In this video, the bitcoin price is currently getting a big tree, having done. Why? Well, for everyone who watched my video from yesterday, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because we did have this bearish divergence. And I talked about yesterday how a correction is now much more likely. So I’m going to show you this bearish divergence that I showed you. Yes, it is a video. And I also want to show you this ten-point five K level, because I also told you yesterday that as long as we’re below ten point five K, a correction here could still happen. And in currencies with the spirit of Vergis, we are now seeing a dump happening. And the big question is, where is Bitcoin heading? Are we going all the way down to a key fuel? Not your level or we’re going down below seven K or we go to six K. I want to show you exactly where the most important levels are to keep an eye on right now. And if you think that that’s something interesting that I think that you should diffuse. Hello, guys. Welcome to the moon. My name is Carl, and I’m here to bring you this trip, the crazy video. And this is an emergency update because the beetle price has had a very, very big dump very, very recently. Just an hour ago, in a one hour candle, Peter Price came down all the way down almost 15 percent but is currently down approximately eight percent in this big one hour candle. So let’s take a look at this. First of all, why did this happen? Everyone is always looking for these reasons, for these dumps when they happen. But this time, I think that it’s very easy. We just had technical indicators showing us that a bearish trend might emerge from here. So everyone who watched my video from yesterday here will not be very surprised because we did have this bearish divergence. And this indicates that we could have a small short term correction in the Bitcoin price on the four-hour time frame. So let me show exactly what I talked about in yesterday’s video. First of all, we have this high and higher, high in the price. But in the RSI, on the four hours, we have a high and they lower high. And this is basically a burst of Vergis showing us that the Bitcoin price might be in for a correction. And what I said specifically yesterday was that the chancellor getting a correction now was much higher than just a few hours ago. Just a couple of days ago. And as you can see now, Bitcoin has already seen a large correction. So you can already see that this bearish divergence played a very, very big role in the price and was a very good bearish signal. Feel free to comment down below if you actually shorted based on my video yesterday. And if you made some great gains, I would love to know what you guys did base on this. So where could Bitcoin be heading right now? Well, I want to, first of all, bring out the fuel not to retracement, too, because whenever we talk out, we should bring out the retries metal and see where the most significant retracement levels are. And, of course, the golden pocket is the retracement level that I always put the most significant at. And it is currently sitting at six points two down just under six thousand dollars. And these thirty-eight percent silver notch level is done at seven point seven thousand and the 50 percent level is at six thousand nine hundred and seventy. Now, of course, this is not a prediction because saying that we might reach one of these is not really a very specific prediction. But this is not really how we used to banafsheh levels. We used to Banafsheh just in confluence with other indicators. So, for example, if we could work to reverse down to thirty-eight points two. And if there is another indicator shows that Bitcoin might be bottoming out, then maybe that is a good sign that we are bottoming out. But if we just blast through the thirty-eight point two percent and would come down towards the sixty one point eight and we see other confluence with other support down here and maybe we see very oversold levels, then maybe that is a more reasonable place for Bitcoin to reverse. But it’s not really a great way to predict beforehand. But usually, actually, Bitcoin usually goes to these Fibonacci levels and the golden pocket has historically been extremely significant. So that’s why I’m always, always keeping an eye on this pocket. And, yeah, let’s see. It’s possible that people might come down all the way there. Of course, anything’s possible here. And that would be a healthy correction after a very, very sustained uptrend here for a very long period of time without any big corrections. But I do want to point out that if you go to the daily, we can see that Bitcoin is still above the Oeming ribbon here on the daily timeframe. And just like I talked about yesterday. I mean, on the bigger time frame, Bitcoin is actually looking bullish. We are in an uptrend. It’s only here on the four hours where we’re getting this bearish divergence. So what I said yesterday is that we might see a correction in the short term, and that’s what we’ve seen. The question is, will this turn into a larger, bigger like thing? The weekly correction over that, I’m not too sure. We are still above key support here. And if we go over and take a look at the moving averages, we can actually see that Bitcoin is still above this red line, which is the 200-day moving average and is also above this 20 daily moving average. So Bitcoin has some great support below itself. If we go over to the weekly, we can see that Bitcoin is indeed still above the 20 weeks. And it’s also actually above the 50 weeks, this green level. And actually, we walked all the way down very close to the 20 weeks and then came straight back above the 50 weeks. So it’s going to be very interesting to see where this weekly Candelo closes. And going back to the Daily. I know I’ve been saying as many times already, but I want to point out once again that the ten-point five K level is a very, very big level. And just like I said yesterday. As long as we are below this level, I still think that a correction could take place here. However, when we do eventually above this level, I think that we have blue skies and the beautiful price could reach 20000 thousand. Much sooner rather than later. The worst thing below it. So that’s why I think that a correction is still something that is very, very possible. And currently, it doesn’t seem like we might have initiated a short term bear trend leading into the having. So, yes, we are getting this having done that. Everyone knows that everyone has been talking about. And guys, it’s no less than three hundred blocks to the beacon having. And I’ve said this so many times before that the having is not a short term bullish sign, but it is a long term and mid-term bullish thing in the coming months and years. This having will fundamentally push the price to the upside. This selling pressure gets cut in half from miners and. And the scarcity of bitcoin basically becomes more scarce. So this is a very, very good bullish, fundamental long term indicator. This is what I think buying the dip currently might be one of the best fantastic opportunities to buy. And just a reminder, if you still don’t have a VPN, make sure to go and get Naude VPN to protect your privacy online. And everyone who is in cryptocurrency should have a VPN because it’s just very good to always keep your privacy online. Thank you so much for watching. And if you haven’t seen this video, that’s it right there right now. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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