The total package share comes to roughly six trillion dollars 2 trillion. Direct assistance. Roughly four trillion in federal reserve lending power again. It would be the largest mainstream financial package in the history of United States liquidity and cash for families small business individuals unemployed to keep this thing going. We’re headed for a rough period but it’s only going to be weeks we think weeks months not going to be years. That’s for sure and hopefully, pave the way for continued economic recovery. National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow says the coronavirus relief package will be six trillion U.S. dollars. That is six thousand billion U.S. dollars. The biggest cash pump ever in the history of mankind. That is and why this is a never seen cash pump for bitcoin. Yes, you heard that right. And never seen cash pump for bitcoin. In this episode. And also why the president of the United States of America Mr Donald Trump wants to send everyone back to work by Easter despite the spread of the coronavirus. Some Bitcoin technical analysis on multiple time frames and why Bitcoin actually looks quite bullish short and mid-term. And last but not least bit Macs may be about to add KYC after all those years and why it is important to diversify your leverage trading platforms. All that and more in this episode. And now let’s jump right into it. And with that said hey what is going on everyone Sunny decree here and welcome back to another episode today. I have multiple goodies for you. Some of the footage I’m about to show you. You won’t believe what I said in there. You won’t believe the message that is coming across. First, off we’re going to start with a video of the FDIC the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and what this lady Elina McWilliams is telling you right now. Should immediately alert everything in your brain that you should probably be doing the exact opposite. They are telling you right now that you should not run to the bank and get out your cash. Why would they do that? Well, it’s kind of obvious they want to prevent a bank run. They are not liquid anymore. Just listen to this and tell me what you think of the words. For me personally and if I would be a U.S. citizen this would ring every bell right now. But let me know your opinion down below. We are living in unprecedented times at a time of a pandemic like this. It is way too easy to get confused and to have fear about what you should be doing with your money in your account especially as you’re looking at the volatility in the stock market and the financial sector. This is what I would like it to take away from this. Your money is safe at the banks. The last thing you should be doing is pulling your money out of the banks now thinking that it’s going to be safer someplace else. You don’t want to be walking around with large wads of cash and you certainly don’t want to be hoarding cash in your mattress. It didn’t pan out well for so many people. And I will tell you this. No depositor has lost a penny of their insured deposits since 1933 when the FDIC was created. So if you’re talking about having your money in a safe place please keep it in an FDIC insured. Please keep your money in an FDIC insured bank. Since 1933 nothing was lost and everything insured. But hey wait a second. If we plot the US dollar to the purchasing power of the US dollar real quick since 1933 back in 1933 when we started at 100 dollars that it has currently a purchasing power of five point three dollars. So since 1933, no dollar was lost. It has only lost approximately ninety-five percent of its purchasing power. What a joke to actually stand in front of the camera and just say Hey guys your money is safe. Okay, first of all, it’s not safe because all the cash does not even exist. If people would start a bank run this would collapse the whole system immediately. And these are the measurements they are doing right now. The world is at a place right now where a lady from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has to upload something on Twitter. They have to tweet this out to tell people please don’t start a bank run. This is where we are right now. But now let’s move on because it’s actually getting better or worse. However, you want to see it. Despite the relief package of approximately 6 trillion U.S. dollars and once again that is six thousand billion U.S. dollars. That number is absolutely massive. That’s an enormous number. And how that number is inflating the current money supply. Well, you can guess right and most probably this is not over yet because what I’ve seen yesterday on the Twitter account of the president of the United States Donald Trump that shocked me completely despite the coronavirus which is still spreading and it’s spreading faster and faster and some countries they’re just not testing anymore. That’s the reason why it looks like that the new cases are actually going back or that the curve is flattening out. As you can see in this chart. But we can not take this chart for granted because once again some countries are not testing anymore or not properly testing. But what we know for sure is no. The exponential growth here in the spread of the coronavirus has not stopped yet but despite that many many politicians in the United States are now talking about reopening the economy putting people back to work. How can this actually be a reality right now? I don’t get it do you literally want to send your people to death or what exactly is going on. Listen to this governor what he has to say and once again this is just another mind-blowing video right now. I can’t say differently. Let’s get back to work. Let’s get back to living. Let’s be smart about it. And those of us who are 70 plus we’ll take care of ourselves but don’t sacrifice the country. Don’t do that. Don’t ruin it. You’re right. You’re basically saying that this disease could take your life but that’s not the scariest thing to you. There’s something that would be worse than dying. Yeah. So basically there’s Governor Dan Patrick is saying people should rather die elderly people should rather die instead of the economy dying or instead of the economy slowing down. Well basically saying that the whole system will be collapsing and we’re not going back to work. And that is exactly what the politicians see right now. That is what they’re scared of the six trillion dollar package is not going to be enough. There is going to be hyperinflation if they keep printing money like that because this is a downward spiral what’s going to happen is that people will not spend their money anymore. They won’t give each other credit because they don’t trust each other anymore. Then the velocity is going down. And the only thing the Federal Reserve can do is keep printing money. OK. An economy has never been saved ever by printing money. So, therefore, I understand the approach that people have to go back to work. Otherwise, it is collapsing. But this is irresponsible in my opinion. Or do you guys think out there that we can just sacrifice the elderly to save the economy? I’m not quite sure about that. I want to stay neutral but yeah I mean this is really hard to hear actually. Also, concede change in direction on Mr Donald Trump‘s Twitter in here. Our people want to return to work. I’m not quite sure what people they will practice social distancing and all else. And seniors will be watched over protectively and lovingly. We can do two things together. The Cure cannot be worse by far than the problem. Congress must act now. We will come back strong. Congress must approve the deal without all the nonsense today. The longer it takes the hard will be to start up our economy. Our workers will be hurt and that all is happening after India just went on a complete lockdown yesterday. And I think one day before the UK went on a full lockdown so the whole world is locking down the whole world is on full social distancing. So the virus is not spreading as fast as it is because all the hospitals are completely over exhausted and Mr Donald Trump and some politicians in the United States are already talking about going back to work in approximately three weeks from now. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Do we really have to save the U.S. economy by any means by all costs no matter what it takes sacrifice people? I have no idea, guys. But you can let me know your opinion down below in the comments section. Now before we’re going to start with the technical analysis part of this video as far as the price of bitcoin is concerned I’d like to ask you for a like if you enjoyed this episode please make sure you hit that like it’s completely for free. It takes you one second so let’s see if we can move this video to 3000 like that will be very much appreciated. All right. Now let’s talk about the price of bitcoin. On the one hour chart, there is absolutely no doubt. And also on the four-hour chart where we are right now so in lower timeframes, there is absolutely no doubt that the price of bitcoin bounced and is still holding approximately 70 percent of its local low of approximately three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars. So the price of bitcoin since that flash crash is performing quite well especially if you compare it to other assets here. Gold, for example, is also performing very well. Right now people maybe start to flee into those safe-haven assets right now and maybe what we always dreamed off as far as Bitcoin concerned is finally coming true. We will see. We need more time to actually analyze this gold pumped back approximately 10 percent actually more than 10 percent. But don’t get misled. Also the futures market or the S&P 500, in general, bounced back quite strong actually more than 10 percent. So some people are talking about the strongest recoveries for stocks but after that massive drop in here from top to bottom of more than 35 percent. Those bounce backs. Well, I’m not quite sure for how long they’re going to hold because think about it that way. What if the United States is sending people back to work and then everyone is getting sick. What we have right now is an artificial lockdown of the economy an artificial slowdown of the economy because we’re holding people back at home so they’re not getting infected. But what if we send out people again everyone goes to work and then they really gonna get sick. So then we do not really have an artificial slowdown of the economy then we would have. A fundamental slowdown of the economy because sick people cannot work. Now, what do you think is worse an artificial slowdown of the economy or a fundamental slowdown off the economy. And I personally believe whatever happens this is not going to end well. The signs are absolutely clear and you should definitely be well-diversified right now. I personally recommend as safe-haven assets precious metals and also Bitcoin the digital gold and also the physical gold. That is my personal hedge because right now maybe it looks like that cash is decent. Cash is king right. But at some point when they keep printing. And once again just another six trillion U.S. dollar package as they already announced hyperinflation will happen. And those 100 trillion U.S. dollar bills from some above. Well, maybe we’re going to see that for real U.S. dollar soon. This is not going to end well guys. And you have to react and you have to be prepared for the bitcoin daily chart we see the kind of the same the price of bitcoin still getting closer and closer to the 200 daily moving average. We’re not there yet but we’re slowly approaching it. Here still the bounce. Looks quite nice. We are consolidating all the time. More bullish than the last consolidation. So this is absolutely great. On the weekly charts still above 200 weekly moving average. Nothing changed in here but it looks like that we’re quite strange going up actually. So this looks quite good in on the monthly chart in here. The upcoming whole thing. Well I mean this looks not all too bad. And once again the U.S. dollar is inflating like crazy right now but for Bitcoin, the whole thing is coming up in approximately 50 days right. Not too far away anymore where the inflation of bitcoin is getting cut in half. What do you think if people around the globe are starting to get interested in what’s going on right now? Maybe they’re not hurt enough yet but at some point, they will be especially when unemployment is going up or when unemployment stays at high levels. Right. People want to know who is responsible for this or what system is responsible for this. And at that point, they will start to learn about bitcoin just some of them. OK but that is enough with every cycle. We have more people coming in. Some people choose for speculation but from 10000 speculators maybe 100 will stay for the fundamentals. OK. And one hundred more people in for the fundamentals who can teach about bitcoin. Who can tell people about bitcoin who can spread awareness about bitcoin about the true power of bitcoin? That is definitely another gain in this ecosystem. And so far this ecosystem this network has just been growing so I’m definitely on the positive side on the pro side. Bitcoin here and massive money flows are getting created right now and they are getting sucked up by bitcoin by precious metals by things that are limited by nature or by code by math. In the case of Bitcoin. All right and the last topic after they believe it or not but the rumours are going around that the bit next leverage trading platform after all those years is adding KYC know your customer. Not quite sure if this is really going to happen or not but this is something I’m always saying make sure guys that if you’re trading any way that you are diversified in leveraged trading platforms I personally recommend FedEx. They’re updating every single week currently. You can trade Bitcoin all coins also a link is a very popular trading pair here and you can also trade gold. I mean not physical gold but gold derivatives which is quite interesting to trade gold on leverage. So if you guys are interested there is a video tutorial popping up by my site right now. There is a sign-up blank referring Don blue with up to one hundred and twelve dollar bonus. Thank you guys very much for watching this episode once again. Don’t forget to hit the like and hopefully see all of you in the next one by.


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  1. Is 3 weeks away, I believed for now Trump hv to say thinks positive like going back to work to gv confidants to the market, putting fear now won’t help, but 3 weeks when things get worst he will change his tune. Just watch.

  2. You're right Sunny, this tells you that it's all about the dollar and the big business men and women and some governments don't take this disease serious enough. Never did trust any of them,,,,I'm 57 and even years ago in my high school year book one of my dislikes was 'politicians'……..

  3. OMG- it is literally about the economy before human life (like the US health system has been for years)- but now, more bluntly. The economy must go on, even if it means certain death for some. MORALLY BANKRUPT. I'm not sure how the top 1% of wealthy are sleeping at night. They should be waking at 3am, prompted by their conscience, wondering how best to help save the fellow citizens they have profited from!!!

  4. Love your videos but I'd truly like for you, not to get caught up in the politics of things. The world gets plenty of that crap elsewhere…we come to you for factual Crypto news and analysis.

  5. And Sunny- don't say you have NO idea- I don't believe that… It's your job to have an idea. We subscribe/ watch because you have an opinion/idea about bitcoin, don't pander to Trump supporters and shy away now. It is OBVIOUSLY very wrong to put the economy before lives!!!!!!!!!! Imagine it was your grandparents…

  6. Appreciate your personal beliefs but bitching beforehand in anticipation of something, without anything having happened yet…seems that's all we get is someones conjecture of how wrong someone else is…sorry, that is all I hear, all day long from anyone making a living on information.

  7. I love your crypto info Sunny but as a you tube influencer please research the CV pandemic in detail before spreading the main stream Fear Porn. They want everyone to think they will die because they are using the pandemic to change the world order. Soon most of the world will have had the virus, most people will be completely oblivious to it. The majority of people who get it have mild or no symptoms. The death rate is fairly low in comparison to other viruses. Every year between 250,000 and 600,000 die of seasonal flu globally, "official" Corona figures so far stand at 19,300. We don't destroy the social and economic fabric of our societies as a consequence of seasonal flu do we?. Italian statistics show us the vast majority of those that succumb to the virus are over 70 with 2 or more serious underlying health conditions. Almost all deaths relate to people with some form of underlying health conditions. Viruses do not kill people. Compromised immune systems do. If you need any further info I'm happy to point you in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

  8. The FDIC only has 33 Billion back-up to help people should a bank crisis shut the banks down…..but there's several TRILLION in people's bank accounts right now. DO THE MATH!!!

  9. The banking familys have destroyed the economy so bad that trump and his team is trying to catch the realization. The fact that they are able to do this is rite we need to realize the true value of the economy even if its one big hammer. Everyone is going to take a big hit but they are putting the money into the peoples hands. This strategy was idea by Schwarzman to not bailout banks but to fix the situation put the money into the hands of the people it will create action and the people will fix things. It should work but expect everything to triple in price and hopefully wages.

  10. 5:31 I strongly disagree with you. People really need to go back to normal daily life …
    Here is the thing, almost everyone already have gotten the virus or will get it within the next week, lockdown or not, it will still spread.
    And the confirmed cases is a lagging indicator, people who got infected is way bigger.
    It's pointless by this point to do lockdowns, if fact it would do more harm than good, way more people will die of economic poverty if the people stay at home, think about it.

  11. Everyone is in a mass panic, its obvious and to be fully expected. This is unreal, I just tried to withdraw some BTC to my bank for cash for essentials. My father, the only person I have left in my family whos in his 70s and at he most highest risk category for this virus..and Coinbase disallowed me to withdraw it saying I had not enough funds to withdraw. I had to require HALF the amount originally requested and it was approved so I will have some cash to use as soon as it clears. After the withdrawal, I checked the balance in Coinbase and still have almost the same amount still in Coinbase wallet now after they allowed me to take the lower amount out. How can I not have enough funds on the first request, when I still have nearly the same amount STILL held in Coinbase?? This is ridiculous, I highly recommend NOT to use Coinbase AT ALL…. They do nothing, even though they hold a serious amount of 'lost' BTC that now belongs to them. My dad is unwell, with early symptoms of a flu like illness so I need the cash and still denied by CB the withdrawal. This is causing me personally extreme distress and is not helping with the current crisis. My internet bill needs to be paid this week otherwise I will be cut off, thankfully to British Telecoms who are my internet provider, allow a 7 day leeway before they try to take payment again so I should be able to stay online, if this doesnt work, I cant contact my father to see how he is doing and live far away from him so cant get to him in person. My connection is essential so payment must be made. I can only use this opportunity to thank BT for the leeway allowed for the bill to be paid as I myself am disabled and unable to work for another income, I know I dont get a benefits payment this week and am in major panic mode right now, my personal holdings are all in BTC but thankfully most already on cold storage.
    STAY AWAY FROM COINBASE, most of their inner circle come from finance 1.0 and the system is as corrupt as can be. This could potentially cause another death though I pray to God my dad gets better and it is just a simple cold and doesnt develop any further, nevertheless it doesnt ease my state of mind at all. Maybe due to panic, right now I cant see a way around this problem so I urge anyone reading this comment to take heed of what is being said by the crypto influencers on YT and DO NOT TRUST ANY GOVERNMENT NOER CENTRALIZED SYSTEM FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE!

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