Ethereum Is BITCOINS 2nd Layer! Bend the KNEE BTC!

Bitcoin vs Ethereum will heat up into 2020 & Chico Crypto thinks Ethereum is going to eventually win the battle! Why? #1 Top blockchain developers see it. #2 Ethereum is already tokenizing Bitcoin on the Ethereum layer, bringing BTC into the DeFi ecosystem. And #3 the tools meant to be built on bitcoin, or being built on ethereum. Is Ethereum already Bitcoin’s second layer!? Ya it is…

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction: Doing Donuts w/ the Amish
00:51 Bitcoin’s 2nd Layer Is Ethereum: The Devs Speak
01:45 Vitalik Buterin Originally Wanted to Build Ethereum on Bitcoin!
02:42 Bitcoins Start to Migrate to Ethereum: wBTC
03:40 Using Bitcoin on Ethereum As Collateral?
03:53 RenVm & renBTC
04:57 renBTC Takes Off So Far
05:43 renVM & Polkadot?
06:19 Ethereum Takes Tokenizing of Assets From Bitcoin & Colored Coins
07:18 The Baseline Protocol & Tokenization of Assets
08:05 Etherelime & Chainlink & Baseline Protocol
10:33 John Wolpert & The Ultimate Summer Goal of Chainlink
12:10 Outro

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  1. What the hell you take off for a few days and come back with this, WOW that's why i unsubscribed from all the other fools, your the only crypto you tuber i listen to. keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah right! Wait, what?
    Ethereum has infinite supply.
    Fails the idea of bitcoin being Limited.

    Many would blabber but it is the truth. Worship this idiot!

    Digital Gold can not have infinite supply. Gold doesn't have infinite supply.

  3. I was taught something a long time ago, you dont have to be the smartest in the room you just have to know who is….and who is not. Thank you leading us threw the sh*ttards out their bro 😉

  4. BTC = Dezentralized
    ETH = Elite: puts the Gun on the Head and says : give us the Control now
    ETH Answear: But hey we have the Satanic Pentagram on our Website
    Elite: Oh, Welcome to the Family
    or, maybe i am complete wrong

  5. You guys realise that its net negative for entire crypto space if eth (or any crypto) flips bitcoin in the next few years? Later on, yes. But not at this immature stage.

    Not that im saying its undeserving or anything, just stating facts (even if I don't like it).

  6. Unpopular opinion but Bitcoin just reminds me more and more of Napster in the sense that it’s the first of its kind but the rest of the crypto world is overtaking it. ETH’s growth is stunning to watch as BTC remains the same. Could be wrong of course, but I see ETH dethroning BTC at some point.

  7. Mr Nelson ,He does a great deal for me as well mining the bitcoin commodity,his ability to create accordance with the bitcoin mining and still make huge profit is something that comes easy to him..

  8. What about Lightning Network. I thought that was second layer(same chain). A lot of work has been done and is being done on the LN. Currently exploring this realm. I find it very use case for bitcoin. Perhaps WBTC may not be a second layer, but finally able to work with BTC's chain. Utilizing its liquidity for transfer of value. So it's not a layer, but rather it finally allows for cross chain transactions? Trying to wrap (no pun intended) my head around this.
    BTW this is J.K. Rowlings

  9. spot on once again however i cant stop thinking about the help your receiving to make these daily videos that would take an average guy 1 week to produce in conjunction with the research. so im leaning in the direction of agent chico, or at a minimum there is a team of people and corporations behind chico crypto…. ask me a question

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