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Hey, welcome back, everybody, to altcoin Daily. My name is Aaron. This video today, some of the best news that we have seen in a while. In fact, the first one, two, three, four stories alone are all about proof, evidence. We are seeing both whales and regular people buying Bitcoin in mass. And we have the data, we have the proof, we have the evidence to back this up. That’s what we’re going to focus on in the first five minutes. Also, stay tuned for some other pretty good news. We’re going to talk about everything today. There’s a heavy news day and we’ll get into it. So make sure everybody take two seconds like the video, support the channel because what I’m about to show you might blow your mind. These first four stories, multiple bitcoin exchanges have seen a massive surge in new users this month, actually both new users and buying in general. So in brief, five exchanges reported an uptick in new users crack and saw an 83 percent increase in users packs full doubled its signup rate. Many top bitcoin exchanges have seen this influx of new users since the pandemic lockdown started five exchanges, so a notable increase in both sign-ups and trading volume, with some citing a doubling or in some cases a tripling of their usual rate of new signups. These exchanges are cracking open packs bitfinex packs full and Luhnow crack in recorded an 83 percent rise in signups and a further 300 percent increase in intermediate verifications. Similarly, peer to peer crypto exchanges like Paxil saw a 100 percent increase in new signups since the start of March. Bitcoin exchange Luhnow, too, has seen a 50 percent uptick in active users over the last four weeks, according to Marcus, the CEO of Luhnow. He told Decrypt while the current pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty across most, if not all industries. It’s reassuring to see that there remains confidence in cryptocurrencies. While many traders on waver as more and more people start to work from home, the Bitcoin exchange of bitfinex saw a notable uptick in new users as well. They said Our data shows that within the second half of March, which is when strict lockdown policies have been imposed in many countries. We’ve seen a 30 percent increase in new accounts. This is exactly what you would want to see if cryptocurrency is the future. The exchanges are bleeding bitcoin according to market intelligence from Glass NOAD. The amount of bitcoin being withdrawn from exchanges is steadily increasing, according to our labels. Bitcoin exchange balances are the lowest they’ve been in eight months. Glass know’d tweeted out they do good work. Now let’s check in on the most popular retail exchange. Coinbase is also reporting record Bitcoin buying. The data is represented very nicely here in this screenshot. This is research. According to Coinbase, in the 48 hours during and immediately following the drop, coinbase saw record-breaking numbers compared to the last 12 month averages. Coinbase saw a 5 x increase in cash and crypto deposits totalling 1.3 billion a 2x increase in new user sign-ups, a 3x increase in trading users, a 6 x increase in total traded volume. But beyond just a rash, two things are clear. Customers of our retail brokerage were buyers during the drop and bitcoin was the clear favourite. Our customers typically by 60 percent more than they sell, but during the crash this jumped to sixty-seven, taking advantage of market troughs and representing strong demand for crypto assets even during extreme volatility. This is just data, guys, you cannot argue with data, and the data is great for all bitcoin holders. There is a demand. People are buying. To go further. Somebody bought 1000 bitcoin on a crack in exchange just an hour ago. So that’s six and a half million in Bitcoin. On one purchase and you can see the huge green candle right here. Clearly, Aweil doesn’t know who it is, but this is a 1000 bitcoin order that went through on crack. And so Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the future and we are seeing that awareness and interest continue to increase by nans is set to acquire coin market cap. The deal could be worth as much as 400 million. So we’re pretty close to April Fool’s Day. Who knows if this is true or not. But the details are this by NANCE is in the final stage of talks to acquire a coin market cap. The crypto exchange is looking to pay as much as $400 million for the deal. Coin market cap is one of the most popular crypto data aggregators drawing 207 million visitors in the last six months. Finance, on the other hand, drew one hundred thirteen million visitors in the last six months. Coin market caps traffic is 80 percent more than by an ounce. And people familiar with the matter told the block that coin market caps ability to drive significant amounts of traffic is one of the major reasons for the acquisition. So does coin market cap own anything proprietary? I don’t think so. Bitcoin market cap is the name brand. So it looks like finance is looking to acquire more traffic. In other news, be cash and be cash. V. They’re having as are going to force miners to move away from them because those two blockchains are not popular and unprofitable and they’re miners are going to go to bitcoin. That’s the story. I mean you can read the details yourself, but I just want you to know what’s going to happen. Be cash and BSB will trend towards zero. That’s my opinion and that’s what it’s looking like it’s going to happen based on people actually working with them and using them. These next two stories are really good for institutions and big players coming in. The spacesuit I’m talking about civil wallet now offers one million FDIC like an insurance for cryptocurrency. So you know that normal banks have your money insured. Quarter million. Well, apparently there’s new wallets, civil wallet. It’s a multi-sig non-custodial wallet. That’s important. That’s good. Now says it has a one million dollar guarantee from coin cover. So their quote, they say this is the first time that both technical and non-technical users can feel safe about their holdings. Until now, people had to keep their coins in cold storage, but now they don’t have to worry about it as their holdings are insured up to one million, just like a bank account with the FDA. I see. So for me personally, I’m still keeping my coins on cold storage because, you know, I like that about the space. But many people aren’t going to do that. Many people prefer the safety of a bank, but still want to be able to hold a cryptocurrency. Well, now we’re seeing more and more things like this come to light. This is good for the whole entire industry. And they have the multi-sig solutions I mentioned. So, you know, you don’t have to worry about, you know, your inheritance or your beneficiaries. Inheritance, civil wallet. Users must still abide by stringent new customer requirements by supplying their government-issued ID and subjecting and subjecting their visage to facial recognition software. OK. Users will be able to connect to their bank accounts and buy crypto without leaving the wallet as wallets containing higher amounts of cryptocurrency continue to grow in numbers and insurance policy could not have come at a better time. So this is very good for the industry to go along with that. Another separate story. Epiphanny launches an institutional platform to connect exchange liquidity, so an institutional platform has just been launched. And if you check out these details, you will see, wow, this is a really good thing for the industry. Institutions will now be able to trade on every single crypto market simultaneously thanks to Global I-X. This is an API platform launched on March Thirty first by a San Francisco based firm, Epiphanny. The startup hired former executives of Google X Crack and an Alpha Point to promote the service. Global X works by integrating all the world’s exchanges into one platform available to institutional traders. The firm opens business accounts with as many exchanges as possible across the entire world while presenting a unified interface for its clients. As Swami explained, the immediate reason for this is simple. It allows institutional traders to make large orders while well without depressing price at one specific exchange. So it provides global liquidity by distributing the orders across global markets. The traders tap into global crypto liquidity instead of just one crypto exchange. The core proposition of global X is increasing the bandwidth available for institutional trading desks, as Furman highlighted. Trading on multiple exchanges is complex. If you look at before, in order to execute these global strategies, an institutional investor would have to set up accounts on multiple exchanges globally in order to execute rapidly. They would need separate sets of API is two different exchanges on the front end, its equivalent of calling 17 different brokers to execute one trade and not through one interface. Global Acts also provides a function that few institutional trading desks can have on their own access to all local fiat to crypto markets. So you can see that this is just another on-ramp for big institutional players and alone. Maybe this won’t be a big deal, but together with everything else we’ve seen building out in the past couple of years, this is exactly what I would think I would be seeing if cryptocurrency is the future. That’s it for me today, everybody. If you got value in this video, give it a like a lot of interesting stories today. Comment on one of the stories below. Whether it’s about big cash, whether it’s about bitcoin core, whether it’s about these institutional players or whether it’s about, you know, the data that shows that people are buying. Let’s have a discussion down below. I will be answering you.


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