ETH/BTC ratio moving up as Bitcoin holds its ground

Ethereum is starting to move as Bitcoin stays above both the 20 and 50 week moving averages. Outlook is good for ETH as long as BTC maintains these levels.

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  2. Daily watcher since 300 Subs! It‘s great to see you have success and a growing viewerbase!
    We all really appreciate your valuable gold nuggets of wisom in this crypto space where shortsightedness and own gain is put ahead of everything!

    I am starting to switch some of my btc into eth, nothing too aggressive…
    Since BTC is seeming to hold it‘s 20W MA I think that looking into some alts could (!!!) be very attractive!

  3. Great video as always. ETH has an amazing ROI. We are for sure in accumulation zone. This summer should be really interesting to see how BTC and ETH play out.

  4. Man you are about the only person I trust on YouTube at this point thank you for keeping it real and actually giving educational info. I’m new and barely getting along but you have all ready cut my learning curve in half

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