Cryptocurrency is About To EXPLODE As Reddit Releases the Crypto Bulls! [AMAZING]


All right. Welcome back, everybody. Mine is Austin Read it is finally adding a cryptocurrency. We have leaked screenshots and leaked video to prove it. So in what way will this crypto be integrated into Reddit? Well, read. It already has a point system, meaning you like posts, you like content and that content that you like flows to the top. So what that video and what these screenshots show is a new design implementation from Reddit of a blockchain-based point system. That’s huge because Reddit is not only the third most popular, the third most trafficked Web site in the United States, but also Reddit pulls over eleven million active users per day. So if what we’re seeing is true, which it has to be, this is a direct screenshot video from a recently updated Reddit app on the Android showing a wallet which now has a recovery phrase, meaning for Reddit users. Your information, your tokens are now stored on the blockchain. This is huge. This was originally broken by Reddit or Magoo Crypto, which appears to show a beta implementation of the system. If this goes past Beda, this will introduce so many more people into cryptocurrency. Now my question is, yes, Reddit appears to be implementing a blockchain, but really, why does Reddit need a blockchain? What advantages to a blockchain bring? That’s the big question. Is this just a buzz word? Will we be getting mutable karma? Now, there are so many more questions I have. Like, will there be an old coin? If so, Reddit will have to register that old coin with the SCC. Or maybe this will be closer to 49 bucks, meaning that they’ll stay on the platform. There’s no offramp. You can never really cash out. Time will tell. All we know right now is that they are testing it. It appears to be in beta in a direct quote from that red. I open my app up yesterday morning and sell the wallet menu option, went through it, saw blockchain and got super excited to share with the rest of you all from guy crypto. Let me know what you think. Down below in the comments section. Huge news coming out of REPL. Coming out of Catano, coming out of Beinart’s huge news. Watch today’s entire video. But next piece of news, we retweeted this foaled announcing the first-ever bitcoin rewards card from foaled and Visa. So what does this mean for you? Well, this is the first-ever credit card where you can earn bitcoin, not points every time you swipe the folded card. You get a percentage of your purchase back in Bitcoin. It’s a real bitcoin that goes right into your fold account. Watch this. A brave new world deserves a brave new card. Introducing the world’s first bitcoin rewards card from full spend dollars earned bitcoin on every purchase. Tear the folded card of the full path to super taxi experience. Protect your privacy and keep your personal data safe. Toll puts you in control, not the things. Welcome to the Bitcoin Privacy-Preserving Card of the future. Welcome to fold. I love it. I mean, I use a credit card almost every day. Credit cards are not going away anytime soon. And if I’m going to use a credit card, which I do. I would much rather earn some bitcoin back on each purchase. I have joined the waitlist if you want to join the waitlist. I put a link down below in the description. Check it out. Now, keep in mind, foaled did choose to support today’s video, but I already use fold. There’s a referral link in every single one of our videos because we actually use it. You know, I’m buying you play. I’m using Uber anyway. Mei’s will earn bitcoin with every single purchase I can if I can. Links down below. Check it out. Next piece of news before we get to Cardno. A ripple partnership is being discussed by a Bank of America. Exact. Keep in mind right now this is ripple to company. This has nothing to do with SRP at the moment, but this is all coming from an interview. In an interview discussing emerging digital payments technology, a lead executive at the Bank of America praised REPL as a partner. Well, what exactly did she say? Julie Harris, head of Global Banking Digital Strategy, made the comments on a podcast published by the Bank of America. The conversation centred around the emerging payment options available for businesses and the increasing need for faster, more efficient methods. Here is the direct quote. It’s not about our platform or our capabilities, meaning it’s not about the Bank of America’s capabilities. It’s about you. If you own a small business, it’s about you as a client and infrastructure that you have and the ability for us to integrate with you. Now, where does REPL come into this? Whether that’s with platforms and capabilities that we built, meaning the Bank of America is built or partnerships that we have with the likes of REPL or Swift. These are FinTechs that we’re partnering with. They’ve come through all of our rigour of legal compliance and we’re able to leverage our banking as a platform to deliver that to you. So this is. A little bit of praise for our Swift and REPL coming out of the Bank of America. Keep in mind this statement adds to the rumour that their software REPL software REPL Net maybe used REPL is being praised for its potential to integrate with bank services. So right now this is just a mention, but this does bode well for using ripple software from Bank of America. Let me know what you think. Is this the big deal? Is this no big deal? Comment below. Next up, we have major news involving finance being charged with embezzlement. Before that, just something personal I want to share with you about me and Aaron. We have officially signed on to participate in a covered 19 at a charity poker tournament. Now, what are the details? This is tonight. Aaron and I will be there playing. Hopefully, you can play with us, but the event will be capped at two thousand players with 50 percent of all proceeds being donated to the participating non-profits for COVA 19 relief and 50 percent of the winnings being split at the final table. This is really the crypto community coming together to support relief for Koven, 19. Now, Aaron and I were gonna be a featured player. We just signed on today. We’re not listed on the picture as yet, but we will be there. I want to invite you to play with us. Now does cost one hundred dollars per ticket. Again, this goes to charity. So it’s your call. Either keep it for you, invest in bitcoin or good cause. Good event. See if you can bust me or my brother out. But I plan to win. There’s a link down below. The Cardno Foundation has endorsed the South African Blockchain Alliance establishment to boost adoption so big collaboration between Catano and South African Blockchain Alliance, the Cardona Foundation praised the establishment of the South African National Blockchain Alliance Essay NBA on April 7th, and this cooperation endeavours to explore further ways to strengthen technology‘s adoption through South Africa. So this is a little insight on where Cano is setting their sights for the adoption of Catano. Why did they choose South Africa? Well, according to the official announcement, the Cardenal Foundation praised the use of blockchain technology to boost socio-economic growth. They also have a goal of increasing blockchain adoption in that region. So, again, to me, this just kind of shows Cardno is playing the long game, setting up their roots in poorer socioeconomic areas like South Africa. In a direct quote from the announcement, Cardon’s believes in empowering individuals and enterprises by putting them in direct control of their information, wealth and value. Blockchain technology lets developing nations break ties with legacy banking systems, costly middlemen and entrenched political structures. So this quite possibly could be South Africa’s way to opt-out of corruption and centralization. Next piece of news finance has been charged with embezzling almost a million dollars worth of crypto. What are the details? Well, actually, in November of 2018, finance blocked an account that had almost a million eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of crypto funds. Now, the owner of that account claims that the exchange led by Ceecee stole his money. And this money, it wasn’t just Bitcoin. There was a bitcoin. And a theory, M-theory classic like one iota yo’s Tauron. The point is, it wasn’t a single transaction. His account got shut down and finance is being charged with embezzlement. Now we’ll see. This is just the accusation. Innocent until proven guilty. In my opinion. But Sisi has clapped back and said Sisi says that because by NANS requires KYC AML, which is knowing your customer anti-money-laundering verification from each person, that they had a right to seize that guy’s money because there was a question regarding the origins of that guy’s funds. Wow. Huge invasion of privacy, in my opinion. Although I guess it is in the terms of service. They have a right to know the origin of your funds. And according to finance, the exchange said that the account was blocked at the request of the South Korean police, though the user claims that he had not received any complaints from the South Korean authorities himself. Take your money off the exchange. Keep it for yourself. Not your keys, not your coins. I’ll keep you updated on how this turns out. But again, by NANCE. Just like a bank, they could seize it if they want to. That is the video for today. My name’s Austin again. If it intrigues you, defers to a bitcoin rewards card. Join the waitlist. I did hop on the card, earn some bitcoin back on daily purchases, and if you had the means and you wanna give back, donate to a good cause. Come play poker with us again. If the first two thousand people. I would love to see the altcoin daily army represent next to me, next to Aaron. Let’s bust some people out for charity. That’s the video like always. See you tomorrow.


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