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What is up guys. Welcome back to the video. The topic of today’s video is Dash guys why Dash is starting a sustained recovery from the current level it’s a very first article right here. Very very good news. Basically just to summarize the dash is making a strong recovery ends up being one of the best performers in the market right now are doing the cornered virus and mud this whole on so crazy thing everything is going down stocks are going down. Bitcoin went down all everything in the crypto is definitely going down. Dash Windows is definitely recovering. It was very bearish. But we are seeing some very bullish momentum very bullish recovery. Obviously everything is still down its still down 40 percent everything is down stock market is down 50 to 70 percent. That’s not new. But again it is one of the best coins right now you can hold you can buy you can huddle and hopefully in three to six months you could double your money again dash group announced the release of new dash platform version of zero-point eleven again this is brand new as well. They’re updating it basically thing about this is a computer update I still dash BTC parents performing negatively well loss of three-point thirty-seven percent which brings a level again Daschle one of the best performers of this week and dash maintain a sustained climb. Looking strong with the bulls guys everything fell dash for the least with about three-point thirty-seven percent currently that shows strong support around sixty dollars if the coin market cap right here where is Dash again. Sixty-five. So there’s been a better than sixty dollars holding at almost sixty-five areas. Yeah, it’s down three point three percent like I said three point one seven. But still, a lot of things are down way more dash price analysis. I know if I could click on this Nope definitely can’t. But if you look at this it was doing very very bad this obviously Corona right here coronavirus bad news and then guys right around here we did find a double bottom. We did all this is probably a reversal right here baby. Higher lows bullish momentum again higher lows and repeated this same formula this same chart pattern right here which is what you want to see in a healthy sign as well as the market did cross a very good indicator as well as the RSI guys. It’s very very good. And then obviously the CCI 20 everything is looking good. Dash price climbs gradually and there is some negative momentum to buy the love of 70 against 70 is the price resistance the has to beat but prices are mostly occupied by the Bulls and 75 is the mass resistance. But even if it gets to 75 it’s about a 20 percent up in the levels where everything else is going down. Technical indicators again Mac this 24 hour RSI sees the eye resistance level 70 current support is sixty and sixty-five dollars which are really really good I’m steak about it guys I’m really excited again dash beats the bearish pressure notes ah escalation. Twenty-seven percent which is really really crazy despite the current trouble markets again stock market crypto Corona everything is down 50 to 70 percent that coin has officially kicked out a price of movement around 27 percent over a day again it’s basically let’s look at this chart. Very very good. Just look at this guy. This is a perfect ascending triangle if you were to draw a line right here guys everything is looking good just look at this we have obviously Corona everything was looking good before the corner bar was very very good you know it falls whatever it bam. Again higher lows. Look at this higher low. Look at this trend. The trend is your friend. It’s all about the chart analysis. Everything is looking absolutely amazing. Could it fall? Yes. Can it go down? But again just look at this guy just look at this. This is absolutely crazy. Guys are absolutely just amazing the EMEA guys everything is basically in a good bullish trend. Again we have ascending triangle sixty-five or basically all the way back up here right now. If we look sixty-five or nine right now we’re at sixty-four eighty-nine. So again the chart did play out. Everything is looking good. I’m getting again I was a long term I was in dashboard three to six months ago I did end up selling because I was up maybe 100 percent for the trade. Again sometimes I do believe in these I do want to hold long term but I’m not I just day treats swing trading. I want more bitcoin at the end. That’s what all coins are for. So I did end up selling about 89 90 percent return this, hey you know this is like I just open these like five best cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin to watch out once the corner rotavirus crisis is over. No one guys Dash Dash has reached an all that has reached an all-time high value. Back in December 2018 again everything is looking good. It has major support at forty-five. It’s lost more than 50 percent. Definitely should look at one of these to buy again. Everything is basically looking very very good. If we get the coin market everything is down but so the stock market so it’s nothing to be scared of. Bitcoin is still holding six thousand two hundred fifty even the six thousand will support about a week ago. Let’s look at X or P 17 cents. It did end up going right here as you see night and 19 cents. So as about a cent off. I’m still going to hold I’m not going to sell you know if I take a loss I was like coin like it like the high-level centre was a three at one time like coin adjusting the shootings so I definitely have to buy like one kid is way oversold in my opinion. Thirty-seven dollars at least 40, in my opinion, the average all support level for like coins I might go along and pretty hard long term position in light coin as well as Dash I. Those are my two long term swing positions. We have the light coin and dash obviously Bitcoin 50 percent of the wallet. That’s basically if you like this video guys check out my channel every single day post a video daily video with one or two videos every single as you see. Check out my latest upload as well as my cryptocurrency. Painless over 200 maybe two hundred and twenty videos all about one K or about maybe fifteen one hundred views. Very educational very informative very interesting. And then also guys where my dating life playlist again if you like watching stocks if like watching me trade equities live or options also my trades are the review I’ve been in this broker for two years cashed out 300 percent definitely made a profit that’s about it guys had that like one hit that subscribes on daily videos if you like stocks if you like investing if you like cryptocurrency I post daily piece.


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