Ethereum 2.0, Electroneum Phase 2, Cardano ADA, Zilliqa, Neo 3.0 | Bitcoin and Crypto News

00:33 Market Update
01:08 Ethereum ETH 2.0
02:34 Good News on Twitter
03:08 NEO 3.0
04:44 Tron TRX 4.0
05:28 IOHK Partnership
06.03 Zilliqa ZIL
09:32 Electroneum ETN


Ethereum 2.0 Updates

Neo 3.0 Details

Tron TRX 4.0 By Justin Sun

Vitalik recognises Cardano, Charles Hoskinson Recognises Ethereum

Vitalik Recognises Zilliqa

Zilliqa ZIL

Altcoin Buzz Unboxing of Incognito Chain’s Node
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  1. Good Info's! Take a look of
    Matrix AI Network.. 25, may.
    major updates.. One of them GPU mining and Apocalypse mining machines run.. Wich Deepbrainchain couldn't make it

  2. What was Charles Hoskinson responding to when he said "I hearby acknowledge Ethereum"? A minor point but how did you miss that? Was that omission on purpose?

  3. Lol nice way to twist reality. Vitalik sent that tweet out first, Charles simply replied. Maybe check the time stamps of the tweets next time, yes?

  4. Thanks Matty. I dont follow many projects, but I trust that Richard Ells of Electroneum has the very best intentions and believes he can bring some financial inclusion in the form of crypto to the many that are unbanked and underbanked. It's a huge undertaking, but his progress so far has been superb. He still has many, many millions in the bank to pursue his plan, so I'm looking forward to the next couple of years to see how this project grows

  5. The biggest Gorilla in the room is Elrond and that's why binance's BUSD is being deployed in ERD's mainnet and NOT any other crypto tech.

  6. Electroneum 2.0 was just a red meat term Ells pulled out of his ass to pump the price. Does anyone recall ever hearing phase one prior to phase two? With regard to mass marketing, wonder if it will really happen this time? Remember 2018 when Ells announced mass marketing would begin in Oct? Then he pushed it back to Nov. Then Dec. Then not mentioned again until recently. As for Anytask? Ells wants mass adoption, but he sure doesn't want to accept ETN as payment! Pay him in fiat, then he will pay the seller of the task in the coins that were once reserved for mobile mining. Then you have his crap phones. Crap phone one and soon to be released, crap phone 2. Can you buy those with ETN? No, Ells wants fiat for them too. I get it, you can't accept ETN on Amazon. But, with his tech team he can't find a way to place an ad on the webpage or mobile app to purchase one with ETN? Think about it, the man who claims he wants mass adoption won't EVEN ACCEPT HIS OWN COIN AS PAYMENT! As for mass marketing, what will he market? Buy ETN, we target third world people that can't purchase our coin if they wanted too." "Buy ETN, you can top up your phones with it. Of course, you have to be banked, so you really don't need ETN anyway. And if you do pay with ETN you will have fees in addition to the bill you are paying." "Buy ETN! We went above our ICO price for several hours a few days ago." Sounds so attractive! Who wouldn't want to invest in a sinking ship with such a high circulating supply the potential return on investment has no appeal to a savvy investor. But, you guys hang in there and keep following Ells fake huge news posts and emails!

  7. Vitalik realized what good implementations of Proof of Stake looks like 🙂 maybe he should take a deeper look at ALGO's pPoS too
    also Mattie I think Sasha meant Fundamental analysis there by FA, not financial

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