Today for the Bitcoin price, while guys look at this, Bitcoin is right now breaking out of this annoying eight hundred seventy-three day downwards trend line, which hurt us down the whole bear market. Is this the beginning of the bull market? 2020, as we mentioned, did previously in today’s video here in this video where we said that the bull market 2020 starts today. Why is that another gigantic bull trip and we will find lower prices? Well, guys, today we want to talk with you about specific price targets right here and right here for the Bitcoin price in the immediate short term. And guys, look at this billionaire investor and hedge fund manager just one hour ago at the time of the pump announced that he is buying Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation. Guys, if you go over here to the Wikipedia article, often you can see on the right-hand side that his net worth is 5.1 billion U.S. dollars. Not even talking about the hedge fund he’s managing. We will share everything with you. So make sure you take a seat, make sure you smash up the like button right now to at least 3000 likes. And that being said, welcome, triple defence. And welcome back to Imam Trip to. My name is Chris. And as always. Especially today, we are really pumped to go straight into the content. And guys, look at this. Right now, I’m here on the three-day canvas and you can just see how this massive green candle here just spikes over this epic, epic downtrend here. We have seen here all the way back here starting in December 2017 at 20000 U.S. dollars. And you can basically see that we have had multiple touchpoints. Of course, the first one, then we had another one here to blow off the top at fourteen thousand dollars. Another one here at the fake-out approximately here around to thirteen thousand U.S. dollar levels. And then, of course, here we had the one before this very, very famous crisis, this coronavirus, financial crisis triggered kind of dumpy off big Konya. Down to three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars. And this attempt here, guys. Believe it or not, directly for three or four days before the halving. Right now seems to be finally the successful one. However, guys, we have to I hear a few very important things because if we look back at the 4000 fourteen thousand U.S. dollar pump, we were already very close here to surpass it. Of course, this one was only here setting the structure for it. But as you can see, also the one after what spiked a little bit above and then we had another fake outhere to the downside. So we do want to see. Let me go, in fact, to the Daily Kendalls, the daily and Weekly. Kenis will be crucial here to observe not only the daily here, which ends very, very soon, but also the weekly here, which will end on Sunday. And as you know, Friday will be the most important day to observe here since the rete. A weekend price action is not all too significant. And right now, you can see we are just trading above. And guys, our price target of ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars is more important than ever to watch. You remember we had this year bump and dump, reverse a pattern here. We covered all of our last videos. Make sure you check it out. And the target of this is still ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. This is still the level we are looking out for right now. And this will still be the level we will show you our trade. And what exactly we are planning to do right now where we will be taking our first profits. But, guys, we are not going out of this trade completely once we reach ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars because they are more price targets to look out for. First of all, let me go here through the lower timeframes before we look at what price targets are we actually looking out for after the ten thousand three hundred U.S. dollars? And if we are pulling out here, this symmetrical triangle, you remember we covered it before here. Now, today’s video then this is not perfect drawn guys, but we don’t have so much time. You can see it’s dark, A.F. And I actually also have neighbours. I do not want to wake anyone up here. So this is really an emergency episode. You can see that we are right. Not perfectly here approaching our measure. Move, move, target. It’s not perfect. You drew it was actually ten thousand two hundred U.S. dollars. So it is likely it is at least likely that we are getting it. Because the question is, is this pump significant? And for this, we are, of course, pulling out here. The volume chart and you can see that the volume is is still kind of underwhelming. I mean, we had a lot of volume within the last two hours. But since this is here right now, approaching the end of the day, I can tell you we would have loved to see a higher volume candle here approximately is breaking this downward sloping trend line here for the volume. So actually, it would have been nice to see this one, but we still have two more. We still have Friday to set in this significant volume candle showing us that this breakout is significant, that this breakout has strength, and that this breakout is unlikely to break back down here on the weaker candidates, guys. This will be very important to. And guys, I can tell you something. On a very, very bullish closing note before we show you one last data point here. If we are zooming out here into this timeframe and we are looking at the veep DVR, then you can basically see with this pump we actually are having right now because has support as surpassed here, this cluster of resistance as resistance and is right now approaching the last big cluster of resistance before we only have thin air above us and we can be actually off to the races. And this one here is approximate the ending at the ten thousand four hundred U.S. dollar level, which is, guys, big surprise, also in perfect alignment with our target. Off the bump and run reverse pattern. And one last thing, guys. Look at this. Let me pull out the feeble natural retracement level here from the swing high to the swing low. And look at this. I mean, you cannot make this up, guys. This one here is perfectly the golden pocket. He is perfectly coinciding with the last cluster of resistance here. So if Bitcoin goes into the golden pocket and surpasses the golden pocket and significantly stays above, confirms this breakout, guys, then we can target the next price level, which will be here eleven thousand seven hundred eleven thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars, which. And now guys sit down, which perfectly coincides with the last gasp. Bitcoin has to fall on the CMA charts. We are not gonna believe us, but this narrative is actually perfect right now. So I want to know from you guys. Do you think we can knock out ten thousand five hundred US dollars until the halfling, which is coming up in three or four days? Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now. And let us know, can we knock this price level out until the half in guys? That would be very interesting to say. And guys, we can really pop the champagne bottles here right now because as you can see, we are right now approaching nine thousand nine hundred U.S. dollars. I mean, wow, this is every Mumbai’s daydream here. Actually nighttime dream. It’s actually amazing to see. And guys, as promised, of course, this breaking news here from Paul Tudor Jones, the billionaire investor and hedge fund manager. Look at this. Bloomberg reporter Paul Tudor Jones buys Bitcoin as a hedge against the inflation. Paul Tudor Jones reportedly buys Bitcoin as an inflation hedge. Guys, this is crazy. This is smart money. And he is going out most of the smart money people. They are not going out and announcing their decisions. He is doing it. And this is, as we can already see it, very beneficial for Bitcoin. Also, Forbes talked about that. And guys, this is actually crazy. Look at this. He said that Pew poll, Tudor Jones, said that he buys Bitcoin and he says it reminds him of gold in the 70s. Guys, this is big because he has a lot of millionaires, billionaires, high network individuals and high net worth individuals following his advice because he also has a very big hedge fund guys. And of course, it’s not the only reason for the pump here, but it for sure, for sure creates more buying pressure in the short run. And it for sure also puts a little bit more gunpowder here behind the pump. We are seeing right now. And I also wanted to show you how we are ruling the situation, how we are playing the situation right now. First of all, if you haven’t watched our previous videos, go to our channel here down, click on M-m Krypto and watch the videos. We actually made very important videos here with vintage A15, another one yesterday where we talked about the Google ban. And also we talked about shocking data here and that the Bullrun has already started right now. Actually, we set the Bullrun has started today. As you can see it right here. And guys, as you can see, it really seems like the bull run has started. I’m not saying here we have perfectly caught this, but, yeah, this one was actually very, very well time. And we got also very nice feedback from you guys in the comment section, by the way. Thank you for all your comments. So this is our trade. We are in right now, guys. As you can remember, we were waiting here for the breakout and then we were waiting for Bitcoin to go down and confirm the break out at the nine thousand fifty US dollar level. And as you can see, this was our entry point. If we are going back, you can actually see if we are pulling this out and going in here on the Fall hourly canvas that comes with this breakout. As I already told you, this is not perfectly drawn. We actually touched this perfectly and confirmed the breakout was perfect. He giving us this amazing entry signal right here. And you can see what happened to Bitcoin afterwards. So we are still in the trade. This trade is approximately 80 percent right now. And we already told you when we are taking the first profits and we already told you where we are taking the second profits, then just to show you that we have, you know, other orders and we are not hiding and in a nonprofitable order all of our problem trades here so far. Very important to mention so far, we are profitable on Phoenix. The first one we started a few like two weeks ago. So approximately on the twenty-nine. Of March was nine zero points nine, but then we had 0.01 Bitcoin and one point six Bitcoin here and profit. So far, all the profitable. Of course, we will show you if one of our trades will not be profitable. But yeah. This is it, guys. And, um. Yeah. And we will keep you updated, guys. You know, all our price targets where we are about to take profits. And also let us know in the comment section down below, if you took one of these trades here recently with us. That would be a big joy for us, because, of course, it’s always nice to see if people are making profits. So let us know in the comments section below. Make sure you smash up the like button. And also if you want to support us in the PIN comment, as always, to get up to 1702 dollars for free for zero points two or zero point five Bitcoin deposit on buyback of Phoenix. You can get up to these amounts for free by clicking these specific links and making your account. It takes not a lot of time, like 24 seconds or so. And you can get this a free margin for your trading for free. So let us know in the comments section below. Will this breakout be successful? Let’s hope so, because, guys, this is historic times right now. We are really writing historic times. The hard thing is coming up and we are about to finally break this annoying trend line, guys. Thank you so much for watching. And we will see each other the next one of them crypto already today or tomorrow. Depends on when you’re watching it. As always, guys, as always, click the subscription box right here and click the baby to Torreon right there. If you haven’t watched it already, there’s always guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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