CRYPTO TOKEN ECONOMY Fast Tracking Due to Pandemic – CBDC’s To Replace Cash


Hi everyone welcome to the thinking crypto YouTube channel I hope you’re healthy and doing well. If you’re in doing here please hit that subscribe button as well as a thumbs up. Guys I’ve got a very bullish and important topic to talk about here. I definitely watch a video to the end because I’m going to lay out the facts. This is not sensationalism. This is not clickbait. This is the facts about what is taking place in our world today and crypto is a big part of it. The crypto asset classes knew it’s on the rise and it’s a disruptor right. And we saw as a result of crypto central banks and governments around the world started scrambling to Bill central bank digital currencies moving their fiat paper money into a digital format so that they don’t get disrupted. And I believe the current global health pandemic is fast-tracking this process. I believe some things were set into motion Meetings were had at Davos in Davos at the World Economic Forum and are now being a fast track and once again I’m going to show you the facts. So the dialogue has started about the prospect of building a new international monetary system with CBD seats from every central bank around the globe will usher us into a new monetary system into the token economy right which we’ve been talking about this channel forever where everything is going to be token eyes. And part of getting that process rolled out is the mindset of people needs to change right the average Joe and I’m going to show you how that’s already started, guys. So. We saw this World Economic Forum already laid out a central bank digital currency policy tool maker kit. So they have they’re starting to put out the guidelines and here’s how you do it. And you guys should get started now. Right. And in that this was once again an insight report from the World Economic Forum. And look at the subtitle here center for the fourth industrial revolution. Guys. That’s bullish as hell right. Generally 20 20. So only a few months back. Right. And in this document here they layout how you do. Central Bank should do this and why and the pros and cons and of course globally available cryptocurrency is bitcoin any therm are mentioned stable coins are mentioned such as USD see tether Libra token which Facebook is building maker Dow PAC SOS Gemini dollar right. They also mentioned here most relevant for a wholesale CBD. So how can you leverage some of these crypto-assets to improve the usage of CBD see they give examples JPM coin and SRP which ripples building use cases around? So very bullish here. This. These are official documents. This is not made-up. This is what’s being circulated among governments and China Central Banks around the globe guys. And we see here at that time when Davos and so forth was taking place calls for U.S. digital dollar rise as China powers ahead with a digital one. China has been leading the charge in building a CDC you know with the current health situation. I don’t know if that stalls there. There is their progress but it may actually push it ahead because one of the items we are seeing is they are destroying the paper money because it could potentially spread the health problem. Right. And that could be happening we haven’t heard updates as yet but we are seeing the narrative being said here, guys. Where you have. World Economic Forum. All push putting out the narrative you need to build a CBC now So ECB Legarde. We want to develop digital currencies but won’t discourage private initiatives. Here you go to the IMF Web site. Look at this. Designing central bank digital currencies. They are putting out the information that guides the guardrails for different central banks and governments around the world. And check this out. It is crucial. Not that you should just think about it. It is crucial for central banks to consider digital currencies. Bank of England executive sees what is happening here, guys. The narrative that putting out of literature the dialogue here you’re seeing these central banks are even forming groups to talk about their plan and a strategy and tactics right. Six central banks formed a digital currency use case working group and they’re working with the Bank of International Settlements UBS. So. This is amazing to see the dialogue the process has started. And this is both for large and small countries guys it’s not just you know the US and China and so forth. You have smaller island countries and so forth. Marshall Islands sovereign digital currency will be based on alga Rand and they’re not the only ones there are other islands that are building their central bank. Digital currencies guys in all of these things. Coupled together. And something amazing and interesting happened this past week and I already covered it on the channel Coinbase chief legal officer leaves Coinbase to go take a senior role at the U.S. bank regulator and his name is Brian Brooks and the timing is interesting when the stock market is collapsing when you know you have this big health concern. STEVE maneuvering calls him off and says Hey man get over here now. Why now. Why did this take place in January? After Davo’s right. After the World Economic Forum in Davos. It happened as stock markets collapsing as paper money is being shunned for usage. We already see businesses are saying no more cash. We don’t want it. Because they’re concerned about the spread of health concerns. And like I said China is destroying the paper money that could potentially happen in other countries as well. So. The. Office of Comptroller of Currency to Oh C.C. So this guy is going to work on the currency. What is the US looking to do along with all the central banks and governments are unwell? Bill a digital version of their fiat and the ICC announcement announced Brook’s appointment Monday once again on the 16th saying U.S. treasury secretary Stephen Nugent is designated Brooks as the new deputy. Effective April 1st, 2020. Brooks a former Fannie Mae executive right Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary has served as its chief legal officer at Coinbase since September 2018. Another interesting takeaway there. This guy got into the crypto market and working for a cryptic company in that bear market. That’s a good sign right. You’ve got to have long term vision, not tunnel vision of what’s happening at the moment and. Newton said in a statement he looks forward to working with Brooks to ensure the stability of our financial system and with the Fed pretty much destroying the US dollar right now by printing print and printing. I mean it is ridiculous what’s going on. It looks like they’re going to fast track the building of a digital version and one of the things I’m thinking about is that they may use blocking tech to keep more accountability that you can’t just keep printing right and up more structure more liquidity real-time liquidity 24/7. When you think about the crypto market does not shut down its stock market shuts down right. And that’s going to build more interoperability with cryptocurrencies. It is going to validate cryptocurrencies and once again look at the World Economic Forum has outlined right. What are the crypto assets designed for Inter and interbank payments and settlements? JPM coin XP. So the writing on the wall here is clear. Guys what is taking place we are headed to that token economy and part of the process to do that is to get the mass to adopt the mentality to you know to take into consideration. Will I need to use this versus the paper money. And here you have it right. People are already backing off of cash saying oh yeah I guess this is not ideal. Could spread you know the health concern countries already destroying some other paper money businesses saying no no no no more. And this along with recent news of unbanned a banking ban Zimbabwe making you turn on crypto looking to stabilize local economy and it just seems these things that are in motion and the health item is fast-tracking it. Now things are speeding up and here. This is an interesting article from Catherine Coley who’s the finance CEO. I interviewed her just two weeks ago. Definitely check out those interview guys. She’s CEO finance was the head of SRP liquidity at Ripoll. And she put out this article today. The US should use stable coins for an emergency. Well, I’m not gonna name it payments right. I’ll name a say C.. The emergency c payments. And that is interesting. Imagine the US saying OK the stimulus checks we’re going to send to everybody hey download this app and we’re going to fund you with a stable coin or are you there. CDC. Now she’s making the case to say don’t use a CDC but rather use a stable coin. They’re kind of similar but you know it’s interesting that. That this is being put out. So you see the narrative changing guys. Big things are ahead. I’m glad I’m here early I’m not happy about the current pandemic situation obviously but. Things are fast-tracking as a result of it. And this is I mean it is kind of crazy guys and I think as I said at the beginning of the video. The building of a new international or international monetary system we are headed to a new set up a new thing is on the horizon here guys and the token economy as I’ve been talking about for years now. You’re going to have fiat paper money organized different assets. And. Like I said in that format it’s 24/7 now like the crypto market. So guys what do you think about this. I think this is being fast-tracked. I think a huge sign of what’s taking place is what menu changes did this past week in the midst of what is going on. You’ve got this guy coming on board looking to solve it. And what’s his expertise. Where has he been Coinbase? All right. So I don’t want to get no sensation any sensationalism here. These are the facts and I hope you see it. I did not financial investment advice I’m Holling. You know if things get lower I’ll accumulate a bit more and wait for this whole search of what this global health thing to you know to calm down we get back to normal and then we are going to see I think massive surges in the crypto market. I’m not saying it’s going to happen overnight. It’s going to probably be into months polygons the next year. Right. You got to think about a year sometimes not just weeks and a couple of months. So. I think big things are ahead. This is the new asset class it’s on the rise it’s changing the world. Will you guys think to leave your thoughts and comments below. Thumbs up, please. Sure it is a video and I’ll talk to you all later.


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