Our interests were shot. We’re gonna see a big dump and then a big public memorial today for the Bitcoin price with Da Vinci. Jeff 15. What the heck? What’s happening yesterday? Two Bitcoin guys. Look at this. Some crazy moves were coming in. Some crazy moves are about to come. We hit the nine thousand five hundred dollar level and we had a crazy retracement down more than 1000 dollar. And the question everyone is asking right now, will this dump continue or will we find the price target of ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars? Very soon we will pull out the charts because the charts have a very clear answer today and we will tell you exactly what we are expecting for the big price in the immediate short term with specific price targets, with Devin G.J. Fifteen and of course, guys to look at the color of his shirt. It’s very, very green today. We will talk about all of that and also pull out the most important use of today here. It’s a German news. It’s just in breaking news. The Deutsche Bank, the German bank here is introducing negative interest for deposits and for balances above thousand U.S. dollars. We will talk about the implications, about the severe implications for everyone watching right now. No matter if you’re living in Nigeria, in the United States or wherever in the world, this will have severe implications. So make sure you take a seat, make sure you scroll down, you’ll click the like button, because yesterday we hit 3000 likes. Let’s do that again. Thank you so much for that. And we want to come right now to the most important question of the day, Da Vinci J. Fifteen. How are you doing today, ma’am? I’m doing great, man, except for the fact that, you know what people I think are not seeing my videos. I think the team has shadow banned. We’ll be talking about that after the technical analysis. Yes. How are you doing in Thailand? Right. Is it nice and hot there? I’m doing very well. It’s like always 30 degrees Celsius here. It’s starting to rain a little bit, but I do not complain at all. There’s no reason to complain here right now. So I’m very happy. You are very happy. I hope the whole audience is very happy despite the crazy situation we are all facing right now. And of course, I’m also keen to talk about this. Shadow banking right now here on your channel. And we will see what all of that means. If your trip is about it’s against Bitcoin, is Twitter against Bitcoin. All of that later on in the episode. Right now, let’s check out the bitcoin price in the immediate short term because crazy things were happening and crazy things are about to happen. All right. Well, let’s just switch over to the charts and see what we’ve got here. This is our weekly chart that I keep showing you guys. Nothing. I don’t think there’s anything on the indicators that we were worth leading up anymore. Because right now, all they have a little bit of a W here on our side. But nothing worse with take what we’re talking about. Remember how we had the two weeks we had on the indicators on two weeks, actually. Now I think about it. Yes. So look at the two weeks a week. Take a look at this. You can see what what do we see here? Can you tell me what that is like? A divergence? Right. It is not a woman’s body parts, but divergence. It actually looks a little bit like it. Yeah, but we don’t want to get into that right here, even though we have. Ninety five percent May of us. This is not the road we want to go ahead. No. Exactly. Exactly. So. So did we. We haven’t confirmed yet. But the momentum is moving upward. So if we do confirm that, we might confirm it in the next two weeks. Candlestick here. That’s very bullish. That’s very bullish. So it doesn’t matter if, you know, Bitcoin backs off a little bit and then it comes back up over the next two weeks. That’s fine. We are going to do something nice and bullish. Bullish mostly. I want to say something to you. Thanks for bringing us the two weeks. Because sometimes some people are stuck too much here in the shorter timeframes, especially looking at fall for price predictions, too, that I am having and beyond. Because if you will, looking at the four hour the one hour you were able to find some bearish divergences every now and then. But zooming out to remember, always we are saying when it don’t smile. If you zoom out to the two weeks, you can find bullish things like that. And this might give you a much more much more precise picture to what is going to happen for Bitcoin, especially within the next few weeks. So thanks for doing that. I mean, she this is zooming out. You sometimes can be very insightful. Exactly. Exactly. So what I always went in and out. Zoom out. That’s a gesture. You could easily get caught up on the lower timeframes and fear and miss the bigger picture. So anyway, it’s looking at the bigger like I’m zooming down into the dailies. I really think that we’re in the pipe five by five. And when for some chop here, I think we’re in for it should chop and then. Retest of the trend line. And maybe a break and then a break down to probably the six six six level. Because look, look what the 50 percent Fibonacci level is just saying here. I’m going to zoom this in so that you guys can see that a little bit better. No problem. No problem. While you are doing that. I wanted to talk to the audience because I do actually think that the eight thousand U.S. dollar is extremely crucial. We had so much confluence coming coming together there, the 100 day the 200 day moving average, the golden pocket of the people, not sure we treisman the EUM a weekly ribbon and much, much more obviously. So as soon as we broke it, we saw a volatile move to the upside. So right now, I would actually say, I don’t know if you agree with that, that it would be key to hold the specific 8000 U.S. dollar level. What do you think about that? DaVinci Eight thousand dollar level is right around this this line here. So, yeah, definitely we have to hold eight thousand dollar level before we can say, OK. Yeah, this kind probably break out and go to break to the ten thousand dollar range. So that’s always a lesson. Also a possibility here. What I would I’m a little concerned because the way this played out, I think the bitcoin price has to come back and test this area. I mean, it doesn’t have to. And this is Bitcoin. You know, I mean, you can do whatever you want, but in normal technical analysis, I really think there’s this person has to be tested one more time at this level to see if he really wants to buy at the six, six, six level. And then that’s it. It’s never going to come back to to test this guy again. And and then we’re off to the races. So, yeah, I really think that’s the case. Now, let’s see if we want to do it. Any kind of trade. Unfortunately, I’m I’m I’m a little gun shy to take any kind of trade here because there’s just so much chop. There’s a Dabhol coming in here and it’s actually cleared. It’s a clear Dabhol, actually. Claire Darvell that indicates that we’re going higher. This candlestick is. I agree. And if you if we want to take this cadabra, which is fine, just understand your risk tolerance. What you would do is move it to the you would take a stop loss right about here at this wink right there and then do a two to one to see through two to one or three to one, not two to one, two to one restore ratio, which would take us probably to the sixty one point eight. I’m I’m eyeballing it. And that’s not a bad trade. Right? It’s not like overaggressive. It’s not. It’s not to like. OK, well. Yeah. Right. That’s going to happen kind of deal. Right. It’s below the trend line there. And the other side of that trend line that that this orange trend line and let’s see here. Yeah. So not quite sixty one point eight is the 50 percent level. So that’s a decent trade. I mean, you can’t go wrong with that at trade. I mean, it could go the other way. But I mean, you can’t say, oh, that’s that’s too much. That’s too that’s too idealistic trade. Right. Is a decent trade it to make some profit. And and don’t lose too much money on this trade. You don’t have to lose a lot of money on any trade. You just that this trade will only take probably another one. One, two, three, four, five candles at most before we see a resolution. So yeah, you won’t be waiting too long. You don’t see a resolution of this trade. So no. So why don’t we post that in the telegram group of M-m Krypto? That’s a nice area, by the way. Everyone watching right now, if you want to find this trading set up in all of this, if you are confused because of all the numbers, we will break it down very easily for everyone. And telegram, we are at twelve thousand people community in the English group at two thousand five hundred people, community in the German group. And you know what? Here is the deal, guys. This group is completely for free. If you go down to the PIN comment, you will find this group here and you just click the link and you get to the group. You press access and it’s for free and will be always for free. Of course, you are not getting the crazy, like in-depth trades from Da Vinci, from his partner was one a group. But you get every now and then he our video trading set ups completely for free in that group, directly below our free bonus links, four by bit and fee mix em for experienced trade. So go down to the PIN comment and you will find this link we will share with you here after the publishing. So thank you so much for that, DaVinci. And now before we go to. This amusia from Germany, from the Deutsche Bank, which is probably one of the most intoxicated banks here, because, yeah, they have like no equity because they have so much leverage and they are about to go down very, very soon. But put that aside right now, they are really trying to to get back with some crazy, crazy things call called negative interest rates. And this is relevant for everyone out there. Namenda, if you are living in Nigeria, in the United States or in Japan or wherever. What’s going to happen here is going to spread through Europe and it’s going to be adopted also by many other big banks in the world. And the impact of that is very, very severe. Stick around for that. But before we go into that, I mean, I want to talk about the topic, which certainly goes to my heart, because we have been seeing, unless you’re us Stani being shadow bank most properly, because I mean I mean, he’s getting much less views than we are getting your name in crypto. And he was used to get much more views and his content is not worse or so. So it’s very weird, weird to see like that. He’s getting like fifteen thousand views, 16000 views only from from one day to another this shift. So that might be a shadow bed and. Right. Not I sure. You think that this exact same thing might be happening to you. So may you pull up your tweet and we can show the people what this is all about and what we can do to prevent this from happening. Yeah. Well, I tweeted out today and I did a video actually showing you that he had proven that unless Allessio Senate is shadow that I did not receive that notification of that video. You will not. You see, I’m subscribed and hit the Belnap a vacation. I mean, we’re going to show you in this video that I did not get in my feet. Now, if that’s happening to you. Right. And you can record this and place it other on Twitter or on your YouTube channel, just send Semien link. And you know what? I’ll give you some bitcoins for that, because I want to have this proof because I really want to take Google to a class, I take it can open up a class action suit on Google, because you know what? They’re destroying people’s livelihoods. Right. If it’s OK, if they want to do this, but they have to tell us and say why? So that we can either, you know, make some changes in our in our videos or four or five point up how I have done this in error. So, yeah, I if they don’t communicate with us, if they just banish that Obama’s how are we supposed to make any kind of adjustments. And so it has to stop and no way it can stop this if you guys provide support by hitting the like retweeting this video. Right. Letting Asani know what’s going on and letting YouTube team YouTube. Right. And also tag team YouTube on this as well. This has got to stop. Absolutely. You’ve got to stop and think the only way you’re going to probably stop this is if your wallet gets dinged. And I think there was we’ll get Denga if I can get a lot of people to join a class action suit. Exactly. Yes, actually. I mean, remember, DaVinci, when the bull market starts and we will have a lot of people coming from the outside, we want these people who are searching for four head, just like we’re searching for gold and eventually also Bitcoin. We want these people to discover us on YouTube so we can educate them on the flaws of the financial system and so we can educate them on. Yeah, they are their scapegoat, how they can they can secure their wealth. And for this this shadow bank shouldn’t be happening. So we really need your help, guys. You can check out this tweet. And the most important thing, guys, please, please go down to the PIN comment and you will find besides the Teeley Gramling and the the the free, free bonus stuff, you you, of course, also find that vintage Jeff fifteens channel. And I do want you if you haven’t done that already, to click on this specific channel here. Devin G.J. 15th YouTube channel. And then also you will be here and redirected to his channel and you click this subscribe button, this red subscribe button. If you click this one and then click on the bell notification and then on all you can make sure that you will be hopefully notified whenever he posts a video. And these videos are most of the time. Very time sensitive. So click the subscription button, click the bell notification. This is very, very important and I’m not having she as the ending point for today’s video. I want to bring up the most important news actually today. Maybe you stay in the Faceman. And I showed the people this German news article here from hundreds Blotz. And I can just make a quick translation of the most important things. The German bank is introducing negative interest for four balances above one hundred thousand U.S. dollars, and this negative interest is actually point five percent. I mean, this is crazy, guys. So if you put a hundred thousand dollars in your bank account, you lose a few hundred dollars every year. And this is not only the money, the currency you are using. Your bank account, you’ll also, of course, you lose all your purchasing power on top of that. So this one, you’re in an economy, you usually have the people who have the option between saving your currency, spending your currency or investing your currency. And this one will disincentives to people from saving. And it will incentivize the people for consuming and for investing the fiat currency they have. And of course, if you combine that with the reckless money printing and then the people and then the velocity keeps up and the people starts spending and investing their money, guys, this will have a clear effect in the long run, maybe not in this year, but in the long run on the inflation and then eventually on the hyperinflation. So I really want to ask you, DaVinci, what do you think? What is the impact of this news? Do you think this was spread over to banks and other countries as well, that all of all of us have to pay interest on their on their deposits? What do you think is the impact on the economy and everything in light of inflation and Bitcoin guy? And what do you think about negative interest rates? You think this world has gone upside down? Think about it for a second. When you owe somebody money, that’s a liability. When that person has that debt to you, that’s that’s an asset. So now if you if somebody owes you somebody gives you money to borrow and they start paying, you borrow the money. Does that become an asset? So debt, this debt, this unless it seems like it’s just so completely uncensored. I mean, if we are watching the mainstream news, it seems like, oh, yeah, this is the only option they have right now. But if you really look behind what is debt, that trippier liability, it shouldn’t be a cash flow generator. Right? I mean, it just makes no sense. Oh, guys, please wake up. This is completely insane. I mean, in hundred years, the people will look back and say, well, this is ludicrous. Didn’t everyone notice how crazy this is? I mean, it’s it should be obvious. It’s probably obvious for everyone watching this video, but not for the general public. Right. It’s crazy. Exactly. Exactly. And, you know, this is going to end badly because, you know, this can’t work. Right. People will be looking for. Well, you know what? At first, they’re going to stop. You know, at first it might do not deposit more than one hundred thousand dollars in any bank. So they’re going to have multiple bank accounts in multiple areas. All right. We’re going to have multiple corporations and do all kinds of crazy things because people obviously don’t want to lose money. But eventually they’re going to reduce that and then they’re going to have to look for other ways to, you know, protect their wealth. And what’s there waiting for them. That’s easy to liquidate fast to move money around anywhere around the world. Bitcoin. Exactly. Exactly. So eventually, of course, all of this craze, inflation, money printing, negative interest rates, all of that is, of course, very beneficial for gold and especially also for Bitcoin in the long run. But it’s not beneficial for the general public if they’re not educated on these things. So please, guys, support that issue by going to his channel, subscribing to his channel, because he will educate the vast majority when the bull market comes, just as we are doing on also on our way. I mean, Crypto China, guys, we need to hope. We are one family and we have to go through this together. You are already in the boat, but we have to help the other people as well. So thank you, DaVinci, for bringing this very, very important content to us today. Guys, we really hope that we can reach this ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollar target here very soon. But of course, remember, we have to hope that a thousand and we shouldn’t go at all of you below these crucial levels we mentioned before and the technical analysis. So thank you so much for that, DaVinci. And before I come to a very important question here, I want to remind everyone also, if you want to support us, you will find one thousand six hundred twelve dollars free margin up to this specific amount here. You know, up in common, you can just click the Bible link, the theme exiting. You will get redirected to to the registration pages you put in your e-mail address and your password. It takes like 20 seconds. You do get your own account. Then after zero point two big deposit, you can get up to these bonuses here for free. But also if you’re on its own, only if you’re an experienced trader, because this volatility, of course, it gives you a very high opportunity for seek gains, but also for seek losses, guys. So make sure you trade responsibly. Thank you so much for that, DaVinci. And my question is, of course, are there any updates on Pandoras wallet? The last call you for for the for the one month promotion is over, but maybe you have some updates to share. Not really closed off any purchases as of May 1st UTC time. So that’s. Now you can’t purchase Amara’s watch for next two days because they don’t want. Anybody to think, oh, I’m gonna get that unlimited access? No, this is over that. And that deal is done. We will reopen open sales of the Pandoras want on the 3rd of May UTC time. So if you’re interested to purchase the product, you can do so at that time. So but of course, you’ll want to be a part of the strategic partners while it telegrammed group. You just need to keep your subscription renewed and up to date. Thank you very much for that, DaVinci. Thanks for sharing that. Thanks for everyone smashing up the like button once again to above 3000 likes. And that being said, I mean, you do you have anything to share before wrap up today’s episode? Yes. Always play from a position of strength and don’t get wrecked. Do not get right, guys. Thank you so much for watching. And we will see each other very soon at the next one up. I’m Krypto latest tomorrow on Saturday, maybe even earlier. Who knows? And that being said, thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing. Thanks for smashing the subscription box right here. This round box, click it and subscribe and also watch the Bible tutorial if you haven’t already. That being said, we would see each other already to market the next one. I mean, crypto. And it’s always guys, as always. Bye bye.


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