EU BANKS COLLAPSING!!! Bitcoin, Defi, ETH Undervalued (Still)


And we’re alive. Yes. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning Crypt, the here on an Ivan Ontake. We are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we do this show each and every day at 8 a.m. Central European Time as I come to like an atomic location every day. Look, we have so much to discuss. We have EU banking space really crumbling, really, really crumbling. And it does a lot to do, a lot to fix. And look, at the end of the day, we might see a bank run and we might see the whole system really, really collapsing. That is the Worst-Case scenario. And we’re going to look at some very important data that is new data that we have. This article basically saying that eight European banks prepared for a crisis, but not this one. And this is from New York Times. So, look, we have been preparing in the EU, but of the magnitude of what’s going on right now is simply not comparable to anything that we have drilled for. Because this is not the drill, guys. This is absolutely not a drill. But to be honest with you, you know, what’s funny is that this current situation is not even the biggest issue. It’s not even the biggest threat to banking worldwide. It is crypto. And it’s not only Bitcoin. We will have a flip inning soon in the world of finance where stable coins will be used more than normal dollars. You know why? Because you can get interest. You can free to transact however you want is frictionless. And we’ll read important reports about this situation as well, that many people aren’t even cashing out their stable coins anymore. They’re being fui. They’re being fully integrated into crypto and they’re being fully stocked encrypt and stuck by their own wish. They’re stuck because crypto is so good. So I don’t want to pull out their stable coins, as we’ll see today in the research and in the numbers. So, guys, there’s going to be the first stoppage. The second topic is actually going to be about undervaluation, because I want to show to some unchained statistics on chained data to today. But we’ll be looking at Glass A.. And we will be checking a specific metric, gold M V or V. So I will teach you about this metric that basically shows undervaluation or overvaluation in coins. I will explain to you how this metric works and why it’s important to know and to use together with other. Together with other indicators, of course. But this one is big. So if you don’t know M V are V and how to use it in EIF, how to use it in bitcoin. Stay tuned because it’s own chain. It’s very important data that you and I need to know and that you will understand why even today, even today eith is undervalued. According to this metric and why you always should follow it. Because when it turns overvalued, that’s when you also can use it as a signal in your strategies. So definitely keep that in mind. So that’s going to be the second topic. And then finally, I guess I want to discuss freedoms. I want to discuss freedoms because freedoms are being taken away from us in so many different ways and on so many different levels right now. And the reason is because people are scared. Whenever people are scared, they give away all freedoms. And today, I will be showing to example from our country, from Sweden, where the government basically wants to have this insane law that will give them all all kinds of power. For example, they can shut down whatever business they want or they can probably also tell a business exactly what they should do. Obviously, they’re mostly talking about like private hospitals and private health companies. And within that area to try to combat the virus. But look, this is so dangerous. And that is why I feel that this meme you saw amazing that, hey, you have these founding fathers basically creating the basis of the United States of America, creating the fundamental the fundamental core values. But then, you know, just to be clear, none of this matters. None of this applies if there is a virus that is still fighting. And that is exactly true. I mean, all of our freedoms basically don’t apply and if there is a virus. So imagine if that was the case. If these guys get guys by just, you know, everything that we’ve written, none of this matters. If there is a virus. So keep it in mind. So that’s a lot of questions. And especially in countries like Argentina that are close to default, they’re literally defaulting right now. We will see even more power power grab from the government. It always happens and it always will happen when people are scared. So please keep that in mind. Please be aware and be on your top performance in terms of monitoring this and also the end that you might have to do some action. You might, for example, have to protect your assets because they might be confiscated. Imagine situation, for example, in Argentina, but hell, even in Sweden. Imagine you run a health care company. And now the government has probably if this law passes, which it probably will pass, they have the power to basically tell you exactly what you should do and even shut you down and take your assets. Look, it’s terrible. It’s terrible. So it’s a big. And we have to discuss. But guess that being said, welcome, everyone who is watching this live. Welcome, welcome, guys. We’re streaming live on. I’m a little dot com slash alive if you’re watching this show. Used to be I’ve already missed the whole show. I don’t know why you’re doing that, because you should go to the concession fleshlight. Subscribe. There you see read subscribe button. You should have alerts. And they both you should have notifications in telegram and they bolt, if you like, dark mold. You can even get dark mold. We do have super chats right now in our own chat where we don’t share with anyone. Look, why should we share with YouTube or someone when we have our own supercharged built in? And as you can see, it wasn’t that difficult. And so when YouTube they provide the super chat feature, in reality, they’re doing a simple feature. But charging so much, man, charging so much. And then, you know, after that, you have to pay tax. So you as a creator, basically get less than half. Less than half. So, yeah. That’s insane. That’s why more and more creators should think like we do take back control, take back their super Rennet, see and move to their own platforms. Now, guests welcome everyone who is always watching. I see group to huddle. I see shil. But I see all this. I see it, man. I see Krypto Michaelmas Day. Guys, welcome. Gabbar. A rave. The Mass. Welcome, welcome. Welcome. Jewel Vining. Michael Gulp by Ron natha Leavelle. Yeah, I see you writing something about the scroll thing. Email us E.M.S. instead of Superchunk from Bitter Group. This man is our own superjet and you know that this is the first day we have super chat and to morrow we’ll even add more feature. So when people do a superjet through will be like fireworks. I don’t know. There should be something cool. Maybe the whole screen does a backflip. There should be something amazing because we can control everything that happens on this screen, on this website where we have the Lifestream. So we will really, really do that when you do a superjet. Man, your brain will basically just while you will see all of these things happening. We’ll see. We’ll see. Guys, I’m pumped. As you can see, I’m pumped. So I’m looking at the news. We do have some sad news embittered by the very seriousness where seeing of seriousness. We do have Johnson, the prime minister of Great Britain, right now in intensive care unit for the illness. You know, the global virus. And it look it serious. It’s not a joke. And he was one of the people who really underplayed the whole situation. And many people. I mean, even before I got the information from my mom, who works in the hospital here in Sweden about how severe it is, it was difficult to understand, like the severe illness of this issue, because just a month ago, most of us didn’t have anyone who had Corona in their in their family or in their kind of close proximity. But now you see it everywhere. Now you see it everywhere. So it’s definitely not a drill, to be honest, is definitely not a drill. So, unfortunately, Johnson, you remember he went even to hospitals where he said, hey, I shook hands with everyone. It was amazing. We had the great time. I’m not really worried about this whole virus, but unfortunately, look, nobody is too strong for this. Nobody is saved. So let’s go up to thank you for superjet spending my helicopter money. Exactly. And the previous super shot was from Peter Grewal is saying watching videos already in that Kasman. Thanks, Matt. Thanks, Matt. Appreciate it. Now, this is serious. Guess this is something that right now you cannot even underplay it like we do have this conspiracy theories sometimes claiming that it’s like for some reason five G is involved in this virus. But please, guys, come to your senses. Look at Iran. They have five G there. Absolutely not. So I just saw a lot of talk about this five g to me. Nonsense to me, nonsense. And you know, in the chat, if you agree with that or I’m not looking at bitcoin web, amazing day, you know, that we’ve pumped quite significantly yesterday. We have 3.7 percent in bitcoin. We have thirteen point four percent in for thirteen point four. So one of the most performing points today is actually eath. We have X RPI 6.9. All in all, very bullish guys. Very, very, very bullish. Looking out the top gainers. Where did you buy it for coin? In-shore bitcoin and the biggest losers today are not even a month like five losers. What is this? I see some people in the chat saying that Iran, in fact, does have 5G G. Well, there you go. There you go. Don’t underestimate 5G. And look, London real will sensor. Did you see that interview? There was this guy talking about this whole situation. He got censored. But to me, it’s still nonsense. Still nonsense. Maybe you guys can convince me. Let me know. Let me know. Now, looking in the in the markets, I’m looking at the exchanges. You know that we do have collaboration with binded and themit’s. You can trade bitcoin. If you do use X-ART, be on the by bit. You can do that plus a link, Tasos Light on and gold. You can even trade the real gold on on Femm X. And if you use the link below, you go to best crypto deals. If you are in YouTube you see like crypto deals link. You get there, you get some good starting package. So definitely do that. Go there right now. And yeah, you can long, you can short, you can use leverage up to 100x if you’re careful. Look, why does this only make sense on small time frames? And if you have good risk management and if you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, look, it’s dangerous. Of course it’s dangerous. It’s like having a camera always tell you you can have a hammer and you can hammer a nail or you can hammer your finger nail. So obviously, a hammer can be used for both things, just like this whole situation with biblethump Fenwick’s. And we do have another installment of our free webinar where we will be discussing how to stack massive amounts of SAS in this coming bull market. And who gets bull markets is here. It is already here, but it just difficult to see. And there’s going to be in a few weeks on April the twenty ninth. Go and find the link below. Just look below. You’ll see, you’ll see this webinar link. So definitely go and join straightaway. Straightaway. Now looking at the Europe guys, this is kind of the main topic. You know that Europe hasn’t really been performing well in terms of banking. And there are many issues. There are many, many issues. I think the biggest issue is the fact that we still haven’t truly recovered from 2000 and the eighth collapse. We’re still kind of trying to patch. We’re trying to patch everything that broke at that time. And look, the reason why we struggled is because the whole system is very fragile. And it’s just insane how fragile this whole system of money is. It’s the most important technology in the world. munya, by the way, money is a technology, but you understand that any minute your biggest banks in your country can fail at any minute. They can do that. You even have the government trying to come in, step in, trying to insure all of these banks who are private corporations. They’re private corporations, yet they’re too big to fail. So the government basically needs to give them free money if they fail and if they are going to fail, you know all about bailouts by now. So is this weird system that can not be here in the future? The fact that all of these companies, because they are companies, they’re handling everyone’s money and at moments notice they can mess up and then can fail and take everyone’s funds with them. Of course, the government may step in and give a bit back in the insurance, of course. But look, if you have a company that insurance is nothing. If you have a company, that insurance is absolutely nothing. So in reality, if you really look at the most important parts of society, like small business, like corporations, like not of this too big to fail corporations, but successful, successful businesses, they are most important parts in the society and their well-being is basically tied up into the banking space. So that’s very important. That’s what’s important to understand now. And we’re seeing something that we’ve never really seen before, this kind of slow down in the economy. And it’s very unprecedented. You know, in the US, we have 10 million and the unemployed, the claims it’s ever done, it’s been in decades, decades, decades and decades, the biggest ever. And obviously we’re seeing a similar thing in the EU in regards to spending. People are not really spending a lot. A lot of restaurants are closing, businesses closing, people getting fired left and right. We just hired we just hired a smart guy in our company and he was fired because he just was switching jobs and he just got fired by the new employer because they basically couldn’t hire new people. So he was going to start his. He has good skills. He has a good brain. But he also got basically fired even even before he could start. So we’re seeing it left and right. People with education, people without education fired or they’re just let go. And the government base a bit of their salary. So it’s happening left and right now. We haven’t yet seen any any import done that debt default. We haven’t even seen the bad debt yet. And yet this the system is already crumbling. But the bad debt is gonna come in a few months when, for example, the government stops paying people salaries like they do right now, at least in in Europe, it’s very common. In the US, you have more like an airdrop to all citizens. You get a few free court coins, freshly mined coins. You’re getting an airdrop in that you have a bit different system because you don’t lose your job because you’re still employed. But it just that you don’t work and the company doesn’t pay you all salary. They just pay 50 percent of your salary. You still work 40 percent and then the government comes in and base another forty two percent of your salary. So all in all, the employer. Fifty percent base you the government pays two. So you have 92 percent of your salary, but you only work 40 percent. Obviously, that’s not sustainable. That’s not going to go far, guys. It’s a few months and then that’s it. And then that’s it. What will happen when that happens? What will happen when the government stops giving people free money, free airdrop for this kind of behavior of just being home? And there look, no doubt that the. Lazy. That is nothing to do. There’s no consumption. So what are they gonna do? The companies don’t even have work for them. There is no business. So when the government removes this 42 percent of the salary that they’re right now paying in in Sweden at least, and in other EU countries, it’s very it’s very similar. It’s a very similar system in the US is different. Just airdrop in the EU is more that you’re not getting even fired, but you get the big portion of your salary paid by government. You don’t have to work. So look, when that when that stops, obviously, people will first and foremost stop consumption. They will stop consumption even more because they don’t want to lose their house. They don’t want to lose their apartment. So that is the second step in the first step. They will stop consuming. They will really, really cut down on everything. That is when the businesses will start to default on their debts. That is when the banking sector will really struggle as well, because now they just have bad debt. They don’t have good assets. You know, debt is an asset is an asset for the banks, but bad debt is just the bad debts. You don’t get anything for it. If the if the if your if the people you’re lending to, they just default. So it’s very dangerous for the banking system as a whole. The situation we’re seeing unfold now, that is the first step. The second step would be the real estate market. And you know how deep the banks are into real estate as well. So they’re going to be hit twice, two fold. Number one, people so consuming. Number two, when you cut all consumption, you’re you’re still not getting enough money from your income. Income streams. Now, you might have to sell your your real estate. You might have to sell your residency. You might have to go and the rent. You might have to go and move back to your parents. So that’s why a real estate decline is also very probable. But that’s going to come after the limit that spending. And that is when businesses again. Again, really real struggle. And that’s when banks are also going to struggle even more, because now they have bad debt. So, look, banks are under pressure anywhere on the planet that the virus has spread to, which is virtually everywhere. So banks around the globe, if you think that this is only about the EU, think twice, think twice, especially in the US. We’ve also been covering it. In the U.S., you have small banks failing already. The problem is particularly acute in Europe because most banks never really recovered from 2008 from the last financial crisis. So look at Deutsche Bank, for example, is the only who is the only one that is still top 10 global banks, but they’re plagued with meager profitability, inefficient operations and continuing costs of cleaning up all the messes. I mean, there are a lot of scandals, a lot of issues, a lot of bad debt. And most importantly, most importantly, you know, my favorite old point, my favorite pump and dump all go in. It is it is this it is Deutschebank stock that went from one hundred and fourteen all the way now to five point eight guys. This is like ninety five percent. Can somebody quickly run the calculation of how much five is out of one hundred and fourteen. Just divide five by by one hundred fourteen and you’ll see the percentage like we’ve dropped ninety five plus percent in this client in this Deutschebank coin. All right. And this is the Loescher bank stock. Of course I’m just joking jokingly comparing it 4 percent now we’re just a 4 percent left from previous value. So 96 percent decline. It’s absolutely insane. Absolutely insane. So this is just gonna continue. Deutsche Bank is the strongest player in the EU and this is kind of how the strongest player looks like because they’re still ranked the top 10 within top down globally. And the EU doesn’t have any other real successful banks. I mean, you did have some U.K. banks, but now they’re no longer in the EU. You did have as well the Credit Suisse, but that is in Switzerland, but it’s in Europe. So it’s a difference between Europe and the EU. And look, Deutschebank is the largest eurozone lender among the top 10 investment banks globally and is based on revenue. And there you also have Barclays in UK and Credit Suisse. But that is in Switzerland. So Europe as a whole has more big global banks, but in the U.S. Just have one which is concerning, which is concerning. But in one way, I hope that it will it will be continue more towards that path moving forward before we completely move out of the banking space, before we completely move to to crypto. I mean, obviously, it’s going to take time, but I don’t like that. Globally, we have this huge, huge, massive banks. And they’re too big to fail. They’re too big to fail. And nobody should be too big to fail. When you have all of these giants, it’s not good because they’re basically taking the whole economy hostage. It’s like either will fail and all of your businesses basically lose their deposits and your clients. And your citizens, but citizens are a bit more okay because the government can step in and do insurance, but business as the government doesn’t insured deposits. If you have a business and you you normally if you have a business that has some kind of revenue, you will normally have deposits over one hundred thousand euro. That is the insurance limit in the EU. In the US you have $250k but also. I mean if you have some kind of success, you survive more than one two years your business will get up to 250k in cash. I mean it’s it’s just natural. You have houses costing more than this in all kinds of countries. So yeah, it’s it’s more than likely that most businesses have more to lose than just 250. So look, this is big and we don’t want the banking space taking us all hostage because it’s basically, hey, you give us free money, you BellSouth. Otherwise, all of these guys failed. We will take them with us. And that’s why we need crypto guys. We need crypto so much. And in this episode, I also want to share with you this perspective. The reason why we’re seeing stable coins grow a lot is because more and more people are discovering that SABL guns are actually better dollars than dollars in your bank account. It’s simply look at how much you they see grew in the past 30 days by 50 percent. You see also used to see and used it to use tea waiting on the changes doubling over the last 30 days. And when we saw the sell off in the march, Yongsan that people didn’t really take out money from crypto. They just had it in stable coins. Why is it so? Well, obviously, because it’s easier to get back into crypto to trade. But most importantly, guess, this is what the boardrooms in the banks don’t talk about. This is what all of these bosses in the banks and the financial space are missing. And this is literally going to come out of nowhere and be their biggest problem very soon. Look, bad debt will not be their problem very soon is going to be this. The fact that you get higher interest rates if you have your dollars in a stable coin compared to normal dollar. So for example, Coinbase, you get one point twenty five percent on you as D.C. stable coin. And you of course have less than a tenth of a percent. If you have your dollars in Wells Fargo and look, it’s the same dollar basically is the same dollar. I mean, yes, with you as DC, you have a counterparty risk with Coinbase. But man here you have a huge counterparty risk with Wells Fargo. I mean, as I told you, they can also take the whole economy hostage if they are failing. So you have a huge counterparty risk here and you get a lot more reward in Coinbase. Now you have different lending options. You can lend and earn eight point six percent or on your UCSC with block fi in traditional finance. Nothing is comparable. It’s native to crypto. Obviously you can send money wherever you want. However you want to do whatever you want. You buy and sell crypto. You trade, you invest it. It’s way easier and way more smooth easily to convert it quickly to convert. You can hold UCSC on the sidelines and convert back to crypto money at any time. Is this are the big fundamentals on the why? On why? Ryan in this article speculates that Coinbase will flip to Wells Fargo. You know, we talk about the flippity that, for example, people sometimes speak about a theorem flipping that if it’s going to flip Bitcoin and be number one crypto or we’ll talk about that bitcoin S.V. might flip bitcoin cash and be more thwart more than bitcoin cash. Look, this is the most important flipping thing that all of this crypto banks, crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, because they have this newest infrastructure, they’re fully built on U.S. infrastructure, which is crypto, which is blockchain, where they have lensink, they have high interest rates, they have all this money markets. Where does this high interest rate conwell from? Money markets in DEFI in most cases. And normal banks don’t have that far away from that far, far away from that. So that’s the biggest thing. If Coinbase gets acquired by some day, my only question is, will it be Amazon or JP Morgan is either big take or big banking does gun that try to come into crypto and then he is talking about that is gonna flip bitcoin. But yeah, I don’t really I’m not really interested when Ryan starts talking about this. You know ethe better than bitcoin topic. I don’t really care about that. This I care about this I care a lot about not. What’s important to note is that we do have other right now going wild. Speaking of stable currency. Speaking of debt deathers going absolutely wild. You know that we covered the fact that recently we saw an increase in tother market cap by $1.5 billion, which means that they printed 1.5 billion new coins, which hopefully are back. Hopefully they have, of course, people depositing into Teather and that that’s why we see new tokens being printed. So that’s hopefully why that is. But you see that many people are basically seeing that this is like the Fed her money print. Gold, but nothing like this. And at the end of the day, you should have it. This is mine. You should, of course, have this in mind that there is no audit. It’s not transparent. But it’s been like that now for years. It’s been like that for years. And I feel that if they really had big issues, structural issues, we would already see them struggling a lot. And bitfinex, they are the masters of survival. They had so many big global global failures. They got hacked in 2016, could not pay back their depositors. What did they do? Issue a token, issued a token and then paid back everyone later. Wrong. And let me know if you actually was part of that. But just it’s an example of where someone in normal company, so to speak, with failed long, long ago, but they actually saved themselves from the catastrophe. And it feels that, look, we don’t have any insight. It’s not transparent. That is why I wouldn’t have too much in other guys. The other is amazing because, look, it’s liquid is the biggest cryptocurrency on the market in terms of liquidity. You can not even argue against that. It’s biggest in volume. It’s way bigger than bitcoin is the first to two billion in Teather thirty three and bitcoin. So in many cases this is most popular and most used, most popular and most use crypto on the market right now. Whether it’s going to be like that. I think so. I think is going to be like that in the future as well, especially because they are increasing market cap a lot as well. So now is a 6.3, even when you look at market cap. Look, I think that they are going to go past REPL very soon. They’re going to be number three here very, very soon. And then probably in a year or so, they’re going to also surpass, if it’s a question of time, because obviously they can print new tethers way quicker than the price of Ethe or X or peak and go up and you know that X or people do dumping and they’re even dumping. But these guys, they can really print a lot. Now, hopefully it’s backed. When I say print, I really mean that the people are depositing. That is what I hope happens. But we don’t know. Look, maybe they’re just printing. Do an audit and just do an audit. Open up your books. Let us see. Let us see. But that is still not happening, guys. That and they had attempts at audits. Was it erson Young? Or was it BWC that tried to audit them? But then they kind of stopped working. Di, what about dice? What about Di? Di is performing quite well in terms of the system’s stability. It is performing quite well and they have recovered fully since some scenes since their Black Thursday event. You can generate DI through defo. Exactly. I mean when people deposit eith into into setpiece new DI is getting generated. Now let’s move on to the freedomto topic and I have a lot to discuss because look, you can not really look back this and say discuss in the introduction. And so can you guess remind me, is this a constitution or independence? Declaration of Independence. Let me know in the chat. Let’s do some history lessons. But this is basically founding fathers of of the US. So just like I told you, you understand that when you have both is both us or like. So it’s both Declaration of Independence and cost. OK. C is both in one. So they assembled. They really risked their lives to establish this new nation, which, by the way, has been the most successful in the past few few hundreds of years. But now it feels unfortunately like all empires, you know, are a lot of success and less like we discussed a few days ago, that you have this decline as well, because people relax, people get more expensive. They don’t work as hard. They have more and more debt. So unfortunately, that is what’s happening. But you cannot deny the success over the past 200 years. And, you know, when they did this, obviously, they meant they meant that this should hold even in bad times, even when you have a virus, nobody came in and said, hey, just to be clear, none of this matters if there is a virus. So that’s what scares me. When you look at this, for example, it’s in Swedish SABL, not spend a lot of time, but they will just show you the main things. This is happening worldwide now. They’re going to basically now try to push a law, a temporary law for three months where it’s a power grab 100 percent. The government alone without the parliament will be able to shut down meetings and the closed down infrastructure. However they want. They can shut down specific businesses however they want. They can them re read what is called you redistribute. You redistribute private health resources. So basically, if you have a private company, you work in the health industry, you might be wrecked by the government, basically. They will take your stuff and redistribute. And yes, I mean, this is an article that is very critical against this whole thing, basic saying that, look, it’s not even proportional. What’s going on? I mean, for them to do this, man, it’s not like it’s not proportional to the crisis we have. They haven’t analyzed the consequences. And they’re saying it’s gonna be for three months. But the article says that tape, three months, probably nothing’s going to change in terms of the virus. So probably it’s going to be prolonged. Look, it’s always like that they do something temporary and then they don’t remove it or they remove it. 20 years later, it’s like the tax in Sweden. You know, the highest income tax, highest income bracket. It was actually established in the 90s. And it was also just to handle the crisis, the economic crisis during the 90s. This highest brackets tax, but it just got removed. This year, it took them 30 years until they removed it 25, 30 years. So you understand that whenever something is temperament, it can be temporary for twenty five years because people get used. People get relaxed. They always gave away powers. Nobody’s even discussing that. Soon they’re gonna be there’s gonna be new. They’re gonna be new news, new big headlines. Nobody’s even going to talk about the fact that we have a power grab that happened during the crisis, because now people care about other stuff. Each and every year, there’s always new stuff to care about on the news. And so right now, it’s a big topic. But, hey, they sneak this in, who’s going to remove it? Who’s going to create the news? Who’s going to create the news? A flurry around this thing to remove it later. Nobody’s. Nobody. We’re going to care about some other stuff. Maybe it’s like a Tokyo Olympics. We’re going to care about or we’re going to care about some other crisis. It’s election. Obviously, everyone’s going to talk about the U.S. election even here, man. People care more about the tramp here in Sweden than you care about in the US. I can assure you that we follow elections step by step by step here. It’s very popular. So you understand that, hey, people are not going to talk about it in a few weeks. So if this gets passed, it’s very dangerous. You will not get it back. You think you will not get it back? Maybe in 25 years, like with the highest income tax bracket, it took 25 years for them to remove it, which was also temporary for the nineties crisis. Yemen. That is how it is. If you pay tax on land, are you really the owners say, says Zoid Salt and not really. Not really. And that is why Sweden in some cases is also a tax paradise. I mean, believe it or not, I know it sounds insane. It’s definitely not a tax practice if you are just earning your money. If you have salary, man, you are being absolutely taken advantage of with taxes. You pay all of Delek tax if you already have capital. Sweden is very good. I mean, believe it or not, it’s very good because no one basically zero capital gains, basically zero capital gains. Number two, no real estate tax, no property tax, no wealth tax, no inheritance tax. I mean, there you see the branding. And the reality is different because obviously we want rich people here. We want them to come to take their money. And then we tell the working class that we’re socialists so they don’t a revolt with we tell them, guys, we’re socialists, we’re working for you. But you pay all the taxes, by the way, by the way. So it’s not good when you’re just earning your money and you’re building capital if you already have capital. We’re open. Open arms, guys. Open arms. Come, come here. But if you’re building your capital yet, that’s where you get the most you get taken advantage of. So, yes, if you have capital gains, you know where to go. Not Panama, not Switzerland. No, Cayman Island. It’s Sweden. I mean, believe it or not, it is it is like that. Now, hopefully, they will not mess this environment up because I feel that they might like pull back, take back the property tax or something. They might destroy it because, look, it’s it might seem popular in the moment. And it’s always like that. Look, when you have crisis, people are scared. You see a lot of populism. Look at Argentina right now, basically defaulting for the ninth time. There is a saying three things in life. Are certain, number one, death that certain taxes. That’s that certain. And another one is Argentina. Default is going to happen again. And now to my understanding, this hasn’t really happened, but is basically de facto happened. But not that officially they didn’t declare bankruptcy and default officially, but they basically stop stop paying their debts. So really, what is the definition of default? So look what will happen when you see this in your country. Because when people are scared, when you see like countries defaulting and stuff, that’s when you see a lot of short term bad political decisions which might even lead to authoritarian regimes. I know it sounds a bit far fetched. Maybe it sounds a bit crazy, but they look at the Great Depression. It’s literally caused the the Germany to become what Germany became in the thirties. You all know that. And look at that documentary is how how that the power, authoritarian power grew in Germany during the thirties. They literally was eradicated almost almost before the Great Depression hit. And then you saw economic collapse in Germany as well. So, look, it’s it’s a pretty. Be ready for this. And that’s why I hope, man, if you are anywhere in. The world and you have a private hospital or a private clinic or something. I hope you have a bit of Bitcoin because like I showed you this power grab article in Sweden, the Oregon account for your assets there, they’re going to do that because now they need to seem strong. Your government interest is strong because the population demands it. And to take, you know, health resources from this greedy capitalistic Cosby, greedy capitalistic hospitals who just want profit. You want profit. Now give us all your assets. That’s what they’re gonna tell you. And you have worked 20 years. Maybe you spent nights, days. You took risks. You took a lot of investment put into your health company, a health clinic. But you’re going to be painted as greedy capitalist. If if you don’t like, give them stuff. So, look, beware. Have some bitcoin like. Just to be sure. Because the bitcoin is biscoe. You have your private key. And that’s how it is. That’s how it is. Healthcare should not be for profit, says Andrews. Well, maybe not. Look, it’s not a political channel, but if you have somebody who has already built up their company, their clinic, then you should offer him a good price too. To sell that you should. Basically, if you really want to abolish private health in your county, in your country, which might be a political decision, you should be a lot like you should really play or pay overprice to all of these guys who have private health cleanings because, look, they worked that they took risks and stuff and they built that business. So I know. Look, it’s not a political channel, but you get it. I’m just giving you a bit of insight into the fact that if you have some Bitcoin, you have your private key, you have them, you have them. There is no way to really, really, really do anything about that. So, yeah, think about that solid crypto man superjet. Amazing. The land owners will flee. They will dump their overpriced assets on the market. And the nation will stay with all the poor people and they will take their assets to survive. Yeah, I think that is a big, big possibility. Thank you, by the way, for superjet. And let me talk a bit about that, because I’ve also been thinking about it and the fact that we see Singapore, we see Switzerland. I mean, there are many of these countries that are amazing. If you have capital like Sweden is also good. Sweden is also good. But sometimes we have all kinds of this, you know, power grabs. But what you’re saying is that, look. Yes. If you are successful, you have an easier way of moving. You can move anywhere. But it also depends on which business you have. Like it might be difficult to move your business assets because you have to employ employees and you might have real estate and the factories and stuff. So at the end of the day, it might not be as easy, but it is easier than ever. Of course. Go to Singapore. Go to hell. Maybe not Hong Kong, because you know what’s going to happen during a few years. But you go Switzerland. Singapore is somewhere where you’re more welcome. So that’s that’s of course, true. Okay, guys, moving on. Moving on, moving on to next. The next situation will have A M M V are V values for eath. I just want to cover it quickly. This is basically showing you whether EIF is undervalued or overvalued and this is in any crypto you can do this analysis. So I just want to show you that right now we are at zero point eighty three. So it basically means that we are undervalued. The price of ethe is eighty three percent of kind of the fair price according to this metric. So what does this metric show? Well, basically it shows the difference between the normal market cap. You know, how we normally calculate market cap would take a number of coins times the price you get market cap. So you take that and you compare it to the so-called realized market cap because realized market cap, it doesn’t treat all coins the same way. So if you have a coin that has been lost, depravities is lost or is just a very strong hodler that’s not going to move his or her coins. That coin is not priced in the same way as a coin that recently moved because that’s recently moved coin probably will be dumped very soon. So you see a lot of trading with like this recently moved coins and not a lot of trading and not a lot of selling in particular is selling with these coins that are being not touched at all. So realize the market cap is really taking into consideration that all coins are not similar. So when we divide real normal market cap, I mean, just taking price times, number of coins and we divide divided by realize market cap where price of each coin is not the price of today that you see on the coin geko or coin pre-K. It’s not the spot price, but price of each coin is the price. When that coin last moved, when that coin last moved, you get this metric. That is M.V. r.V. And why is it useful? I mean, why would we do it? Well, you can think about it in this way. In this perspective that basically this. Is the value this real market cap. It removes all of the short term hysteria or all of the short term emotions and gives more weight to hurdlers, it gives more weight to people who are really here seriously who are really here seriously. So this is the biggest thing because we basically remove all of the, you know, folie fear of losing everything when people are just dumping or when price moves up a lot like crazy. We remove all of the formal from the calculation and we kind of are left with the reasonable fair price of bitcoin. If you just don’t look at the past craziness in the market. So this is what this metric shows. M.V. Ηarvey metric in glass NOAD and this is on Chane indicator. It basically shows that right now the real the real market cap, like the normal common market cap is just 84 percent of the fare of the fair balanced market cap, like if you remove all of the short term hysteria with sell offs. The balanced market cap, if you have a balanced view, it should be 20 percent higher in eith. So by the way, you can get all of these indicators and so many more. I mean they have hundreds of these indicators on glasnost and you can get most of them for free if you go to I went to the com slash deals and you click here, you click click your glass note on chain indicators. So I would overcome such deals. You can get that. And what else is important is this you can do the same analysis with bitcoin. So we have a bitcoin M.V. Ηarvey ratio and you see seven day moving average here. We’re already a bit above it. Here we are already a bit above it. So right now, bitcoin market cap is 1.2 compared to kind of the balance market cap. But look, when we go into the 2s and especially when I go into the forest and 3s, that is when you truly see overvaluation. So keep in mind you should use it together with other indicators. And there are different ways to look at this. I mean, you have mvr V, you have short term and long term mvr V. So if you look at, for example, at the short term mvr V. It only shows the last one hundred and fifty five days here were still undervalued. So you can experiment with it. If you look at only the past one, there’s 55 days and you see that you only you only take into consideration how and how coins moved during that time. And that is your balance market cap. You see that we’re still undervalued. So there are many different ways to look at this. So experiment try to find your own way of viewing the market. And if you look at long term, you only look at coins that are older than 1055 days, then we are already a bit overvalued because look, I find this so interesting, all of this on Chane indicators. And finally, before we go into the Q&A, I just want to show you this, how it feels exploring seemingly endless world of opportunities on the theorem. And that’s exactly how it feels like, man. Whenever I read about a new protocol or a new system or a new way of doing things with stable coins, it’s it’s so mindblowing and there’s so much to learn. I mean, I don’t even know everything. Nobody knows everything. It’s so much to learn, so much to see how derivative synthetics, stable coins, lending, interest rates, capital markets, money markets like it’s all decentralized, all in the blockchain. And literally, this is as you guys were flying over it. And then this glider is good morning, crypto, because we’re together using this show as a vehicle to fly and see this whole crypto landscape. And this is crypto like all of the mountains. It’s insane saying it’s how much we’re seeing. I’ve never seen anything like this in any industry. And we’re building it as we’re going. Now, finally before Q&A, guys, I want to talk about this, that the economy is dependent on at least half of the citizens not understanding how mining works. If ever understood the game of money, the system would break. This is so true. Why? Because then more and more people would understand the Cantillon effect. Once again, it’s all about the concealer and the fact if you don’t know what it is. Google it. I will explain to shortly. Concealer and effect is that if you have good credit score, you have good connection with the banks. You get freshly printed fiat. You get freshly printed theearth. You can push up the asset prices because you were the first to use that freshly printed fiat because it enters the circulation. You can buy up all of the assets. That is why real estate is so expensive in all countries. And look, it’s just a few people holding all of it because they are the ones with connections. If you’re a young person today, you cannot even move out of your parents house. In most cases in the Western world, not possible because of concealing an effect, because it cannot go and get freshly printed fiat. You’re not allowed. And whenever you hear that there are low interest rates removing too negative interest rates. Well, they’re not for you guys. They’re not for me, either. They’re not for us. They’re for a very exclusive club of people who can get this free money, who can get this basically chip free money and buy up assets and then invest it. Course, they invest it into assets that give them monthly cash flow and get monthly income so they can go and they can get even more of this free shipping. So it’s like a never ending circle. Please keep attention. Pay attention. Look, if more people understood it, obviously the system would not work. Then everyone would understand that it is actually rigged against you. It’s rigged against you if you do not participate in in credit like you have to have credit to participate in this and to gain advantage over this. Most people are instead taught that you should save, you know, save up your money for a rainy day. This and that. But you’re actually the loser if you do it in the current in the current fiat system, because you’re basically getting getting taken advantage of through the Cantillon effect. They dilute your value and give it to a guy who just took that chip and a chip close to zero percent loan. That basically what happens to your savings. You give it away. Guess if you save and it shouldn’t be like that. I mean, look, if you have money, you should be able to save it. I think it should be. I like saving as well, but I understand that it’s stupid in the current environment of off of you just hoarding fiat. You should save instead in ass’s. That is that is how you save in the current fiat system. You have real estate income producing you to have the stocks dividend producing. You each have some kind of thing that gives you monthly income because fiat is worthless is because worthless by the second. So that is why saving is good. Even in fiat system. But not you not saving fiat. You get to save assets. Now another of the nation from solid crypto man, our own superjet. My heart literally warms up when I see you guys using Superjet because it’s ours. We fricking built it. It still has a few bugs. Like I think some of you may be tried, didn’t work, but is gonna work better day by day. You’re gonna see how much better it will be in just a few days because we’re working on it every day. Like OK. Solid grip too. Have you read the road to Financial Freedom? Unfortunately, I haven’t. Is it good? If yes, I will write it down the road to financial freedom. Can anyone send me the link to 10-X? Guys, go and return extra-large. It’s even free on youtube. You can find it. It’s the best book I’ve ever I’ve ever like. It’s the best book. Go and read it. Right. It’s an audible. Yes, an audible. I use all the ball I use I books like Atrians thing about you can also get it for free on YouTube so you can find it to learn about money. Human 6 features of money is a must to watch this for. Yes, you are correct. Yes. Yes indeed. I cannot be sorry about the evil. A product will ave is a defi is. It’s a defi protocol. The most important feature that really distinguishes them from many others is their flash loan capability. So you know, we talk about flash long eve supports flash long. So that’s the most important. It’s all about money markets. It’s all about you having liquidity markets. So it is is doing that. Let’s see if I can find it. Is it all a. Yeah. So open source defi product. But for me, the most important thing with them is, is the flashfloods like they have a can spend 1 to 1 with underlying assets. They have res switching flash loans, of course. I think they’re gonna be big. I think they’re gonna be absolutely big. But what I don’t know. Do they have the or they don’t have their own coin or they do or is just like a union swap, like a protocol man were pumping? Or are we. Yemen? We are. I think yeah. We started this at seven point two I think. But not to get distracted. I dont think they have their own coin. I’ll document. Got it. Got it. I like. Thanks. Thanks. Eh. A way. A way. How did you do that? Eve or anyway. I think the most important feature of them is the and what really distinguishes them. It is that flash loan thing, you know that we are creating our defi to a one course and we’re gonna do practical defi in our academy aswell practical up to a practical flashfloods. We have already a lot of practical defi with defi one, the one where we teach you how to use them all defi products that are important and the old different products like you swaption tactics rad. That really a lot. A lot, a lot. A lot. We teach you how to use and how they work in our different on the one course. Go check kazimir. What I’m saying. Gabrielle, why don’t you make an episode with Amadeu Brands? Nice would be a cool Yemen. It sounds amazing. I might see. Would love that. I think he would love that. I would also love that. I think he’s even listening. Amadeu. Let me know in the chat if you’re listening. But yeah, that will be very interesting. And people love that course. People loved that course a lot that we did together with Manziel. And the next one is gonna be more about that. Maybe show you practically how to create flash loans, how to get millions of dollars in a transaction. But you have to repaid back within the same transaction if but you can use it in arbitration, so and so forth. Even if if you want to help local business with DEFI, what would you should suggest some sort of crypto along? Well, for now you don’t really. I mean you can get. You can not. Get the money out of thin air. You need to have collateral. So, yeah, that’s that that’s not really applique applicable if your business is struggling. So does the only thing we need. Andrew collateralized loans and they are coming. But for now we only have over collateralized loans. I guess I want to remind you if you haven’t. Go to our webinar. You’ll find the link below. So go and check it. Right now we’re talking about how to stack massive amounts of SATs. Absolutely massive during the bull market. And it’s a free webinar. So you don’t you don’t need to pay anything. And join us if you haven’t been in the webinar before. And if you’re not in that chasm yet, go and join this to date. And we’re going to do it on April the twenty ninth. So go enjoy to today is if the company just accepts crypto, it can help them. Well, yes, you can get the the interest rates from Defi. That’s true. That’s true. But they still gonna be life changing like overnight. It’s not gonna be this emergency loan that many businesses need right now. They need emergency loans. Ivan, I heard many top public companies are doing are going private. And all that will be left is penny stock companies. How will this affect stock and crypto markets? To be honest with you, I haven’t really seen that. Why? Why would they? Let’s see it. Let’s see it. Corporations going private. I haven’t really seen anything about that. Why are you saying that? Maybe you can link. Because I haven’t I haven’t really seen that. I don’t really think it’s in their interest, to be honest. Why would it be? Why would it be? It would be difficult for them to issue new. I mean, maybe for fi. I don’t know. Let me know. I need to think more about it. Heard it from Max Kaiser show. Oh, wow. Yeah. Okay. I will check. I like Max Keiser. He talks about continue in effect a lot. Shill, both shill. But bannings. I agree. But when we reach the peak of bull market, you can use that money to invest in something else. Oh, you mean the Alexander is talking about the bull and be embarass cycles? Lots of companies are doing pride because of over. Oh, yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense. They will do a token maybe. I don’t know. Look at Bynum’s BMB. Don’t even have to follow regulation. I don’t know what’s going to happen, guys to be on B. I have B and B because I think violence is doing a great job. But it’s just like men. They’re burning tokens based on revenue. How is that not a security? But I like that it’s not a security. Maybe it will be a security. It’s not class like. They’re not getting in trouble for it. I don’t know really how how how that works. I mean, why. A lot of other companies and alot of other players like it block when they are in trouble. But Bynum’s isn’t it? I mean that’s fascinating. And look, it’s good like the fact that you have all the securities regulation is actually quite restricting. Like how else would you get that piece of balance. Success. Impossible, impossible with their coin. Anyone can do it as long. But of course there is a trust element. You need to trust that they will keep bringing the supply based on them, based on their profits, and also that you can use the coin to get lower fees and all of that. Okay. Yes, I think that’s it for today. Thank you so much for being here yet again. I really, really appreciate that you. Thank you. Especially all of you who tried the superjet. It truly warms my heart that we can do this better testing. And it’s amazing. And look, you’re gonna be amazed how how much better it will be, because now we just have like a basic thing. We have to input fields like for the text and for the number. But there’s gotta be way prettier. He’s gonna be like fireworks. I told you. But we have a few more bugs to fix. So maybe like in a week we’ll see if we’re working each and every day. So it’s gonna work out even smoother, even smoother. So, guys, thank you so much. So thank you so much for being here. If you are on YouTube, go to the dot com slash live N8 being sheltered to N8 for doing timestamps. Thanks so much for sending in big shout to Gabbar for working like crazy to make super chat’s happen without Gabbar looking super just would not work. So thank you so much and I’ll see you all very, very soon. Goodbye. Goodbye. Kiss goodbye. Goodbye.


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