In this video, is it possible that Beker is gearing up for another big parabolic run-up, as we’ve seen many, many times before? And is it possible that this parabolic run-up could take Bitcoin all the way above 20000 before the end of this year? And if there is anything that a Bitcoin Hodler has learned, then it is that anything is possible in Bitcoin. And I will show you exactly what needs to happen in the chart here for something like this to play out. But also something extremely interesting is that Bitcoin is officially outperforming not only the S&P 500 but is also outperforming gold in this financial crisis. This is a very, very big thing because this is the exact opposite of what the Bitcoin sceptics and the Bitcoin bears would have expected. And if you think that that sounds interesting, nothing that you should diffusely. Hello, West, and welcome to the Moon. My name is Carl, and I’m here to bring you this cryptocurrency video. Let’s start off with taking a look at Bitcoin here in the bigger timeframe. We can see that even though Bitcoin has been going very, very bullish in the past few days here, even the past few weeks and months, what we can see is that generally, Bitcoin is in a downtrend here. Ever since this tall pair of approximately fourteen thousand dollars Bitcoin is in a downtrend. We have seen lower highs, lower lows. Now, this is something that we need to keep in mind as we make our analysis. I do want to point out that this top if you connected with this top and this, you can see how we clearly formed this resistance. And when you have such a long term is resistance, this is usually a very, very key resistance to keep an eye on. How do I know that? Well, this is based on experience. If you remember what I talked about back when Bitcoin was still above its long term support, Linus’s way back in 2016, you might remember this because we didn’t see Bitcoin bounce off of this for a long time there. Then Bitcoin came down and bounced off of it right there in 2019 when Bitcoin broke from six to three came. And then in recent months, Bitcoin did get a bounce there. Any bounce? They’re off of this very, very long term, multi-year support. And I made this tweet because I said this is bad news. Bitcoin is currently breaking this key multi-year trend line since 2015. Many hurdlers will capitulate here. And if we go back to the chart and I put this line, here again, you can see here that at this exact moment when we come broke this level. That was when Bitcoin had this huge capitulation from seven-point five all the way down to three-point eight thousand dollars. And it was the exact moment here when Bitcoin broke this multi-year support level. So from experience, I know that when you break key resistance, a report like this, we usually see a big, big reaction. This means, of course, that if Bitcoin breaks above approximately nine points three, nine-point four, nine-point five here, that would mean that Bitcoin is above this. And we should expect a huge reaction to the upside. Maybe something similar to what we saw when we broke this support to the downside, a big capitulation. But this time it will be the bears that will be capitulating. So we will see capitulation. But to the upside. And this time, the price could go very, very quickly to the upside. But I do want to point out one very, very also important resistance that we need to keep in mind a horizontal resistance. And to point this out, I first want to bring out the V PVR and many people are asking me how to get this V, V, R, and I’m sorry to say it, but if you have a free account with a trading view, you cannot pull out VPC, PVR, you need the pro account. But if you go down into the PIN comments, you can click my affiliate link. You will get a small bonus for signing up and upgrading to Prole. I really strongly recommend the pro version. But basically, if I were to make a box out of this volume range here, we can see clearly how this is the biggest point of resistance above this point. There is not a lot of volumes traded and the upper range here is ten point five thousand. But let me make a small box here out of this range. And I pull this out like this, and it will become very obvious to us why this box is important. Because of this point from back in February and this point from back in October 2019. And also we saw some volume traded back there. Of course, we can see that exactly here when we come back below this box. We had a big fall to the downside. So we do know that this area is very important. It is between ten point five thousand and ten thousand one hundred dollars approximately. And basically, if we break this down, was trending a white line. That’s a very, very good sign. And I’m expecting a big reaction if Bitcoin also is able to, in this reaction break above ten point five came then in my opinion. I think that we are probably going to see a very, very quick Bullrun, up to twenty thousand dollars in the coming months, something very similar to what happened here. Most of you that we’re here, you will remember this big first reaction from 3000, 4000 all the way up to 5000. And then we saw this big parabolic move up here to 14000. That was a massive Bullrun from the first candle here. A Bitcoin went up two hundred and thirty-six percent in just a matter of 96 days. We do know that this massive bull run back in 2017 was. Of course, a huge parabolic run-up. We saw another here, huge parabolic run-up. And essentially what I’m trying to say here is that if Beacon breaks, there’s very long term downward trend in resistance at Evers’s back in 2017. I think it’s very possible that we might see more of these very, very explosive run-ups, especially in other. We’ve seen a big correction from the high here of 14000. Bitcoin is still down 33 percent from that point. And to the bottom, Bitcoin actually came down 72 percent from that previous high. So no one can tell me that we need to correct further. We have already seen all of the week hands, capitulates. That’s my opinion. I think that now it’s time for the bears to capitulates. Everyone who is expecting to k one K, even sub one, Kate. These people will definitely start to capitulate as soon as Bitcoin breaks up like this. So the question on everyone’s mind, can Bitcoin reach twenty thousand dollars before the end of the year? Well, here is the end of the year. And I also want to point out where the having is taking place right here in just eleven days. In just nine days. Let me make that red. So the having is here and this is the end of the year. And in my opinion, these two purple venoms here. They clearly give. They give credibility to the fact that Bitcoin could easily go above 20000 before the end of the year. Is it actually going to take place? Well, guys, I don’t know. Nobody knows. I just know that having is a very, very bullish event. And if anything, I think that they’re having will make it much, much easier for Bitcoin to make twenty thousand before the end of the year. And honestly, I think that Bitcoin could really, really do that. And next up, I want to talk about this tweet from MMD Cryptome. He says This is bullish. We have all-time highs in Bitcoin, wallet balances. And so don’t you see this Bitcoin wallet balances? And we’re talking about above zero Bela’s and above zero point zero one Bitcoin, above zero points one and above one, because all of these wallets are an All-Time High. So you see here that, as he says, the crowd is now accumulating. People in these regions are accumulating. And you can see here if we pull out this chart that this orange line is showing us the number of addresses in these in these categories. So addresses with non zero balance All-Time High addresses with 0.01, All-Time High. And also this one. And also balances with one Bitcoin or more. This is, of course, bullish. This means that more and more people are buying Bitcoin. More and more people are accumulating Bitcoin. This is a very, very good thing. This means that there is demand out there. And I think this is going to continue dramatically in this financial crisis when people are looking for alternative ways to store their wealth without third party risk, without default risk. And next up, look at this chart. This is a chart showing us the returns for bitcoin gold and the S&P 500 since the beginning of 2020. And, of course, we’ve seen a big financial crisis emerge. And despite a huge financial crisis, Bitcoin is not only outperforming the stock markets, but it’s also outperforming gold. This is huge. Guys, this is a great sign showing us that Bitcoin is the safe haven that it was believed to be by me and many other people in the because of base. So why is Bitcoin outperforming the other assets? Well, this tweet that I just tweeted might be the reason the Bitcoin inflation is currently three point six percent per year. However, in nine days, the inflation will be cut in half to one point eight percent. Of course, this is because of the Bitcoin having and this puts the scarcity of Bitcoin very close to that of gold, which has inflation of one point six percent per year. And of course, if Bitcoin were to come up and match the market cap of gold, then Bitcoin has to go to a valuation of three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dollars per Bitcoin to match gold. And scarcity is only a matter of stock to flow. It’s a matter of inflation per year and the expectation of future inflation. That’s very, very important. And of course, Bitcoin is unique because the inflation will only go down from here. It will never go up. The inflation of the dollar will always go up. The inflation of gold could go up. It could go down. But with Bitcoin, you have this perfect predictability. And this is why I believe that Bitcoin is currently performing very well and will continue to perform well in the next few months. But more importantly, in the next two years, in the next decades, Bitcoin will always be around. Bickell will be a safe haven. I. I believe so, and everyone who is not buying Bitcoin at these levels now is going to be sorry in the next few years because Bitcoin will be considerably more expensive. And five hundred thousand is not the upper limit. Bitcoin could go to millions of dollars per Bitcoin calculated in today’s value of money. But I can leave a comment down below. Would you think about that? And last but not least, I just wanted to show you this article saying that the number of women in crypto has exploded. Q One called Market Cap released a report which indicates a 43 percent growth among female users in Q one. And of course, you can only theorize exactly why that is. I personally have no idea, but I just want to give us more shout outs to all females watching this channel. Please leave a comment down below if you are a woman watching this content. And please tell me how you found my videos. But thank you, everyone. Guys out there who was watching, no matter if you’re a man, woman or wherever you come from. Thank you so much. And I want to also say thanks once again for helping me reach one hundred thousand subscribers. That’s truly an amazing achievement. And I’m super, super happy. As soon as I get my silver play button, I will show it to you guys. Thank you. Won’t see him. But if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up. And if you haven’t seen this video, they click right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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