EU COLLAPSING!!! Italy to exit Euro? Bitcoin and Hyperinflation


And we’re alive. Yes. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning, Krypton. Here on Ivan Ontake, we are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we do the show each and every day at 8 a.m. Central on summertime. Yes, I come to like an atomic location every day. Look, today’s a big day. Today’s a big topic. We’re going to discuss the euro and the EU because the tensions, the most significant tensions in the world of economics in the near future, within the next year, within the next four years, is going to be between northern Europe and southern Europe. That’s where the big economic tensions are going to be on. Obviously, it affects the whole union and obviously it affects the whole monetary union. And that’s why it’s so important to discuss what will happen, what will happen to you, but also to the euro and what kind of role bitcoin plays in all of this, because it is significant. It is absolutely big. And we cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of political powers. There are a lot of political wills within the European Union. And who knows how this whole charade will play out at the end of the day. But what’s important is to prepare. You’ve got to prepare. I got to prepare. Everyone has to prepare for what’s potentially coming. And you have to cover all possibilities, all outcomes, and still be okay with different outcomes because you have prepared. So that is exactly what we’re going to do today. And that’s going to be the first topic. Then we’re actually going to discuss how to incorporate on the blockchain, because we know that we do have the open law framework, which you can use in order to incorporate your business on the blockchain. Let’s see the screen shot boom. Here we have the screens. So we’re going to discuss how that works, how you can use open law as the universally legal protocol for the blockchain. We’re going to just get South Korea and their own digital fiat, their own digital currency that they are creating. And finally, Jack Dorsey is donating 1 billion, a whole billion to to the vital role of fighting to fight the virus. I mean, this is big. There will always be somebody who says, hey, this is for tax reasons. He’s avoiding tax. This this charity is just to avoid tax. But, guys, what the heck? Come on. He’s donating. Have you donated anything like that? Of course not. So I don’t like it when people complain because for some reason they get an idea that this is mainly for for some kind of fair tax avoidance thing or something. So let’s discuss that. L guess it’s so much to do, so much to discuss social cover. It’s amazing. Amazing for everyone who is watching this live. And for me, of course, it’s amazing to be here together. Guys, what are you doing? I wanted a comfortable life. Welcome, everyone, who is watching this live. I see the chopper rolling. Krypto, your dad, Michael. Gulp, Trashman, man. What is that name? Krypto Micco. Man, what’s up? What’s up? See ya. LatAm Forever dannette. Danielle Jou and Juan Barracked. Barak, what’s up? What’s up, guys? If you’re watching this on YouTube, I don’t know what you’re doing because you have already missed the live show, so you should go too. I was a little com slash like you just described there, so click the red subscribe button if you’re watching this already here on. I don’t think that concept live colleague alerts enabled end and notifications, telegrams, vacations. And that being said, let’s go straight into the juicy part of this episode and that is to discuss the situation, the EU and Europe. And then we’re also going to go quickly into before that into the markets. But first and foremost, look, we have this situation escalating highly, highly significant significantly right now in the US in regards to the virus. We have two thousand new deaths in just 24 hours. It’s insane. We haven’t seen this growth yet in the US and it doesn’t seem to stop this escalation doesn’t seem to stop. So whatever is going on right now, you are Dems. They have to track the development of the virus because when it starts to slow down, when it starts to slow, that is when something might change in this world for the better in terms of economy, in terms of everything that is going on. Then if they do. Virus dictates the timeline not dissimilar. The governments cannot dictate the timeline. The Fed cannot dictate the timeline of how this will progress economically and socially. Only the virus can dictate the timeline. So that’s key. That’s important. So look at the numbers and track the numbers. And obviously, you yourself need to take responsibility for yourself. Do not rely on the government. They will not help you. They will not help you. And if you have this mindset that somehow the government will save you like the bum says, you are an idiot. If your strategy to survive the financial crisis is for the government to save you. And look, if it sounds harsh, but that’s what you need to hear. If that is your mindset, just like if you think that your government is going to pay your pension, that they’re going to take care of you when you retire, guys, they want they will not. There is not enough money. It’s a big Ponzi scheme. The whole pension system, there is nothing that you need the new you need new money all the time into the system so that you can pay out old, old retired people. It’s not how it should be. It’s not how it should be indicted. Scenario, but that is what we’re stuck with today. And look at the unfunded U.S. pensions. Then you look at unfunded European pensions in different countries. You see it will not hold. It won’t, especially with so many people having this mindset. You know, I have worked all my life. I’ve paid taxes. I’ve contributed to society, especially here in Sweden. People are waking up to this nightmare of this nightmare of pension. It’s really during the past five to 10 years, maybe only that Swedish retired people start to realize they’re getting nothing of significance from the government. And it’s not been like that in the past. Look, in the past, it’s worked way better now. Now we have skyrocketing numbers of so-called poor retired and the now they’re waking up to the nightmare. Hey, government will not take care of you. And that is look at your government. Maybe we’ll take care of you. That’s only a bonus. You should only see it as a bonus that, hey, if it happens, it happens. Amazing. But you should always count that this will never happen because that is the only way to think in that rational manner. If it happens, it happens if they give you something. OK, good. But look, I’m not counting on this. That’s for sure. But if it happens. OK. Good. Good surprise. I would be surprised. But that is the core mindset needs to happen. And also, this is fine. This is working so well. When someone took 25 percent of your money, you’re paying it all all the time in tax, of course, and then gives you back 2 percent. That is similars. That is exactly stimulus Yamma. He’s a bit of jokes, a bit of truth, a bit of joke. But at the same time, you gotta keep it in mind as well. That day you have produced a lot and now you’re getting back a bit. So when people get overly excited about the stimulus, look, you’ll always have that stimulus before you gave it away. But now you’re getting a bit back. It’s all in all guys, in this introduction. Please remember, number one, never trust that anyone will take care of you except you and the number two. Yeah. I mean, be happy for the stimulus. You’re guessing the original, but also realize I’ve that it’s also in one way your money and you’ve already paid it. Now, looking at the markets, we have good numbers. We were rejected at a seven point four 7.40 game, but we’re still up over the past 24 hours, almost 1 percent in bitcoin. We have EIF at plus 0.3. All in all, sub 1 percent in the top 5 in the top 4. But B, ASV and Bitcoin cash are rising because both of them have a halving coming up soon. So I guess this is their pre hubbing pump. You know that both BSB and bitcoin cash. They’re gonna do the hoving quicker. I think bitcoin cash is on Friday very, very soon and be ASV a bit further or vice versa. But it’s very, very similar that they have the hubbing very soon. And I guess this is their pre humming bump, but I guess I wouldn’t be too excited because look at litecoin like also is very similar to bitcoin in its structure, but they have a different mining algorithm. They did not prefer prefere perform well after the having the humming old only works on bitcoin like the most effective has is on bitcoin because the stock to flow. Integration integration works only on bitcoin like there is no statistical proof that the halving will do anything to bitcoin s.v. or bitcoin cash. We don’t have those numbers and to a big extent is because both of them were created after the last halving in bitcoin. So keep it in mind. I wouldn’t be too excited, but hey, if you have a pre hoving pump, that’s good. That’s better than nothing. Now looking at the big winners. Web silly. We have B for next chainlink a bitcoin gold. Bitcoin gold still hanging there. Still at thirty eighth place in the coin. Paprika or quaint paprika. However you like it. And the big losers today are bite clean thoug coin pulsate. Don’t swipe if losers. All in all, quite stay quite steady. Quite the sideways. Now if you arshavin guys go below and click the link best script to deals, you’ll see a link and sign up for by bit. You get the good starter bonus there. And the reasons why it’s important is because you can long, you can short, you can use leverage up to 100x, but you gotta be careful and only use it if you know what you’re doing because it’s only useful on the small time frames and you really get to have your risk management and stop losses in place. You can trade bitcoin a theorem iOS X Sarpy on on byb it. Here it is. They’re considering using sloppy and unfair mix. You will also find links to Pemex. You will be able to do gold if they only can load a bit quicker. If you work at Fenwick’s and you’re washing this, why is it so slow sometimes? Yeah, now. Now it’s here. But Fenwick’s is basically the same. But you can also trade gold light contessa’s and link, so go and check them out. Links in the description. If you’re watching on YouTube, you see best scripted deals. That’s where you click. And we do have our free webinar on April the twenty ninth. So also sign up for that. If you haven’t been on the previous one, we’re talking about how to stack massive amounts of SATs in this bull market. Completely free webinar. Go and check it out and sign up right now. Is that going to happen in a few weeks? Now we are witnessing right now some inflow into stable coins. This. Time we do have view as D.C. only 10 million, only 10 million dollars. Usually we’re very used to sit other print hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of million. USCCB just a million. But look, you as this is more trustworthy because they’re regulated. These guys are really, really careful with not breaking any compliance rule. They’re very, very careful. So if there’s any number that we could trust more than other, it is numbers coming from you as. I mean, I’m almost almost fully certain that these clients are 100 percent backed because otherwise otherwise they are in big, big trouble because literally they’re doing this from the US. So at the end of the day, they’re taking a big personal risk if they do something like this. That is not fully backed and a bit shady. So all in all, if you want to track the real dollar inflow, check stable coins that are regulated and check how much they are producing in terms of coins, because then you can see how much Fiat is actually entering that there is a bit more difficult because we don’t know exactly whether one teller is correlating is correlating to one dollar. We don’t know that and they have been quite open with that as well. That tether is back, but by one dollar in cash, but also in other assets. And you know that an asset can be a loan. It can be a credit. That’s also an asset. But it can also disappear because your your clients who you gave credit to, they can go bankrupt. They can default on their loans. So although in their books, you might have a bunch of credit. It doesn’t mean that it’s actually it’s actually safe save of banking, although in their books they might say, hey, at that there is backed one to one, but they also lend out your your money and. Yeah. And then they try to earn interest. It wouldn’t surprise me that they did because. Why not. You have so much money, you can make so much interest and that you’re not you’re not obligated you’re not obligated to give that interest to your clients. The people who gave you Fiat and got that, they’re all inaugust. You see the situation. Now let’s talk about EU. Let’s talk about Europe, because the tensions are growing and especially the tensions are growing between northern and southern Europe. This has been the case since the euro crisis eight years ago, eight, 10 years ago. And we have this article from Pedro Sanchez. Spanish prime minister. So it’s not your average journal is this is the Spanish prime minister. He published this on the 5th of April. So it’s a few days ago, but it’s on Sunday. It’s on Sunday. But it’s still relevant. It’s still very relevant because we haven’t even started to see the effects of this. He published this article in all kinds of newspapers, in big newspapers in Europe titled The Europe’s Future Is At Stake in this war against the Virus. And this is true because we will see a lot of political wills clashing and a lot of political wills not really playing with each other. It’s going to be very significant. Look, this article doesn’t have a lot of information except for the fact that we should all be united, for example, that we should all should be solidarity. We should all work together. We should either rise to this challenge or fall as a union or fail as a union. We should have this emergency programs and the European Central Bank already has emergency programs. So all in all, he’s quite optimistic, saying, hey, guys, let’s work together. Let’s do this. We are in this together. It’s a boat that we’re all being located in. So if the boat sinks, we’ll all sink. And look at this troop. He’s saying that Europe was born out of the ashes of destruction and conflict. It learned the lessons of history. So as you can see, not a lot of info, but just motivational article. This guy should be motivational speaker. He publishes great, great motivational inspirational articles. It is time to break with old national dogmas. We have entered a new era and we need new responses. Look, a lot of this is true, but it’s not something that you can actually go and use. It’s more like call to action, culture, unite. And what we need to look at instead is the fact that there are a lot of tensions within the euro and the EU. So let’s start with the euro. Why are there tensions? Well, look at Italy. Italy’s debt is out of control. Latest numbers I’ve read are one hundred and thirty eight percent of the GDP. They are in debt. It’s a lot. Yes, it’s a lot. For example, Sweden, we had 35 percent before the crisis. Now maybe we have 50. So Italy is in trouble financially. Now, how can they say save themselves? How can they do it? How can they try to stimulate the economy? Well, normally what you do is that you print money. You can print money. You can lower interest rates. You have full flexibility as a country to do whatever you want with your currency. So, for example, if you devalued your currency, either through printing or interest rates, if you do that, well, suddenly your companies, your domestic companies can export. More they can export more because the national labor becomes cheaper and they earn more money when they export the company, so they comp, the companies can grow. The industry can grow and the economy might come back. So that’s the oldest trick in the book. When it comes to monetary policy, I’m trying to bring back the economy to life. Obviously, Italy cannot do it because they have the euro. They cannot just go into the printer room and start printing. They can do a lot about interest rates. They can’t. So they’re fully under control of the ECB, European Central Bank. They cannot do anything. Now, obviously, they want the government to want to have that control of the currency, especially now in times of crisis, because either right now either they would have their own currency and be able to do whatever they wanted. Like, for example, devaluing it in order to try to boost the economy. Or now when they have the euro, they have to go to ECB and European Union and basically beg beg for some kind of emergency package. So that’s also what Spain is kind of doing as well. Spain is not really at that point. Like Italy. But they are close to the same point. So I think a better Sanchez comes out and just, you know, to be safe, he says, hey, guys, we might also be in this position very soon, like Italy. Look at Italy. We’re very close to that. So, hey, let’s be sort of Darrick or gay lesbian solidarity. We can not do anything with the currency. We can not do anything at all when it comes to interest rates. So please, let’s be solidarity. So that is kind of he preemptively puts it into the news. He preemptively puts it into the market. But that’s also understandable. That’s also understandable because they are completely powerless. This countries and all countries that have the euro, they’re powerless in terms of monetary policy. It’s all through the ECB. You know how it works. So therefore, therefore, now when you have a crisis, it might be a good opportunity for Italy or Spain to simply withdraw because, look, it’s always a crisis. You as a politician have a bit easier time doing it because you say, hey, we had the crisis, we had to do it. So and the economy is already bad. So how much worse can it be if we just withdraw from the euro? But understand, guys, if you’re living in Italy or in Spain, you should be you should be worried. I think you should be worried, very worried, because, number one, if there are such talks that they’re going to withdraw from the euro, obviously you’re not going to know about it. You’re not going to know about it. Why is it so that they will not tell anyone before like they actually do it maybe one day before they do it? Why will they not tell anyone? Well, you understand that if you have euro in an Italian bank, in the Italian bank, if that switch happens, your euro will be automatically converted to this new national currency, whatever it is. It will be automatically done. So if the government comes out and says, hey, we’re leaving the euro, what will happen to Italian banks? Everyone will withdraw their money put in German banks, because obviously, if such a switch happens, you want to have euro, you don’t want to have this new Italian currency. I can assure you, because it’s created for one reason, and that is to devalue it, to boost the economy and them and to bring back this whole industry to life. And you do it through currency devaluation and the imagine yourself, you wake up a morning and you have this Italian currency. What would you rather have? Look, euro has a bunch of problems, but any day I would rather have the euro than the national new Italian or Spanish currency. You understand that? That’s that’s a no brainer. That’s a no brainer. So so therefore, keep it in mind if you have euros might be a good idea to put it in German bank or source or some other non-Italian bank or a non Spanish bank. And that’s true for all of southern countries. Portugal might be in the same position. So please keep it in mind when it comes to the euro. It might not be euro in the near future in terms of your bank account. Now, this is big. This is very big. And it’s very important for citizens to educate themselves about how this works and why they’re all national currency might be good maybe in the long term for the country. It may it may be good, but short term for savers, probably terrible. Probably. Probably very terrible. People say you should buy Teather. Exactly. Either go and put into German or to go and buy Teather, not financial advice. But that is how I would do it. Let me know in the chat. Instead, they’re more safe than Italian banks with euro, because there you have this very big danger of ending up with some kind of new Italian currency. And look at people going to dump it. People absolutely are going to dump it. Why would you buy it? Like like the government is in debt like crazy. Do you think it’s going to perform strong in the markets? Absolutely not. And the same with Spain and the same with other southern European nations. Now, it’s a bit drastic scenario, but it’s on the radar. Absolutely. It’s on the radar. So it’s unemployment rate right now. Italy is at nine point eight. So this article, by the way, is not very recent. This was like at the end of March. They wrote that. So probably this is higher now. Worse still. Italy is one of the most have heavy, heavily indebted countries. So. One hundred and thirty eight percent of the GDP. So Italy’s Italy’s economic crisis will ultimately puts serious pressure on the euro. The currency’s value is likely to set by healthier economies such as Germany. And obviously Italy cannot do anything about it. They have no effect in the in the end at the table, they have note nothing to say when the currency interest rate, when it comes to how we’re going to devalue or and how we’re going to do our monetary policy in in the eurozone. So that’s the issue. And look, the only thing they can do now is beg. And it’s a very, very, very bad spot for Italy. It’s bad sports for you. It’s not good for anyone, but especially is bad if you have you’rein in the Italian bank. I think because you can wake up with worthless Italian money very soon. So at the end of the day, what kind of conclusions do we make? The political powers in Germany, obviously, they have a lot to do in Germany already. And here comes Italy through the door begging to give money. And you basically have no choice. You have to do it. But at the same time, how strong is the political force in Germany to actually go ahead and take responsibility for the entire union and give that money? Because the German the German people population, they won’t like you for that. I mean, you’re giving money to Italians. We in Germany knew that our hospitals are full. That’s what you’re going to hear from your population. So do you have the strong will in, for example, Germany and France to give this stimulus package to Italy? And the it will probably come. I think they will do it, but it will have very, very harsh conditions. And it will make so that Italy and Spain and other countries that need it, they will have to really reconsider the way their taxes work. They will probably have to increase tax it and it will put their economies in a recession for years because that money is not going to be free, is going to be that, hey, here’s the money. But you have to reconsider everything. So, yeah, that’s that’s big, guys. I don’t know how else to highlight the importance of this, but it’s one of the biggest stories I’m following right now and it’s one of the biggest. I think you should also be following because nothing is bigger than this. Outside of the Fed, outside of the Fed, printing trillions. I think this conflict is the biggest. Now, some fun news about Bitcoin. We have Ben ask Ren Renesmee his Twitter to Bitcoin hoarding May 13th. That’s important because obviously has a lot of followers, but it’s just also exciting to see how much he has been promoting bitcoin. So previously he rode just bought some bitcoin on his Twitter. He also worked with Litecoin previously likeand foundation. So yeah, nothing really spectacular but amazing to see. It’s amazing to see that we are entering the mainstream. More and more and more celebrities will have the better. Deutschebank comes out and speaks about digital Fiat speaks about the central bank digital currency and links it to carone them. Why? Because we’re actually seeing a lot of action from all kinds of countries. You know, Sweden, where we have a project here with Central Bank working a lot, developing Swedish digital cash krona. We have in the US, obviously we have in China, obviously. And now Bank of Korea is also declaring that they’re going to launch this pilot for a central bank issued digital currency. They’re not in a hurry. They’re still saying that, hey, there is no immediate need for this, but maybe in the future. So they need to issue a C BDC in the near future. Cille is not needed. So the chances are still slim. But look, might be interesting. Might be interesting going forward. And this is digital enslavement, guys, because with digital fiat, you know that the government can basically program, hey, you can not spend money on this. You cannot spend money on this. We’re going to do automatic taxation. We can freeze money at any point. You know that if you go to the wrong political party or a long or wrong political gathering and you have a allthree Taliban regime in your country, they might simply shut you off from from digital cash and cannot buy anything, at least now when you have the cash being kind of just physical. And the only way for you to do digital transactions is through a private bank at least that you have more market dynamics. I mean, if one bank doesn’t like you, you can go to another one. And they’re not very different, but at least there are bid different. Now, imagine the state to you early, the state handling all digital transactions because this is in effect, an attack on the private bank. The central bank is basically replacing their purpose with the purpose of the private banks because why would you have your money in the private bank when you can have it in in the central bank or at the state? Basically, because you have zero risk, you have zero counterparty risk when you have your money in the bank. You have a risk, the might that the bank might go bankrupt. They can collapse and your money might not. They’re here, you don’t have any risk. You only have the state as a country party. So many people, I think will adopt it very quickly. But also, it’s gonna be dangerous long term. Yes. It’s not good for freedom. This whole thing is what is happening in the chat. What’s the USD? That Femke lists? Is it better? Is it Teather or to you as ze or what? Well, Flemings they have Teather, right. Or what do you mean use the or is a real one. I mean to be honest, to be honest I think it’s that they’re. Yeah. We’ll have to check it out. We’ll have to check it out. Yeah, I guess it’s standard, but don’t quote me on that. Don’t quote me on that. Now, moving on, because the thing with Pemex is that we’re still mostly using Binded. So that’s that’s why we don’t really have a lot of experience except for the fact that you can trade gold light contessa’s and linked on Fenwick’s. So that’s important. But let me get back to you on that. In the next video, whether it’s death-row or what is it? But look, what’s important to note here is the fact that we’re moving from only relying on the physical on the physical legal system of basically people. We’re now slightly starting to move to the blockchain through open law protocols like, for example, open law. So open law is this universal legal protocol for creating corporations, for crazing organizations and for governing entities and for governing governing entities. Now, at the end of the day, it’s still going to settle in the legal system like we discussed previously. It’s still going to settle in the legal system. But on the level of you and I are doing business on the on on the level you and I doing different kinds of organizational structure, we can do it on open law. And that’s important article that the Ryan wrote in bank list, basically saying that there is a new settlement layer in town. It’s called IEF, because the only settlements layer right now we have in the normal world without blockchain is basically the legal system. So the US has a strong property laws, corporate laws and is stable enough to assume its laws will be enforced with reasonable neutrality. So that’s the only settlement layer you have the US legal system now with ETHE you have another one, which is the fact that you can do small contracts and you can do organizations on top of IEF. At the end of the day, they still going to be incorporated in the core legal system. I don’t see how you would circumvent that. But at least you can automate a lot of payments and you can automate a lot of relationships in the in the business world on EEF. But I think what Ryan says is that potentially long term, we don’t even need to settle conflicts in the US law system if you’re living in the US or your local justice system. I don’t see it happening, to be honest, because you can always sue someone and look at the LDA. The government has a monopoly on violence and if you lose a lawsuit in the normal a normal justice system, do you think that your state of IEF blockchain will save you? Absolutely not. So while it’s while it’s it isn’t nearly as flexible as a nation state legal system, it has other advantages. For example, is digital programmable jurisdiction less this and that? But look, I think it’s amazing. You can do a lot of things already. And he shows us here in the blog post how you can create the Dow, how can you can set it up, how you can incorporate basically on the blockchain is not real incorporation, in my view. It’s not real like legal incorporation. But you can still do a lot. You can still do a lot. But please remember, if something doesn’t work out, people will still go to normal court. So I don’t really understand when people get too optimistic in terms of everyone just doing business on the blockchain through smart contracts and basically replacing the legal system. I don’t think that’s happening. That’s not what we’re seeing. And that’s kind of not the not the point here either. The point is that we can automate more that when you are not have an agreement, we called it. We called it how it should execute. For example, I do a project for you when the project is done. We have an oracle and I get paid. That’s it. I don’t have to wait for you to enter into your bank account. To enter my account number, to send me money. No, he’s gonna be automatic. I can claim my money when my work is done. For example, if you have an oracle for that or if we bet on something that also executes automatically. But let’s say there is an issue with a smart contract or let’s say I think that the Oracle did not work out correctly. I mean, obviously, I’m going to go to court or say I’m still going to do it. So that’s how my view is. And let me know if you agree or disagree when it comes is open law and open corporations on top of the blockchain. I think in the future we might move more and more towards this kind of business. But for now, it’s still the legal system that is the base layer for all transactions and for everything. Because, look, as always, anyone can sue you for anything at any moment and you will have to go to court to to to find them. Even if you’re a sitroom, blockchain says something else. So that’s how that is. Look, a very honorable mention in today’s stream is going to be Jack Dorsey donating one the billion one billion dollars in charity to fight the virus, among other things. So he basically says here or the article says. He has set up an LLC, a company that will manage this money and it will go to all kinds of different things, including public donations, for profit investments and non-profit grants. And look, it’s gonna be a lot to the virus as well. So that’s very big. That’s very big. And the kid himself says most of that is to fight the virus. We’re going to see exactly what happens to these funds. But he didn’t have to do it. So just to come back to this whole issue of people accusing him of trying to use this as some kind of tax vehicle, tax evasion vehicle. I so this is doing something that’s important. And obviously, how much tax can you really avoid through this? Because you’re still giving away. I mean, you’re still giving stuff away. And at the end of the day, it’s more a philosophical more of a political question. But at the end of the day, he also earned all of this money. So there you go. That’s my opinion. Let me know if you agree or disagree with this. Finally, before we move into the Q&A, I just want to highlight how important it is to analyze different exchanges that you use using on chain metrics in order to see how much money they actually have, how much crypto they actually have. So Glasnost published this important facilitation of how Bynum’s grew. So basically you see that during 2017 they had so much inflow of bitcoin that it’s absolutely crazy. And then it continued. And the same also happened with eith about the same time. But it’s not really that I want to focus on Bynum’s I generally want to focus on the fact that you can do this research and see how different exchanges are performing in terms of balances and how much funds they really have. So let me open up this image full screen so that we can take a look. So, for example, this is Bynum’s balance. You can see how it looks like in terms of bitcoin. This is betbreaks. As you can see, we had the bull market and then in the bear market, they actually lost a lot of bitcoin. Bynum’s is still at the same levels even higher. So business is performing very well in the bear market. We have bitfinex also. We have the bull market and then we started that the bear market here. They still had increased during the bear market. But then a year ago, 1 1/2 years ago, that’s when they started to decline as well in their holdings. What else have Bitstamp up and down like crazy lately? Down a lot. He’d be TCB just down, straight down. Not really, really recommending BTC because they are basically broke. They don’t have a lot of funds. We’re looking at the Jemini. So Jemini had a huge inflow and then was just kind of trading sideways. We have betbreaks Beatrix we’ve already covered. We have big man hobby’s killing it. Hoby is growing like crazy and during the bear market they grew the most during the bear market corbet. So keep that in mind. And we have Karakoram quite stable but lost a bit from 2017. But to be honest with you, the hype stopped right here and here is where their balance was. And so when you look at the peak of the hype and then their balance at that point they’ve only been increasing, although very slightly and although extremely slowly. And finally, what is this? Okay. Okay. X has seen an explosion in 2019 and we’ve been at the level since then. So all in all, guys, keep it in mind because you don’t want to be on an exchange that doesn’t have enough balances because that’s your money and you don’t know exactly what you’re doing with your money. Do they have some kind of lending operation? Are they trying to earn interest? Are they trying to make a profit with your money by risking it? It could happen. Therefore, you should always keep track of their balances. If you’re serious about your investing. But what’s even more important is to not have a lot of money on exchanges. But I know that many people actually need it because they’re tracing their trading a lot and they’re trading with few bitcoin at a time. That’s also completely possible, especially if you’ve been in the space for a while. I know many people that have a few bitcoin on different exchanges. Why? Because they’re trading. So they have to. They have to. And it would be painful to lose that if the exchange is not is not liquid and especially if it’s if it’s undercapitalized and you see this whole situation with some exchanges completely losing it. All right, guys, what’s different? A new webinar. So it’s very similar, like the last one. So if you haven’t if you have already been in the webinar, you should join. But if you haven’t if you haven’t, it’s time to join our free webinar about how to stack massive amounts of SATs in this bull market. So please do that. Find the link below and sign up. That’s crazy. I wouldn’t leave it on, says Michael, exactly. I wouldn’t do it either. I wouldn’t do that. But some people needed for training. Absolutely. So what kind of choice do you have? Ivan, do you think has got voting algorithms and Ghosheh protocols? What do you think about them? I don’t really like Hajer of guys because it’s centralized. And while gossip is interesting, you cannot even compare to Bitcoin. And I know many people are asking about hasher because of Mike Maloon. It just it just like you. But I strongly I I’m not a fan, but I’m a fan of their marketing and the fact that Mike has a video about them. So that’s why I’m still bullish on the price. But technologically, not very bullish. Not financial advice. Our stable core is not stable. Now, with the Fiat printing crypto better, of course, they’re not stable in terms of value. They’re stable in terms of dollar value in terms of dollar peg. That’s one of the biggest misconceptions. And people still don’t seem to understand that a stable coin is stable towards whatever asset is being pegged to. So in this case, we’re talking about the dollar with Teather with you as the sea is going to be stable towards the dollar. Brazil is going to keep its value of the dollar falls. Of course, of course, of course. That’s that’s very cheap. And it’s surprising that so many people still don’t know it. It’s good that you ask, but it’s surprising that so many people still don’t know it. I don’t want to discount people’s losses. Does the real people loves ones sonic? Not really sure what you mean. Stable to unstable. Exactly. I have nothing on exchanges now. Proof of keys, says women. That’s important. You should have proof of keys, and I hope the tradition grows bigger. Each third of January we all should withdraw everything from our exchanges. So hyperinflation and used it, see hyper inflation used, see? Yes, that’s correct. Of less than 1 percent. Correct. Is that a stable? Yes, but it’s stable against the dollar. It’s not being backed by dollar reserves, is being backed by an algorithm, but still it is being stable towards the door. The algorithm keeps it stable towards the dollar. If Fuller goes down in value, if the dollar goes down in value, they will also go down. So that’s important. Could they be better to have that isn’t backed? No. Crypto? I just answered. It’s not backed by U.S. dollar. But the whole system is an algorithm that keeps it at value as dollar does the whole system. So as long as that doesn’t change, DI is going to follow the US dollar. So when it goes down, they will also go down. Of course not in US dollar terms, but in purchasing power. They can go down too. In purchasing power, yes, of course, because it’s tied to the dollar through an algorithm. It’s a decentralized, stable client tied to the dollar. In my opinion, corporate government bonds. Don’t go away. So ACBAR will be important? It will be important, but but it’s very possibly. Very possibly nothing should be stable. Hey, drift away there. What is this? Smiley or would do send. I don’t get it. I’m going to smile. What is on some kind of for some kind of thing. You sending in, miss? In each message I don’t have I don’t want to discount people’s losses. People’s loved ones are passing away. However, we have to ask how China has been able to control the virus so quickly. Well, because they have authoritarian regime, they say to everyone, stay home and you stay home. Otherwise, you will have some severe consequences. Here in Europe. Somebody tells you to stay home. You can still go to the beach. You can still enjoy yourself without any consequences. And to be honest, I prefer the system in the in the in Europe. I mean, look, yes, it might be difficult to contain the virus, but it’s better. It’s better than that system in the east, of course. And fake numbers also. Leo says fake numbers, probably fake numbers. We have no idea how many people died and got infected. Exactly. That’s also true. That’s very, very true. Chad is now at bottom. OK. If there is, Gary, if you think that there’s some kind of by just e-mail contact attachment to dot com and the film is like film with your camera. You know, banks haven’t yet recovered from 2008 exactly like we’d be discussing yesterday. And now we have this since two thirds of businesses in Europe are related, relying on the bank loans. It will be tough to get out of this situation. Well, it’s going to affect the banks a lot because businesses are going to go bankrupt. So the gun the gun really, really struggle and they’re going to default on their loans. So banks going to have a lot of bad debt. Jeezy. Why not superjet on crypto? Why? Because we’re working on it. We’re going to have it. We’re going to have it. We’re going to have it. But yesterday we added fireworks. The fireworks yesterday and it say it’s amazing. Might like you. It’s so fun to build your own stuff. So fun to build your own stuff. And. And let me know how else we can improve it, because we’re going to have crypto very soon and we’re going to have other features as well coming soon. But let me know how you think we can improve the Superjet even more and how it can be better. But crypto is a big of course, it’s a big it’s a big thing that many people have been proposing. What else? Exactly. And that method seems like being pushed as preferred solution. Oh, you mean the totalitarian control? Yes, that’s true. Need sound? Okay. See, it’s solid script adjusted superjet when you some kind of sound when the fireworks go. Exactly. Exactly, exactly. So that’s how it looks like now when you do a super job. You see fire. Man, I love it. If for some reason it’s so fun to see this. My computer just froze. Yeah. Maybe you have too much made. Maybe we have too much confetti, too much at at what it’s called fireworks. Yeah. Not enough Ram. Exactly. But it’s better to have like a fire for fireworks than none at all. But for me it doesn’t fly. And I think for most people it doesn’t. But somehow we can decrease the amount of explosions on the screen. Exactly. Ivan, can you get a job, but that is the band’s five G. Oh, maybe. I don’t know. Maybe I have 12 gigabytes of RAM. Please make supercharged go. But the exact amount we need to we need to make a push out go button is graphics ram. So let me know if you if you had issues with the fireworks because then would guessing decrease the number of particles? So it’s very easy to do. We’re going to do it. Maybe we can have like that. It’s that it’s more optimized. We’re going to see Gary a little more. How did you do a superjet so supercharged only works on on the desktop. So if you’re watching on the mobile, you will not see Superjet is on your desktop and we’re gonna do it soon on mobile, but we just want to get it working on desktop first. It’s the first step because we rather released the superjet early than to wait for it, than to wait for it until everything is done. So yeah, that’s it. That’s how that works. All right, guys, if there are no more questions about the current topics and if there are no more suggestions on. On Superjet than other improvements to the chat, one thing that we’re working on right now is, is the fact that when you click on the name, it will be pre-filled as as the receiver of the message in the in the type of box when you type the chat input box. I have created a topic for evangelist’s movement. Please start the discussion. Solid crypto to another superjet. Amazing. Oh, you mean the domain name? Are you the guy who wrote about I’m on evangelist’s that crypto. That that’s that’s interesting. I saw it. I saw it. I saw it. I need to refresh when supercharged the fireworks. Yeah, we will decrease the number of particles. I see that some people have issues with performance on them on the 7th. f.b.i.’s. Yeah, exactly. But I think for most people it works anyway. Thank you so much for being here. Yet again. It was amazing and so good to be here every time use. Every time someone uses a supercharged pop up a bitcoin pump where give. Exactly. Exactly. We should raise seal tomorrow. Enjoy your Wednesday. Make the most out of it. I hope you learned a lot. Thanks to Gabbar for helping a lot with super chefs. Another superjet from Johnia Ortiz. Ivan, spend the quick spend the quick. Get time at your favorite coffee shop before it takes a nosedive. Thanks, man. Thanks, man. I appreciate a lot. Twenty five dollars. I appreciate it. Appreciate it. I will take the coffee and well, I will be thinking about you. Johnia. The fact that you supported us in this times. Your support means a lot. Of course, the most important thing is the fact that you’re interested. You’re still watching, but also with the superchargers. It helps a lot. It helps a lot. And we will make the number of particles less. I overdid it. I was too excited. I put like it. I’ll do a thousand particles on the screen. We’re getting that. We’re gonna decrease number of particles. So it works on on more machines. So. Thank you so much. Have a good day and enjoy your Wednesday. Goodbye, guys. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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