WARNING! Data Reveals BTC Will Dump Post Halving!


So what is going on with the viewers of the tube, if you don’t know by now? He definitely should. But I’m the host of the Channel Tylor and are you ready for crypto content that hopefully keeps your TV or computer safe? Unlike what these nutcases decided to do since he is cool with television and tone to the mainstream media, you armoured bars. And this is what I think of a new electrical linguistic programming. We are not going to buy newspapers propaganda any longer Suzie programmed or do not want to watch TV ever again. Power to the people like the cop Australia. This is what I think of the media. Well, it won’t let you get the picture. You know, our 21st-century rebellion. It’s time for Chieko Crypto. Well, we got to talk about it as I won’t be able to make a fully produced video on the topic until it happens. Bitcoin having 20, which is scheduled to happen sometime Monday of next week, maybe even Sunday, depending on how things progressed. So first, let’s explore what is happening to the Bitcoin price. Since Monday, the price has been moving on up to the east side. It began Monday at a low of around eight thousand six hundred forty. And as of yesterday, we were testing nine point five K past that. And then all the way up the 10k, an increase in just four days of almost twelve point five percent. Comparing Bitcoin with Dunk’s biggest index, the Dow Jones BTC has seen better gains in the Dow. The Dow was only pushed up about three percent since its Monday low. So what’s it gonna be? Is BTC going to go on a weekend rally while the traditional markets close, creating one of those gaps which traders talk about? Oh, so much from seeing me. Well, personally, I have a feeling we will see some more upward movement and it could have a pure phono rally. And it hit my original having prediction I made four months ago, and I should have stuck with my original gut. Never changed it when the pandemic came. Let’s watch now. This is a miner’s last chance to get twelve point five BTC per block. Come May 14th. It’s only six-point to five BTC per block. Chinese miners and some other regions can’t sustain their operations at the six K to seven K level, with twelve point five BTC per block. But when the reward gets slashed, they become unprofitable. This is why I predict a price between 10K till eleven points five K on the day of the vent. Over sixty-five percent of the miners need the price to be at that level to be a profitable business. So yep, it goes right back to the hash rate. My friends and that hash rate has been a peak in my friends pull out the one year chart since a major dip due to the global panic. The hash rate has recovered and is pushing right back to its all-time highs. So why is this happening? Well, for one, because, yes, the price is increasing, which has both times pre having in the past in 2012 and 2016, but no cue like mentioned in the prediction clip. This is the last time in history. Miners will be able to get twelve point five BTC for solving a block. It’s a minor rush before the split, which also happens in 2012 and 2016. 2016, just a couple of months before the having hash rate was at one point two X hashes. On that day of having July 9th, the hash rate reaches one point six X A hashes an increase of thirty-three percent in 2012, just a couple of months before the having hash rate was at twenty point five Tera hashes. By that day of the having, we were around twenty-seven pair of hashes, an increase of thirty-one percent. And now today, since the low just a couple of months ago in mid-March, we have pushed up from ninety-four Xa hashes to one hundred and twenty x the hashes an increase of twenty-seven percent cent. Then we should have seen this coming with hash rate rebounding so quick. But what happens immediately after having each time like clockwork. Well, the hash rate takes a major dip in 2016. The hash rate dip from the peak of just over one point six XA hashes down to the one point four X hash level in just one month. A minor drop out rate of twelve point five percent due to lesser rewards. The same thing can be seen after the 2012 having cash rate peaked at around twenty-seven pair hashes but dropped to a low of twenty Tera hashes in just one month, a retracement of twenty-five percent due to less minor rewards. So as another post having minor purge coming. Yep. That’s the only way it doesn’t happen. If we get a crazy ballistic price trend as the only miners who are profitable at the current price levels post having the ones with renewable energy, the ones located in China or Russia. And that’s about. So I wouldn’t doubt in between 10 to 20 percent of the harsh power post having, well, dry up within a month as unprofitable, inefficient operations close up shop, which will have an effect on the price as it will be in discovery mode post having as it always is. In 2016, the price discovery mode went downward. The price peaked at around seven hundred and sixty-eight bucks and then one month post having got down to five hundred fifty-two dollars, a decrease of twenty-six percent. Yikes. Although in 2012 things actually didn’t dip post having. And one month after the price had nearly increased by one hundred percent from a low of around 10 bucks to around 20 bucks. And then just a few months after BTC went on a mini parabolic rally surpassing the two hundred dollar level. But that was the first having and I believe, a full-on the anomaly, which won’t happen again. I believe things are going to be more like 2016 personally. And we here at Chieko aren’t the only ones looking at the data. Traders far and wide from a small minnow to a big old teather whale are ready to make moves. Post having and much larger moves that could have a much larger effect on the price due to derivatives options and more in things they have changed since the previous having event. For example, 2016 didn’t have a robust futures market. Unregulated or regulated, most trading in 2016 was on spot exchanges. Ahead of this, having bitcoin miners, they can purchase futures contracts, looking to lock in Bitcoin prices to pay for their future export. And the thing is, some of the largest Bitcoin whales are oji bitcoin miners. A lot of the Chinese have been playing with the futures markets since 2016. Unregulated, too, like OPEC’s bit next lobby and finance. And let’s just look at futures volume getting ridiculously high. Pree having. Who are the culprits of these exchanges? Number one, who lobby if only seven point eight billion dollars yesterday and financed with nearly seven billion and next. Okay, X and bid Max. But miners getting ready for big moves in the futures markets can be more clearly seen in the open interest Category four futures rather than the obvious bubbling volume. Open interest is the total number of outstanding derivative contracts, unlike volume, which counts every buy and sells order. The total open interest does not count that which provides a more accurate picture of the options trading activity. Whether money flows into futures and options market are increasing or decreasing in the open interest across the futures exchanges has surged by 50 percent in just a month, from two billion in total open interest to over three billion in total open interest. So if the miners do that, this run was just built on Teather U.S. GDP and there is barely any new actual interest in Bitcoin. I mean, Google Trends. It’s a great tool. And interest in Bitcoin globally is more when the price is going down than when the price is going up. We are almost past 10K and people aren’t searching for the term bitcoin as much as they were then during the March flash crash. So what are the miners ACA massive BTC whales doing and have been doing for the past month, locking in low prices in futures contracts as they knew the USD print and pump would come just yesterday morning? Teather decided to print another 100 million on the disgusting Chinese controlled blockchain Tron. Hey, those miners will cash out those futures contracts here soon post having and be able to pay for their operations for the next month or two while the price does go down. But long term, you guys, it’s just basic economics and math to understand that eventually the price will recover and go on another run. The good news is flowing for BTC. Bloomberg broke the article. Paul Tudor Jones buys Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. Who is this tutor? Oh, no, not that tutor, this tutor. He is a macro investor and is the founder and CEO of Khutor Investment Corporation, which manages multi-billions of dollars in multiple funds. And from the article, Jones, who said his tutor BVI fund may hold as much as a low single-digit percentage of its assets in Bitcoin futures, becomes one of the first big hedge fund managers to embrace what Intel now has largely been a financial fad, with few mainstream advocates. Well, how large is the Tutor BVI fund? Well, from private fund data dot com twenty two point three billion dollars. And he said the fund may hold as much as the low single-digit percentages of its assets and BTC futures. Well, one percent would be over two hundred million dollars and five percent, which I would consider a low single-digit, would be over one billion. So the macro view for BTC is very bright. The large players like Cooter Jones who begin to dabble in the markets, give it that legitimacy it needs for the Foma rally to end all foma rallies. And that comes from the Bitcoin ETF, which is the end goal for all of the big Bitcoin whales. Cheers for yours. I’ll see you next time.


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