bitcoin treats, liking these big countries. I mean, guys, this is actually crazy. And what I think is they are exchanging this anime thing, this wizard thing many, many people don’t know who owns this Bitcoin handle. And of course, guys, big disclaimer, this is only a conspiracy theory, but I do actually think that this Bitcoin handle might belong to in en masse because we always see this crazy engagement’s here. And also the humour is the exact same. And of course, also the humour here is the exact same. I want to know from you guys, and this is a fun poll. Click the poll. You were just popping up on top of the screen right now. And do you think that the Elan Muskie actually holds this year very mysterious Bitcoin Hendo? Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen. Yes or no? In our opinion, this is actually very crazy. And when you see what kind of impact Elon Musk had on the Tesla price to go down, you might also speculate on him, say, having some impact on the big con price going up with these crazy treats. Guys, let us know in the comments section what you think about that. Make sure smash up the like button on that video. Guys, we have been hitting 3000 likes so many times in the last videos. Let’s make it this time again. We are really grateful for your support, guys. And of course, if you want to support us even further and if you want to take advantage of this crazy, volatile situation, we have a very special deal for you guys. Only if you’re an experienced trader, you can get up to one thousand six hundred twelve dollars completely for free. Here on. Exchanges on Vibert and on Phoenix on buyback. We do the higher volume trades on Phoenix. We do some short on time swing trading here and you can get up to one thousand five hundred dollars for free on bail, about one hundred twelve dollars for free on fee X by clicking these links, putting in your email address and your password here on the landing pages. You can get an account within 20 seconds here very, very easily. And after zero point two Bitcoin deposit, you can get up to these amounts here completely for free and trade with a free margin. Guys, thank you so much for the support. Thank you so much for watching, guys. And also, guys, do not miss out to click the subscription box right to your right there. And also the Bible tutorial, which is popping up right here. And as always, guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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